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Divine Encouragement (1)

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Our Lord, Thou art here. Let us feel Thy nearness.

Our Lord Jesus Christ  instructs and reassure us thus....

Yes, but remember..... the first Hail must be as that of the Magi in the Bethlehem stable.

Hailed, not as King and Lord in Heavenly triumph, but as amongst the lowliest, bereft of earth's pomp - like the Magi did.

So, to the humble, the worship of humility - the Bethlehem Babe -  must be the first Hail.

Then the worship of repentance. As earth's sinner, you stand by Me in the Jordan, baptized of John, worshipping Me the Friend and Servant of Sinners.

Dwell much on My Life. Step out beside Me. Share your life with Me.

Humility, Service, Worship, Sacrifice, Sanctification - Are the Steps in the Christian Life, the Life with Christ.

miguel de Portugal comments:
  Humility and Repentance are instrumental in feeling Hs presence. True humility and true repentance - acts which for God to know, not for our neighbors to see.

We must remember - "Christian" is the adjective applied to those who incessantly strive to lead a Christ-like life. All others , who may look like a lamb but act as a dragon, are not of Chris.  The adjective or title does not make the man and never will.


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