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March 2019

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March 30th

From miguel de Portugal

With reference to our previous post regarding lack of feedback...

First of all, we want to express our gratitude to those who assist us financially and who always enclose most encouraging messages with their assistance, and, to others who, from time to time, give us most welcome and useful feedback.

With that expressed....

Allow us to explain again why feedback from our List is important to the overall effort.
List Members only represent 0.1 to 0.2 % of those who visit our pages, however, they could be useful in keeping me on track.  I am not infallible and although the content of the information that we share is from God and not negotiable, the type of the information that we share, its presentation as well as its frequency could be colored by my personal preference. That is a possibility which could be exploited by the evil one.

The only publications about which I could be absolutely sure that is free from personal coloring are the Divine Encouragement posts for which, as I often state, the timing is clearly selected by Him.

Occasional feedback - just as the expression on the faces of those present at a homily or a technical presentation is to the speaker - serve as a mirror to the writer to determine if he is on course in accordance to the Will of God.

Allow us to illustrate to you how that spiritual/physical interaction works....

* I moved to Fatima when a gentleman, whom I have never seen before, and who was in a long line at the Fatima post office, left his place in the line, walked up to me and told me that I should move to Fatima and then return to his place in the line.

* I went to the US in 1996 when, while waiting for Divine instructions as to my next destination and without a cent to my name, an alcoholized Portuguese - whom I have never seen -  walked up to me in a cafe and handed me a book. The book that he gave me was the crystal clear clue to my next destination - the US.

For those who are wondering about the dangers that could be associated with such "messages"....

In the past fools have tried to trick me by faking a Divine Message similar to those examples described above. What they, fools as they were, did not realize was that, in every true case, God internally confirms to me when He is using those perfect strangers to deliver a message to me.

I sincerely hope that we have succeeded in explaining this matter to God's satisfaction.

From Mrs. LC @ US

You ask to what extent we List Members are sharing with 'our world' what you are making available. 

I find myself to be talking in a void as well.  I say things, then get no feedback except for the subject to be changed, or ignored, and no one wants to hear what I'm saying. 

The conclusion I have reached is that there really are people, and they are in the majority in my own world, who simply do not want to know the reality of what is going on in the world.  They are oblivious, and want to continue to be so, because it interferes with their little world of fantasy.  They really do believe the lie that all is well.  And they are not happy with the one who dares disrupt their fantasy bubble…   

I believe that no matter how hard I try/have tried, there is absolutely nothing more I can do to reach others in my world.  They don't care to know.  Period!


Well done! All God expects for us to do is to "make the water available for the horse to drink" - whether the horse drinks it or dies of thirst that would "the horse's problem".

As we pointed out in a recent document, the majority of Jews who died under the Nazi regime had had plenty of notice as to what was coming, but they chose to ignore it. (1) We have several Jewish friends through which we have seen that quite clearly - the family members that did not believe the warnings stayed... and died. The ones who heeded the warnings, all survived.

Why do you think so few will survive the Tribulation? Many of the Elect will not. They will spend a very long time in Purgatory after much suffering - before crossing the veil - as the result of their steadfast denial.

That is why God will not allow us to "pull the plug" on our publications - something I have been tempted to do.  With the crucial information available they will have the opportunity - almost to the last minute - to wake up from their denial slumber and act accordingly, while those who persist in ignoring the warnings through the end, will not be able to ask the God: Why me, Lord?

(1) According to reliable sources the population of Jews in Europe in 1939 was as follows: 4,700,000 Eastern Europe; France 320,000; Germany 195,000. In Russia there were: 3,400,000 of which it is estimated that 1,300,000 died as the result of Hitler's policies.

The number of Jews killed in Europe as the result of Hitler is estimated at between 5,700,000 and 6,200,000.  If we add their population in Europe - including those who from Russia who died - it seems that very few Jews in Europe escaped Hitler in spite of the many warnings everywhere about what was coming.

March 28th

From miguel de Portugal
Brothers and sisters - the silence from "out there" is deafening, demoralizing as well as a despondency generator.

Could it be that our readers have understood all that we have published, and continue to publish, as well as the many Apocalyptic events which are taking place throughout the world?

Although we do have an excellent built in Search Engine, if there is something that you cannot find or understand, you are encouraged to ask us for the benefit of all. As time allows we will address those concerns and questions on this forum.

Even though the world-wide traffic from sources other than our Lists continue to be high, we do not even know to what extend the List Members are sharing with their world what we are making available to them through these posts.

May we get feedback from some of you?

Our Latest Post on Board....

Is miguel de Portugal being too pessimistic or is he being realistic?

You should decide based on concrete and proven facts.

Your future depends (*) on it.
(*) notice that we said "depends" and not "may depend"

Have you heard that.... a former senior Drug Enforcement Administration official is now being paid to advise one of the largest opioid manufacturers in the country? (1)

Demetra Ashley, who once testified before Congress on the government’s efforts to stop the opioid epidemic, started a consulting firm after she left the DEA last spring, and Purdue Pharma, which makes OxyContin, is one of her clients. It is also one of the opioid companies accused in a lawsuit of "grossly" misrepresenting the drug's long-term risk.

Comments: That should be forbidden by law - most specially if the organization, regadless of its field, is accused in a lawsuit for "grossly" misrepresenting whatever they are peddling.

(1) NBC Reports

March 26th

From miguel de Portugal

Today we observe the Baptism of the Lord which God inspired me to fix to the first day of Judaism New Year based on the pre Babylonian directives of God. This day varies from year to year.

The Beginning of the Essene Year
Reference point and a Feast Day.
The Essene Year starts at sundown of the first Tuesday after the Spring Equinox and the Baptism of the Lord marks the beginning of His Ministry among men. 
Sundown  on 26/March

If you have any questions about the New Liturgical Calendar you may find the answers at: Theo-logic behind the New Liturgical Calendar

It seems that.... the "mystery of the century" is what is the faith that Mr. Robert S. Mueller III professes.

