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September - October - November 2007


The purpose of Points to Ponder About is to stimulate thinking that would draw the disoriented Faithful back to God and away from the hypocritical duplicity  of some religious institutions which are destroying the little faith left on earth.

The instructions are simple: Just invoke the illumination of the Holy Spirit of God while you ponder upon any of these Points to Ponder and let God guide you to Light. We know that some make-believe religious leaders will say: "What about satan interfering and leading the soul astray?" To those... we invoke Our Lord's Words again:

"...Get the behind me, Satan: the art an offense unto me: for the severest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." [Matthew 16:23]

 and further

"And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and yea shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  For every one that sketch receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.  If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?  Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?  If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? [Luke 11:9-13]

 and finally

"But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." [Matthew 23:13]

Published on November 29th, 2007

It is His Will that we bring the following to the world's attention again....

Do you ever wonder... why will man attempt to build a "new and improved" society, a modern day Tower of Babel, when we know from the beginning that it was not acceptable to God? Thus:

And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands.  And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of Adam were building.  And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed.  Come ye, therefore, let us go down, and there confound their tongue, that they may not understand one another's speech.  And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands, and they ceased to build the city. 9 And therefore the name thereof was called Babel, because there the language of the whole earth was confounded: and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all countries.  [Genesis 11: 4-9]

For the same reason man wants to play God (genetic manipulation, reproductive manipulation, etc.) considering that from the very, very beginning God showed immense displeasure at such tendency. Thus:

Of the fruit of the trees that are in paradise we do eat:  But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of paradise, God hath commanded us that we should not eat; and that we should not touch it, lest perhaps we die.  And the serpent said to the woman: No, you shall not die the death.  For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil. [Genesis 3: 2-5]

Because man, without God, is basically very stupid and when man wants to upstage God, God is certainly not with him.

Published on November 25th, 2007 [Feast of Christ The King]

Do you wonder...

Why should Catholics make such fuss over the Feast of Christ the King when  they blatantly ignore His Mother's urgent requests? 

Why should the Church honor a King Whose Mother is ignored?

Why should we observe with hypocritical attentiveness the Memorial of Mary's Presentation when Her very urgent, approved by Rome and well documented call  is ignored?

Why should God have Mercy on the Church He founded when its Administrators clearly allow the deceit of His children?

Why should the foolish virgins, [Matthew 25: 1-12]  who were caught without an adequate supply of oil, should be cast out unrecognized by the Lord? For the same reason ones the other fools, [Matthew 25: 8] cited above, will.

Published on November 21st, 2007 [Mary's Presentation]

Do you wonder.... why the fallen claimant to the Chair of Peter pontificates thus?

"Vatican, Nov. 19, 2007 ( - Christians should not be caught up on apocalyptic prophecies and worries about the end of the world, Pope Benedict XVI  told an audience in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, November 18. .....'Rather than attempting to predict future events, the Church adheres faithfully to her mission: evangelizing and sanctifying the world, living in God's time rather than attempting to find ultimate meaning in earthly events.'"

It is done so that the damages upon humanity be multiplied as it happened when they ignored La Salette, Fatima, Rosa Mystica, Kibeho, Akita and many others.

If you also wonder what was meant by:

I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. [Revelations 12:13]

The above example shows exactly what it means... soothe the disoriented masses with "sweet and half baked theological talk" while they are being set up for the kill.

Regarding the Church Administration adhering faithfully to her mission.... Should we presume he was speaking about
"Evangelizing by the sword, and the rack  and enforcing the Faith with burning human being alive at the stake like, Jan Hus." ?

We must thank God that even satan must serve Him, otherwise, the pristine Catholic Faith would not have reached us when we will need it more than ever.

Let them babble for, their due is just around the corner; in the meantime, the Elect will continue to pray.

Published on November 17th, 2007 [Mary, Mother of Divine Providence]

Do you wonder.... on whose authority we often state: What makes it even worse is that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again - that is how stupid man, without God, is ?

On the authority of God.

For details we refer the reader to the Book of Wisdom, chapter 13:

1 But all men are vain, in whom there is not the knowledge of God: and who by these good things that are seen, could not understand him that is, neither by attending to the works have acknowledged who was the workman: 2 But have imagined either the fire, or the wind, or the swift air, or the circle of the stars, or the great water, or the sun and moon, to be the gods that rule the world.

