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First Half of September  2011

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Posted on September 16th, 2011

We wish to make known the fact that..... the new translation for the Mass that will be used starting on November 27th applies only to the English language. We have no record of any other translation of the Mass being implemented.

That in itself gives much to think about. Was the first translation considered that bad? Or is it that certain End of These Times prophecies must be fulfilled for the countries whose official Mother Tongue is English - the US and the UK?

Did you know that.....
the gravitational field of the Earth has been mapped?

Now we can see that what most thought was "standard" is far from it. Regarding the images that you will see in the referenced Links (1) (2) :

(a) Blue color indicates lower gravitational pull; while
(b) Yellow color indicates higher gravitational pull
(c) The strange shape of the globe would be the case if the entire surface of the Earth would be covered by water.  That is, the levels of the oceans would be different throughout the world responding to: (c1) The gravitational pull in the area; and (c2) The effect the rotation of the Earth has on water level.
(d) Do notice the very deep "hole" in the Indian Ocean which indicates a spot of much lower gravitational force than any other place on the planet.

Gravity satellite reveals what our planet REALLY looks like
(2)  Rotation may be controlled by viewer

In case that you have not heard....
Confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is sticking to his claim of belonging to a militant order of the Knights Templar, even though police have found no evidence it exists. (1)

The 32-year-old, arrested after a car bombing and shooting massacre that killed 77 people on July 22, claims he was the youngest member of the anti-Muslim militia at its supposed creation in London in 2002, defense lawyer Geir Lippestad told The Associated Press in an interview.

Breivik has told police that many of the other members are war-hardened former fighters from Serbia, the lawyer said.

Breivik has said he carried out the attacks alone. But police prosecutor Christian Hatlo said the main priority of the investigation remains to find out if Breivik had any accomplices and if there are other cells.

"It does not appear very likely, but it is too early to draw conclusions," Hatlo told AP on Friday.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: By the time the authorities realize what was the philosophy behind such behavior (2), it will be, as usual, too late.

(1) News Report
(2) The Real Roots of the One World Order

Posted on September 15th, 2011 [Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows]

How could Mary not be sorrowful if..... for example:

(a) Wars continue to ravage the world and Her children.
(b) After ten years of war all that the US has achieved is to: (b1) increase the level of hate directed at the Nation and its citizens; (b2) destroy many families from all sides through death and/or maiming of loved ones; (b3) practically bankrupt all nations involved, with the weakest ones being the ones hit the hardest; and a very long etcetera.

(c) After almost two centuries of urgent Apparitions and Messages (1), the net result has been the birth of Religious Tourism and nothing else.
(d) Every day fewer and fewer "Christians" follow what could be considered the most important teaching Mary has ever given humanity by word: Do whatever he tells you. [John 2:5] (by example: When She showed total submission to the Will of God and agreed to become the Mother of the Son of God.)
(e) The most important Basilica dedicated to Her - Santa Maria Majore (in Rome) - is officially headed by a man like "Cardinal" Law (2) whose every breath stains (3) Her Immaculate Heart.

Just to mention a few.

The word from here is: Save your flowers, save your candles - Just make reparation to Her Immaculate Heart through prayer and sacrifice and, for crying out loud!, 
Do whatever He tells you. [John 2:5]

(1) The many visits and many (ignored) messages
(2) About "Cardinal" Law
(3) Enough!

Did you know that ....the United States government provides tax breaks for companies like the one whose hit video game this year was the gory Dead Space 2, which challenges players to advance through an apocalyptic battlefield by killing space zombies? (1)
[our highlights]

Those tax incentives - a collection of deductions, write-offs and credits mostly devised for industries in other eras - now make video game production one of the most highly subsidized businesses in the United States.

Video game developers receive such a rich assortment of incentives that even oil companies have questioned why the government should subsidize such a mature and profitable industry whose main contribution is to create amusing and sometimes antisocial entertainment.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  Is there anyone out there who still does not quite understand why: ....unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days. [Mark 13:29]

The news report reads that video games create "sometimes antisocial entertainment.", and that is an outright lie. It is not "sometimes", it is "most of the time".

(1) Full Report

Has anyone caught on yet.... that with NASA shutting down the shuttle to the Space Station and Russia being now the only link to the International Space Station, Russia has finally won the Space Race? At least for now, although we feel that this is just the symbolic manifestation of what is to come.

A peek at the massive fires in Texas.... courtesy of a friend of The M+G+R Foundation who responded to our inquiry about her well being.
[our highlights]

We are fine now but on alert for new fires.  Unfortunately of the 9 fires on that day 8 were arson.  Ours was not.  The fire department believes it was either a cigarette or catalytic converter spark.  On that day there were also 8 other fires in the next county that were also arson.  This is a sad state when people get their excitement from others' ruination.

