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The carefully laid plans by man to Save the World will fail

Open letter to Joaquín Navarro-Valls, spokesman in The Vatican, 1995

Published on-line on December 11, 2001


The following letter was sent to the spokesman of John Paul II, Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls (1), a key Opus Dei man. This was done before our presence in the Internet, therefore, each letter went via the traditional postal service. Although the letter was written in 1995, we would not change the message one iota today. How could we?, it is all coming to pass!

The main purpose of the letter was to fulfill the demands of Divine Mercy. We did not expect anything to change, but Divine Mercy demanded that they be made fully aware of the consequences of their actions so that there would not be any surprises nor justifications on the Day of Judgment.

miguel de Portugal

[Original Letter issued on July 1995]
With copies to:

Cardinal Carlo María Martini, Milan, ITALY
Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger, Paris, FRANCE
Director, Order of Friars Minor Conference, U.S.A.
Director, Jesuit Conference, U.S.A.

Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Director
Public Relations Office
The Holy See
Via della Conciliazione, 54
000193 Roma

Subject: Come back to God. The carefully laid plans by man to Save the World will fail.

Greetings and Good Will to you, Dr. Navarro-Valls:

The Holy Scriptures, underscored by Heavenly revelations, indicate where the world is heading to. The end result is known. No one is being called by God to try to stop it. That would be as satanic inspired as Peter trying to prevent Jesus from returning to Jerusalem to be crucified. [Matthew 16:23]

This letter is being addressed to you and your colleagues within the Prelature of The Holy Cross and Opus Dei because of the demands of Divine Mercy.

Mathematically speaking, what God, The Father, would like to accomplish through this contact is to minimize the suffering that the world is undergoing [which will continue to increase dramatically] for the given level of souls that need to be saved before the End of These Times.

No human has the "power" to save a soul; human power only lies in reducing the level of suffering that a soul has to endure before it responds (2) and gets back on the path in which it has to be before the soul separates from the body.

In the Time frame of reference it is said: "We must save souls". From the Eternal perspective what should be said is: "We must cooperate with the Will of God to fulfill in Time what has already been ordained from all Eternity, without breaking the Law of God in so doing."

Dr. Navarro-Valls, for ease of communication, following is a list of the major groups whose objective is to "save the world".

Within the top echelons of the Roman Catholic Church

1. Those who embrace Marxist ideologies and their derivatives. Exemplified best by those who espouse the Theology of Liberation in its literal and not theologically purest form.

2. The super-Catholics who have programmed their inner self to: (a) pursue elitism = collective egocentrism; and (b) establish a power base built on money, while adjusting their appearance to radiate piety.

Outside the Roman Catholic Church

1. The non-God oriented Jews. Like the ones who crucified our Lord.

2. The super-Christians. The Bible-thumping, Fire and Brimstone preaching TelEvangelist. Their interest in the salvation of souls can only be measured in dollars and cents.

3. Zhirinovsky and other neofascists/neonazis and their behind the scenes associates.

4. The One World Order group. Now visibly headed by M. Gorbachev (3), A. Blair and Former President Bush (4). (5)

5. The non-God oriented Muslims. The violent extremists.

[None of the World Economic and Military powers are listed because they are controlled by one or more of the above groups.]

The above groups are working toward the same end: To save the world, in accordance to their understanding of the problem.

All of them are relying on the power of money, thus, the logical mystical consequence is leaving the True and Living God out of the solution. As you should know, Dr. Navarro-Valls, "No one can have two masters.... You cannot serve God and mammon" [Matthew 6:24] although Mr. Escrivá, by his actions, implied that such aberration was possible (6).

The above listed groups have money as their master, with power-derived-from-money as the logical corollary, with the general exception of the adepts of Liberation Theology. The problem that the adept of the Theology of Liberation face is that, in their "liberation struggle", they end up using the resources of some of the other six groups which will, in the final analysis, control them too.