3 With whose beauty, if they, being delighted, took them to be gods: let them know how much the Lord of them is more beautiful than they: for the first author of beauty made all those things. 4 Or if they admired their power and their effects, let them understand by them, that he that made them, is mightier than they: 5 For by the greatness of the beauty, and of the creature, the creator of them may be seen, so as to be known thereby.

and the consequences

9 For if they were able to know so much as to make a judgment of the world: how did they not more easily find out the Lord thereof? 10 But unhappy are they, and their hope is among the dead, who have called gods the works of the hands of men, gold and silver, the inventions of art, and the resemblances of beasts, or an unprofitable stone the work of an ancient hand.

Published on November 13th, 2007

Do you wonder... how could the Roman Catholic Church have a key prayer, the Paschal Proclamation - The Exultet (Praeconium) - which partially reads:

O wondrous condescension of Thy mercy towards us!
O inestimable affection of love: that Thou mightest redeem a slave, Thou didst deliver up Thy Son!
O truly needful sin of Adam, which was blotted out by the death of Christ!
O happy fault, that merited to possess such and so great a Redeemer!

When it should read:

O wondrous condescension of Thy mercy towards us!
O inestimable affection of love: that Thou mightest redeem a slave, Thou didst deliver up Thy Son!
O truly tragic sin of Adam, which was blotted by the death of Christ!
O shameful blame from which we were delivered by so great a Redeemer!

Exalting sin and blame?

We will address this issue - not a "pretty one" - at a later time in the form of a document.

Published on November 8th, 2007

Are you wondering... why there was a recovery of the stock market and the DOW remains between 13,000 and 14,000 while the gold price has relentlessly climbed to real record highs?  You will find the answer in the following letter that we sent yesterday at about noon time GMT to key media outlets worldwide:

Look at the gold price trends. Those "in the know" place their money in it because they "know" that the market will crash.

You may then ask, why is the market still going up or holding at the abnormally high level of 13,500 +/- ?

Because those "in the do not know" think that "it is business as usual" and those "in the know" are "milking them", through the market, for all they are worth, as those "in the know" place their gains in the absolute (worldly speaking, of course) security of gold.

It IS that simple.

Stay tuned.

The M+G+R Foundation

Published on November 5th, 2007

Do you ever wonder... why if Opus Dei is "only a victim" of bad press, first person books like we read about in the news report we quote below keep surfacing?

Defector tells of threats and humiliation she suffered during 13 years in secret sect

A mother of nine has lifted the lid on Opus Dei, the controversial Catholic organisation featured in Dan Brown's best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, which portrayed it as a mysterious and cult-like -institution.

Véronique Duborgel re-counts in a new book, Inside the Hell of Opus Dei, the 13 years she spent as a member of the group, which she describes as rigid, insensitive, sectarian and misogynistic

Full news report at:

Published on November 2nd, 2007 [All Souls Day and [First Friday of Reparation]

Do you ever wonder... why there is massive traffic in cemeteries on November 1st - All Saints Day instead of on both November 1st and 2nd, All Saints Day and All Souls (who are in Purgatory) Day, respectively?

Just as most Catholics go to communion and skip the confessional [they think of themselves as Immaculate and worthy to receive Jesus Christ without cleansing themselves first at the confessional] they like to think that their relatives are all in Heaven (All Saints Day) and none in Purgatory (All Souls Day).

That mentality is just another fruit of a failed Evangelization by those about whom Jesus spoke thus:
Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves. [Matthew 23:15]

And they speak of "not in communion with" and "excommunication from". We should view that as we would a worldwide announcement made by the "Ebola virus Public Relations Department"  excluding the Elect form their infectious action. [Remember - we are speaking about the Adminsitration and not about the Faith which we, with the Grace of God, will uphold unto death.]

Published on October 30th, 2007

Do you ever wonder.... why satan sow's seeds of visions of the future, such as the famous Nostradamus quatrains, and why God allows them?

satan sows them because it keeps mankind busy trying to figure out a future which should be entrusted to faith.

God allows it because He has shown man that when He has a message about the future
(2), He makes sure that is crystal clear - that is, before the Vatican gets a hold of it (3). Therefore, if man wants divination- God respects his free will and allows him to plow into the proverbial concrete wall in the hopes (4) that he/she may wake up in time.

All is really quite simple once the "spins" are peeled off the facts.


(1)  About divination and its pitfalls
(2) The many Marian Messages
(3) The consequences of embargoing and spinning Heavenly Messages
(4) Divine "Alarm clock"

Published on October 27th, 2007

Do you wonder.... why the Roman Catholic Catechism insists that one cannot be "in communion" with the Roman Church,   their claimed requirement for Salvation - sidelining the Only Way : Jesus Christ - if one does not accept (1) an individual, Joseph Ratzinger, who claims to be the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter,  even though one lives the basic tenets of the Faith - not mechanically like most, but from the heart?

