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NATO Contribution
% of GPD (1)
Actual GPD (2) (3)
Actual Contribution (3)
% of Total Budget (4)
United Kingdom
France 1.78 2,737
1.19 3,979 47.4 3.11
Poland 2 1,052 21.0 1.38

60.08 % of Total Budget

(1) Source as of March 23, 2017
(2) There are several sources for a country's GPD: (a) CIA; (b) IMF; (c) World Bank; and (d) United Nations. We arbitrarily chose the numbers from the CIA and confirmed them against the other three sources. They are so close that for the purposes of this comparison any of the four sources would have been more than adequate. CIA Source  IMF, World Bank and United Nations Source
(3) Multiply number by 1,000,000 to have the actual U.S. dollar amount
(4) NATO Budget for 2017: Military = 1,290 million  Admin. = 234.4 million TOTAL = 1,524.4 million US dollars

In plain English and using official numbers, the United States of America contributes to NATO....

43.95 % of its annual budget
31.9 times what Poland contributes
27.5 times what Italy contributes
25.7 times what Turkey contributes
14.1 times what Germany contributes
13.8 times what France contributes
10.9 times what the United Kingdom contributes

It seems to us that the US could expect its NATO partners to respond "How high?" when the US says "Jump!", if for nothing else out of politeness and gratitude.

We are sick and tired of the poor attitude of many European governments (not their citizens), and the European Union as a block, towards the United States of America. How soon they have forgotten that if it had not been for the US, all of them, including the United Kingdom, would be speaking German and laying wreaths at a Ramses II-style monument to Adolph Hitler.

No, we are not perfect, but the US taxpayers, whose money was used to free and reconstruct Europe, have the right to expect some respect from the people saved from Nazi slavery.

But then again, look at what the Israelites did, led by Aaron, their priest, to God right after being freed from the Egyptian slavery the moment Moses stepped out to receive further instructions from God.

[7] And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Go, get thee down: thy people, which thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt, hath sinned. [8] They have quickly strayed from the way which thou didst shew them: and they have made to themselves a molten calf, and have adored it, and sacrificing victims to it, have said: These are thy gods, O Israel, that have brought thee out of the land of Egypt. [Exodus 32]

It does not matter - Israelites, Christians, Muslims, etc. all behave the same over and over again.

Now we read in Breaking Israel News the following (1):

Real Estate Prices Will Soar When Messiah Comes – Buy Now, Advises Rabbi

The Israeli real estate market will explode upon the coming of the Messiah, so buyers should invest now, as the Messiah could arrive “literally at any moment”, advised a prominent rabbi recently.

“When the Messiah comes, the land will be enormously valuable, “said Rabbi Yitzchak Zilbershtein, adding that in the Messianic period, common stones will gain wondrous qualities making them more precious than gold.

It seems that no matter what God has done so far, fallen human nature prevails. Thanks be to God that He has a Plan "B".

(1) Breaking Israel News

Published on March 2017

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