Yes, that is the now ultra famous Mr. Mueller who just concluded his investigation of Mr. Trump. We cannot find anything about it even using the words "faith" and "religion" while searching the volumes upon volumes written about him - Wikipedia included.

Considering that Mr. Mueller was the FBI director for 12 years after Louis Freeh - the Opus Dei Poster Boy - under who Robert Philip Hanssen flourished to become the most damaging betrayer of the US,  it seems that this information may be relevant.

From miguel de Portugal

Do you realize that all those animal sacrificial offerings to God - blood, fat, entrails, etc. - is just a degeneration of the first sacrifice that we have a Biblical record of?

Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. And Abel also brought an offering - fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. [Gen. 4:2-4]

The key to the sacrifices offered to God is offering to Him the very best that we have - in the case of Abel and Cain, cattle and fruits from the ground. This type of offering degenerated in an orgy of animal blood [for example Leviticus 16:17-20] to be followed by human fanatics flagellating themselves, all the while forgetting what God said through Hosea:

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice: and the knowledge of God more than holocausts. [Hosea 6:6]

Which Jesus confirmed when He said:

Go then and learn what this meaneth, I will have mercy and not sacrifice. [Matthew 9:13]

Of course, an orgy of animal blood and self flagellation are far more visually impressive to mortal eyes, however, our sacrifice is being offered to God, the only One Who really matters.

...and if we want to make an offering to God that does not involve mercy, Jesus also showed us how:

[41] And Jesus sitting over against the treasury, beheld how the people cast money into the treasury, and many that were rich cast in much. [42] And there came a certain poor widow, and she cast in two mites, which make a farthing. [43] And calling his disciples together, he saith to them: Amen I say to you, this poor widow hath cast in more than all they who have cast into the treasury. [44] For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want cast in all she had, even her whole living.  [Mark 12]

Which brings us to the beginning of the second reading of the Mass of the Annunciation [2 Heb 10:4-10]:

Brothers and sisters: It is impossible that the blood of bulls and goats take away sins. For this reason, when Christ came into the world, he said:

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me; in holocausts and sin offerings you took no delight. Then I said, 'As is written of me in the scroll, behold, I come to do your will, O God.'

To offer ourselves to do the Will of God - regardless of what it may be - is the greatest sacrifice that we may offer.

March 23rd

From miguel de Portugal

Our Good Lord has been pressuring me as of late to make sure that we clearly highlight what we posted yesterday on the Board:

There IS Salvation outside the Catholic Church as we have amply confirmed...

....and theologically demonstrated in our documents Dominus Iesus,

Part I - Part II - Part III and Part IV

The Catholic Faith is indeed the Faith with the greatest treasury of revealed Truths, something which makes our journey in Time the easiest if we really practice it.... Practice it and not just be a member of the church - East and West - as if it were a social club.

However, the One and ONLY requirement for Salvation, as Jesus clearly indicated by Word and Deed, is to accept Him as the Messiah - acceptance by word and deed. 

We must make this information available to as many non Christian individuals as possible. Many have rejected Jesus' Messianic role precisely because of the behavior of institutionalized Christianity.

They would logically think that if such is the behavior of those who claim the Jesus is the Messiah, He just could not be the Messiah!

After my conversion to God - not a conversion to Catholicism as some in cyberspace still think - I found out from Him that the Catholic Faith had the greatest treasury of revealed Truths, thus my practice of Catholicism. Had I based my choice on what I saw in the institutions and the practitioners, that would have been the last faith that I would have chosen, if ever!

Clear enough?

To accept Jesus as the Messiah.... does not require that the individual believes in...

The Real Presence in the Eucharist
The Virginity of Mary and the Virgin Birth
The reality of Jesus man and God
The reality of Purgatory many Catholics (West and West) rightfully believe in, and miguel de Portugal knows, not believes, but knows as concrete facts by the Grace of God.

The Catholics who believe on the above do so by the Grace of God and not as a "Salvation ticket".

May we remind you of the following scene at Golgotha?

And one of those robbers who were hanged, blasphemed him, saying: If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering, rebuked him, saying: Neither dost thou fear God, seeing thou art condemned under the same condemnation?

And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done no evil. And he said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom. And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.
[Luke 23:39-43]

Christ was pleased to reward the faith and confession of the penitent thief, with a full discharge of all his sins, both as to the guilt and punishment; and to introduce him immediately after death into paradise in the company of the saints.

No Baptism or First Communion or Confirmation or Last Rites - just complete trust and belief that "that guy who was crucified next to him" was indeed the Messiah!

Simple, isn't it?

How much blood has been shed as the result of Jews, Christians and Muslims ignoring these simple and straight forward realities! What a tragedy!

Just one set of examples.... from history. (1)

The Erfurt massacre refers to the massacre of the Jewish community in Erfurt, Germany, on March 21, 1349.

Some Jews set fire to their homes and possessions and perished in the flames before they could be lynched. The many Black Death persecutions and massacres that occurred in France and Germany at that time were sometimes in response to accusations that the Jews were responsible for outbreaks of the Black Death, and other times justified with the belief that killing the local Jews would prevent the spread of the Black Death to that locale.

Although these beliefs, and the accompanying massacres, were frequently encouraged by local bishops or itinerant Flagellants, the Catholic Church, including Pope Clement VI under whom the Flagellants and the Black Death began, and his successor, Innocent VI, were firmly against it. In a papal bull condemning the Flagellant movement in late 1349, Pope Clement VI criticized their "shedding the blood of Jews".

Jesus Comments: ..I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you.. [Matthew 5:44]

miguel de Portugal Comments: How can these people, and millions others throughout the world behaving in the same manner, call themselves Christians? That is blasphemy! Thank God that Popes Clement VI and Innocent VI took the right stand and made it known.
(1)  Source

March 21st

From miguel de Portugal

As one draws closer to God the spiritual vision becomes sharper and the illumination greater. That is, with better "eyesight" and "illumination" what we see is more and in greater detail.  With that said...

