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No! To Any Kind Of Anarchism

March 5, 2003 – Ash Wednesday

Please Note: Although this letter was written in the year 2003, thus reflect the political scene at the time, the message is as applicable today as it was then.

To the People

The United States of America and World

Anarchy IS NOT an option
Reference: The war against Republic of Iraq

May the Peace of God be upon you, dear brothers and sisters!

It has been brought to my attention that organized exhortations to anarchical behavior within the United States as well as within some of the countries of its (Iraqi war) allies are surfacing through the Internet and other means of mass communications.

We want to take this opportunity to make clear our position regarding this matter, as well as our unwavering recommendations.

Regardless of what we may think of the governing abilities of President Bush (1) and his team; regardless of what we may think of the procedures utilized (2) to govern the U.S. and influence the world; regardless of what hidden agendas (3) we may think that they have...

Anarchical behavior is not acceptable!

Millions of men and women have shed their blood in the battlefields of the world to preserve the values handed down to the world by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America; values which have God as their foundation.

The United States of America may have many flaws but, make no mistake, it is the best system on Earth and we must all strive to preserve it while patiently working with each other to reduce its flaws and smooth out its wrinkles.

This is best accomplished allowing God to work through our lives. Not to “play God” as so many in and out of the U.S. Administration tend to do.

Let us all stop “talking” Jesus Christ and start “acting” Jesus Christ.

That Organized Religion is corrupt? So what is new? (4) Organized Religion is not God and is not needed (although it can be a great assistance) to live the Ten Commandments as Jesus Christ Willed that we do. Therefore – allegations of corrupt religious organizations is not an excuse for anti Christian behavior any more than allegations of a misguided and oil centered Administration may be an excuse for anarchical behavior.

Using world expressions: It is time to stop the “pity parties”; the “belly aching”; the “ain’t it awful” whining.

People – “Get a grip!”

It is time to start living our Faith —whichever it may be— since no Faith, which has the Creator as its foundation, calls for the “death of thy neighbor”, the “destruction of the world”, or “anarchical behavior”. Remember – God, the Creator, is perfect harmony and balance.

Godliness is based on Love (5), Justice and Mercy (6); virtues which man cannot acquire without seeking them from God through Prayer (7) and More Prayer (8).

If you hate “the scoundrels in Washington, DC” – pray for them! How else can they change their ways?

If you love “the great leaders in Washington, DC” – pray for them! How else can they remain in the right path?

Last, but certainly not least: Even if one does not agree with the Middle East policy of the current U.S. Government, by all means, we must give our unconditional support to the men and women who, in obedience to the Law of the Land, are going to endanger their lives and souls to honor and uphold the political system inherited from the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Pray and defer the application of its merits to the Will of God. Then, God will utilize your prayer in the best possible way. Man may not know what he is doing (although many believe that they really do!), but God really does!

NO to Anarchy! NO to Terrorism! (9) NO to Totalitarian Governments! (10)

YES to God and His Perfect Ways! (11)

May you have a Blessed Lent and Easter Season and may God continue to Bless America! (12)

miguel de Portugal

P.S. Please, dear one, share this letter with many.

NOTE Added on August 1, 2005

We tend to think of “anarchism” when we see violent street manifestations, general civil lawlessness, self appointed vigilantes keeping “law” and “order”, etc.

However, there is another face of “anarchism” that is more destructive because it is unseen and unheard. This form of anarchism is manifested when the individual thinks of him/her self as being above the Laws of the Land – be it in financial, religious and even military circles.

The mentality of....

“Well, if [the boss, the government, the pastor, the wife, the husband, etc.] is doing this or that outside the boundaries of the Laws of the Land, I have a green light to do whatever I please as long as I do not get caught. After all, is for a good cause.” the root source for such destructive and silent anarchism.

We wish to remind those who claim to be: Christians, the behavior of Jesus toward the masters of the Roman Empire; Jews, that Moses did not gather an army to plow the Pharaoh under the sand of the desert – it was God Who handled Pharaoh and his troops directly; Muslims, that there will never be peace without justice and justice cannot be achieved through violent means.

Appealing to God and then deferring to His Will for the manner in which He Will answer our appeals, and following this with constructive and exemplary actions and words, which are well within the boundaries of the Laws of the Land, are the only methods that will bring order in this world.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, even though one may not be violently demonstrating at the Globalization meetings, for example, one’s behavior may be just as anarchical, or worse, as that of those violent demonstrators. We may not see it; our neighbors may not see it; but God sees it... and He Is the only one that we should be intent in pleasing.

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(12) God Bless America yes, but America Must Bless God!

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Published on March 5, 2003 - Ash Wednesday • Reissued on July 6, 2022 - Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima

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