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April 23rd, 2019

Feast of St. George

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From miguel de Portugal

Do you ever wonder why it seems that God does not help certain individuals who are being oppressed and harmed by evil spiritual forces?

As common as that is, most of those poor souls continue to suffer without let up because no one has told them that: "God is truly above all and if we place our full trust in Him - take refuge under His Wing (1) - we will be untouched no matter if a storm of evil rages about us."

When this reality is doubted, the individual is empowering evil to act on its soul since that soul considers evil to be more powerful than God. Doubt separates that soul from God and His protection.

Please, make this know to as many individuals as possible since such ignorance causes untold suffering in this world.

(1)  To live in the Shadow of His Wing

Let us clarify...
what Jesus really meant when He said....

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.
[Matthew 5: 3-4]

He was not necessarily consoling the misery of poverty and marginalization of so many. "Poor" and "meek" are essentially equivalent to "humble" - those whose spirit is not set upon riches. [One can be very rich yet be poor in spirit as well as meek.]

"Posses the land" is also translated in different Bibles as "inherit the Earth" - which is a better translation for the Western culture.

He was not giving false consolation to them with those words - He meant exactly what He said.

Those who make it to Step No. 17
(1) will indeed inherit the Earth - the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (2) - for the "arrogant" will not exist any longer. Those among the Elect (3) who do not make it alive to Step No. 17, will indeed inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (2) - in their case - in Eternity.

Once again - perfect internal and external coherence
(4) confirms the reliability of the Word of God when assumed with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God. (5)

NOTES ______________________________________

(1)  The Sequence of Events
(2) The Kingdom of God and Its Keys
(3) Who are the Elect?
(4) Coherence is a Key
(5) Understanding the Word of God  Part I and Part II

From miguel de Portugal

A local small merchant had a serious problem with a part time employee - a problem that almost caused the bankruptcy of their very small "mom and pop" grocery store.

We are bringing this up to our reader's attention in the light of the two posts above. Allow us to explain...

In plain English: To be humble, meek and charitable does not mean allowing wrong doers to "walk all over you" and "steal you blind", as those sayings go. As a matter of fact, allowing that behavior may cost the victim, spiritually speaking, more than they lost materially.


(a) The part time employee worked on the "mom and pop" grocery store only on Sunday.
(b) The owners noticed that the drop in grocery inventory did not match, by far, the revenues in the cash register but they refused to face the incoherence and this went on for months.
(c) Finally, after overcoming their state of denial, they placed video cameras.
(d) The videos showed the part time employee stealing grocery inventory by the trash sized plastic bags -  no exaggeration here - every Sunday. To such behavior add her mother coming in and doing her weekly shopping without paying for it.
(e) With the denial state crushed they were "forced" to let the employee go - but gently, that is, in a positive state.
(f) The employee proudly stated that she was not a thief since she never stole money from the register.

The owners should have brought charges against that thief so that she would be flagged to protect anyone else who would consider employing her. They did not do it, so this individual will be hired by someone else and do the same, or worse.

This kind, humble and charitable couple will now be also responsible before the Eyes of God for any harm - of the same type - that this part time employee will inflict to the next victim... which could be a bank or a jewelry store where the stakes are far greater than in a "mom and pop" small grocery store.

We must be very alert and not allow satan to use charity and humility to turn us into enablers of criminals and/or addicts.

That is what "tough love" is all about.

But there is even more to this story. I only went into that store twice on the days when that sweet talking, very helpful and accommodating thief worked. Something invisible repulsed me. Now I know that it was her spirit. This why we continue to encourage one and all to make the Holy Spirit of God the GPS of your soul because satan's children, more often than not, are
sweet talking, very helpful and accommodating and will deceive most everyone else.


Those of you who have not extended a hand to keep this Ministry ongoing, are financially able to do so and are benefiting from it, are now being encouraged to do so.

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