The overriding thought for me this Lent is: "What is this all about? This is the way our whole year should be!"

Think of it... Forty days of mild denials and prayers of repentance; then what? 325 days of "Let's do it all and we will patch up things with God during next Lent!"

Even some of the Mass prayers in the Roman Missal for Lent should be for the year round. For example:

Lord, direct my steps as You have promised, and let no evil hold me in its power; and

Lord, you will show me the path of life and fill me with joy in Your presence; and

Lord, during this lenten season nourish us with Your word of life and make us one in love and prayer; and

Lord, may the sacrifice we offer bring us Your forgiveness, so that freed from sin, we may always please You
; and

God of mercy, free Your people from sin and protect us from evil. Guide us, for we cannot be saved without You; and

Lord, by the grace of this sacrifice may we who ask forgiveness be ready to forgive one another.

Those are prayers and invocation that we should be offering in any of the 365 days of the year, just like self denial should be, in various degrees, an on going offering 365 days a year - for our own good!, not His!

In summary:

We should fast twice a week - on Wednesday and Friday - as Mary requested and to the extent our health allows it.

We should be alert to every little sacrifice-offerings that we can make throughout every single day of the year.

We should remain aware of our sinful natures at all times because, without holding on to God - 365 days a year! - would cause us to sin.

We should pray often throughout the day - 365 of those per year! - because it helps us hold on to God.

and, just as Mary spelled out for us in Fatima:

Do not seek additional mortification to offer to God, but accept, and then offer, any and all difficulties that we encounter in our daily lives for: Love of Jesus, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

So, as far as I have been inspired, Lent should be a full year event and not just another religious routine.

In yesterday's Gospel.... [Matthew 5:17-19] we read:

Jesus said to his disciples:...."Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the Kingdom of heaven. But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the Kingdom of heaven."

The subconscious of the reader would store the above information in its "Just can't believe what the Gospel says" file since it appears that there is no hell. It seems that it is just a matter of being great or least in the Kingdom of Heaven and not of being lost Eternally.

Of course, that is not the case. When a person that is destined to Heaven is born in Time he/she has a completely free will as to how to navigate through time. If he/she chooses to lead a life where mostly he/she has broken these commandments and taught others others to do likewise, he/she will go to Heaven but "live in its basement". Conversely if he/she obeys and teaches these commandments, he/she will "live in Heaven's pent house".

Summarizing - through our free will we can determine where we will be in Heaven should we be among the Elect.

From miguel de Portugal

This may be taken as a political statement, however, it is meant to be a very strong statement of coherence.

Only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in Federal level elections; a condition that should be confirmed before an individual is allowed to vote.

Frankly I thought that such condition was being met, but it seems that the Globalizers have managed to create enough confusion there too so that many non citizens have been voting.

As an immigrant myself, and holding the U.S. citizenship for over 50 years, I am fed up with the uncontrolled immigration and with the "if you can breathe, you can vote" policies.

Now allow us to share a thing or two regarding the reality of our southern border problem, a problem which is not Mr. Trump's invention.

My first stop after leaving the world in the year 1991 was the Texas/Mexico border in the Port Isabel area. I met and dealt with may legal, illegal and "in the process" immigrants. Obviously I crossed the border many times - with passport in hand. So what we will tell you now was not read somewhere else!

Every time I crossed the border I could look down at the Rio Grande river and see a stream of illegal immigrants crossing the river with their belongings over their heads. The authorities could do nothing because they did not have personnel.

One evening I took a Greyhound bus to travel to Houston. The bus was full with passengers with tickets on hand. Once the bus left the depot, drove twenty or so miles, and before reaching the second level immigration check point well into U.S. territory, the driver stopped the bus by the roadside and most of the passengers got off and ran and disapeared into the fields adjacent to the highway. When we reached the second level immigration check point, an official came into the bus, checked the papers of the precious few who were left on the bus after the illegal travelers got off the bus, and we drove off toward Houson.

And that was back in 1991 !!!!

March 19th

From miguel de Portugal

Do you realize that is far more important to offer prayers for the benefit, and on behalf, of the victims (1) of our sins than to pray for forgiveness?

What better offering can we make to God in reparation for our sins than to come to the spiritual assistance of our victims?

I never heard of that until God revealed it to me, considering that such teaching should be on the top of the list of the Evangelizers.

Allow us to illustrate to you the importance of it. Recently I made the following statement: life did not reflect it at all even though, when compared with the level of sinfulness of the average man of then, I would have been categorized as a saint - a category which, when viewed with the eyes that I now have, would have been summarily changed to "someone who was going to spend a very long time in Purgatory"!

Considering that... The moment God revealed to me the importance of offering prayers for the benefit, and on behalf, of the victims of our sins we proceeded to offer a Novena of Masses for the benefit of each and every one of them - whether I knew of them of not. God does know and that is all that mattered.

And while in the subject of "reparation"....

Unless we may cause more harm by doing it, we should, wherever possible, confess and seek the forgiveness of those whom we may have wronged. It is very easy to mention it in passing to a confessor, who most probably couldnt care less, than to face our victim (1) with a contrite heart.
(1) The term "victim" sounds very harsh but it applies to all - whether we used a harsh word with them, or a baseball bat or caused them to sin, or did not have the spine to be firm and enabled him/her in their disorderly behavior.

In our continuing effort.... to de-devinize or de-idolize key players in religious history, let us highlight the recent Mass reading wherein we are reminded how nine of Joseph's brothers wanted to kill him, one wanted to spare and free him and one wanted to sell him as a slave.

Who were Joseph's brothers? They were the other sons of Jacob and grandchildren of Isaac, Abraham's son, who, together with Joseph, constituted the so venerated, almost idolized, twelve tribes of Israel.