There are many fires as I write this, and the State said today since Jan. 1 there have been over 18800+ fires and 3.5 million acres burned, something like 160 new fires per day.

We have a long way to go before we are safe, and we are very careful.  Please continue your prayers for my small community we all appreciate it.

Let us continue to pray for all of them....

Posted on September 14th, 2011 [Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross]

On this important date....
we should review what "The Cross" means to each one of us on a day-to-day basis.

We must, without hesitation, embrace Jesus' clear instructions: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. [Matthew 16:24]

As we have explained elsewhere (1), we should not fear to take up our crosses and follow Him. On the contrary, it is an assured way to journey through Time with a minimum of suffering.

The other guarantee that we have of journeying through Time with a minimum of suffering is to fully understand why we should not despair (2), even if we have made a tremendous error in judgment.

(1) Take up your cross and follow Me!
(2) Do not despair; do not give up!

Have you heard that.... Russia has announced plans to back a controversial Palestinian bid to win United Nations statehood despite strong resistance from the Jewish state? (1)

The decision does not come as an outright surprise but underscores the growing diplomatic isolation in which Israel finds itself following a new flare-up in relations with regional powers Egypt and Turkey.

Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said Russia would vote in favour of any type of official UN recognition the Palestinians decided to seek.

''But I must say that we are not pushing them into it,'' he said.

''We are saying that, 'Whatever you decide to do, we will support you'.''

The M+G+R Foundation comments: The proverbial plot thickens. What is being done is to place the US in a corner, and then to watch the US reaction should Israel attack a NATO member warship escorting humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip (2).

Believe it or not, the US and Israel have a quasi-glorious way out of the almost impossible situation Turkey is placing both of them in. However, we are sure that neither one will see it and jump at the opportunity.
News Source
(2) Getting ready for the showdown

From (Mr.) IW @ US

Many will recall the historical revisionism of Mr. Ratzinger in referring to the Nazis as 'Atheists', when history clearly shows that they were overwhelmingly Christian (and Catholic). By this statement, I refer to their self identification with a 'group'; and not to their being truly Christian.

Increasingly, I have noted in various Catholics blogs, forums, and web sites, that anyone who criticizes Mr. Ratzinger is a 'heretic', 'blasphemer', 'not Catholic', and often labeled 'Atheist'. Even if the person IS Catholic!

Ratzinger is building a new Roman Empire - which some identify as the NWO or OWO. Of necessity, no such global empire can exist without a state religion, as a medium of control.

Though the ultimate reality is that the main point of such global theocratic fascism is to force the worship of lucifer, under the (false) guise of 'religion'. In this case, built upon the wreckage of the Roman Catholic Church.

"The early Christians were labeled atheists by non Christians because of their disbelief in pagan gods. During the Roman Empire, Christians were executed for their rejection of the Roman gods in general and Emperor-worship in particular. When Christianity became the state religion of Rome under Theodosius I in 381, heresy became a punishable offense." (1)

As the Roman Emperor was a literal deity, early Christians were called 'atheists' for refusing to worship him.

I would assert that the New Mass is crafted to effect literal worship of the Antichrist, while pretending to worship God. Written into its text in great subtlety, so that most will be deceived.

My conclusion is that those who refuse the New Mass - either refusing Communion and/or refusing to attend it will be now labeled: Atheists. In my opinion this mental manipulation is the work of Opus Dei, as the 'footprints' lead to them via their many 'talking heads'.

Epilogue: in the US (and perhaps elsewhere) over the past 20 years there has arisen the custom of those who are not going to receive Communion being encouraged (i.e. psychologically forced) to come forward to 'receive a blessing' from the priest. This has been presented as a means for non-Catholic school kids to 'not feel left out'. It now applies to adult Catholics as well.

I would strongly advise all parents of children in Catholic schools to immediately remove them from the schools and from CCD classes - as these little ones will be forced to either receive 'Communion' or a 'blessing' from a priest who may be celebrating something that no Christian wants to be a part of.


A. Let us pray that there will be a few priests who will refuse to implement the deviant portions of the New English Mass. This will be easy to spot by observing how the Transubstantiation (2) is performed.

