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We stated in our mailing of November 5, 2009 : "...a post in a site we are not familiar with -"

An alert member of The M+G+R Foundation recognized the name Edgar J. Steele and was kind enough to inform us about his inclinations.

For reasons that you may read below, whatever this gentleman writes must be taken with a grain of salt.

A fanatic - regardless of his "area of fanaticism" - lacks the ability to objectively discern the wheat amongst the chaff.

The Faithful must keep that in mind when navigating through the very treacherous waters of the Internet.

Even though his "rant" was a call to pay attention as to what is taking place in Ukraine, a call for which we thank God, the contents should be considered as contaminated. Therefore we have withdrawn the article and in its place we have inserted the information provided to us by the collaborator alluded to above.

The M+G+R Foundation

The communication from an alert member of The M+G+R Foundation....

As we discussed: Steele is an anti-Semite and a supporter of neo-Nazism.

He wrote a book called "Defensive Racism", and has put part of it on line. Here is some of his vision of the future, a future that resembles the "Turner Diaries" more than anything else:

On-line Excerpts from Defensive Racism - Chapter 18


For lack of a better term, I have dubbed the far eastern portion of what will remain of America "New Israel.” The size of New Israel will depend inversely upon the degree of hostility to Jews and any requirement by New America that Jews be excluded strictly along racial lines.

I do not foresee Americans actually expelling any who have attained American citizenship, nor do I advocate such expulsion. However, just as Blacks and Mestizos inevitably will concentrate themselves in those areas which they currently dominate, so will Jews concentrate into an area centering on what already has become New Tel Aviv:  New York City

Because of the violent White overreaction to the murder of Whites in Aztlan and New Africa, all Blacks and Mestizos will end up south of those borders and all Whites who don’t head north will be killed. I do not foresee anything of that sort occurring with Jews, but they are likely to find themselves singularly unwelcome in what remains of America.

The region which is left, including portions of Canada, is what I think of as “New America.” New America will be bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean , to the north by the far reaches of Canada’s Yukon, to the east by New Israel and to the south by Aztlan, New Africa and the Gulf of Mexico along the current Texan coastline.

New America likely will stretch right through the Great Lakes region, incidentally, and encompass much of northern New England, as well, giving it an Atlantic coastline. The people of Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont are, for example, much more akin to those in the western United States than those in the Boston - New York - Washington, DC nexus. Eastern Canada could feel compelled to join, as well, simply to ensure its self preservation in a hostile world.

Thus, New America becomes pretty much a White European homeland, with its borders imposed upon it by others, in the main. Only the presence of Jews may be problematic and, by far, may prove to be the single most difficult task confronting New America, even in the face of all the chaos, death and destruction caused by and on behalf of Zionists throughout the world.  This moral dilemma will prove so difficult, in fact, that I believe it likely to cause a further split of the eastern region, with the smaller portion going to those who demand ethnic purity by exclusion of all Jews.

There are rumors of agents of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) buying up huge swaths of land in southern Argentina, where monstrous sheep and cattle ranches have been on the market in recent years at rock-bottom prices. This makes me think that Israel has a fall-back plan should it need to exit the Middle East altogether and in the event that America also becomes inhospitable. Thus, it is possible that we would see Jews migrating to South America in large numbers, but likely setting up a government that most American Jews would find intolerable. 

While I cannot advocate forcing the outright expulsion of any American citizen save those granted their franchise by virtue of their parents illegally entering America for the purpose of having one or more children born into citizenship, certainly I can support the idea of drawing boundary lines and requiring citizens to choose one side or the other so that different political structures can be erected in different states.

Here is another sample of his work:

ConspiracyPenPal Newsletter


The "Fourth Estate" is best exemplified by media mogul Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, stronghold mouthpiece of the new corporate elite), etc., though every single media outlet of any significance is owned and operated by members of the same group about which Bill Clinton spoke: All Neocon, all Zionist, mostly Jewish ... traitors to America and our blood enemies, every single one of them!

And here is a Holocaust-denial column of his:

ConspiracyPenPal Newsletter

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