Quite simple.... If you were satan and were planning to present yourself as the Savior 
(2) - which would be the most credible "launching pad" you would use? The Vatican (3), of course. Who would be the agent preparing his way - the anti John the Baptizer (4)? An individual who claims to be the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, but who is not.

Then, logically, the Faithful must be brainwashed
(5) to believe that without accepting a particular individual who claims  to be the Successor of Peter, he/she is doomed to eternal damnation which is the equivalent of not being in communion with the allegedly only route to Salvation.

Brethren - it is that simple. That is why hundreds of millions will be deceived and their suffering
(6) will be of apocalyptic magnitude.

What to do then when threatened with the "non in communion" veiled threat?  What would Jesus do?  Exactly what He did when He walked amongst men!

Did He not say:
Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. [Matthew 5: 17]

He was referring, of course, to the basic tenets of the faith as had been manifested so far - which included the teachings of the true prophets God sent before Him.

Even though He called the Temple Masters - the equivalent of The "Pope" of the Temple and his Curia  - every name in the book
(7) and accused them of all sorts of deviations (7) from the teachings of God, He continued to practice His (true) Faith as had been manifested so far until His crucifixion - ignoring the threats of the Spiritual deviants of the time.

You go forth and do likewise for
to you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but them, now like then, seeing they cannot see, and hearing they cannot understand.!


(1)  From the Roman Catholic Church Catechism :

837 "Fully incorporated into the society of the Church are those who, possessing the Spirit of Christ, accept all the means of salvation given to the Church   together with her entire organization, and who - by the bonds constituted by the profession of faith, the sacraments, ecclesiastical government, and communion -   are joined in the visible structure of the Church of Christ, who rules her through the Supreme Pontiff and the bishops. Even though incorporated into the Church,   one who does not however persevere in charity is not saved. He remains indeed in the bosom of the Church, but 'in body' not 'in heart.'"321

(2) As it is announced in the Holy Word of God - which supersedes any human teaching - The False Christ
(3)  The FalseChrist Launching Pad
(4) The AntiChrist
(5) There IS Salvation outside Rome
(6) Divine Mercy In Action
(7) Jesus Speaks Plainly     i.e. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you tithe mint, and anise, and cummin, and have left the weightier things of the law; judgment, and mercy, and faith. These things you ought to have done, and not to leave those undone. [Matthew 23:23]


Published on October 22nd, 2007

Do you wonder.... why if Catholic Doctrine teaches that Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament [Body, Blood and Divinity] - something that we know for a fact that is true - in the famous prayer of the Angelus, in the third part the prayer, it reads: "And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us."

"Dwelt"? No, brethren, that prayer should read:
"And the Word was made flesh and dwelt and still dwells amongst us."

Oh, yes, the answer to the question we posed is: For the same reason the Tabernacles in churches and chapels are seldom kept accompanied by thankful and loving children of God: Lack of faith in the Real Presence
(1) by those who serve as examples and evangelizers.  No one can effectively transmit a spiritual reality without a living and, thus, a credible example.

(1) About the Real Presence

Published on October 18th, 2007 [Feast of St. Luke ]

Do you wonder....

(1) Why when Lucifer and his angels fell there was no recourse for them, yet, when Adam and Eve fell there was recourse for them and for all humanity to the extent of God lowering Himself to the human level to give us another opportunity to Eternal Life?

(2) How those who do not know Jesus, the only route to Salvation - have not even heard of Him - will be saved?

Wonder about it for a bit longer.... God Willing we will soon post the reason as revealed to us.

Note added on October 19th: The explanation of the above will not be published here. It will be mailed to those who are on our Mailing List as of this date. 

Published on October 16th, 2007
[Feast of Mary's Purity ]

Do you wonder why.... organized religion is needed? The answer lies in what is its purpose.  The only purpose of organized religion is to provide man with a coherent and organized manner to establish a working and interactive relationship with God. That is, its objective is to lead man to God.  When "the means", that is, the institution, de facto becomes "the end", the system has degenerated into idolatry since the only "end" or objective is God and His Will.

Published on October 13th, 2007 [90th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima]

Do you wonder why.... the Roman Catholic Church Administration has made such a fuss over the 90th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima if, even with such spectacular display from the Divinity, they were not moved to act on a timely basis to avoid the carnage of World War II?