(1) Source
(2) The proper Transubstantiation Procedure

Posted on September 13th, 2011

From (Mr.) IW @ US

I'm not sure if you feel it would be good to further illustrate your point about "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", but I had what I might call a personal revelation about it, that might be useful.  It goes as follows:

It was just prior to my evening prayers, and I was quietly meditating on anything God might want me to focus on.  What came to mind was a recent sermon about forgiveness, and a gospel reading where an unforgiven debt put the person in question into debtors' prison.  Thinking about it, I indicated I would like to free everyone from such a prison in the spiritual sense, who might be in debt to me.  At first, an uneasy feeling came to me, that I would then no longer be able to blame those people for my sins, but would have to shoulder their weight myself.  With unease, I indicated that I knew it had to be that way, and I was willing to free everyone of their debts to me nonetheless.  For a second I feared the burdens this would bring.  I then started the Our Father, and remembered your point, whereupon I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace.  I knew God was waiting for me to forgive, and was eager to forgive me the same way. 

I have to say post-script that I'm not so unevangelized that I did not know all this before.  But I think that for that moment, the Holy Spirit allowed me to be blind, so I could re-discover those beautiful truths.  When it feels that forgiving will bring a burden of all that weight on our shoulders, Jesus stands ready to immediately take away that weight, by the power of his cross.  This is the mechanism by which he wants to bring peace.  He will take the burden that we agree to take from others.  But if we don't unburden others, neither will he take away our burdens.


Excellent contribution. True, consoling and liberating.

miguel would like to add, not the Plan B, but the Part B of such spiritual exercise. The amount of harm that we may have unwittingly caused to many people through our journey in Time, may be staggering.... yet, we may simply not be aware of it. Once miguel became aware of this reality through the Grace of the Holy Spirit of God, he went "to work".

First, he offered a novena of Masses dedicated to: (a) the undoing and/or mitigating of any harm he may have caused any soul in the many decades of his life in Time; (b) secure the spiritual and material benefit of anyone who may have been harmed; (c) pay for those sins which have been forgiven at the confessional but still needed to be paid for; and (d) in reparation for the sins others may have committed because of any harm he may have caused them.

Then, from time to time, he would offer a single Mass for the same intentions, except this time, with specific individuals in mind.

Indeed refreshing and liberating experiences - and highly recommended.

Once again, Thank you! for sharing your experience plus moving us to publish miguel's related experience.

Through the alertness of.... (Mr.) LP we are able to share with you the 2010 Vatican Financial Report. We suggest that the reader fastens the proverbial seat belt to review, direct from the Vatican (1), how profitable Jesus, Mary and Salvation really are (for some).
[our highlights]

The Holy See

A communiqué published today explains that the Holy See consolidated financial statements for 2010, presented to the cardinals during the meeting by Cardinal Velasio De Paolis C.S., president of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, closed with a surplus of 9,848,124 euro, the difference between an income of 245,195,561 euro and outgoing of 235,347,437 euro.

 The outgoing are due above all to the ordinary and extraordinary expenses of the dicasteries and offices of the Holy See, which in 2010 employed 2,806 people, as compared with the 2,762 employees in 2009.

The Vatican State

The meeting also examined the consolidated financial statements of the Governorate of Vatican City State for 2010, which show a surplus of 21,043,000 euro, the difference between an income of 255,890,112 euro and outgoing of 234,847,011 euro. "This result has been achieved", the communiqué explains, "thanks to the excellent performance of the Vatican Museums (in particular the increased number of visitors, a countertendency with respect to the crisis in the world tourism sector) and the recovery of the financial markets".

A total of 1,876 people work under the jurisdiction of the Governorate.

Ratzinger's Purse

Finally the consolidated financial statements of Peter's Pence were also presented. This fund consists of offers made to the Holy Father by the particular Churches, especially for the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, and contributions by institutes of consecrated life, societies of apostolic life, foundations and various members of the faithful. In 2010 a total of 67,704,416 U.S. dollars was raised, a decrease with respect to last year. "The largest contributions came from Catholics in the United States, Italy and France. Particularly significant, considering the number of Catholics, were the contributions from Korea and Japan".

Bishops, depending on their resources and in keeping with canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law, donated 27,362,258 U.S. dollars, which also represents a decrease with respect to last year.

The communiqué concludes by noting that the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) (The Vatican Bank) donated some 55 million euros for the activities of the Holy Father.

Ratzinger's total take: 67.7 + 27.3 + 77 (55 m € = ca. 77 m US$) =  ca. 172 Million US Dollars

Holy See + Vatican State total take: ca. 702 Million US Dollars. If to that we add Ratzinger's take, the grand total would be: 874 Million US Dollars.

This is just "cash flow". If you would only know the true wealth of the Roman Catholic Church machinery - just in Real Estate (mostly not utilized) - you might be tempted to do what those who are starving in Portugal do.... they are even stealing the church bells at night to sell them for scrap metal.

