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Divine Encouragement and Inspiration (1)


April 17th, 2021

Eve of Divine Mercy Sunday according to the New Judeo Christian Liturgical Calendar

Our Lord Jesus Christ continues to reassure you thus...

If I am to be your Lord, then I can command your obedient service, your loyalty. 

But also I am bound by My Lordship to give you protection. 

I am bound to fight for you, to plan for you, to secure you a sufficiency of all within My Power to provide.

Think how vast that provision can be. Never doubt.

Such marvels are unfolding. Wonders beyond your dreams.

They only need the watering of a grateful spirit and a loving heart to yield abundantly.

miguel de Portugal commented then:

The tree of the limitless Graces God has for us only needs  "...the watering of a grateful spirit and a loving heart..." to produce limitless fruit.

Brethren - that is the only tree we should concern ourselves with - not the one He has forbidden.... the tree of the knowledge which He had only intended for His spiritual Creation (angelic entities) and NOT for His human creation as long as we are in the flesh.

Let us abandon ourselves to His Will and all will work out in the most perfect way for each one of us.

Eternal Father, as an act of my free will, I totally abandon myself into Your Hands;
Do with me what You Will. 
Whatever You may do, I thank you;
I am ready for  all;
I accept all that You Will for me and for all Your creatures.
I wish no more than this, O Lord.


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(1) Although miguel de Portugal was not the original transmission instrument for the above, he assures the faithful, from first hand personal knowledge, that what is read above is true and from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God will confirm the validity of our statement to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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