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NOTE: You may find the perspective of the indexed documents to be unusual, disturbing, or even unexpected. Even if you do not believe in anything remotely like what those documents present, treat the presented viewpoints as an alternative hypothesis. Then ask yourself: "Does using the presented insight providea better understanding of present events and power players?"

"The point of prophecy is not to offer crystal ball predictions of the future; it is to help discern the full meaning of present events, and to enable those with understanding to 'speak the truth in power'." - Anon.

*** Who Is Who in Opus Dei On a Worldwide Scale

This is a list of prominent Opus Dei members. It is intended to include people whose membership in Opus Dei is documented in published sources, and therefore a matter of public record.

*** Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who are members, supporters or sympathizers of Opus Dei

The purpose of this document is to illustrate the level of penetration and control that the Opus Dei Prelature has in the Roman Catholic Church, thus, the world at large.

*** Some Universities, Institutions and Centers Openly Associated to Opus Dei On a Wordwide Scale

The purpose of this document is to illustrate the level of penetration and control that Opus Dei has in the academic world and in social institutions, thus, in the world at large.

*** The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei....

...and The Popes

*** Cardinal Law Faces Calls to Resign

Here we have a touted as independent, but pro Opus Dei, book giving the world the details how come Law never fell off from the Vatican's Grace and why he was so generously rewarded in his exile of shame.

*** Diary Of A Spy

INSIGHT Magazine sheds light on what may have motivated Robert P. Hanssen to commit some of the worst acts of treason in the history of the United States.

*** The Da Vinci Code Movie Review

The movie indeed is a good Public Relations effort for the benefit of Opus Dei because what is presented about them appears to be so far off from any imaginable reality that it will be easily discounted by the general public.

*** The Fruits of the Opus Dei in Spain

The purpose of this document is to report on the "Grades" earned by the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei in its Flag-Ship country - SPAIN.

*** The Opus Dei Game Plan

The "plan" set forth in the quoted and commented upon article seems to lay out the fundamental reasoning for the post New World Order era as we have described in our document The New World/International Order and at Step No. 9 of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times.

*** The Perversions of ex-FBI Agent and Opus Dei Member - Robert Philip Hanssen

...and the price to the security of the United States of America (and we worry about Muslim fanatics...)

*** The REAL Code of the Da Vinci Code

When there is an almost instantaneous, meteoric success in a book.... look beyond... there is much more than should meet the eye.

*** The Vatican vs. Russia

Why would Russia allow an Opus Dei controlled Church to make inroads and proselytize the young and the intellectuals in their already Christian rooted society?

*** The Response of the Opus Dei to the Priestly Sex Abuse Scandal

*** Worldwide Opus Dei Affiliated Foundations - An International Index by Opus Dei Awareness Network

*** Ex-members of Opus Dei Reveal Group's Behind-the-Scenes Practices

"A must" Book Review on the latest Exposé of the reality of the Opus Dei

*** Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who may they be?

Clue - It has nothing to do with Freemasonry.

*** The Ecclesiastical Masonry - Their Tracks

This page contains links to 24 very important articles

*** Opus Dei by D. Ricardo de la Cierva Hoces

[A viewpoint from an objective and respected Spanish Historian and Professor]

Part One

Part Two

*** The Edifying Position of The M+G+R Foundation Regarding the Roman Catholic Church

*** Beyond the Threshold A Life in Opus Dei

A viewpoint from a former, but key, female member of Opus Dei.

*** A formal appeal to the world wide Opus Dei Leadership to abandon their doomed plans to "Save the World"

*** Who really authored "Crossing the Threshold of Hope"? It certainly was not H.H. John Paul II

*** In Defense of H.H. John Paul II

*** Joaquí­n Navarro Valls according to Joaquí­n Navarro Valls

Open Letter to Joaquí­n Navarro Valls - Spokesman, The Vatican

*** A formal appeal to Joaquí­n Navarro Valls

Spokesman, The Vatican - outlining the several "Plans to Save the World" by different groups, including the Opus Dei

*** Religious and Political Alleged Conspiracies

This page contains links to 26 articles with information about Opus Dei, the far right, and the far left.

*** The Immense Power of the Opus Dei - How It Will End

*** Opus Dei In Action in Chile's

Duopoly Tightens Its Grip

*** The Papacy and the Church in Crisis

*** The "Saviors" of the World Are Having "Family Problems"

*** The Achievement of One Universal Government, and Its End

*** Gorbachev's Multifaceted Agenda

This is a collection (*) of links to 14 articles - some are new, and some duplicate those listed above.
(*) On that Index, pay close attention to this story: An early 2002 interview between Deal Hudson, the neocon Catholic Republican Party operative, and Gorbachev: The key part of that interview is here: Clinton is accused of delaying the New World Order by ten years. Deal Hudson has had some scandal problems of his own - see this story from the National Catholic Reporter in 2004: The Real Deal: How a Philosophy Professor With a Checkered Past Became the Most Influential Catholic Layman in George W. Bush.

*** A Theological Treatise Which Exposes a Great Doctrinal Fallacy of the Opus Dei and Others

*** Religious Asceticism - Its Falsification and Abuse

*** The Seven Capital Vices of the Ecclesiastical Movements

*** Terrorism Is Not the Real Problem... The Real Problem is Religious Fanaticism

*** Gorbachev Speaks About the Post Iraqi War US-Europe Relationship

*** In Defense of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair

This article mentions a possible Opus Dei tie to the Parmalat scandal in Italy, which may be bigger in dollar value lost than Enron.

*** An attempt to intimidate those who do not "toe the Vatican's Opus Dei line" - DOMINUS IESUS

*** The Self Appointed Saviors of the Faith Speak of a Golden Era

*** The Trajectory of H.H. John Paul II

*** Opus Dei Endorses Harry Potter: "Is great", says Catholic group; but then again, they also think that Jose Marí­a Escrivá is a saint.

*** Rome Has Lost The Faith and Will Soon Become the Seat of the False Christ

*** We are at: The End of the Line : What part of this can't you understand?

*** The Second Coming Our Lord Jesus Christ - But When?

*** No to Anarchy! - Anarchy is not a solution!

*** An Index of Important and Reliable Testimonials About the Opus Dei  (In Spanish)

En Español:  Índice de documentos sobre la Secta del Opus Dei

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