The tragedy of it all is: What do the Roman Catholic Church Administration has to show for this? A failed Evangelization effort.

Note: The Vatican Financial Report does not say which countries gave the most in the form of Diocesan Bishop donations. Therefore, we cannot establish whether Germany still is the largest of these donors.

(1) Report

Posted on September 12th, 2011

Did you hear what.... Gov. Perry answered when the evening's co-moderator Brian Williams asked him certain questions at the recent Republican debate?

The transcript from the video (1) follows:

WILLIAMS: Governor Perry, a question about Texas. Your state has executed 234 death row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times. Have you...


Have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent?

PERRY: No, sir. I've never struggled with that at all. The state of Texas has a very thoughtful, a very clear process in place of which - when someone commits the most heinous of crimes against our citizens, they get a fair hearing, they go through an appellate process, they go up to the Supreme Court of the United States, if that's required.

But in the state of Texas, if you come into our state and you kill one of our children, you kill a police officer, you're involved with another crime and you kill one of our citizens, you will face the ultimate justice in the state of Texas, and that is, you will be executed.

WILLIAMS: What do you make of…


What do you make of that dynamic that just happened here, the mention of the execution of 234 people drew applause?

PERRY: I think Americans understand justice. I think Americans are clearly, in the vast majority of - of cases, supportive of capital punishment. When you have committed heinous crimes against our citizens - and it's a state-by-state issue, but in the state of Texas, our citizens have made that decision, and they made it clear, and they don't want you to commit those crimes against our citizens. And if you do, you will face the ultimate justice.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:
If the above was stated (and applauded) by atheists, we would not even publish this here. However, the above was stated and applauded by people who call themselves faithful Christians.

Just another reminder as to why when they....

 ...knock at the door, saying: Lord, open to us. And he answering, shall say to you: I know you not, whence you are.

[26] Then you shall begin to say: We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets. [27] And he shall say to you: I know you not, whence you are: depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. [28] There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out. [29] And there shall come from the east and the west, and the north and the south; and shall sit down in the kingdom of God. [30] And behold, they are last that shall be first; and they are first that shall be last. [Luke 13]

If the so-called Christians knew how serious and true this warning is, the allegedly Christian West will be another world altogether. Unfortunately, they are finding out one at a time (as they exhale the last breath under reasonably normal circumstances), and will find out en-masse (when God "pulls the master plug"), what a grievous and Eternally fatal mistake it was to pass themselves as Christians.

Imagine how the Perrys of this world will feel when they find themselves in the same position the rich man (of the Lazarus parable [Luke 16]) was, and the one they put to death - legally, of course! - occupying a similar position to that Lazarus occupied, after they have both crossed the veil.

It is almost incomprehensible what it would be like for a soul to find itself in such state for an Eternity.
(1)   Source

We are sure that... you have heard that the Clergy from any faith were omitted from the 9-11 Ceremony.

But just in case we are calling it to your attention. (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments: The same as those for the previous entry.

(1) News Report

It is indeed puzzling that.....  even though a year after a widespread sex scandal rocked Roman Catholics in Pope Benedict XVI's homeland, German intellectuals and faithful alike are turning their backs on the church, calling for change or simply leaving the congregation (1) we find out that Germany is among the top two donors to the Vatican. The proverbial Facts and Figures follow:

In 2007 :

- The US was the largest donor to Peter's Pence.
- Germany was the largest donor for the collection from diocesan bishops; the US came in second.
In 2008 :

-The US was the largest donor to Peter's Pence, followed by Italy and Germany.
- Once again, Germany was the largest donor to the collection from diocesan bishops, and the US came in second.
In 2009 :

- The US was the largest donor to Peter's Pence, followed by Italy and France.
- The US was the largest donor to the collection from diocesan bishops, followed by Germany.
For each of the last three years, the US was the largest donor to Peter's Pence. In 2007 and 2008, Germany was the largest donor from the diocesan collection, with the US in second place; in 2009, the US overtook Germany as the largest diocesan donor.
In 2009, the US was more generous than Germany in its donations to the Vatican (whether one considers Peter's Pence or the diocesan collection).
Vatican financial reports are issued every July. The bishops and cardinals who receive these reports include some high-level Opus Dei bishops and their allies .

 Frances D'Emilio, “Vatican runs a deficit despite generosity,” Associated Press/Fox News, July 9, 2008,,4670,VaticanFinances,00.html.
L'Osservatore Romano, “Financial Statement for 2008,” July 15, 2009,
ZENIT, “Vatican's 2009 Financial Statement,” July 11, 2010,
ZENIT, “Vatican's 2009 Financial Statement,” July 11, 2010,

Keep in mind that:

The Population of both countries for 2008 was as follows:

United States:     303,824,640
Germany:              82,369,552 

While the Per Capita income in both countries is: (2)

United States:     $33,070.30 per person
Germany:            $23,534.80 per person

Do we need to call Daniel the Prophet to interpret the messages associated with the above facts and figures? We shall see what the 2010 Financial Report reveals.

