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The Great Coronavirus Deception

A document posthumously inspired by

Dr. Joaquín García Salabarría

Originally published on February 25th, 2020

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The purpose of this document is to illustrate, using hard facts and figures, the level of the coronavirus deception that we have been denouncing since its beginning.


We are going to expose the ridiculous, yet relentless, scare-the-world-population tactics for which the coronavirus has been chosen.

The data that we will use is directly from the US Center for Disease Control (1) and the World Health Organization (2).

First let us take a look at the official - by the World Health Organization - state of the ridiculous coronavirus created panic:

According to the World Health Organization and as of 10 AM CET 25 February 2020
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80,239 confirmed cases

Deaths 2,666 in China and 34 outside China

With coronavirus placed in its proper global perspective, let us take a look at the Malaria ongoing crisis.

Statistics about Malaria
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Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide. It is a leading cause of death and disease in many developing countries, where young children and pregnant women are the groups most affected. According to the World Health Organization's World Malaria Report:

Nearly half the world's population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 91 countries and territories.
In 2016, malaria caused an estimated 216 million clinical episodes (read: individuals infected), and 445,000 deaths. An estimated 90% of deaths in 2016 were in the WHO African Region. [Note, that was just for the year 2016.]

Who Is Most Vulnerable to Malaria?
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The most vulnerable are persons with no or little immunity against the disease. In areas with high transmission (such as Africa south of the Sahara), the most vulnerable groups are:

   Young children, who have not yet developed partial immunity to malaria

    Pregnant women, whose immunity is decreased by pregnancy, especially during the first and second pregnancies

    Travelers or migrants coming from areas with little or no malaria transmission, who lack immunity.

In areas with lower transmission (such as Latin America and Asia), residents are less frequently infected. Many people may reach adult age without having built protective immunity and are thus susceptible to the disease, including severe and fatal illness.

Now, compare the gravity of the ongoing Malaria crisis with the ridiculous fabricated coronavirus crisis.


We rest our case!

Will the World Masters stop this ridiculous charade? Of course not!

The easy-to-manipulate zombie-like world population is falling for the deception in full, so they will continue and branch out with other controlling moves.

We are sure that soon they will open detainment centers to isolate people and prevent the spread of this (sarcasm on) "Oh, my God what a terrible threat to humanity!" (sarcasm off)

Note added weeks later: As it turned out, "they" turned whole neighborhoods, cities and nations into detainment centers.


Do you now see how easy they will pass the False Christ (3) as if it were the real Jesus Christ?

(1) CDC on Malaria
(2) Source
(3) The False Christ

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Published on February 24-25th, 2020

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