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The Spiritual Ambush of a Universal Religion

How It Will Be Utilized For The Manifestation Of The False Christ

Originally Published on the Spring of 1993

[Updated on August 20, 2010]

Introductory NOTE confirmed on August 20, 2010

Those who wish to set up One Universal Government (for a New International Order) come, in general, from several groups (1) .One, very well intentioned, another driven to it out of almost desperation, a third one moved by the auto theism syndrome and the others moved by a combination of these three main intentions. For all we pray: "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do."

Because we know that they are truly well intentioned, albeit tragically wrong in their respective methodology, they deserve our respect as well as sorrow. Imagine if those religious fanatics
(2) who were crucifying Our Lord knew Who He Was; there would not have been a crucifixion. Imagine how they will feel when they enter the Throne Room at the time of the Final Judgment and see the Crucified One sitting on that Throne ready to dispense Divine Justice. That must be the most horrendous and frightening experience that any soul could possibly experience.

Now, Jesus clearly told Peter that the Crucifixion had to take place
[Matthew 16:23], however, He did not stop teaching and preaching for those who had ears to hear and eyes to see while there was still some time left.

Likewise, we cannot stop the achievement of One Universal Government nor the One Universal Religion
(3). All we can do, at the Command of God, is to expose the snares that satan is laying for humanity utilizing those well intentioned groups who are intent on Saving the World (4) by forcing the fulfillment (5) of Biblical Prophecies.

Why? For the same reasons He did - so that "...those who had ears to hear and eyes to see..." have ample information to prevent falling in irreversible snares, thus minimizing the suffering to be endured

Understand - we do not see nor impute evil to any human being. What we see is evil working
through human beings (7) - most of them simply unaware of it and certainly worthy of our and your solicitous prayerful attention.

It is through the above laid out "lens" that one must review (and act upon) this document
and all documents which appear in this Domain. Sometimes the "delivery" of a message is strongly worded, but this is neither new nor unusual in these circumstances.

Original Document...


The plans to achieve the "New World Order" require a "Universal Religion" just like a religion had to be invented in the atheistic French Revolution (8) for its survival. The Steps leading to that end are described in this document. They will be kept general so as to accommodate the necessary corrections of course as the plan is implemented.

First, however, we must identify the "players".

There are three major forces at play in the sociopolitical and religious stage. The boundaries between each general group are not sharply defined. As individuals, unaware of the real objectives of the group or subgroup that they form part of, become illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God, they abandon it and join forces with the true people of God. Therefore, to spiritually profit from this document, avoid the temptation of classifying yourself as you read through it.

The Groups

[A] The "humanists". Regardless of the multitude of banners under which they march and the faiths they claim to profess, their common thread is that: Only through the non discreet action of Man, and not of God, will peace and harmony will eventually reign in this world.

[B] The "fundamentalists". Once again, regardless of the multitude of banners and faiths under which they march, their common thread is that: Only through blindly obeying and fanatically enforcing what they interpret as the Will of God, will peace and harmony will eventually reign in this world. This is just a variant of [A] above.

[C] The "people of God". Those to whom God has given the light to understand that the only way to achieve a measure of peace and harmony in this world is to live in loving partnership with God; where the virtue of charity reigns supreme and justice is dispensed in accordance to the greatest attribute of God : Mercy.

Obviously forces [A] and [B], unbeknownst to most of its participants, are the working tools of satan. Either group would crucify Jesus again (9) if He would manifest Himself in the world now as He did the first time.

At their highest administrative level, forces [A] and [B] recognize that force [C] stand in their way and must be eliminated. Just like Jesus stood in the way of the equivalent forces when He walked this earth.

With these definitions laid out we want to remind the reader of the clear warning that the new Catechism of the Catholic Church gives us regarding the intrinsically perverse form of secular messianism. [Paragraphs 675, 676 and 677] (10)


If one believes that there will be an antiChrist, then it logically follows that satan is the one setting the stage for his ultimate deceit: his impersonation of God. [Please understand: "Impersonation" means "Passing himself as" and not "Teaching a doctrine which goes against the Christian Doctrines".

These preparations are immersed in deceit. The best approach to take in the understanding of what is unfolding about us is the awareness that: "Whatever appears to be, is not; and whatever appears to be most unlikely, is" which is the corollary of: "Do everything and deny everything".

With the above preamble as a backdrop, let us proceed.

Christians have been talking about the antiChrist for centuries and awaiting his manifestation, yet, subconsciously expect that he will appear and present himself as the antiChrist saying something like:

"Hate be with you, I am the antiChrist and am here to supplant Jesus Christ while I destroy humanity."

This may sound stupid but down deep most of the faithful think that it will be so obvious, that the False Christ (the antiChrist spoken of in the New Testament) will be easily identified as a forgery.

Contrary to the expectations of most Christians, he will not proceed in such manner. In here lies the key to the great deceit.

The False Christ will pretend to be the real Christ, the needed Saviour of the world who has come to inaugurate his Thousand Year Reign. A reign which, of course, will take the form of the much talked about and long expected New World Order.

We must not get confused with the timing. Right now the world is a nuclear keg and there will be a terrible nuclear conflagration. As the result of the shortening of this period - an act of Divine Mercy [Matthew 24:22] - this will trigger the crisis that the False Christ will use as a springboard to manifest himself.

The stage has been set in a parallel way because all is being prepared simultaneously. We will use a brief schematic of the events that we are living through and the ones which will soon manifest themselves, to illustrate its development. This will shed light on the process underway.

Remember, satan will use his followers to carry out his plans. What his followers do not see nor can understand is that he is using them and will destroy them in the process too.

Step 1 - Concurrent with all other steps...