(1) News Report
(2) Source

Posted on September 11th, 2011 [Our Lady of Coromoto and 10th Anniversary of The (visible) Beginning of the End]

As we honor the memory of.... the Martyrs of the September 11, 2001 tragedy, let us not forget that:

(a) Such events served to speedily implement a draconian security program - Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change (1) - Phase III of which was embargoed until January 31, 2001 (eleven days after the swearing in of President George W. Bush). Without such a dramatic multi-media event, such a draconian security program would have languished in congressional committees for years, assuming that it ever made it to Capitol Hill.

(b) When one views the National Geographic video Inside The Pentagon (2a) (2b), obviously published almost in haste by National Geographic right after 9-11, a video of which hundreds of thousands of originals must still exist throughout the world, right there, in full view - frontal and aerial is the Pentagon building immediately after the attack.

Firemen and paramedics are scurrying around, yet no part of a passenger airplane is seen anywhere. No wings, no engines, nothing! Not only that - the now famous security camera footage showing the "just before impact and impact" images, which was finally extracted from the authorities after years of legal battle, was already in the National Geographic video issued in 2002. No passenger plane is seen in that footage either.  Are the actual/original news and security videos lying?

All those whose lives were sacrificed are now beyond the veil and can see the truth if God so allows it. Therefore, let us pray on their behalf and console their sorrow.

(1)   Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change
(2a) The video viewed by us was marketed for Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking viewers in Europe and other parts of the world and not necessarily the version available now through Amazon US (see below)
(3b)  Inside the Pentagon - National Geographic - Copyright 2002. This video is not available for purchase now at the National Geographic web pages, but it is available through Amazon

It has been brought to our attention that.... Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe (1), Professor and Director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, Cardiff University Honorary Professor, University of Glamorgan, as well as other "known faces", are of the opinion that pandemics which have struck humanity in the past were triggered by bacteria or viruses "riding" in comet dust that eventually settled on our planet.

Although this sounds like a science fiction movie plot, there is enough compelling evidence to give credence to such notion. The best example was the well known 1918 - 1919 "Spanish flu" pandemic which took the lives of 50 to 100 million people.

Once one coldly looks into its beginning, its practically instantaneous spread throughout the world when air travel was almost nonexistent, and its end, we have not seen any other explanation that would hold up as well. Granted - this was the tool Heaven used to end World War I, but Heaven uses whatever it needs to achieve its purposes right out of Creation, and not from a magician's top hat.

After reviewing and pondering this very possible origin of the 1918-19 flu, believe it or not, we have concluded that the worldwide panic by health authorities associated with the spread H1N5 and H1N1 may have been justified. Remember what we wrote several days ago:  Do not expect governmental authorities to announce a major cataclysmic event (comet strike, super volcano eruption, mega earthquake, etc.) even if they knew 30 days ahead of the event.

(1) About Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe
(2) The Flu Pandemic


Posted on September 10th, 2011

Do you know when.... "relativism", the Vatican now talks so much about, was born?

When man wanted to be like gods and define "good" and "evil" as he saw fit. Ever since then, [Gen 3:5] man has been redefining "good" and "evil" in accordance to his individual "whim of the moment". Man reached the summit of redefinition of "good" and "evil" when Divine Law became subject to human interpretation, and conditional footnotes appeared at the bottom of the Ten Commandments.

And we expect our children to take us seriously!

Have you heard that.....
  a tomb believed to be that of St. Philip the Apostle was unearthed in the ancient Turkish city of Hierapolis? (1)

Italian professor Francesco D'Andria said archeologists found the tomb of the biblical figure -- one of the 12 original disciples of Jesus -- while working on the ruins of a newly-unearthed church, Turkish news agency Anadolu.

"We have been looking for Saint Philip's tomb for years," d'Andria told the agency. "We finally found it in the ruins of a church which we excavated a month ago." The structure of the tomb and the writings on the wall proved it belonged to St. Philip, he added.

The professor said the archaeologists worked for years to find the tomb and he expected it to become an important Christian pilgrimage destination.