And how did Jacob get that prime position? By stealing it from his brother Esau in a plot concocted by their mother.

Fine bunch, wasn't it? Not that the true Judaism of today - composed by all of those (jews and gentiles) who have accepted Jesus as the true and only Messiah - have done any better.

Only God is Holy and Mary is the only Immaculate human being - the rest of us should be walking around with our eyes downcast while pounding our chest at the sound of our own chanting "Mea culpa" as we wallow in the sewer of the world that we have created as we tried to be like unto God!

From miguel de Portugal

In the Gospel of last Saturday's Mass [Luke 15: 1-3, 11-31] we are reminded again of the Prodigal Son. In the last few verses we found another hidden reminder of how things work with God.

[28] And he (the other brother) was angry, and would not go in. His father therefore coming out began to entreat him. [29] And he answering, said to his father: Behold, for so many years do I serve thee, and I have never transgressed thy commandment, and yet thou hast never given me a kid to make merry with my friends: [30] But as soon as this thy son is come, who hath devoured his substance with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf.

But he said to him: Son, thou art always with me, and all I have is thine. [32] But it was fit that we should make merry and be glad, for this thy brother was dead and is come to life again; he was lost, and is found.

Let us see... the stay-at-home son complains that the father "has never given him a kid to make merry with his friends" and the father responds that "thou art always with me, and all I have is thine".

It does not appear to make sense... yet it does if we remember that:

And in all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. [Matthew 21:22]

Obviously the stay-at-home son never asked his father for "...a kid to make merry with his friends".

We must ask and invoke - not complain !!!!

Yesterday.... we updated the Board with an excellent tool for Lent meditations...

A Biblical and Pictorial Stations of the Cross

March 16th

From miguel de Portugal

We (you and I) have received a crystal clear message of consolation from God which we will share with you now. It was delivered at the hour of Adoration of the Exposed Blessed Sacrament. This is how God delivered it.

Judaism will be celebrating the feast of Purin soon. Queen Esther is the protagonist of the events which made the feast of Purin possible. Since we have always liked the Book of Esther I was moved to read it, this time, from the very beginning.

Just in the initial chapter, which I have never read before, was the Divine Message of consolation awaiting for us.  The reason I have no recollection of having read that "first" chapter is because it only seems to appear in our printed version of the New American Bible (July 27, 1970) and it is labeled as "Chapter A" .  In other Bibles it appears as Chapter 11. (1)

Mardochai who raised Esther after her parents died had a dream. In the dream....

Chapter A (or Chapter 11)

4. ....There was noise and tumult, thunder and earthquake - confusion upon earth. 5 Two great dragons came on, both poised for combat. They uttered a mighty cry, 6 and at their cry every nation prepared for war, to fight against the race of the just. 7 It was a dark and gloomy day. Tribulation and distress, evil and great confusion, lay upon the earth. 8 The whole race of the just were dismayed with fear of the evils to come upon them, and were at the point of destruction. 9 Then they cried out to God, and as they cried, there appeared to come forth a great river, a flood of water from a little spring. 10 The light of the sun broke forth; the lowly were exalted an they devoured the nobles.

I knew without a doubt that it was a message for us but had no idea how it did apply in our time. Blessedly, it was not long before He revealed to me its meaning.

The "two great dragons" represent the masters of the New World Order and the New World Religion. The "race of the just" represent the Members of the Elect who will live through the End of These Times and emerge in the New World which He originally intended for His Creation.

We take this as a consoling message reminding us what is upon us and that we should not stop "crying to God" so that He Will deliver us.
(1) The dream of Mardochai was in the beginning of the book in the ancient Greek and Latin Bibles.

The Gospel for.... yesterday's Mass - [Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46] - contained a hidden message that we wish to share with you today.

It is about a very well know part of the Gospel wherein Jesus talks about a vineyard owner who leased it to tenants who refused to pay what was due to him and eventually killed the son's owner - who was sent to collect the money due.

The reading ended with the following verses:

"Therefore, I say to you, the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit".

When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they knew that he was speaking about them. And although they were attempting to arrest him, they feared the crowds, for they regarded him as a prophet.

But wait! How come the chief priests and the Pharisees understood the parables? Didn't Jesus say:

[13] Therefore I speak to them in parables: because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. [14] And the prophecy of Isaias is fulfilled in them, who saith: By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand: and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive. [15] For the heart of this people is grown gross, and with their ears they have been dull of hearing, and their eyes they have shut: lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. [Matthew 13]

Incoherence? Not at all! When an individual is on denial even a message delivered without parables will not be understood and will be automatically rejected. Remember the resurrection of Lazarus at practically the gates of Jerusalem?

The ones who Jesus spoke about in Matthew 13:15 belong to a different group. They were destined to hell but were not on denial so they would have understood Jesus and be converted, and He would then have to heal them.

Amazing Biblical coherence.

From miguel de Portugal

When one understands how the Divine System works, we can better work within it.

We were investing 3€ per week ($3.45 US) buying a lottery ticket from an organization which uses their profits to employ individuals with great physical problems. They started with employing just the blind to sell the tickets but now they take in most anyone physically disabled.

Our plan was to divide any possible gains from said ticket among four individuals - three long time readers of our pages plus my son - all of whom desperately need some financial assistance.

I just overlooked one simple rule - The result of the Will of God is always perfect by definition.

That means that for the purchased lottery ticket to be a winner each individual would have to be in the perfect position - in accordance to the Will of God - to receive such windfall. The chances of that happening are even smaller than the chances of buying a winning lottery ticket. That is, the combined odds were so much against a win that the only benefit of the 3€ per week would to help the disabled needy.

Therefore, we have changed the technique. The lottery ticket bought each week will now be assigned to just one of the individuals, thus increasing the odds fourfold for the ticket to be a winning one. To eliminate any errors or subconscious error in our part - once the ticket is purchased the name of that week's beneficiary will be inscribed on it.

