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The U.S. Has In Effect Declared War

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Democratic People's Republic of Korea (NK)


The purpose of this brief document is to continue to fulfill our charter (1) as given to miguel de Portugal (2) by God. A natural corollary of that purpose is to enable miguel de Portugal to paraphrase St. Paul's words to the ancients of the church of Ephesus [Acts 20:26-28]:

I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God and warn you of what is to come.

As you read the few lines below, and access the pages through the various links provided, remember:

We are not selling survival supplies nor Indulgences nor advertising space. We are only trying to serve God as He intends that we do.


It is common knowledge that the North Korean regime's leadership and the President of the United States have been trading insults and threats for a few months already, while, at the same time North Korea continued with their missile and nuclear tests. Therefore, we will not list nor repeat them here.

Such common knowledge should be more than enough of a Background and Introduction to this brief document.


On September 30th, the New York Times published the following:

The Trump administration acknowledged on Saturday for the first time that it is in direct communication with the government of North Korea over its missile and nuclear tests.....

We are probing, so stay tuned,” Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said, when pressed about how he might begin a conversation with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, that could avert what many government officials fear is a significant chance of open conflict between the two countries.

“We ask, ‘Would you like to talk?’ We have lines of communications to Pyongyang — we're not in a dark situation, a blackout,” he added. “We have a couple, three channels open to Pyongyang,” a reference to North Korea's capital. (3)

Several hours into October 1st, Mr. Trump Tweeted the following two part message: (4)

I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man. Save your energy Rex, we'll do what has to be done!

About four hours after the above two part message, Mr. Trump confirmed what he meant in the first two-part Tweet. (4)

Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won't fail.

Those Presidential Tweets are still on-line as of 6:20 PM EST - the time at which we are uploading this document on-line.

Even if the North Korea's leader were a level and cool headed individual, the message still would have been understood as: "Get ready; we are going to attack you!"

These particular statements by Mr. Trump are - in any culture or language - a confirmed declaration of war.

Considering that the NK's leader seems to be as hot tempered as Mr. Trump, it is not hard to conclude that Mr. Kim is: Getting ready to strike the US and/or allies before the US attacks North Korea.


We suggest that everyone get ready for that imminent world-wide chaos by reviewing:

Emergency Suggestion

What's The Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker to Your Home? (for residents in US Mainland)

While, at the same time Pray (5), and then, Pray More (6). That is the only remedy to minimize the suffering that awaits humanity.

(1) Our Charter
(2) miguel de Portugal
(3) New York Times
(4) President Trump's Twitter Account
(5) Pray, Pray and Pray!
(6) Pray More!

Published on October 2nd, 2017 - The Solemnity of the Guardian Angels

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2017 - 2024 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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