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For the same reasons He did when walking with Abraham towards Sodom [Genesis 18: 17-32], God has willed that additional opportunity be given to those who have 'Eyes to See' and 'Ears to Hear', (1) even if they cannot do either yet.

Therefore, our publications will continue until world events renders the Internet inoperative in key areas or due to lack of appropriate funding (3). If we do not do it, (4) who will? The Vatican? It has been nearly 1600 years and they do not seem to be able to "get it right yet" (5) because they left the real God out of the Salvation Equation - Mammon does not save!. This is what Mercy in Action (6) is all about.


The purpose of this document is to, in broad brush strokes, summarize where the world is at now - Politically and Religiously - and assist the remainder of those who have 'Ears to Hear' - to hear, and 'Eyes to See' - to see.

For the spiritually Blind and Deaf this will be a prelude to the reality of: "You were amply warned but now, as with the five foolish virgins [Matthew 25:1-13], it is too late."

Why now? Because, at His Command, it is now the time to fully implement what our Lord Jesus Christ taught us:

"But others, who are on the outside, hear all things by means of parables, so that, they may look and look, yet not see; they may listen and listen, yet not understand. For if they did, they would turn to God, and He would forgive them." [Matthew 13: 14-15, Mark 4: 10-12 and Luke 8:9]

[The above is neither a misquotation nor a mistranslated text; it means exactly what it says even though most theologians cannot truly understand it, much less explain its true and full meaning. (7)]


To those who have access and take the time to look for the real world news (and not "The World According to CNN", for example) it should be clear that the entire sociopolitical situation in the world, as a whole, continuous to rapidly unravel (8) out of control. Whether is Iran or Syria or Iraq or North Korea or Africa or Indonesia or Haiti or Washington, D.C., for that matter - there is no simple, or even a complex, solution if it is to be conceived and implemented by man.

When we have...

(a) Individuals - radical Muslims - who view death as a triumph in fighting for what they perceive as their God given rights in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

(b) Governments like the one in Israel who are allowed to assume the position (be a nuclear nation) that all other nations on Earth are bound by International Laws but they are not, and the attitude that the arabs in the Palestinian territories are just a temporary annoyance to be eventually dispensed of.

(c) Terrorist attacks (9) which have proven to be unstoppable and extremely simple to conceive and to perpetrate in grand scale (by those who are joyfully willing to die for their cause.)

(d) Religious leaders (10) who are far more interested in perpetuating their worldly organization than in spreading the Gospel of Jesus and continue to lie (11) and deceive the faithful and betray God (12).

(e) Billions of humans living in abysmal poverty and marginalization - a situation which continues to get worse - not better.
(f) The most powerful nation of the planet is now completing the first year of what will probably be its last Presidential period - the Trump Administration.

(g) Two major nuclear powers (Russia and PRC) who have no intention of allowing the U.S. to finally achieve full control of the world.

(h) Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons easily available to the highest bidder (15).

(i) A very large segment of the world population - Muslims (16) - who do not wish (and will not allow) to have their life and faith style changed by force while, at the same time, control the life blood of the Western World - most of the world oil reserves.

(j) Another very large segment of the world population - Christians - who are being driven to, either abandon their churches (17) or become religious fanatics (18) - thus spiritually ineffective and politically explosive (19).

...we have a situation that cannot be solved by human means - humanity has resolutely proven that for the last 6,000 years. Even the solution created to prevent another World War, the United Nations, cannot even resolve its own problems, let alone solve the world problems . Stop gap remedies are just that - "stop gap" and as the "gap" gets wider, the "stop" will no longer be of any use. What will happen then?


Humanity has taken the real God out of the only equation, by means of which, it would be capable of achieving the solution. Therefore, God, as we recently announced, has left the world to its on devices so that:

(a) The consequences of the infinite number of violations of Divine Law are being dispensed automatically; and

(b) When humanity has been reduced to its knees and has drank from the chalice of its own abominations, God will step in and save what is left of the planet Earth and of its population - which will have been greatly reduced by then.

The establishment of the New World Order (20) any time soon is impossible unless some enormous psychological and physical pressures are brought to bear upon the unsuspecting world population. If you view the events of September 11 and the mysterious mailings of Anthrax as being the catalysts to immediately implement the Road Map for National Security : Imperative for Change (21) (which was published immediately after Mr. George W. Bush took the Presidential Oath of Office), then you should view Step No. 1 of the Sequence of Events... (22) and the ensuing geological and astronomical catastrophes (23) as the catalyst for the almost immediate implementation of the New World Order and Universal Religion (24).

Of course, the question is: Which version of the New World Order? (25)

(a) The Messianic axis version launched by Mr. Bush and turbocharged by the guilt generated by fanaticism?

(b) The Opus Dei (26) - Legionnaires of Christ (27) - Regnum Christi (28) - Francis driven Vatican's version?

(c) The Greater European Union version (29)?

The schedule calls for the European Union version to be implemented first with the cooperation of their sometimes overlapping adherents; (30) therefore...

We strongly suggest, for the benefit of the faithful, that the above cited documents as well as the Related Documents listed below be carefully reviewed and their contents assimilated. We assure you, the time is just about up and the End of the Line, is here.

CONCLUSION The reader may reach its own conclusion and may the Holy Spirit of God guide your every step in doing so. We assure you - without it, you will be hopelessly lost.

(1) Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear
(2) Consistent with His method
(3) Click Here to Donate and be part of this work
(4) The function of The M+G+R Foundation
(5) They do not seem to be able to "get it right yet"
(6) Mercy in Action
(7) The selection of the Elect by God
(8) Proven Conspiracies
(9) Terrorist attacks
(10) On Defense of John Paul II
(11) They continue to lie
(12) Major betrayal to God
(13) Eliminated
(14) Eliminated
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(20) New World Order
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(25) Which version of the New World Order?
(26) The Opus Dei
(27) Legionnaires of Christ
(28) Regnum Christi
(29) Greater European Union version?
(30) Their sometimes overlapping adherents

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Published on August 6th, 2016 - the First Saturday of the Month , The Transfiguration of Our Lord, and the Anniversary of the Nuclear Devastation in Hiroshima, JapanUpdated on November 8th, 2017 - the first Anniversary of the Trump Administration

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