We are sure that this explanation will help many understand the importance of working within the realm of the Will of God.

March 14th

From miguel de Portugal

On today's First Reading [Jeremiah 17:5-10] we hear the Lord say:

Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the LORD. He is like a barren bush in the desert that enjoys no change of season, But stands in a lava waste, a salt and empty earth.

and also that...

Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD....  I, the LORD, alone probe the mind and test the heart, to reward everyone according to his ways, according to the merit of his deeds.

It is amazing that humanity has had such crystal clear teachings since about 630 BC and have summarily ignored them while pretending to live their faith - Judaism or Christianity. The epitome of the rejection of such Divine realities, of course, is exhibited by the Opus Dei "theology" and the behavior of  all of their followers.

Moving on to the Gospel for the same Mass [Luke 16:19-31] we hear about the already famous rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day and the poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, who would gladly have eaten his fill of the scraps that fell from the rich man's table.

That is a story with which most are familiar and which has a very unhappy ending for the rich man, while reminding us of the callousness that we may exhibit towards those in great need. Of course we know that the rich man in the parable ended in hell because, as we have amply explained elsewhere, his destiny the moment that he was born was hell.... but.... what about those millions upon millions who behave like him and who are destined to Heaven? Can you imagine the suffering that they will have to endure in Purgatory?

Suffering that we - you and I - can reduce if we share with the world what we know. Share - not push, but share by word and example.

At this point you may ask: Are there really many that fit such description?

Read on...

Given the current level.... of scientific and technological knowledge, it seems unreasonable to take miracles seriously in the 21st century....

 However, many people still believe in them, no matter how often the scientist Richard Dawkins has stated that "the nineteenth century was the last epoch it was still possible for an educated person to admit to believing in miracles, like someone born of a virgin, without feeling uncomfortable".

One only has to look at certain statistical data to disprove Dawkins' assertion. According to a 2013 Harris Poll, conducted among 2,250 adults in the United States, 72% believed in miracles. Leaving aside faith in God, which was slightly higher (74%), this survey shows that belief in miracles surpasses all other supernatural or paranormal convictions: UFOs (36%), witches (26%), survival of the soul after death (64%), the Virgin Mary (57%)...

Belief also survives in countries such as the United Kingdom, where another survey - also from 2013 and carried out by ComRes - showed that among the 2,036 adults who responded, 77% agreed that "there are things in life that we simply cannot explain by science or by other means". (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: If so many believe in God (74%) and in miracles (72%) why is the world the hell-hole it is and which will have to be brought to a halt by God, lest even the elect be lost?

If you had asked me before my conversion if I believed in God and in miracles my answer would have been a fast and resounding "Yes!". However, my life did not reflect it at all even though, when compared with the level of sinfulness of the average man of then I would have been categorized as a saint - a category which, when viewed with the eyes that I now have, would have been summarily changed to "someone who was going to spend a very long time in Purgatory"!

My point: I had no true examples around me which would have caused me to question my "belief in God" and caused me to search for the real God and not the popular 'allow-it-all' God in which 74% of the people believe in - me included back then.

We must be true examples of what we believe -  by word and deed - if we want to make a difference in the life of others; a "difference" that can be qualified and quantified as:  The reduction in the suffering of our brothers and sisters destined to Heaven whether they are still living or have crossed the veil and are now suffering in Purgatory.

(1) Año/Cero Magazine (Spain), no. 01-342, p. 16

March 12th

From miguel de Portugal

A reminder to the Focused Prayer Group...

The purpose for what we, as a Focused Prayer Group, are offering the Chaplet of Mercy daily seeking Mercy for a specific group has been modified to be specifically for those members of the Elect (1) who are suffering throughout the world as the result of our iniquities and our greed.

Even though they are not members of our biological family, we should pray for them with as much interest as if they were. That is our Christian responsibility for which we will be called to account.

May God have Mercy on His Elect!
(1) That is the way we now offer it since God narrowed down the target of our prayers, as well as Mass intentions, to just the Members of the Elect - who are only known to Him. As we understand it, all who were to be marked by the angel of God so as not to be harmed have already been marked.

From Mrs. LM @ US

Are you at liberty to speak more in depth on Revelation Chapter 11?   I know very well that you could be one of the witnesses, or a new John the Baptist. 

I know that Mary at La Salette, stated that Enoch and Eli are the two witnesses. Can you give any more insight?


  The popular/Biblical references about those witnesses is:

"John is told that the court of God's temple would be trampled on by the nations for 42 months. During that period for 1,260 days (or 42 months, or 3½ years), two witnesses would be granted authority to prophesy. They are described as two olive trees and two lamp stands who stand before the Lord of the earth. Both are able to devour their enemies with fire that flows out of their mouths. Also, they have power over the sky and waters and are able to strike the earth with plague.

After their testimony, the Beast overcomes the two witnesses and kills them. For three and a half days, the people of the earth celebrate the two witnesses' death (who have tormented them for three and a half years) and will not permit the witnesses a proper burial. After this time, God resurrects the two witnesses; their resurrection strikes fear on everyone witnessing their revival, and the two witnesses then ascend to heaven. In the next hour, a great earthquake occurs and kills 7000 men, destroying a tenth of the city."

We have very strong reasons to believe that those two witnesses have been integrated into the body of one single individual at this point and will be that way until the End of These Times.

If you view that apparent anomaly under the light of the "Filters" concept (1) it may be easier to understand.
(1) The "Filters" concept

The latest Board Update is...

How the Holy Word of God is rewritten by man.

  The Faithful should be aware of it because it will actually strengthen your faith, thus security.

The heading may sound contradictory but the more we understand how the Word of God is altered by man the easier it is for the Holy Spirit of God to help the children of God spot the alterations.


Have you heard that.... the President (head) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormons" as they are commonly known) met last Saturday at the Vatican with Francis in the first-ever face-to-face discussion between the heads of the two global churches.

