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miguel de Portugal's

Insurance Policy and Last Will

Written and e-Mailed on

May 5,  2009

Now Made Fully Public

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We have just found this letter, a letter that we wrote ten years ago mailed it and had completely forgotten about. As God would have it, its contents are even more applicable to miguel de Portugal's world today than ten years ago.

Therefore, at His prompting, we are now posting on the Update Board to make sure that all who have to be aware of it - friends and foes alike - have access to it. The Courts of Law included, should any one of the "Savior" groups makes an error in judgment.

The Letter

May the Peace of God be upon you!

It is the will of God that we write this brief  note for the record, for your files as well as for the knowledge of those who have been assigned to electronically (and otherwise) monitor everything that miguel de Portugal does and says.

Although we do not have anything to hide from legitimate authorities - civil or religious - what we know and publish in the Name of God is indeed the concern of many, regardless of their function - legitimate or illegitimate.  This is nothing new and we have the paper trail that testifies to it, however, as of late the level of surveillance has become somewhere between unbearable and overwhelming.

By now most everyone should know that what miguel knows or how miguel "connect the dots", of information open to all yielding the true picture of what is taking place, is "a given from God".  miguel has no other source of information (confirmation, yes, original information, no) nor has the intellectual capacity to do so.

You may have heard us say that what is taking place in the world is like a chess game in three dimensions plus one more - time. The question that needs to be asked and answered is: Who are the players in said game?

The players were clearly identified in our document wherein we discussed the Threesome of Saviors (1). This Threesome of Saviors  are "in one corner", so to speak, while "in the other corner"  is God. Every time one of the players (from the Threesome of Saviors corner) move a piece on the board of this virtual chess game, God moves the other. How God makes His moves brings us to what we have referred to in the past as "our work behind the scenes".

It would be false humility if we were not to, at this point, reveal that the hands of miguel are the ones who make the countermoves on said virtual chess board - the World stage.  However, true humility demands that we categorically state that the intellect and power behind those moves is from no one else but God.  Most of the time miguel is not even aware what is God trying to counter with this move or that one and, in most cases, miguel realizes it when he sees in the news the effect of what he may have written, in the Name of God, a week or two months or a year before.

Now - the above alluded Threesome of Saviors cannot truly believe in God, and, if some do, then it is in a God that doesn't get involved in man's affairs.  Therefore, miguel de Portugal becomes "the bad actor" in their eyes and the thorn in the side of their pathetic "salvific" programs - programs which, in the end, will all fail. With or without miguel, God will see to that - For it has been written and so it shall come to pass.

To the point - as of late the flat where miguel lives and functions has been entered frequently although nothing is taken. This has happened in years past but very infrequently, but now we are about to ask them to help pay the rent.... (tongue in cheek, of course) due to the frequency of the incursions. The main computer has been violated and so has the (mobile) telephone.

We will not go into the proverbial "why", "where" and how" but rest assured, the movies The Net (2) and Enemy of the State (2), technologically speaking, could not be more accurate. As accurate as The Miracle Mile (2) is symbolically prophetic.

At this point the main computer - as well as the mobile phone -  are being fully monitored and their workings modified. The same goes for miguel's living and working quarters. Privacy is at a 0.00 % level, yet they do not seem to realize that the degree of interest they have in what miguel does and say, should confirm to them miguel's function.

Since miguel de Portugal has nothing to hide from legitimate authorities and society at large and, given an opportunity, he would broadcast on worldwide television his past life, sins and mistakes, since it would only Glorify God, what could possibly be our concern?

The technique used with Susanna [Daniel 13] and with Stephen [Acts 7 ], among others - false testimony and planted evidence - continues to be in vogue.

Therefore, since we no longer have control (even the enhanced, yet normal computer, telephone and household security systems are child's play for those who we are dealing with) over the contents of the files of the computers nor the mobile phone that we utilize, we cannot be responsible for what may "just appear" in them should they be intervened and examined by any legitimate authority tricked into investigating miguel de Portugal.

Those of you who will receive this communication from us are now virtual witnesses of the foretelling of what techniques are being prepared - to be later used - in an attempt to discredit all that miguel de Portugal has announced in the Name of God.

Our consolation lies in the fact that those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, will believe what we have announced no matter what a discredit campaign will "prove", the others.... well, they are not miguel's responsibility.

Keep me in your prayers so that the Will of God be fully manifested in what is left of miguel's life.

May God continue to Bless and Keep you!

miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God
(1) Threesome of Saviors
(2) These movies, among others, have been used by God to show miguel that what he already knew - directly from Him - was not a fantasy. 

Originally issued on May 5, 2009. Highlighted on-line on December 29th, 2019

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