The new $100 + million dollar Basilica of the Holy Trinity will not induce God to forget such monumental transgression - a transgression which has not be acknowledged nor atoned by them.

Published on October 11th, 2007 - [Feast of The Motherhood of Mary]

Do you wonder why... the Faithful always remembers the saving of Ninive - as we read in Jonas 4: 11:

11 And shall not I spare Ninive, that great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons that know not how to distinguish between their right hand and their left, and many beasts?

and forgets why God acted thus - as we read in Jonas 3:

6 And the word came to the king of Ninive; and he rose up out of his throne, and cast away his robe from him, and was clothed with sackcloth, and sat in ashes. 7 And he caused it to be proclaimed and published in Ninive from the mouth of the king and of his princes, saying: Let neither men nor beasts, oxen nor sheep, taste any thing: let them not feed, nor drink water. 8 And let men and beasts be covered with sackcloth, and cry to the Lord with all their strength, and let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their hands.....

10 And God saw their works, that they were turned from their evil way: and God had mercy with regard to the evil which he had said that he would do to them, and he did it not.

For the same reason man likes to lose weight without dieting and have a good figure without exercising. Haven't we heard, when trying to diet, those around us encouraging us thus: No Pain, No Gain!

Well, that is the same encouragement that we are trying to give those who read our pages.

Published on October 7th, 2007 - [Our Lady of the Rosary]

Do you wonder why... if Solomon's Temple was destroyed and the Second Temple was also destroyed due to the transgressions of the Jews of the time, how can anyone expect the Vatican not to follow suit when their transgressions have been "head and shoulders" above those of the two temples of Jerusalem?

To deny this would be to deny the historical teachings of the world and the theological teachings of the Sacred Scriptures.

Published on October 4th, 2007

Do you wonder why... so many people are so quick to quote/resort to 1 Corinthians 13: 1-10....

1 If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2 And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 3 And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. 4 Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up; 5 Is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil;

6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth; 7 Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. 8 Charity never falleth away: whether prophecies shall be made void, or tongues shall cease, or knowledge shall be destroyed. 9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. 10 But when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away.

In the face of what we have written on our newest document: Jesus Speaks Plainly : Politically Incorrect But DIVINELY Correct

Meditate about it and let the Holy Spirit of God answer you.

Published on September 30th, 2007

Do you wonder why... if Burma has over 400,000 Buddhist Monks who are so highly revered by the populace; who are understood to live a life of prayer and meditation; and who are even looked upon to have an edge over Christianity [to the point that many individuals claim that the hidden life of Jesus was spent  amongst Buddhist monks learning what He taught the world later on] .... Burma is in the socio-political condition it is?

Published on September 29th, 2007 [Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael]

Do you wonder why... the apparently innocuous phrase: "One can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Because honey attracts "all types of flies" including those who are not to be saved.  Didn't He say - in no uncertain terms:

11 And he said to them: To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but to them that are without, all things are done in parables: 12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand: lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. [Mark 4:11-12]

Those who can See and Hear will "cut through the vinegar" and get to the heart of the delivery. The rest, well, you know....

Then the king said to the waiters: Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. [Matthew 22:13]

Therefore, we must be ready with an ample supply of oil of consolation and the wine of renewed hope for those who "cut through the vinegar".

Published on September 27th, 2007 

In the introduction of Karl Marx's work Contribution to Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right one can read what is probably his most quoted phrase: "Religion is the opium of the people" .

Since communism was intrinsically atheist, do you ever wonder what was used to replace religion so that the people would remain under the influence of some other "opium"?

Sports! and it spread far and wide. [Can't you hear satan cackling? he did it again and men fell for it!]

Note: In reference to the above, the reader may want to review the related September 28th posting in the Public Forum.

Published on September 24th, 2007 

Do you ever wonder... why the transmission routes most used by the AIDS causing virus are: (a) Sexual promiscuity (1); and (b) Illegal drug use/abuse?

The answer is coherently simple: Those are the two flesh associated dysfunction (2) which can damage a soul the most. Considering how Divine Mercy functions (3) (4), it certainly is a most coherent scenario.
(1) Sodomy and the destruction of the soul
Spiritual Dysfunction - Its Identification, Treatment and Cure
(3) Divine Mercy In Action - Part II
(4) Divine Mercy InAction - Part III

Published on September 21st, 2007 

Do you ever wonder... from whence will the enemy spring that will take the mighty USA down?

Wonder no more, Abraham Lincoln (1) had the answer:

At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?-- Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!

