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Don't Lose Faith - Do Not Worry Unnecessarily!

The ONLY thing to fear is... losing the faith in God

Originally Published in 2003


From time to time we get "End of the World" and conspiracy related e-mails from concerned readers. We have chosen one received some time back from Janet (not her real name) to illustrate our point. Her questions/concerns reflect the serious disorientation and grave doubts in matters of faith, (1) which many in the world are currently experiencing.

Please note that in the past, she was a committed monotheistic believer, but it seems that in the face of disturbing information from New Age oriented sources, her faith is faltering.

We wish, then, to share with one and all her concerns and our response. May this effort serve as a consolation to the reader as well as a warning about the snares the faithful is facing.

Janet's questions/concerns are these...

1. Is it worthwhile to try to understand and make sense of the information puzzles presented to us whose answers may or may not influence the future?

2. (Is it worthwhile to...) try to just live for the year, ignoring the influences on our lives?

3. (Is it worthwhile to...) to go along to get along with whatever is happening?

4. (Is it worthwhile to...) try to live by a set of ideals based on the monotheistic morality we were raised to believe in?

I'm still trying to find the solution myself.

These planted doubts squarely fit our expectation that the New Age (2) "steering committee", as well as other "birds of the same feather", (3)(4) will try to manipulate, knowingly OR unknowingly, peoples' perception of the coming events with the objective of undermining their faith and assuming control of their minds and souls. (5)


Our response to Janet follows...

1. Is it worthwhile to try to understand and make sense of the puzzling information presented to us by world events and whose answers may or may not influence the future?

No, it is not worth it. What we are facing is like a chess game being played in three dimensions plus one more - Time.

Unless the proper "codes" are on hand, the overall picture is incomprehensible and confusing.

Even with the full understanding of the above described multidimensional "chess game" given to miguel de Portugal by God, we find it very difficult to express it in words - even to our closest associates.

Trust and know that if you must/need to understand any aspect of what is truly taking place and you have a working relationship with God, He will see that you understand it at the right time and from the right place.

Know, however, that if we had to publicly evaluate, in general terms, what is taking place now on the World Stage, we would say that all is moving in accordance to the script (6) that we are aware of, yet, we can still do our part to reduce the suffering of the world (7) while Divine Justice is dispensed and prophecy fulfilled.

2. (Is it worthwhile to...) try to just live for the year, ignoring the influences on our lives?

No. Live your life fully, with the feet firmly planted on the ground while the heart elevated to Heaven. That is the example that the Old Testament prophets gave and which, God in the Person of Jesus, gave witness to mankind. Something that we continue to proclaim. (8)

3. (Is it worthwhile to...) go along to get along with whatever is happening?

No. Hold your ground without condemning the people around you. Love, love and love ever more! We know that it works in practice (9) - have had much experience on that with people who were quite lost and mired in sin. Love was never rejected, because true sincerity was sensed, and many found a way out of the pit of desperation by "taking hold" of that intangible, yet very real, love.

However, the key foundation is to hold your own without fanaticism. What you believe to be right, you must uphold while at the same time remembering that "Saints are not made overnight" and that "No one is to be shamed into Sainthood". (10)

4. (Is it worthwhile to...) try to live by a set of ideals based on the monotheistic morality we were raised to believe in?

Yes; historically and practically. Living otherwise leads to misery and suffering; suffering without consolation which will lead the individual to despair and, in many cases, to suicide. (11)


miguel de Portugal's advice, even if he knew that a devastating global cataclysm was to take place in a week, is:

Live your life normally. Do not worry about a thing, be spiritually and physically ready (12) for (not worry about) any eventuality that may arise and, above all, make sure that you are drawing closer to God every day (13) - out of Love and not Fear!


The problem with the New Age movement (14) of today, the Free Love movement of the 1960's, the Communist Revolution of the 1920's, the French Revolution (15) and the Self Righteousness many alleged Christians exhibit is that they all contained or contain certain elements of truth and/or justification.

Therefore - without the illumination of the Holy Spirit, confusion will reign and satan will see that the wrong concepts (the chaff) are accepted, hailed and implemented instead of choosing the right concepts (the wheat).

One concrete and very current example...

The White House continues the establishment a Surveillance State to protect the U.S. Citizens from terrorism. Yet, I can assure you that in some areas which really matter, they are not going far enough!

In the meantime, in others areas which will severely impact the basic freedoms of the citizens, they are going too far without their actions giving any real protection to the population from the real threats.

A conspiracy? No. Sheer ignorance reinforced with the arrogance of the "Father knows best" syndrome. Yet... Referring back to the the first question and answer of the original e-mail... The White House and the Vatican still are "right on schedule and on track" - even if they have no clue of the true overall plan and the devastating outcome - which they do not!

If all major and key players in today's world crisis would call us individually and ask: "How are we doing?" The answer would be:

"You are broadly following the script for the dispensation of Divine Justice and the fulfillment of prophecy. Just go very careful with the innocent because you will be accountable for each one of them... and one more thing... Remember... Some of you (16) have been amply warned about the consequences of your actions... Therefore, know that the "Complaint Window" of Heaven is no longer open to receive yours when the fulfillment of your intended objectives fail."

One last suggestion...

Remember about Pharaoh's heart being hardened by God every time Moses went to see him to deliver another message from God? We suggest that you review again that sequence of the pre-Exodus period [Exodus 5-12] and you will gain further understanding of how God "works" and interacts with man... like a chess game in three dimensions plus one more - Time...

Let us pray because...

We assure you... At this point in time, prayer is the only viable option left for mankind.

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and Do Not Despair - It Is One Step at a Time
(11) CWNews Reported on March 25th, 2003, that: Japan's declining birth rate, relative economic stagnation, and decaying family life are driving many elderly Japanese to depression and suicide. "Suicide has become a national epidemic," according to an official announcement from the Japanese government. The number of people taking their own lives has reached an all-time high of 30,000 per year.
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