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July 22th, 2017


From miguel de Portugal

Back on July 18th we wrote on this Forum that...

What most of the world population think is going on in the world at all levels - religious, moral, political and financial - are mostly lies. satan is blatantly running this world to an extent that it has taken me a day or two, and many prayers, to recover once I became fully aware of such reality.

Before we proceed with the matter at hand today, we wish to clarify the above statement to avoid misinterpretations.

What is meant by becoming "fully aware" is the in-depth realization that today's world is fully under satan's control - which of course is allowed by God - with the only exception being those who are striving to Draw closer to God; to become more and more one with Him, as His Word becomes flesh within their own flesh, thus becoming Perfect as the Father is Perfect.

As we progress in our journey to become Perfect as the Father is Perfect, the safer we become as we have graphically illustrated in This Document.

As the new perception continued to flourish within my soul I was impacted with the fullness of yet another reality. That is the matter at hand today.

One of the most repeated Biblical verses in our pages is: ....unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

I believed that assurance implicitly and could see how the entire world was heading in that direction... until I came to the brutal realization of how that could actually happen, and in a very short time. All of a sudden Jesus' Words took yet another dimension that could be exemplified as follows:

If I did not have the absolute assurance that He will shorten those days I would have fallen into despair. That is how impacting that concrete and enhanced reality was.

Now, going back to our July 18th and 20th posts...

After much prayerful evaluation we concluded that it is not the Will of God that we share in this Forum what caused us:

(a) To strongly reconfirm that all we can do - and should! - is pray much. All else (*) is essentially a waste of time;
(b) To again repeat The Admonishment of St. Paul with greater emphasis now than when we first issued it thirteen years ago; and
(c) That The M+G+R Foundation should, henceforth, focus even more on publishing faith building texts and minimize all else unless it is a matter of personal security.
(*) Besides fulfilling our basic obligations in whichever state each one of us is in.

I also became aware why it is His Will that we do not share it in this Forum.

In closing we remind you that we are not selling "End of the World" supplies, nor selling Indulgences, nor trying to guilt you out of your money as the Roman Catholic Church has done so well during the last 1600.

What we are doing is the result of striving to live the Second Commandment, which is the direct result of striving to live the First Commandment.

Therefore, I, once again, repeat what Paul said in Acts 20:26:

.... I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God.

The following P.S. was added several hours after the initial publication of this page

Just an hour or so after we had sent out today's For Your Information mailing, we received the following communication form a collaborator.

In today's For Your Information you state:

After much prayerful evaluation we concluded that it is not the Will of God that we share in this Forum what caused us:

.....  (b) To again repeat The Admonishment of St. Paul with greater emphasis now than when we first issued it thirteen years ago; and .....

In the referred document, The Admonishment of St. Paul, you wrote:

The first letter to the Corinthians was completed in the year 57 A.D.... thirteen years before the Romans razed the Temple and Jerusalem and dispersed the Jews to the four corners of the known world (from where they started returning many centuries later after World War II).

With that said.... How close will asteroid 2012 TC4 come? (1)

Asteroid 2012 TC4 might give Earth a close shave in October 12, 2017. Or the asteroid could pass more distantly. Astronomers are keen to observe it now, to learn more about its orbit.

The Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has said that a small asteroid designated 2012 TC4 will pass very close to Earth on October 12, 2017.

These experts said that, even though they can’t yet predict exactly how close it’ll come, they’re certain it’ll fly by at a safe distance. That safe distance could be a very close shave, however, with the space rock passing no closer than 4,200 miles (6,800 km) from our planet. Or it could be a more distant pass, some two-thirds the moon’s distance from Earth.

Comment: To place the "close shave" distance of 4,200 miles (6,800 km) in perspective...

The Earth's diameter at the Equator is 7,926 miles (12,756 km). That is, the asteroid will be as close to the Earth as half the diameter of the Earth... and that is close!

Let us continue to pray....
(1) Report


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