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The Alleged World Overpopulation...

Is A Myth


The purpose of this document is to show how high profile individuals can promote myths which then become "truths" and then are turned against the target Faith.

In this 1993 vintage letter from miguel de Portugal to key members of the world press, he showed how ridiculous was to blame the Catholic Faith for the overpopulation of the world. An overpopulation which, even if it did exist, could not be blamed on the practice of the Catholic Faith.

Please note that, about eight years after this letter was written, Jane Fonda had embraced Christianity and left Ted Turner behind. (1)

The letter...

miguel de Portugal

September 27, 1993

Originally Addressed to:

Dow Jones Publishing Co. (Europe) Inc.
Brussels, Belgium

Copy Via Fax To:

The Chicago Sun-Times, The Eternal Call, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, The Wanderer Press, National Catholic Register

Subject: Jane Fonda and Ted Turner anti Catholic Faith bias

Reference: The "overpopulation" of the world is a myth

Dear Sir:

I have just read in the Portuguese press that Jane Fonda is now fighting all that, according to her, threatens the world. In this group she includes the Catholic Church because of her opposition to the use of artificial birth control.

She is quoted as declaring, in a world population related meeting at the United Nations, that: "Powerful interests, among which is the Catholic Church, are trying to convince us to abandon artificial birth control as necessary to family planning".

Further, Ted Turner, owner of CNN and husband of Ms. Fonda, accuses the Church of refusing to face realities. As if these statements were not arrogant enough, Jane Fonda advises Mr. Clinton, the President of the United States, on the CIA budget and how to divert that money to family planning projects.

My dear friends, acting abilities and business acumen are not necessarily a manifestations of wisdom. For example, Paul Raymond has been classified by "Business Age" as the richest person in England (1.5 Billion Pounds). His business? Pornography! Business acumen, yes! Wisdom, no!, unless one embraces the philosophy that the degradation of human beings is a wise thing to do and promote.

As others before the Fonda-Turner team, the basis for the heavy promotion of birth control has been the so-called overpopulation of the world. Let us take a brief scientific, cold and factual look at that.

The world population projected for the year 2,000 is ca. 6.5 billion inhabitants. The entire surface area of Mexico is 1,972,000 Let us now do some simple arithmetic.

Using only half of the area of Mexico (ca. 986,000 as the living space for the entire world population, then, the population density would be ca. 6,600 inhabitants per Since one square kilometer ( will yield 7,200 parcels of 1,250 square feet each, we may quickly see that these number will result in less than one inhabitant per 1,250 square feet parcel. An ample one bedroom apartment has an average living area of only 800 square feet!

This leaves 50% of the area of Mexico and the remaining land mass of our planet for other uses besides lodging. This hardly seems to be overloading our planet.

Another source of bafflement for this writer are the continuous attacks on the Catholic Church by the Fonda-Turner team. The current level of inhabitants on this planet calling themselves Catholics is ca. 13% with less than 1% of them strictly adhering to the Catholic Doctrine on birth control.

Scientifically and socially this tiny group of Catholics, spread throughout the world, without Divine assistance, could not possibly be a threat to the Fonda-Turner team and their agenda. This is as completely illogical as the overpopulation myth.

With this kind of aberrant rationale, how could then the Fonda-Turner team pretend to advise the President of the U.S. on what to do with the CIA budget, make recommendations to the United Nations on population related matters and attempt to impose their selection of programs, thus, their values, via satellite, in Europe, while at the same time controlling the national and international news market through CNN?

My dear friends, this writer does not believe that we really see the real Fonda-Turner agenda. Do we really know what it really is? Perhaps their logic would not seem as aberrant if we only knew their real objectives. At least we know that Paul Raymond is the British King of smut, but, who are really Jane Fonda and Ted Turner? Who are they really serving? Our country? Our planet? Hardly!

miguel de Portugal

P.S. For the Editor's Records: In each we have 100 square blocks of 10,000 square meters each (over 90,000 square feet each); in each square block we can measure out 72 parcels of 1,250 square feet in area each (72 x 1,250 = 90,000 sq.ft.).

(1) Ted Turner, Founder of the CNN. In 2000-2001, Jane Fonda embraced Christianity and left Ted Turner behind

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Published for the first time in our Domains on December 26, 2006 in honor of the martyrdom of St. Stephen

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