Yes, Dr. Navarro-Valls, the world is in a condition that needs saving. Philosophically and mathematically speaking, the world cannot continue to sink in moral, social and political depravation, at an exponential rate, without destroying itself. Precisely because of that, the True and Living God has to directly intervene. Only He can pull humanity out of the spiritual black hole into which it is rapidly sinking.

Each group considers itself Illuminated. They claim to have The Truth. In His most Holy Name you are asked: What Illumination? What Truth?

Did Jesus Christ or His Apostles used power based on the material world to establish the Church? Did Matthew join the Apostles and kept earning large amounts of money so that he could be a good Apostle and help the poor? Did Jesus tell the rich young man: "Give us your money so that we can promote My message, join our group and then you will..."

Dr. Navarro-Valls, that is a well known and traveled road and it leads nowhere but hell. You and the key members of the other above listed groups think that all of those carefully laid plans are going to yield the desired results. No, Dr. Navarro-Valls, they will not.

God has allowed all those false salvific plans to come this far by the action of His Passive Will. This is part of the Mystery of Iniquity. They have not come this far because He is in agreement nor because He has not taken note. [Chapter 22, verses 13-23 of the 1st Book of Kings will clarify what is meant by His Passive Will.]

For example, Dr. Navarro-Valls:

(A). Since Marian Apparitions and Messages did not conform with the plans of certain groups, they have been reworked so that even the 'current ones' are consistent with their plans. They have been deprived of their Apocalyptic urgency or Apocalyptic accuracy. The best example of this is the revelation of the alleged Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. A truly pathetic effort (7).

Is such action going to prevent Heaven from carrying out Its designs? Opus Dei may control Marian Apparitions but they do not control God, the True and Living God Who will bring to fulfillment the warnings at Fatima and other later Apparitions. Then, what is Msgr. Luciano Guerra [Rector of the Sanctuary of Fatima] going to do with the Berlin Wall shrine that he has built in Fatima in commemoration of the so called "Triumph" of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Because the work of other groups, Fatima may fall (8) and, with it, all Marian Apparitions and the Popes who have endorsed them. Where will all of this leave the plans of Opus Dei? We know, but, do you really know?

(B). Now that some think that the "problem of John Paul II being the last Pope" (9) has been cleverly resolved, what will happen when the Warning (10), the Miracle (11) and the Sign prophesied originally through San Sebastián de Garabandal (12) occur?

Equivalent parallels can be made with the plans of the other six groups.

In this futile chess game, the grand master, satan, causes all the pawns (the groups) to be moved according to his destructive plans, while the groups individually think that they are getting "ahead of the others". A truly pathetic sight.

God, in His Infinite Wisdom, just watches until the appointed time when He will say: Enough! and will bring this man-centered farce to a thundering conclusion.

In Conclusion

You may logically ask now: "If we are just living through Time to fulfill the Eternal designs, and Opus Dei (and the other groups) can only attempt to fulfill its (their) plans until they completely fail, why is this being explained to me and are we being exhorted to change our path?"

Divine Mercy (13) demands it. Every individual, standing before the Throne of Justice, will not be in a position to claim that he (the individual) was not given the needed opportunity to try to correct his path before final body-soul separation (14), also known by mortals as "death".

There are many good people that have been blinded by erroneous doctrines (15) and who may recognize their mistake in time.

If it were possible to bring all seven groups to the Divine Light and, harmoniously, submitting to the Will of God, reach a loving agreement and work out all the differences, Heaven could not be happier. Unfortunately, the world has reached the point of no return which will lead us to the End of These Times.

Nonetheless, God is extending His invitation to as many as possible to come back to the True and Living God and minimize the suffering required to fulfill the destiny of each soul on earth until the End of These Times.

Using John Paul's admonishment to the world since the beginning of his Pontificate, "Do not be afraid."

The question for Dr. Navarro-Valls is: If you were not in the apparently controlling position in which you are now, could you honestly say: "I am not afraid". Think this over very carefully, it may change you whole perspective.


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(15) The Opus Dei according to Maria del Carmen Tapia

En Español:  Los planes cuidadosamente orquestados por el hombre para Salvar al Mundo fallarán

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