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December 11th, 2018


Excellent news.... for a change!

President Trump Signs Hatch-Sponsored Child Pornography Victim Assistance Law

“Child pornography victims could have better access to federal restitution under a bipartisan bill President Donald Trump signed into law Friday. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a key sponsor of the Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act, called the signing a ‘momentous’ day that was many years in the making,” Dennis Romboy writes in Deseret News.
“This bipartisan legislation will provide meaningful assistance for child pornography victims to support their recovery and allow them to reclaim their lives,” Senator Hatch said. (1)
miguel de Portugal comments: Now, what we need is some very serious laws - with plenty of bite - to prevent the creation and distribution of child pornography.

In the meantime, let us not forget that we must target the offenders with a storm of prayers for their conversion and for the abandonment of such destructive deviant behavior. We have already been dedicating a daily decade of the Rosary for that purpose for years.
(1) Details

Divine coherence continues...
to fascinate, encourage and console us.

As you must remember, Abraham was talked into impregnating Sarah's Egyptian slave by Sarah herself because she had decided that she was too old and infertile to have the descendant that God had promised Abraham [Genesis 12 - 21].

That was not the plan God had for Abraham's offspring, yet, because He had told Abraham that...

[4] covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations. [5] Neither shall thy name be called any more Abram: but thou shalt be called Abraham: because I have made thee a father of many nations.

[6] And I will make thee increase, exceedingly, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee. [7] And I will establish my covenant between me and thee, and between thy seed after thee in their generations, by a perpetual covenant: to be a God to thee, and to thy seed after thee. [Genesis 17]

....God coherently honored his covenant through Ismael, Agar's and Abraham's son, in this manner....

[13] But I will make the son (Ismael) also of the bondwoman a great nation, because he is thy seed....

[16] And she (Agar, the slave - bondwoman) went her way, and sat over against him a great way off as far as a bow can carry, for she said: I will not see the boy die: and sitting over against, she lifted up her voice and wept. [17] And God heard the voice of the boy: and an angel of God called to Agar from heaven, saying: What art thou doing, Agar? fear not: for God hath heard the voice of the boy (Ismael), from the place wherein he is. [18] Arise, take up the boy, and hold him by the hand: for I will make him a great nation. [Genesis 21]

....although the son God had in mind - Isaac - was to be begotten by Abraham and Sarah later on.
However, the reparation that Abraham had to make for not having believed in the ability of God to give him and Sarah the promised offspring - in spite of the many confirmations in the fulfillment of the Divine promises that he had had - was tremendous. We cannot think of a more painful act of reparation to God for defying His Word.

From the time God instructed to Abraham to offer Isaac as a burnt holocaust to Him, to the time he arrived with Isaac to the place chosen by God for the child holocaust, Abraham's heart must have been in so much pain that it defies the most vivid imagination.

But why was the level of reparation so high? About 2,000 years later Jesus explained it to the world...

...unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

Let us not forget that all is possible for God and, if He has told us, and confirmed it, that He will act in a certain manner in our lives, we should believe so and act accordingly.

O, Lord, grant us the Grace to never offend you in such manner, for it would be only through your Grace that my humanity will be prevented from doing so. Amen! Amen!

May the Words through Luke 12:48 serve all of us as a reminder that we will be called to account for what has been given to us in proportion to its amount/level/importance.

From (Mr.) WG @ Canada

Although I in no way agree with your stated claims that the 'catholic' faith contains the 'most' truth…. including the stated 'dogmas' of Catholicism… I noticed that in your treatment on 'papal infallibility'…. you refer to it as meaning the pope cannot be wrong or mistaken in ANYTHING he says/does. 

It’s been MY understanding…. that the concept specifically limits it to when he addresses ALL the faithful, on matters of 'faith and morals'…..thus….your categorization seems to constitute a 'straw man' argument…. the easier to demolish…. but somewhat false in its formulation.


A.  It seems that you have misread/misunderstood what we have written regarding both issues.

Regarding your statement...

 "...your stated claims that the 'catholic' faith contains the 'most' truth…. including the stated 'dogmas' of Catholicism"

Our exact wording regarding such matter is:

The Catholic Faith is the one Faith which has the greatest concentration of Divinely Revealed Truths. By no means it has them all since God is the only Plenitude of Truth, but no other Faith has as many Truths in its Spiritual Treasury as the Catholic Faith.  (1)

miguel de Portugal is in the position to make that assertion without any doubts, but, as we have stated elsewhere (2) :

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation? You do not have to believe it. What is written is only for those who have Eyes to see and have Ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicated with His children in the last 6,000 years.

Regarding the issue about infallibility you state:

"It’s been MY understanding…. that the concept specifically limits it to when he addresses ALL the faithful, on matters of 'faith and morals'…..thus….your categorization seems to constitute a 'straw man' argument…. the easier to demolish…. but somewhat false in it's formulation."

As in the opening part of our document (3) shows, you are technically correct; the Vatican I decree "makes it clear that the scope of this authority is limited; it applies to a Papal definition of doctrine on faith and morals, intended to be binding on all".
However, the real problem is with "creeping infallibility". That is, the effort on the part of the Vatican and its propagandists to cloak the Papacy with (unjustified) total infallibility.

Although the first matter - the viability of the Catholic Faith - is more important now than ever, the second one, dealing with Papal infallibility... stopped being of importance when the Papacy of John Paul II ended... which was not when he crossed the veil in  2005.

For more details on the above review our document The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven - What Are They and Who Holds Them Now?

Thank you for the opportunity to make these points crystal clear to avoid any possible misunderstanding about our position and/or intent.

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(3) Document on Infallibility


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