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Originally published in 2002


Many people write to us asking: Who can we believe? or What can we do? or What’s the use?

These valid questions result from:

(a) The global confusion about the Catholic Faith, a confusion which has reached an unprecedented level; a confusion resulting from a profusion of conflicting statements by Church leaders at the highest levels.

(b) The-sky-is-falling-syndrome, which has a solid basis (1)

(c) The world being at war; a dangerous war which, according to world leaders, will last years.

There is only One Answer to those legitimate questions and that answer was delivered to us by God, personally, through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity – Jesus Christ!


Have you noticed how all forms of mortal sin have increased in the world in the last 20 years? With adultery (2), abortion and child sexual abuse (3) leading the way.

A casual overview of the situation will lead many people to believe that evil is stronger than good. That satan is stronger than God – yet, we certainly know that such is not the case. God is above all Creation, even outside the created Universe, and even satan must serve Him!  (4)

So what is the problem? Doesn’t the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has infinite Merits?

Isn’t the Holy Rosary (5) a most powerful weapon against satan?

Aren’t the Sacraments supernatural assistance for man?

Yet... satan is gaining ground by leaps and bounds (6) and the world continues to sink in darkness and despair.


Because in an effort to be super Catholics many have somehow left the Real Jesus Christ out of the only equation which will resolve mankind’s problems. (7)

Through Matthew 5:44-46 Jesus Christ commands us thus:

“But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Heavenly Father, for He makes His sun rise on the bad and the good... For if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not the tax collector do the same?”

We are also reminded of the same salvific formula through Luke 6:27-28 and 32-33

Do you want to stop sin – any kind? Pray incessantly for the conversion of sinners and all of those who promote sin. (Please Note: Do not forget to include yourself and myself in that group. We tend to incorrectly exclude ourselves from “such company”)

Just “Pray to end this or that social disorder” is not what Jesus wants. He does not want marches nor demonstrations. Did He ever do that? Did He tell us to respond to evil in such manner? No, He did not.

He wants us to help Him convert sinners with prayers and
through an exemplary Christian life.

What did our Mother say at Fátima and other locations? (8)  Pray for the conversion of sinners!

Did He say: “Pray for the victims”? Did She say: “Pray for those already converted”? No, no, no... a thousand times NO!

The only way to turn the tide of sin, which is drowning mankind, is to pray for sinners and their conversion!

No. We should not just pray “to end this” or “to end that”. To be protected “from this evil” or “from that evil”.

We need to pray for the conversion of all those who promote all forms of sin and decadence. We also need to pray for Divine Illumination for the political leaders. Only then those evils will be curtailed and the political leaders will be able to lead properly.

It is that simple!

The Opus Dei (9), Regnum Christi, Legionaries of Christ, etc. (10), do not have to place their people in the FBI (11) or CIA (12), the Supreme Court, the US Congress, Banks, etc. to bring the world back to God. God does not need worldly power to achieve His ends.

We encourage one and all to pray for those who have fallen in the above mentioned sectarian traps. They need our prayerful assistance because, even as they rejoice in the “Crowning Victory” of the canonization of Josemaría Escrivá, what lies in their future is death and destruction. Such is the fate of those who want to supplant God and His Way.

only behavior that God needs from His children is to:

(a) Pray for, and make reparation on behalf of, sinners; and

(b) Live a truly exemplary Christian life in humility and without trying to “lord it over” others.

The life of dear St. John Bosco should be an inspiration to one and all.

As opposed to the Opus Dei unspoken, but much practiced, philosophy of “Penetrate, Take Over and Conquer”, the philosophy of Don Bosco was to prevent children from falling into a life of vice, rescue those who had fallen in such life and then teach them the very foundations of our Faith with love and not coercion. Then, he saw that they learn a trade or a profession and become free and exemplary Christian men — and most did — without coercion.

We challenge all Christendom to learn from Don Bosco and obey Our Lord Jesus Christ while placing great trust in the intercessory power of Mary, Help of Christians.

Brothers and sisters – The above “formula” will free you from most anxieties and fears. The only fear that we should have is the salutary fear of offending the One Who loved us so much that willingly suffered atrociously so that you and I could have a good life right now on earth and an Eternity of Joy.

Yes! It is that simple!

Make a real difference this Lenten Period and offer God what He really wants – Prayers for the conversion of sinners!

In His Name we speak

miguel de Portugal (13)

NOTE Added on May 23, 2003:

We have received a communication which, together with our response to it, merits to be shared with our readers as well as making it an integral part of this document.

In said communication we read:

«Have you ever watched the Ministry of XYZ and his teaching on the end times? Much of what he says lines up with your ideas. Yet he is anti catholic.

All of this makes no sense to me and causes much confusion. I feel I will follow the teachings of the church in these matters since it is the authority all catholic should follow. I guess all I can do is pray for discernment. R»

Our response to R:

May the Peace of God be upon you, dear brother!

No, we do not follow XYZ’s Ministry since Miguel de Portugal is an appointed and confirmed-by-events primary source, yet, your cry from the heart demands an appropriate response.

Just a few days ago Miguel de Portugal sent the following communication to an associate of The M+G+R Foundation regarding a destructive (best selling) book that has been published in an attempt to demolish Christianity, in general, and the Catholic Faith, in particular. About such book m de P wrote:

«Tragically the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has done and/or approved so much evil in 2000 years that the enemies of God can draw enough real facts (from the Church words and actions) to create AND “prove” whatever monstrosity it may please them. (Let us not forget the 90+ apologies made by His Holiness John Paul II as part of the 2000 Jubilee celebration in retribution to God for said deeds – thus, some have been clearly and publicly acknowledged already.)

The leaders of the Church wanted to play the role of God. They did... and now such assumption/attitude will be used (allowed by God) to collect the “bill” due to God for their betrayal of His trust.

We can draw damning facts associated with canonized (major) saints, for example, which would shock you. Facts that could be used by the enemies of the Faith to “prove” the Church to be a man made fraud.

We have told you before that... (edited out). Not to mention major manipulations of the Holy Scriptures, some of which are outright Heresies and Blasphemies. We simply do not publish any of this because we do not wish to place in the hands of the enemies of the Faith such destructive tools.

God has and will continue to allow the use of all the past abuses of the Church to chastise it (14) beyond recognition so that it may Resurrect into its Glorified form (4)

(Signed) M de P

Because of the enormous amount of “live ammunition” available to deface the Faith which possess most the Divinely revealed Truths (15), confusion reigns.

How to remedy it? You, dear brother, know the answer and we wish to remind the world of it utilizing your letter.

You stated: I guess all I can do is pray for discernment.

Praised Be Jesus! We could not possible offer a better solution. Read on this document – it will inspire you to even pray more.

May God continue to Bless you, R!

The M+G+R Foundation

[End of May 23, 2003 Note]


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Published on Ash Wednesday, 2002. European Union

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