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M. Gorbachev Proclaimed

The End of the United States of America As We Know It

Originally Published on March 2009

According to former Soviet leader M. Gorbachev America is in urgent need of its own 'perestroika' and its days as the world's superpower have ended. (1)

"President Obama's proposals will be bigger than perestroika. I want to wish success to Obama and his Cabinet, because the problems he has to deal with are not easy ones."  M. Gorbachev.

"Everyone is used to America as the shepherd that tells everyone what to do" Mr. Gorbachev also said on a visit to London with the new majority owner of the London Evening Standard newspaper, Alexander Lebedev.

"But this period has already ended. That's why there must be solidarity and partnerships. One single country can never rule the whole world" he said.

For more on Gorbachev's "prophecy" review the following and you may see that he is not a prophet.

A prophet does not prepare the fulfillment of the alleged "prophecy". May those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear be aware.

Gorbachev announced the need for a New World Order in December 7, 1988 - before the "collapse" of the Soviet Union.

Gorbachev Calls for New World Order BUT not the way Bush envisioned it.

Gorbachev blames President Clinton, in no uncertain terms, for Delaying the Establishment of the New World Order

Gorbachev "lubricates" the public opinion... Gorbachev Speaks About the Post Iraqi War US-Europe Relationship

The UN Comes of Age... Gorbachev Calls for "Central Soviet" to Run Global Economy
Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, an intimate friend of The Vatican, resolutely states through the French Le Nouvel Observateur and Portuguese Television that "My time has not come yet"

In Conclusion

As most should recall, it was M. Gorbachev who started the (apparent) disintegration of the the Soviet Empire - the all too famous perestroika that he keeps invoking. The only problem was that his plan spun out of control and the end result had little to do with what he had set to do.

Therefore, God will see to it that Gorbachev's time never comes to pass.

As the saying goes.... "When you see your neighbor's beard on fire.... it is a good idea to keep yours wet."


(1) UK Telegraph - Original Source

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