The pope presented President Nelson with two gifts, his declarations on the family and on the Islamic faith. President Nelson gave the pope a Lladro figurine of the Christus statue and a copy of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: My hands continue to be well washed - The head of the Mormons was formally alerted years ago about what was to come. That is, it is of no concern to us any more.
(1) News Source

March 9th

From "Julie" ("Jeff's" wife) @ US

[In reference of our post of March 5th about "Julie" and "Jeff"]

Gratefully and emotionally overwhelmed.  Those are the only words I can think of to describe how I feel upon reading your truly anointed summation of my personal situation.

This could not have been easy for you to write.  The Holy Spirit most assuredly was your Guide as you described/summarized such a complex situation in a way that it is easily grasped and understood.

My most fervent prayer is that anyone reading this who is enduring a similar situation, will take heart from your words of guidance and encouragement, and will choose to carry on, instead of succumbing to despair.



Thank you for your kind words, prayers and sacrifices.

We are Blessed to be able to serve God by serving you and others in need.

Regarding  your statement "This could not have been easy for you to write." Actually, before I sat down to do so, I thought it would be.

Once we started it, it flowed just a stream flowing down a gentle hill. The only corrections/changes needed were the usual grammatical and missing and misspelled words.

That should indicate to you clearly Who was really behind it. He authored it! I just relish in being just a gofer.

From Mrs. LM @ US

[For the reader's convenience we will respond within the writer's text in cursive blue lettering.]

This is where my thoughts are taking me.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

1) The world, the US specifically, is currently in the passive will of God and has been for awhile. 

That is correct. That is what we mean when we say that the world is in a "free fall mode".

2a) God has a specific plan for each incarnated soul.  If the road traveled is within the active will of God, the journey, with its bumps,  will be easier to travel.

That is exactly the way it is. Let us take it one step further: It will not just be "easier to travel" - it will be the easiest possible way to travel it.

2b) Therefore, there are souls (people) currently in our mist who are not incarnated souls. If that is true, would these people be the descendants of the fallen angels? It reminds me of the movie “The Devil's Advocate.”

There are actually "good angels" and "fallen angels" in our midst.

Among the "good angels" the perfect Biblical example is found in the Book of Tobit with the long term and visible active presence of the Archangel Raphael. We know - not just believe -  that such interventions happen since we have experienced/witnessed them.

We lived through an experience in the late eighties where I saw, not only one but a group of them enter into a rest room, one at a time with maybe a minute or so in between each one, and then vanish into, literally, thin air. If there is some interest among our readership we will share the details of the event in this forum.

So is also the case with "fallen angels".

3) Which Beast is referred to in Revelation Chapter 11?

The following documents will give you clear view of the beasts:

Who Is Who Amongst satan, The Beast and The False Prophet

The Mark of the Beast - The M+G+R Foundation

Thank you for the opportunity to air these matters at this time.

March 7th

From miguel de Portugal

Let us be so kind as to consider the feelings of Jesus and Mary as they face the response of the RCC and most of it  members to Their repeated warnings since the second quarter of the 19th century.

In the First Reading of yesterday's Mass (Jesus' schedule) [Jonah 3:1-10] we read how the people of Niniveh - with the King at the head - paid attention to the warning of, Jonah, a total stranger:

"Neither man nor beast, neither cattle nor sheep, shall taste anything; they shall not eat, nor shall they drink water. Man and beast shall be covered with sackcloth and call loudly to God; every man shall turn from his evil way and from the violence he has in hand. Who knows, God may relent and forgive, and withhold his blazing wrath, so that we shall not perish."

Now, let us see first how the RCC responded to key warnings as those delivered by Mary through La Salette (1) and then through Fatima (2).

They were completely ignored while the apparitions were turned into another profit center for the RCC. We cannot speak about the response of the faithful here because they were still "dumbed down (*)" by the RCC clerics who passed themselves as demigods, while depriving the children of God of the unequaled treasures of the Catholic Faith.

(*) To lower the general level of intelligence. For example: The dumbing down of society.

Now, let us review the approved apparitions and warnings of Kibeho (3) and Akita  (4) plus the undeniable apparitions at Garabandal - all from the second half of the 20th century.

The RCC authorities made an effort to keep them at a low profile so they decided not to turn them into profit centers to avoid calling their grave warnings to the attention of the faithful - after all, the faithful were not that dumb down anymore.

Now, let's talk about the not dumb down anymore faithful...

Millions visit Lourdes (5), Fátima as well as Medjugorje (the one that 'was' and then 'was not') every year. Do they really pay attention to Mary's requests and warning? Just a very, very small fraction. With Akita and Kibeho accessible at the "click of the mouse" - those who live in, and for, Facebook do not even bother to visit them.

Now then, how do you really think Jesus and Mary - Who love us in a manner that we cannot even begin to comprehend - feel about this, knowing well what the global consequences for such disregard to their explicit warnings are?

Let us help you get a glimpse of their feelings....

Imagine that after explaining to your six or seven year old child or grandchild that he/she must ensure that no vehicles are coming before crossing a road, he/she politely responds "Thank you!" and then start crossing the road after having seen a truck speeding down the road.... while you have to stand there and watch the consequences of the child's ignoring your warning as he/she rushes across the street and under the wheels of the truck.

That should give you a glimpse of the level of sorrow that most cause Jesus and Mary.

That is why I offer one decade of the Rosary every day to console them precisely for such offense, plus pray the Gloria at every single Mass - regardless of what the Roman Missal says - as an act of consolation and reparation for such offenses.

Would you please join us in consoling our Lord Jesus and our true Mother Mary for such profound sorrows? ___________________
(1) La Salette
(2) Fatima
(3) Kibeho
(4) Akita
(5) Lourdes

With that said..... we must not forget the Elect who have been under evangelized or never evangelized. Their state certainly is not their fault and it is our responsibility to help them along with our prayers.

How much or how little will they suffer is in our hands - yours and mine.