St. Philip, recognized as one of Christianity's martyrs, is thought to have died in Hierapolis, in the southwest province of Denizli, in around 80AD. It is believed he was crucified upside down or beheaded.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: Considering the incredible richness of early Christianity in Asia Minor (now Turkey), we would not be surprised if this is indeed true.
(1) News Report

In case that you have not heard..... A six ton NASA satellite is set to fall uncontrolled out of orbit, potentially raining debris over swathes of the planet including Britain. (1)

The $750 million Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) satellite, launched 20 years ago to study climate change, is set to breach the atmosphere within weeks.

In a new alert issued this week, officials warned pieces could land in densely populated areas on six continents including parts of Britain, Europe, North and South America and Asia.

NASA claimed the risk to public safety from the "dead" satellite – which is orbiting just over 155 miles above the earth with an inclination of 57 degrees – was "extremely small".

But senior space agency officials admitted they were "concerned" about the risk to billions of people when it starts falling uncontrolled out of orbit at any stage from later this month.

NASA admitted that more than haf a ton of metal from the satellite, which ran out of fuel in 2005, will survive, even though the majority it will burn up after entering Earth's atmosphere. Scientists estimate the debris footprint will be about 500 miles long with a 1-in-3,200 chance a part a satellite part could hit someone. 

The M+G+R Foundation comments: One would think that the same scientists who pretend to be capable of protecting the Earth from a wayward asteroid/comet should be able to easily destroy this six ton satellite before it hits the ground. Then again, as we all know: Talk is cheap.

(1) News Report

Are you aware of the existence....  of the World Digital Library?

It may be accessed if you Click Here

Posted on September 9th, 2011

The correct manner in which.... to pray the Lord's Prayer in English is:
[the key correction has been underlined]

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Do not let us fall prey to temptation, and deliver us from the evil one.


From (Mrs.) RM @ PR

On your Public Forum II page of December 12, 2009 (1), in a letter from BB @ USA, I read: 
"As the Israeli government continues to carry out the division of the Holy City and ushers in Armageddon.... we have entered the time foretold in Zechariah 12!

Their leaders have them on the same path to national suicide that ours is on, the suicide of nation states and the creation of World Government.

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." [Zechariah 12:3]

Paraphrasing/summarizing the recent news about the recognition of Palestine as an independent state:

The Palestinians plan to apply this month to the United Nations to recognize its independence in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, territories Israel captured in the 1967 war, probably through its acceptance as a "non-member observer state." It is expected that the measure is approved by an overwhelming majority in the UN General Assembly.

The decisions of the assembly are not legally binding, so the vote is largely symbolic....

On Wednesday, China announced it will support the Palestinian request. And a French envoys'....  comments suggest that France favors the Palestinians.

So far I have been watching events as a spectator. But when I re-read the December post and the words of Zechariah, it became clear to me that such is not the position that our Lord may want because: "all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it"
Then if all the people do not gather against the division of Jerusalem, all who burden themselves with it (probably meaning those countries that participate in the UN vote) will be cut in pieces. And, if  "cut in pieces" means "destroyed", it could imply earthquakes with many people perishing.
How should we be united against the division of the Holy Land? By praying?

If by praying, is the correct way to pray that the Palestian request be defeated in the vote, if it agrees with the Divine Will?

The doubt is caused by the fact that I have the impression that this division is one of the prophecies to be fulfilled in the last times.


Superb questions; only possible from a soul who continues to seek the Light of the Holy Spirit of God in order to do His Will. Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue now.

The situation is so immensely complex - supernaturally and politically - that the simple and only answer to your questions is: Let us pray that The
Perfect Will of God be done; not only at the upcoming vote in the UN but also in the consequences resulting from the vote.

Why is the situation so immensely complex - supernaturally and politically? In very simple "wide brush strokes" which, even in their roughness, reflect the reality of the conflict, let us commence with Abraham.

(a) Abraham, hailed as "Our Father in Faith", is responsible, by his lack of faith [Genesis 16] in God's promises, for the birth of what we know as the Arab nations. Let us not forget that the father of  the Arab nations, Ishmael, [Genesis 21:17-20] was the son of Abraham with his wife's slave, Agar.

(b) After the Christian Church became The Imperial Church (2), the so called Christians made the life of Jews (3) everywhere miserable.

(c) While the alleged Christians were acting out their hate upon the Jews, Jews managed to coexist mostly in peace with the Muslims who were spreading over the Middle East and parts of Europe after the year 670 AD. (We have seen tombs of notable Jews within highly important Mosques in Turkey, for example. Tombs decorated with the Star of David. Can anyone imagine seeing this in a Catholic place of worship?)

(d) God allowed World War II upon humanity as the result of blatant disobedience in the part of the Roman Catholic Church. (4)

(e) Of the over 50 millions victims of World War II, 6 million Jews suffered the unspeakable at the hands of the Nazis. (Let us not forget that Nazi Germany sprang forth from a very "Christian" Europe.)

