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An Insider's Report

A Hippocratic Oath
(1) or a Hypocritical Oath (2)

Part I

Originally published on May 20th, 2012


We have chosen to reproduce the entire letter from one of our readers, a professional in the health care system of the US, because we know that it will "speak" to many of our readers at many different levels.

The title - A Hippocratic Oath or a Hypocritical Oath - of course alludes to the health care profession but it also applies to all professions and trades - to all of us. We all must make sure that, through the Grace of God, we truly live what we claim to represent.

We must remember, at all times, that:

We cannot serve God and the world; and

We cannot claim the wages of Heaven and those of the world.

When we truly live what we represent, God will be at our side upholding us as we uphold His Word through our actions.

Ms. IW has been gracious enough to allow the publication of her letter in its entirety, just as she wrote it, for the benefit of all.

From (Mrs.) IW @ US

The following Divine Encouragement and your comments pertaining to it, really hit home.

Divine Encouragement

Jesus, our Lord, we Thee adore.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is instructing and teaching us thus...

Sing unto me from a glad heart. Sing and praise My Holy Name.

Praise is man's joy-tribute to Me, and as you praise, thrills of joy surge through your being, and you learn something of the joy of the Heavenly Host.

miguel de Portugal comments: Although that may difficult when one is having great difficulties, it is then when such attitude is most important.

All suffering is from the evil one. God allows it for a number of beneficial-to-the-soul reasons, including to test our steadfastness and trust in Him (It is easy to be "of God" when things are going well. Sometimes He requires that we prove to Him and to ourselves that no matter what we are His).

When we Praise God, even when enduring great difficulties and suffering, we are proving to God that we are His no matter what. If, on top of that, we offer the suffering to God to assist Him in the redemption of mankind, as we have explained Here, then the evil one will stop the harassment voluntarily, even if God would no longer block it. satan is not about to do anything that would Glorify God.

Please bear with me as I explain further.

I am a registered nurse. Since 1995, I've been working in a long term care facility. Prior to that, I worked for 17 years in intensive care settings.

I made the decision to leave the ICU setting because I could no longer endure the extreme stress of working in a place where "technological wizardry" rules, and the welfare of the patient is at the mercy of what the facility rules and regulations state. This includes, as an example, literally "pulling the plug" at any given time by doctors who make the decision that someone's brain pattern is in a "vegetative state", and therefore, it is the "humane" thing to do to end that personas life.

The environment for the elderly population is a far cry from the "cream of the crop" environment of an ICU. In an ICU, there is a never-ending supply of equipment, doctors, nurses, techs, you name it. On the other hand, in a long term care setting, it is a constant battle to get supplies, equipment and especially staff, to care for those poor old people.

When I made the decision to leave ICU to work in a geriatrics environment, co-workers couldn't understand why I would do such a thing; that I was such a good ICU nurse; why wasn't I staying where I was "really" needed? Once I made the actual change in my work environment , my "prestige" as an ICU nurse quickly fell. I was ignored by former co-workers when they saw me. Its like I didn't exist for them anymore. Others made snide remarks (I will not mention them; they are too degrading).

I discovered that caring for the elderly is rewarding, albeit very challenging. It is not everyone who is called to work in such an environment. It is an actual calling. My ICU background has been extremely helpful in helping me care for them.

As time went by, I became aware of never-ending fraudulent, law-breaking practices by doctors, administration and nursing staff. I will not detail these practices, but they were/are rampant/blatant, and nothing was being done to correct them.

In 2010, I made the very difficult and painful decision (after years of documenting specific situations and placing all of my "ducks in a row" with actual proof of the wrong doings), to contact the State Board of Nursing of the particular state I am employed in, advising them of what was happening. This decision was made after I had gone through the appropriate chain-of-command hierarchy in my workplace, who were not at all pleased with what I revealed to them. I was obligated to have two meetings with these highly-placed individuals. At the 2nd meeting, my job was actually threatened because of what I had revealed. I was lied to, made to feel that I was the guilty party for revealing what I did. I will not reveal the extent of the humiliation, the badgering, the down-right evil taunts I was subjected to by those present, especially the administrator. I stood very much on my own. The unit manager, whom I thought I could trust when I gave her all of the information I had accumulated, and who actually agreed with what I had revealed, chose to side with administration once the going got rough.

The information I forwarded to the Board was forwarded to another State agency. I had to forward more detailed information to them. This was done in May, 2011. Since then, I have not heard a peep from anyone at the State level.

What have I been subjected to in my workplace since I revealed the wrongdoing to the "appropriate" individuals? Well, the word "hell" comes to mind. I have lost all respect for my so-called superiors, who continue with every single illegal practice they've been guilty of.

I have asked myself many times why I even bothered to reveal wrongdoing. I did everything "by the book", and it did nothing but bring me incredible heartache and hardship in the workplace. What is the use of doing this if the end result is to be ignored, even at the State level?

I believe, in spite of everything I continue to be subjected to, that I did the right thing. I know the Lord was with me at those two meetings wherein I was subjected to so much evil. My response, for the most part, was to remain silent, except to give specific answers. What was strong in my mind was how Jesus was treated when He was falsely accused: He remained silent…

The Lord telling us to "Sing unto Me from a glad heart. Sing and praise My Holy Name" hit home. I've been trying to do this, but it is NOT easy. Your comment about how difficult this is to do when one is having great difficulties; that it is then that such attitude is most important, has really helped me.

Thank you for your continued commitment to helping us, your beleaguered brothers and sisters, who so struggle to do what is right. I thank God He gave you to help us on our way of life.

Mrs. IW


(1) The Hippocratic Oath: an oath historically taken by physicians and other health care professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically.

(2) Hypocritical: adjective of the nature of hypocrisy, or pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually possess.

This initial report is concluded at:

An Insider's Report - A Hippocratic Oath or a Hypocritical Oath - Part II

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Published on May 20th, 2012 - Feast of the Ascension of the Lord

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