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The Real Purpose of the Castro Regime

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1. Gladio: A Legion of Sleeper Combatant Units

2. The Men Who Killed Kennedy : The Definitive Account of American History's Most Controversial Mystery

Two DVD Volumes With Six Chapters - ca. 5 hours of on camera depositions and testimonies with key witnesses - civil and military - speaking, many for the first time. Spanning from 1988 through 1995
Nigel Turner Productions - History Channel Product No. AAE - 70341

3. Gorbachev Calls for "Central Soviet" to Run Global Economy at UN Summit

4. The Self-Appointed Saviors of the World Are Having "Family" Problems

5. Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Real? Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.

6. Road Map For National Security : Imperative For Change - Final Draft Report - Embargoed Until January 31, 2001 (PDF file)

7. The State and Church Alliance: The Christianity of the Dark Ages

8. The Free World is betrayed by FBI Special Agent Robert Philip Hanssen

9. A sample of the many faces of a Religious Sect

10. The "Saviors of the World" and their ultimate goal

The Real Purpose of the Castro Regime

Why the Castro Regime has lasted for so long

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