(f) "Christian" Europe and the US crushed the Nazis and, as a compensation package to the Jews, land from the Palestinians (not from "Christian" Europe and/or US) was confiscated, their rightful residents made refugees and then it was given to the Jews. (5)

(g) In 1967 the State of Israel was not satisfied with their "compensation package" and occupied greater territory which belonged to the Palestinians. The reason? Claiming a covenant with God; a Covenant which they have not kept since the proverbial ink dried in the covenant "signatures". Never mind the Covenant - The Israelis could not even keep track of the Holiest of Holies, the Ark of The covenant which seems to have been misplaced somewhere along their history.

Given the above realities, anyone who will pray for a specific "this" or "that" regarding the solution in the Palestinian-Israel conflict, needs to have his/her head examined. It will take God Almighty to figure out what is the best and just solution. Since God willed that man manage Creation (remember the marching orders given to Adam and Eve? [Genesis 1:28]) and rejoices when man does not want to play God, all He needs is our Faith and Confidence that "Father really Knows Best".

Therefore, let us pray that His Most Holy and Adorable Will be done, in fairness to His children - descendants of Isaac and Ishmael - for only He is the Perfect Judge.


(1) Public Forum in question
(2) The Christian Church becomes "of the world"
(3) The Jews did not kill Jesus, the fanatics did!
(4) Those who are responsible for World War II
(5) Of course the Israelis have a right to their own State. The problem lies in the methodology and logic behind securing the Jewish State.

From (Mr.) RBB @ Spain

Your post about "the ultimate" idea to modify the weather (FYI&R of September 8th) caused me to share the following news with your readership:

Dutch engineers mull over 2,000m tall man-made mountain. (1)

The idea might have started as a tongue-in-cheek remark by a newspaper columnist, but now architects, engineers, construction firms and investors are giving  serious consideration to building a 2,000-metre-high artificial mountain in the Netherlands.

... It's not the first man-made mountain to be proposed. In 2009, German architect Jakob Tigges wanted to erect a  1,000-metre-high mountain at a disused airport in Berlin. As challenges set in, Tigges has settled for a 60-metre mound.


A. Thank you for sharing the news of a concrete fulfillment of the building of the Tower of Babel. Up to now it had been symbolic. Now, it seems, we have the concrete equivalent.

[1] And the earth was of one tongue, and of the same speech. [2] And when they removed from the east, they found a plain in the land of Sennaar, and dwelt in it. [3] And each one said to his neighbour: Come, let us make brick, and bake them with fire. And they had brick instead of stones, and slime instead of mortar. [4] And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands. [Genesis 11]

The consequences....

[8] And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands, and they ceased to build the city. [9] And therefore the name thereof was called Babel, because there the language of the whole earth was confounded: and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all countries. [Genesis 11]

....will be the same once the Noah's Flood equivalent for End of These Times becomes manifest.

How truly Blessed we are to have a Faithful God Who keeps His children informed, through recognizable (for those who have Eyes to see and Ears to hear) signs, of where humanity is at on its way to the abyss.

May He be Glorified forever and ever!

(1) News Report

Posted on September 8th, 2011 [Feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary]

Today we have finally published a.... ...Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

We pray that is of use to our regular readers, as well as to those with whom you wish to share it.

And now from Fantasyland....

Have you heard that.... our "brilliant" scientists have come up with "the ultimate" idea to modify the weather? (1)

In what apparently will be a landmark experiment in geoengineering, researchers from various UK universities will try to fix Earth’s climate by mimicking volcanic activity - with a 20km-high, stadium-sized artificial floating volcano!

The experiment in geoengineering - where human beings intentionally stage-manage the natural systems of the Earth in order that the impacts of climate change are counterbalanced - apparently is an upshot of the fact that volcanoes belch chemical particles into the atmosphere, which reflect solar radiation on the planet as well as bring about a reduction in its surface temperatures.

For the experiment, which is a serious concept even though it might appear to be a wacky plan of a comic villain, the researchers intend to copy the volcanic activity by spewing out sulphate aerosol particles from a stadium-sized balloon.

The proposed experiment – called Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) - is the brainchild of the researchers at the Cambridge, Oxford, Reading and Bristol universities; and it received a £1.6 million grant from the government as well as the backing of Royal Society last year.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: How could we? We are speechless at the level of stupidity that this idea has reached - from a Christian perspective and from a Scientific perspective.

