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Arise and shine, for the Light is come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  [Isaiah. 60:1]

Our Lord Jesus Christ reassures us lovingly...

The glory of the Lord is the Beauty of His Character.

It is risen upon you when you realize it, even though on Earth you can do so only in part.

The Beauty of the Purity and Love of God is too dazzling for mortals to see in full.

The Glory of the Lord is also risen upon you when you reflect that Glory in your lives,
when in Love, Patience, Service, Purity
, whatever it may be, you reveal to the world a something of the Father, an assurance that you have been with Me, your Lord and Savior.

miguel de Portugal  Comments: 

Let us now remember that Jesus said: By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.
[John 13:35]

 If we use His measuring device - the love we have for one another - to determine who is His disciple, it becomes painfully obvious how very, very few disciples He has amongst us.

No wonder He also said: ".... when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" [Luke 18:8]

Such reality reminds us as to why we should pray and fast more.

There are fewer souls praying and fasting now than a century ago, yet it is more needed now than ever! God needs those prayers and fasts so that His Will be fulfilled on Earth as it is in Heaven with less pain for all. We can actually make up - to some extent - the abysmal failures of the alleged Evangelizers.


Jesus said to them: "This kind can go out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting"[Mark 9:28]

.... and it is precisely "that kind" who is wreaking havoc throughout the world today.
In addition the Archangel Raphael reminds us that:

Prayer is good with fasting and alms more than to lay up treasures of gold:
[Tobias 12:8]

Let us give up willingly some of the pleasures that we now enjoy and gain much for ourselves and others before they are taken away and gain nothing from it.


Those of you who have not extended a hand to assist miguel de Portugal in fulfilling the Will of God, are financially able to do so and are benefiting from it, are now being encouraged to do so.

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Although miguel de Portugal was not the original transmission instrument for the above, he assures the faithful,  from first hand personal knowledge, that what is read above is true and from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God will confirm it to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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