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June 22nd, 2017


From miguel de Portugal

In a recent Divine Encouragement we wrote:

It is so easy to find that narrow gate!  All we have to do is believe His Word and strive to live it. He even helps us when our faith falters. What more could we ask for?

Perhaps what I need to ask for is more patience to tolerate the hundred of millions who proudly call themselves Christians - even some proudly proclaim their cradle Catholicism - and their very last concern and desire is to express Him, and to show His Love to the world. They do not even try!

In order not to cause scandal we want to make sure that our family understands what is meant when I speak of "personal impatience" and use the term "stupid", as an adjective.

On Impatience

We have no patience whatsoever for those who claims a level of faith that is not reflected at all in their behavior; such behavior is equivalent to blaspheme.

We have a tremendous amount of patience for those who acknowledge their shortcomings - spiritual as well as material - and are struggling to overcome them. I have been brought to sympathetic tears when facing some poor soul in a titanic battle to overcome a serious shortcoming. Of course, such tremendous amount of patience results in an equivalent level of mercy/forgiveness towards the individual in question.

Of course, I cannot claim any credit for the above.... I learned it from Whom I strive to serve.

On Stupidity

An individual who, through ignorance or intellectual limitations, acts incorrectly is not to be considered "stupid" - ever! However, ignorance (on purpose) is not bliss, paraphrasing a very popular saying. Such behavior is a perfect example of "stupidity".  The most perfect example is when an individual persists on living on denial.

Now, there is a variety of denial that may be healthy for certain individuals and which we call "managed denial".

A perfect example of engaging in "managed denial" would be when someone, who is fully aware of the times that we are living through, are doing all that is in their power to prepare for it - which can be resumed by: placing one's spiritual house in order as one strives to draw closer to God every day - but do not intellectually dwell on the seriousness of these times frequently because their psychological make up would trigger unhealthy and crippling behavior such as depression, despondency, etc.

With that said, let us review five distinct states which cause the level of Divine Mercy granted to vary. Of course, there is one source of Divine Mercy - God - but what determines its level is what we are addressing now.

The whole concept is based on His Word
From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. [Luke 12:48], among others.

At the time of Judgment this is what God will look at before dispensing the level of Mercy required:

A. An individual who never heard of God, or His Person in Jesus. Thus had little or no concept of sin.
B. An individual who sincerely does not believe that certain behavior is sinful.
C. An individual who knows that certain behavior is sinful, but will engage in it any way and without the least bit of remorse or concern for its consequences.
D. An individual who leads a sinful life, is aware of it yet is sincerely striving to overcome such lifestyle.
E. An individual who leads a sinful life but counts on Divine Mercy at the end - like the five virgins with the lamps without oil - therefore makes no effort whatsoever to improve.

There are many shades even within those five cases and am sure that I have overlooked other categories. That is why I am so glad that I do not have to judge anyone - that is only for God to do. Your and mine only responsibility is to, through prayer and example, move all to a "Case D" state and then help them in their effort to overcome such lifestyle.

As we have said before..... God will use any mechanism that is coherent with His Laws to get key information to His children... and what we share with you now is no exception.

We have shown that the level of energy released by earthquakes steadily rose from 1980 to 2010. We have tried to update that information but every attempt has failed in showing a concrete trend.... then, God stepped in. Allow us to explain for the Glory of God....

For several years we have been receiving from the National Earthquake Information Center - U.S. Geological Survey - reports about earthquakes occurring throughout the world.

When we signed up for such notifications we requested to receive notices of earthquakes occurring anywhere in the world, with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater on the Richter scale and not to report related aftershocks.

As the reports came in, we glanced at them and filed them - period! The other day, out of the proverbial blue, I felt that we should group them by years so we did. The years for which we had complete listings were for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

It was then that I got God's alarming message!

Year      Number of Reports (earthquakes over 5.0)

2014                 665
2015                 552
2016                 509
2017 (so far)      687

...and that is what woke me up, so to speak. In five and half months of the year 2017 we have had more over 5.0 earthquakes than in any of the three previous full years.
Since we failed in our efforts to update the information,
God stepped in and answered our question leaving no room for doubts. The earthquakes have more than significantly increased for the year 2017. If we prorate the current numbers to a possible end of the year 2017, the number of significant earthquakes will be double! We suspect that if we look at the number of earthquakes below the 5.0 Richter level, the numbers would reflect a much, much worse scenario.

So... let us continue to pray.... 
....and not panic.


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