All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us.
(2) It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

(1)  Abraham Lincoln's Lyceum Address
(2)  A few glaring examples to pick from

Published on September 19th, 2007 

Do you ever wonder... why such the uproar over such a tiny fraction of priests who sexually abused children? Because roughly two-thirds of top U.S. Catholic leaders have allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to keep working, a systematic practice that spans decades and continues today, a three-month Dallas Morning News review shows.

Published on September 14th, 2007  [Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross]

Do you ever wonder... what was, and continues to be, the core source for the sexual abuse and other scandals within the Roman Catholic Church and other religious institutions? The answer is as simple as it is elusive to those steeped in denial (1) : The Demise of the Faith (2).

Without a doubt - when man ceases to believe in a Just and Loving Creator out goes the desire to please Him and the fear of His justice. Then, as a psychiatrist who taught at major U.S. Medical School used to instruct: "Do everything and deny everything." Such mentality, which seems to rule society today, does so to the detriment of the soul.

(1) Denial - The sign of the times
(2) The Demise of the Faith - Part I and Part II

Published on September 8th, 2007  [Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

Do you ever wonder... how many of the Faithful pray in earnest to spiritually assist the few priests and members of the Hierarchy who, as Don Bosco had to do, are fighting the good fight against the evils of the right and the left to serve God as He truly deserves?  Very few! Therefore, let us join in prayer for those dedicated men of God and offer that as our Birthday Present to Mary - our true Mother.

Published on September 3rd, 2007  [Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd]

Do you ever wonder... if the Roman Catholic clergy at large will ever come to terms with reality (unless God steps in and does it for them, of course!)? No, they will not.

Following is an exchange of correspondence between a Select List Member and one of the priests of his parish:

Dear  [priest's name edited out],
I hesitate to write this (since I am not sure it will do any good), but my conscience forces me to comment.
You gave a nice homily on the reading today about taking a low place at a banquet to show humility.  You aptly pointed out that Jesus attended many functions to watch people and to be watched.
You rightly stated that Jesus knew He was being watched and set an example for the rest of us.
All of this was good.
Then at the end, you spent several minutes lecturing us on the closing of churches in the Boston area.  You went on to state that the high command must learn to accept married priests and that the laity must become involved.
But worst of all, you trivialized all your comments by saying that if we reported these comments to the bishop, you would deny it all.
Respectfully, please appreciate the following,
1. people have lost the faith because the RCC does not seem to believe in God;
2. the problem is not homosexual priests, but pedophile priests;
3. the issue is not sex between adults, but the use of power by the priest to overwhelm the young and innocent;
4. marriage is not going to fix the problem;
5. those who dedicate their lives to God have no need of sex from anyone;
6. a chaste life is possible for those who truly serve God;
7. the Vatican could easily loosen up the cash to keep churches open worldwide;
8. the Vatican sees the only role for the laity as a source of income;
9. the Vatican serves mammon, not God;
10. it is tragic that you do not have faith in your convictions so that you are frightened of the bishop's reprimand.
Earlier this year, the pastor, [name edited out], commented to those of us at a weekday 7:15 am Mass that he had to decline 2/3rds of the applications to the parish school.  Rather than patiently explain to the families the reasons for said decision, or better, rather than finding the resources to expand the school, instead he elected to leave town until "things cooled off."
Is this the way that Jesus handled things?  Is this what you would have seen Jesus doing?
You just gave a sermon on Jesus as an example and you have dedicated your life to imitating Jesus, and yet at age (over 65), you don't want the bishop to know your ideas?
When, exactly will you get the courage to stand up for what you believe?
May The Holy Spirit Guide you.
You are in my prayers

Following is the priest's response:

Dear [name edited out]

Thanks for your note and happy to know you were at the 7:15 AM Mass. I appreciate your kind words on the homily. I do want to apologize though, because I don't think I was as well prepared as I should have been. One of those days.

Meanwhile, lighten up. The congregations obviously got the gist of my joke about- "if you report me, I'll deny it". That's an old line that I thought was appropriate for the occasion because first of all I've never denied anything I've said and secondly the bishop, knowing me, would know that I probably said it.... and said more over the years.

We are not dealing here with anything that's at the heart of Christianity and certainly not by extension at the heart of the Catholic Tradition. But it does threaten "traditionalists" whose sense of history is the last 100 years.

Finally, the sexual abuse problem in the Catholic Church has been one involving not of pedophiles (though there are a few) but of ephebophiles.

I'd enjoy having lunch with you some day. Please tell me when and where.


Fr. [name edited out]

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