The world has been infected with a modernized Evangelium. The modern Christians have been learning about a different Jesus Christ. His teachings have been modernized; humanized. Mysticism has been stripped away and even Judas Iscariot is being glorified.

This is an integral part of the "humanist" plan to establish a New World Order.

Step 2 - Concurrent with all other steps...

As a reaction to such humanization, thus desecration, of the Holy and Sacred Mysteries, a natural backlash occurred within the Roman Catholic Church. This was a pre planned overreaction.

This overreaction was calculated by the evil one and is an integral part of the plan of the "fundamentalists" to establish their version of the New World Order.

Yes, you read this right. There are two apparently separate and distinct plans set up for a New World Order because that concept is satan’s concept. He will play one group against the other until almost total destruction is achieved if it were not for the direct intervention by God.

Step 3

Part of the "humanists" plan (3) is to bring the world to its boiling point - politically, socially and religiously; then trigger a controlled nuclear war to bring down the remaining influence of the socio-political-religious institutions. Then they can rebuild the world in accordance to their ideals.

Step 4

Something will apparently go wrong and that controlled nuclear war will become a major worldwide nuclear holocaust. This may appear that it was accidental, but it was not. It was planned that way. [Unless God Graces the world with a Green Apocalypse wherein most of the destruction forces will be through natural phenomena and not the result of a massive nuclear holocaust.]

Step 5

The "humanists" plans for the New World Order are ruined. The remaining people in the world will overreact further and, encouraged by the "fundamentalists", there will be a reorientation to the rightful and traditional worship of God with Roman Catholicism at the lead.

It is now prudent to cite from the Holy Scriptures a passage that warns us about this but which has been incorrectly translated in many Bibles. We refer to 2 Thess. 2:1-12. Specifically verses 3-4:

Do not let anyone deceive you in any way because, first, there will be the apostasy and the man of iniquity, the son of perdition, will be made manifest; the adversary, the one who relishes on everything related to God or sacred, until he sits himself in the temple of God, pretending that he is God.

Step 6

The remnant of the "humanists" plus the "people of God", regardless of which Faith they may profess, would be ruthlessly persecuted were there enough time. (Like a neo-Inquisition with strong Nazi overtones.)

Step 7

From the bowels of Roman Catholicism, using the way already prepared by the antiChrist, (11) the False Christ (12) (biblically known as the antiChrist) will make his grand entrance to bind the New World Order under his rule.

[Nonetheless, be assured that, as Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to the world: The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church. However, it is imperative that the faithful understand the conditions of such promise (13).]


Perhaps now it will become obvious why all appears so confusing. Please understand that, except at the very pinnacle of the evil organization, the "humanists" and the "fundamentalists" appear and act as archenemies; however, they are really pawns of satan and, unbeknownst to each other, have the same objective.

The conspiracy theorists like Malachi Martin with his "Windswept House", Larry Burkett with his "Illuminatti" and many others, only tell the world their perceived half of the real story. What they may not know nor understand is that there is still another Concilium or Board of Regents, to use their terms, that is above the boards which appear to be the ultimate ruling bodies in so many of the alleged conspiracies.

Remember! Behind all of that is satan, the master deceiver and liar. Only through prayer from the heart we will be able to recognize the truth.

Those behind this diabolical scheme, can only alter and rearrange some of the details. What they cannot alter are the specific events that may be found in the Scriptures because they must be fulfilled as prophesied. Events will be accelerated and the suffering will be reduced as people become more aware of the Master Script.

You are encouraged to reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (a) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (b) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (c) No charge is made for it.


This document, originally published seventeen years ago, laid out the general steps that would be followed to spring the Universal Religion upon mankind.

As the result of the compression of the tribulation period as God promised [Matthew 24:22] and was manifested in the Presidency of Mr. Clinton (14), all has been greatly simplified due to the very limited time available for the severe events preceding the End of These Times.

Mr. Lee Penn has prepared, at our request, a brief, but comprehensive document exposing such details as: The "Who?", the "What?", the "Where?" and the "When'" of the establishment of the One Universal Religion. In "Anatomy of a Religious Deceit" (15) he has named personal names and organizations which are easily recognized. He has also prepared another document, also at our request, identifying, as much as is possible before his manifestation, the False Christ (12).

Brethren - with this document, the links from it and Mr. Lee Penn's "Anatomy of a Religious Deceit" (15) and "Identifying The False Christ" (12) , in essence, we complete our warnings about what is taking place within organized religion. It is now up to the Faithful to act upon them.

"We can take the horse to the water but we cannot make him drink", so the saying goes. Therefore, here is "the water" - it is now the responsibility of the Faithful to partake of it.

NOTE Added on January 1st, 2004

On this day H.H. John Paul II proclaimed (16) that "the world needs a 'new international order' to solve its conflicts and ensure peace". If anyone had any doubts about the veracity of what we have published on a number of documents (17) in this Domain, we pray to God that they take a new and hard look at what we have said already so that they come to the realization that whatever else (18) miguel de Portugal has announced, in the Name of God, will also come to pass. Denial (19) notwithstanding.

By taking a look to S.S. John Paul II's trajectory (20) the reader will have the opportunity to understand such a call (the world needs a 'new international order' ) from an otherwise man totally of Mary.

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(2) Those religious fanatics
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(4) Saving the World
(5) The Armageddon Script - Prophecy In Action by P. Lemesurier, 1981 [Force fitting prophecy: Man attempting to fulfill prophecy or Man trying to force the Hand of God.]
(6) Minimizing the suffering to be endured
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(8) About the French Revolution and The End of These Times
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Originally issued only for Worldwide Ecclesiastical Distribution on the Spring of 1993. Fatima, Portugal

Updated on August 20, 2010, to reflect compression of Tribulation - European Union

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