That is why, some of the merits of the daily Mystical Parish Mass is offered for Members of the Elect who have no one praying for them as well as those who are in most need of Divine Mercy.

In addition, the central intention of the Sunday Mass is to assist those among the Elect, who are seeking Him in earnest, to find their way to Him and be protected from the snares that the evil one will throw their way to hinder their journey to Him.

We do not think that we are doing something special or noteworthy - it is our responsibility and is a joy to discharge it.

Have you heard that... Jesuit theologian Father Francisco Taborda raised the possibility that the upcoming Amazonian Synod scheduled for next October might consider changing the matter of the Eucharist, allowing the use of a South American vegetable called yuca rather than wheaten bread? (1)

Fr. Taborda told Crux on Feb. 28 that climate issues and inculturation warrant the change. Intense humidity during the Amazonian rainy season turns wheaten hosts into a pasty mush, he said, adding that “in the Amazon, bread is made out of yuca,” a shrub native to South America from which tapioca is derived.

Comment: What next? Kool Aid instead of wine in deference to those allergic to wine or the sulfites it may contain? Consecrated tortillas as part of inculturation within Mexico?

Come Lord Jesus and literally renew the face of the Earth!
(1) News Report

March 5th

From Mr. V del P @ USA

While meditating the following principles - which I have never heard before - came to mind.

“Being able to feel somebody else's pain places you on a road to peace."


"Allowing yourself to feel somebody else's anger is a mental disease that places you on a road to destruction.”

What do you think about them?

V del P

Obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

We all should carefully meditate upon them and apply the wisdom contained therein.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

From miguel de Portugal

We are writing about the following matter and posting it with full permission of the correspondent. We wanted to do it in this forum since it could be of use to some of our readers in their own lives and in the helping of others.

We are dealing with a husband and wife - in the late sixties. Both retired professionals.

The poor man - let's call him Jeff - has some very profound wounds in his soul. Filter openings - as we call them in our document explaining the spiritual influences in ones behavior (1).

Jeff was rejected by his mother when he was 2 years old, sexually abused by his aunt (the mother's sister) when he was 7 years old and sexually abused by priest when he was about 14 years old. It is really hard to think how could anyone inflict more damage on a soul.

He and his wife - let's call her Julie - married young and after a one year courtship. Julie had no idea of the spiritual damage poor Jeff came with. Julie - who was also sexually abused as a child - is a faithful and patient woman - a true Christian.... whose calvary has lasted forty years.

In those forty years Jeff has verbally (never physically) abused her as well as their daughter - a fine woman who now is reaping the results of such verbal abuses.

Julie has found out - and confirmed - that Jeff has been, and still is, a sexual addict - pornography, sex-texting and extramarital affairs, etc. What to do?

Relatively speaking, Jeff is a greater victim but that does not mean that Julie should tolerate his behavior. What it means is that the one who needs prayer the most is Jeff, while we must also pray for Julie's strength and patience.

First lesson: We should never judge a person (only his/her behavior) because we have no idea of the gravity of the wounds on his/her soul. We must pray and fast for the benefit of a person in such state because "...this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting." [Matthew 17:20] keeping in mind that Jesus said...

The worst sin that man may have ever committed is but a grain of sand when compared to the Oceans of My Mercy!

Second lesson: Only God can heal those wounds. However, even when those spiritual wounds are healed, there will be scars left which will affect the individual in question.

Third lesson: The more "praying and fasting" offered for Jeff - or any individual in such state - the lower the volume God will have to use in His megaphone (2) to call Jeff to repentance and to make the necessary amendments.

Jeff, we know that you are reading this - your level of massive insecurity causes you to keep track on all the Julie does, says, reads and writes - so please, help us help you and reduce the pain that awaits you.

We have witnessed - from close up - a situation in which the wounds were also serious - but much less than Jeff's - and, what God allowed (allowed, not caused) upon that poor man to get his attention, was incredibly painful. He finally paid attention to God and blessedly crossed the veil clutching a crucifix and willingly wearing a brown scapular. He could avoided much pain if he had paid attention to God when the volume of the megaphone started to increase.

We have a strong feeling that Jeff's final destination is Heaven because satan would not have caused such severe wounds on someone who was destined to end up hell with him.

Dear Jeff, do yourself and Julie a favor.... while keeping in mind that The worst sin that you may have ever committed is but a grain of sand when compared to the Oceans of His Mercy! seek His forgiveness and His help to start your walk back to Him, just as the prodigal son did (3).

And you, Julie, know that our prayers - and those of the rest of the Mystical Parish - are with you to give you the strength to help Jeff  Home, without becoming an enabler to his dysfunction.
(1) How the Spiritual Domain Influences Human Behavior
(2) About God's Megaphone
(3) One Step At a Time

Did you know that.... Teresa de Jesus - a saint and Doctor of the Church  for centuries - was at one time in the cross hair of the Spanish Inquisition?

In 1576 the older observant Carmelite order began to react against Teresa, her friends, and her reforms. At the general chapter at Piacenza, the "definitors" of the order forbade all further founding of convents. The general condemned her to voluntary retirement at one of her institutions. She obeyed and chose St. Joseph's at Toledo; her friends and subordinates were subjected to greater trials.

After several years of appeals to King Philip II of Spain in 1579, the processes before the Inquisition against her, Grecián, and others were dropped.  (1)

Comments: Think what such behavior by part of the RCC towards Teresa de Jesus and the behavior toward Joan of Arc - burnt alive accused of being a witch -  inspire in those who hear the claims that the RCC is guided by the Holy Spirit of God.

The only way to reverse the damage to the individual's faith as the result of such duplicity and incoherence is to point out to them that indeed the RCC is guided by the Holy Spirit of God - the only problem is that those clerics who control it do not pay any attention to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. ....they are just too busy leading a scandalous life of sin.

