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January 28th, 2020

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From EK @ US

I have just finished your article on co-dependancy. (1)

Would you have any insight into the phenomenon what is called Gender Identity Disorder?

I have a brother who is in his early sixties who has announced to us (by letter) that he suffers from this condition and is going to start taking hormones with an eye towards sex reassignment surgery. He has left his wife and has 2 teen aged children. I know this is wrong on so many levels.

I want to respond in a charitable but truthful way. I will probably be labeled as an archaic and intolerant person. I would appreciate any spiritual insight you could give me on this issue. 



You may find most of what we would have to say about this situation in two documents (2) which deal with homosexuality at length.

In addition - we do not believe that God makes mistakes such as slipping a "female" soul in a "male" body.  However, this explanation would be considered archaic by your brother.

Beyond what you will find in the above mentioned documents and the fact that God does not make mistakes, your brother should be gently reminded that he is a role model for his children - regardless of their gender - and what he is about to do could irretrievably harm the souls of his children.

One thing is to discreetly cross dress in an effort to work out "man-made" psychological (3) issues but another is to place his children in the position of introducing their father as: This is my dad, Mrs. Mary Jones.
(1) About Co-Dependency
(2)  Regarding homosexuality - Part 1 and Part 2
(3)  Psychological Dysfunction is mostly a Spiritual Dysfunction

From Mrs. IW @ US 

It was foolish of me to think that some of the updates that you published after my communications to you were subtle corrections to what I had written, since I know that you don't operate by making "under the radar" comments.

I should have realized that I was responding to my own insecurities and imagination, rather than to reality.
Having said that, you can use the letter however you wish or not.
May God Bless you with extra patience for all that I have used up!


You are right..., but you may also be wrong - and it is understandable.

You are right indeed in that we do not operate with "under the radar" subtleties - anyone can ask the Vatican, the White House, the European Union leadership, the United Nations and others for third party confirmations.

However, you may have been wrong in thinking that the communications were not "subtle corrections" directed at you; they may have very well been, but from God - not miguel.

As we often say in all honesty : "miguel only works here".  What is published, when and where - as well as the comments that may accompany the postings are dictated by God. miguel only assumes the responsibility for any error in the manner he may have expressed and/or presented what God intended to be published.

It may sound like "spiritual science fiction" but miguel also receives Spiritual Direction from the postings he is the mechanical instrument in publishing.

In complete and sincere humility we can say that there is much Spiritual Direction in the pages we regularly update and encourage one and all to take advantage of that. The beauty of this system set up by God is that the Direction given to each reader is modulated by the Holy Spirit of God to fit the particular need of each individual reading it.

Think of it as a modified version of the miracle of the fishes and the bread.  The difference is that each "bread and fish" handed out to an individual may be a pizza to some, a hamburger to another, lobster thermidor to a third, a bowl of rice and so on for all is truly possible with  God.


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