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June 30th, 2020

God Willing, a New Message of Divine Encouragement will be published as we are able to.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ is wanting us to....

Understand the lessons of Divine control from Nature's laws.

Nature is the expression of Eternal Thought in Time.

Study the outward form - grasp the Eternal Thought, and if you can understand the thoughts of the Father, then indeed you know Him.

Leave Me out of nothing.  Love all My ways with you.  Know indeed that "all is well."

Delay is the wonderful and all-loving restraint of your Father - not reluctance, not desire to deny - but the Divine control of a Father who can scarcely brook the delay.

Delay has to be - sometimes

Your life is so linked up with those of others, so bound by circumstances that to let your desire have instant fulfillment might in many cases cause another, as earnest prayer, to go unanswered.

But think for a moment of the Love and thoughtful care that seeks to harmonize and reconcile all your desires and longings and prayers.

Delay is not denial - nor even withholding.  It is the opportunity for God to work out your problems and accomplish your desires in the most wonderful way possible for you.

Oh! children, trust MeRemember that your Maker is also your Servant, quick to fulfill, quick to achieve, faithful in accomplishment.  Yes.

All is indeed well!

miguel de Portugal commented then: All is indeed well as long as we leave Him out of nothing and our prayers and desires always defer to His Will.

He promised us:

 Therefore I say unto you, all things, whatsoever you ask when ye pray, believe that you shall receive; and they shall come unto you. [Mark 11:24]

But if we ask for something not in accordance to His Will, then, in order to respond to our prayers much has to be adjusted and reconciled in the entire world - yes, we said "the entire world" - before He can make His promise good.

This means delays - sometimes as long as decades - just because we always want it "our way" instead of deferring to His infinite Wisdom in how to responds to our requests.

It is not God; it has never been God who punishes His children. It has been, and continues to be, man's insistence in "knowing best" and man's refusal to learn from the many, many times that he has made the same mistakes throughout history and paid dearly for them.


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(1) Although miguel de Portugal was not the original transmission instrument for the above, he assures the faithful,  from first hand personal knowledge, that what is read above is true and from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God will confirm the validity of our statement to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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