Now Francis is going to open Pius XII archives (2). We shall see what other surprises see the light. Of course, not many will get to see them since....

Research in the Archivio Segreto Vaticano is free of charge and open to qualified scholars conducting scientific studies. All researchers must have a university degree (five-year course) or an equivalent university diploma.

Clergymen must possess a licentiate degree or PhD. A letter of request must be addressed to the Prefect, indicating the reasons for the research. This must be accompanied by a presentation letter from a recognized institute of scientific and historical research or a person qualified in the field of historical research (tenured university professors). (2)

Obviously very little will find itself to the general public unless Francis plans to use it to demolish what is left of the Catholic Faith.
(1) Source
(2) Vatican News Reports

March 2nd

From miguel de Portugal

We will try again to explain God's methodology in placing Mr. Trump in the White House. We do so because we keep getting feedback from our readers which indicate that we are not getting our point across clearly enough. This will also help understand all else that is taking place on a global scale.

At this point, however, it is important to note that just because God placed Mr. Trump in the White House to derail the Globalization effort, it does not mean that all of Mr. Trump's words and deeds are automatically endorsed by God, any more that God approved the Clinton-Lewisnki affair.


(a) Remember our explanation about Time and Eternity (1). That is, view our day to day as a movie being filmed and that in Eternity that film has been completed and is stored in a virtual DVD.
(b) The moment of the Divine Reset and the Return of Our Lord is fixed in Eternity and nothing can change it, however, any non critical event that is to take place between now and the "End" of this "film" can change as God plays the three dimensional chess game with the Masters of the World.
(c) And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]
(d) The fulfillment of the Globalization dream of the Masters of the World would cause the loss of every soul - even those of the Elect.

Now, keep in mind... without caring one iota if someone thinks of me as being arrogant... I will tell you that what you read in the above (a) through (d) statements is the way it is - period! We are not here to convince anyone; we are here to shed light on the world only for those who have Eyes to See. I could not care less about the rest, just as Jesus did not care about those who could not understand His parables. With that said....

Given that the moment of the Divine Reset and the Return of Our Lord is fixed, God has to ensure that the Globalization is not fulfilled to a level where 'no flesh should be saved'.

As you may recall, God used miguel de Portugal to keep Mr. Clinton - a Democrat - in the White House in spite of all efforts to bring him down - even though miguel had no idea why. Then, in the year 2001, God chose to reveal to miguel the reason why Clinton was kept at the helm of the U.S.. He did it through Mikhail Gorbachev:

Yes, I met President Clinton in Madrid. My relationship with President Clinton was quite strained, if not downright tense. Of course, it was not because of Monica Lewinsky. I was highly critical of his foreign policy. He is guilty for the fact that the U.S. has wasted those ten years following the end of the Cold War.

I think he missed out on opportunities to develop a new world order. I discussed this at length with the president of the United States, George W. Bush. I think [the United States and Russia] should have worked more on the NATO issues and the issues of European security. Following the end of the Cold War, little had been done. I think Mr. Clinton, as a freshman in foreign politics, was spending too much time on the little details, and as a result, none of us was ready for the challenges of globalization.

Now, God is using Mr. Trump - a Republican - to cause the globalization efforts to slow down so that the moment of the Divine Reset and the Return of Our Lord matches what it is in the finished "film".

Please notice - God, nor his servant miguel, are into party politics. We are into "Divine Politics" and do not play favorites with neither Democrats or Republicans.

Now then, imagine that Mr. Trump leaves the White House, but not on the Divine Schedule, and the Globalization effort lunges forward defying the Eternal Timetable. In that case, either a massive nuclear holocaust would take place or we will be zapped by a Gamma Ray Burst (3) or hit by a mega asteroid/comet - but we assure you that the Globalization effort will be killed - one way or another. We are more certain of that than that the sun will rise in the morning.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that we continue to draw closer to God (4) and pray that His Will be done and not play politics lest we become nuclear toast. If we do our part, we will have a Green Apocalypse; if not, we will have a Nuclear Apocalypse.

I pray to God that we have made this as clear as possible for those who have Eyes to See understand.

(1) Time and Eternity
(2) The interview
(3) Gamma Ray Burst
(4) What can we do?

Just when it seems.... that we have "seen it all" we are virtually slapped on the face with an ever worse situation.

'This Person Does Not Exist' experiment is a terrifying glimpse of what Neural Networks are capable of.

Artificial Intelligence generated fake images and videos can occasionally be funny, but not any more since now they can generate fake faces that cannot distinguish from a real one.

Words elude us to explain this horror, so we invite you to visit this news report. As you view each very human face keep very much in mind that you are looking at the human face of a person that does not exist!

May God have Mercy on His Elect!

From miguel de Portugal

The world is puzzled about the failure of the Vietnam summit between the leaders of the US and North Korea. Such failure just does not make logical sense considering the sincere interest of both parties and that the agreements had already been hammered out and ready to sign even before the summit started. Quoting from the news (1):

President Donald Trump said he walked away from his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un because Kim demanded the U.S. lift all of its sanctions, a claim that North Korea's delegation called a rare news conference in the middle of the night to deny.

So who's telling the truth? In this case, it seems that the North Koreans are.

However, that does not mean that Mr. Trump is lying about it. Having endured hundreds of hours of contract negotiations with Japanese and Taiwanese while in the Petrochemical business, even without bad intentions a grave misunderstanding may occur. Translation is not converting a word from one language to another; true translation is a cultural endeavor since the cultural shades have to be applied to the translated words and sentences.

For example, during my contract negotiations with the Japanese I had to culturally adjust to the fact that they would not say "No" because that would be impolite.  Their "No" to any situation had to be, somehow, transmitted to me using various words, gestures and facial expressions.

We believe that the Korean to English interpreter missed the shades of the key statement by the North Korean leader or, purposely, gave it a spin that "someone" knew would not be acceptable to Mr. Trump, thus causing the summit to fail.
(1) News Report

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