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April 24th, 2018


From miguel de Portugal

Let us take a look at a most important Commandment (*)....

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. [Matt.22:39] [Mark 12:31] [Matt. 19:19]
(*) Only second to "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart"

.....and clarify some points about it:

1st: Many well intentioned Christians try to live it to an extent that their own well being is endangered.

2nd: Many well intentioned Christians are made to think that if they take some basic - spiritual, psychological and physical - care of themselves they are behaving selfishly.

3rd: The applied modified version of it are the parents who believe that their children come first in their household - even to the parents own expense.

Now... can you see satan's finger print on the above?

If you are going to love thy neighbor as thyself... you must love and take care of thyself first! That is not being selfish; that is being practical.

How can you save a drowning neighbor if you do not know how to swim, or do not have any energy left to swim, or are already drowning yourself?

How can you express your Christian love for thy neighbor if you do not love yourself enough to take care of yourself?

How are you going to be a parent worthy of the name if you do not take care of your own basic needs - spiritual, psychological and physical - to then be able to properly raise your children?

First comes God; through Him you are strengthened; and, once strengthened, He can use you to help Him save His world.

A practical example very close to me....

My daughter is a High School Counselor. She has 450 teenage students assigned to her. These students "bring with them" their parents and teachers; that is, any of those parents and/or teachers may also come to her to solve their problems with their children and/or students. She takes her responsibility very seriously - because it is. However, just as serious is the stress associated with it.

How do I apply what we have shared with you above? Always encouraging her to draw closer to God, first and foremost, and then to disconnect during her off hours - relax! Week end getaways with her husband, dinner outings with him or lady friends, quiet times at home accompanied by a glass of wine, and simply avoid any non productive stressful enterprise. I insist almost to the point of nagging her.

How does she start her day? Quiet time with the Lord with Bible on hand. Once she applies all of Dad's recommendations, then she can then go out and love those boys and girls with all her heart and work all the extra hours that need to be worked.... but I make sure that she loves herself first!

 In the Gospel... associated, with the Mass offered honoring St. George, was from Matthew 10:28-33. They key verse is verse 28:

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell

As terrible as abortion is before the Holy Eyes of God, the sexual abuse of children is even worse because it can destroy the soul. Of course most never hears about it unless they run into our documents addressing that particular issue - Child Sexual Abuse Is A Greater Sin Than Abortion and Child Sexual Abuse Is Far Worse Than Abortion . No, we are not making light of abortion - which is the murder of an innocent child. We are just graphically illustrating how bad sexual abuse of children really is.

Please take special note that the above does not mean that an individual who has been sexually abused is destined to hell - only those who already are in hell in the Eternal Time Frame will. However, those who are destined to Heaven may spend a very long time in Purgatory as the result of the sexual abuse if they have not been spiritually assisted before body and soul separation.

The last two documents...
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It does not matter what today's Jews may claim. They were wrong then and are wrong today.

The Spanish version of this document has been the most read document that we have published. May we suggest that the English speaking readers take a look at it?


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