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Increased Earthquake Frequency and Magnitude

[Formerly: The Alleged Existence of Planet "X"]

Originally published in the year 2002



The original  purpose of this document was to shed some relevant light on the multitude of claims and counterclaims, information and disinformation surrounding the a passage of an alleged Planet "X" by Earth's proximity in the Spring of 2003. Although the date has been changed - once 2003 came and went - to match the "Maya Calendar Rage" year of 2012, the story remains the same. (1)(2)

This document has been reissued [in 2007-2014] with new information to call to the attention of the Faithful how the seismic activity has continued to accelerate unabated and on schedule. Does it really matter why? Of course not! What matters is to be fully aware that it has, is and continues to accelerate.


The original general rumor-concensus was that a very large planet or dwarf brown star, which has a very large elliptical orbit about the Sun was to pass close enough to Earth in the Spring of 2003 that would cause apocalyptic magnitude floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

It was also claimed that governmental authorities were aware of this alleged event and were covering up the truth (after scientific documents and news reports were published only to be later retracted) for fear of panic on a global scale.

We have taken the necessary time to review some of the key documents published regarding this issue. As expected, we noticed a greater marketing effort for survival supplies and books than an honest effort to inform, in a professional manner, the general public.

Therefore, The M+G+R Foundation attempts to illuminate the general public regarding this very sensitive matter. The reader may want to consider this document and its links as a self standing and self validating Apocalypse Forecast since, as each event manifest itself, the confidence in the fulfillment of the sequential prophecies will increase.


Assuming that some of the claims associated with the alleged Planet "X" are true, i.e. an unstoppable increase in destructive seismic activity, we should indeed expect...

1. A cover up by governmental and religious authorities to avoid mass chaos while they figure out what to do to minimize the world wide damage. [This is to be expected and, to a great extent, reasonable.]

2. Unusual volcanic and seismic activities and dramatic climatic changes. [Information is available for all to see. (3)]

3. Efforts by Survival Equipment merchants to promote their products. [Temptation to exaggerate exists - A consequence of our fallen nature.]

4. Efforts by the New World Order  (4) masters to harness such event (5) to fulfill their objective. [Although quite intelligent, arrogance blind them to the obvious - It is God Who has/is/will have the last word.]

What can the "man and woman on the street" do in order to find out the truth and then act in accordance to the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God?

We hope to, through the Grace of God, be of assistance in answering the above question by restructuring the original document that appeared at this URL address many years ago.


Because the Spring of 2003 could have been a very possible date for such an event to have occurred we checked into the obvious: Changes in seismic activity.

Many changes in natural events can be glossed over with lame excuses. They can also be underreported by a controlled press. All except one... Seismic activity. Reports may be deleted - as the governmental agencies have done as of late - but they cannot erase the results on the ground.

Seismic activity is accurately recorded worldwide and routinely reported by the appropriate governmental agencies (6).  The media controllers do not think that "anyone out there" is capable of discerning a conclusive pattern.

If the Planet "X" story was close to the truth, then, it is a scientific reality that, as it approaches the Earth, its gravitational pull (regardless of size) will greatly increase the seismic activity in our planet. Therefore, we analyzed the published seismic data from 1980 to 2001.

The increase in seismic activity was indeed taking place and continued to increase with a vengeance just as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and volcanic activity have. Therefore: Is it really important whether it is being caused by Planet "X", or something else?  No, it is not!


Without going into the mathematical derivations which may be found  elsewhere (7), when we compared the energy released as the result of earthquakes for the 1995-2001 period with the energy released for the 1980-1994 period, on the average, we found out that there has been a 200% increase in the amount of energy released as the result of seismic activity.

The level of energy released by an earthquake determines the level of destruction it may cause. Presenting the results in other terms:

If we express such increase in the energy released in terms of "number of equivalent earthquakes of a 5.0-5.9 Richter Scale strength" we can say that...

There was an increase of 43.67% in "equivalent 5.0-5.9 earthquakes" in the 1990-1994 period over the 1980-1989 period; and

There was an increase of 91.16% in "equivalent 5.0-5.9 earthquakes" in the 1995-2001 period over the 1990-1994 period.

There was an increase of 56.10% in "equivalent 5.0-5.9 earthquakes" in the 2000-2008 period over the 1990-1999 period.

These rates of increase in the seismic activity, even allowing for the errors incurred from the over simplification of our mathematical model, are significant enough to serve as a sign that indeed there is something seen, or not, that is affecting, in a major way, our planet. Generally speaking, only major changes in gravitational pull can cause such an increase in seismic activity.

In the post Haiti, Chile, Christchurch and Japan seismic events, without even calculating new numbers, we can assure the reader that the rate of increase in seismic activity has accelerated. Even conservative NASA is exploring how the Chilean quake might have shifted Earth's axis. (8)

This is something that we cannot blame El Niño nor the Ozone Layer nor the alleged world overpopulation for; and certainly, we cannot "pin this one" on Al-Qaeda!


What are we then saying with the above numbers to those who have "Ears to Hear" and "Eyes to See"?

We are saying that... (9) time is running out.
We are saying that... considering humanity response to the warnings given by Heaven through Garabandal (10), Akita (11) and the spectacular events of September 11, 2001, (12) humanity seem to be heading straight to the chastisement (13).
We are saying that... the Nuclear Holocaust will be the confirmation that you will have to know that we are going "head first" into the pre Chastisement period to be followed by the full Chastisement prior to the Second Coming of Christ..
We are saying that... certain of the events claimed to be associated with the alleged passing of Planet "X" near the Earth fit very well with all of the above.
We are saying that... it is more important to get one's life in order and in harmony with God (14) than to buy into survival equipment. We have already indicated what would be a good preparation procedure. (15) (16)


miguel de Portugal (17) has known, since God called him to leave all behind and serve Him as He Willed it, that the Nuclear Holocaust would be the proof necessary for many to believe that the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times  (18)  is really true.

There is nothing else that God can do to better get the world's attention than to allow the Nuclear Holocaust. Obviously, the September 11, 2001, events did not. (19)

The Nuclear Holocaust could be as small as the detonation of one single device having an spectacular global effect OR a dozen, should God conclude that humanity's deafness and blindness is very severe.

There is nothing else miguel can do to more clearly indicate the steps to follow than to publish this information through The M+G+R Foundation.

Dear brothers and sisters -  it is up to you to take the next step.

May the Holy Spirit of God guide your every step. We assure you - without its guidance, you will be hopelessly lost.


(1)  About the Maya "deadline"

(2) Notes Added to this Document

(3) Global Seismic Trends

(4)  New World Order

(5)  Harnessing Heavenly events

(6)  Original Information Page and Current Information Page by the appropriate governmental agencies

(7)  Logic behind the calculations

(8)  Original page with NASA News (no longer available)

(9)  Time is really running out

(10) Garabandal

(11) Akita

(12)  The Post 9-11 Faith related Reaction

(13)  Why God will not give us any more warnings

(14)  To get the spiritual life in order and in harmony with God

(15) A basic preparation procedure

(16)  What can we do  Part I and Part II

(17)  Miguel de Portugal

(18)  Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times

(19)  Obviously the September 11, 2001 events did not

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