(1) News Report

Posted on September 7th, 2011

From miguel de Portugal

We have mentioned the following in passing or as part of other write-ups, but now we want to, clearly and unequivocally, highlight it for our readership:

1. Do not expect to see political/military items in the news that will give you any clues about an imminent massive military assault on the US and/or the West. Japanese diplomats were in negotiations with the US government in Washington, DC, until just a few hours of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Appearances are deceiving because they are made so!

2. Do not bank on those sites which report those "news" stories that are allegedly being withheld, stories to which they just happen to have access.  Most of those pages are for disinformation purposes.  Remember the Wikileaks release of over 250,000 US confidential documents. That must be the greatest from-within political  manipulation campaign ever staged in human history.

3. Do not expect governmental authorities to announce a major cataclysmic event (comet strike, super volcano eruption, mega earthquake, etc.) even if they knew 30 days ahead of the event.

Keep very clear in mind: We would not announce such an event either. If our readers have profited from what we have tried to transmit in the Name of God, then God Himself will see that they are notified when and how He determines that each soul is able to handle such information. If you feel that you have to seek it, your faith is wanting.  Seek only God and then you will have Everything!

Keep in mind that miguel de Portugal's function has been clearly spelled out for years just as you read in the Old Testament reading of last Sunday's Mass:

Thus says the LORD:

You, son of man, I have appointed watchman for the house of Israel; when you hear me say anything, you shall warn them for me.

If I tell the wicked, "O wicked one, you shall surely die," and you do not speak out to dissuade the wicked from his way, the wicked shall die for his guilt, but I will hold you responsible for his death.

But if you warn the wicked, trying to turn him from his way, and he refuses to turn from his way, he shall die for his guilt, but you shall save yourself. (Ezekiel 33:7-9)

(Of course, we are not calling our Family "wicked". This reading, with the "wicked" included, applied to the religious institutions, governments and individuals in general since the time God called me to leave all behind and Follow Him in 1991. (1)

In this private forum it refers to those amongst the members of The M+G+R Foundation family - who, believe me, are more than a handful - who are still in denial.)

Summarizing: We are only responsible to speak and warn on behalf of God as He Wills it, and that is all.

What those who have come across our pages, letters and hard copy publications of the last twenty years do with the information is of little or no concern to us; that is for God to act and decide upon. Of course, we wish, were it possible, for the saving of all of humanity - but what "we wish" is very far from what "we know." We must continue to pray that the Elect quickly respond to the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, but we cannot lose any sleep over it.

Once again we remind you what God allowed upon humanity (2) - World War II - once He had given crystal clear instructions about how to avoid it and the time to implement His requests. Am I going to claim to be more caring than God? God, Himself, forbid such arrogance!

(1) Warned World
(2) God allowed World War II as the result of man's disobedience

Have you heard that....
the Turkish Prime Minister said his government will further constrict relations with Israel and suggested he may visit the Gaza Strip in the next two weeks?
[our highlights]

"From tomorrow we will have downgraded our diplomatic ties to second-secretary level," Erdogan said today at a news conference in Ankara. "At the same time, their diplomats in Turkey have been downgraded and we are suspending all defense industry ties including trade ties and military ties." (1)


Turkey is "totally suspending" all trade, military and defence industry ties with Israel, the Turkish prime minister said. "Trade ties, military ties, regarding defence industry ties, we are completely suspending them," Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in Ankara on Tuesday.

"This process will be followed by different measures," said Erdogan, who referred to Israel as "a spoiled child". (2)

The M+G+R Foundation comments: The mainstream media still is trying to keep under wraps that according to the report, Turkish naval vessels will accompany civilian ships carrying aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (3)

Let us keep very clearly in mind that this Turkey - Israel crisis is real, whereas the Cuban Missile "Crisis" was a staged event. (4)

(1) News Report
(2) News Report
News Report
(4) Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Real?

We wonder how many.... people have seen what is behind the latest story of the FBI spying on Israel. (1)

A security breach which ended over a year ago with the jailing of an Israeli FBI employee has exposed U.S. attempts to spy on Israeli officials, a New York Times report said on Thursday.

According to the report, Shamai K. Leibowitz, a self-described Israeli lawyer and left-wing activist, leaked documents of conversations recorded at the Israeli embassy in Washington to liberal U.S. blogger Richard Silverstein.

The documents, according to the New York Times report, included transcriptions of phone calls made by embassy officials, which were intercepted by the FBI’s Operational Technology Division.

One FBI post passed by Leibowitz to Silverstein indicated that the Israeli Embassy in the United States provided “regular written briefings” on Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza intended for “President Obama in the weeks between his election and inauguration.”

Another document described in the New York Times report describes “calls involving Israeli officials in Jerusalem, Chicago and Washington to discuss the views of members of Congress on Israel.”

The M+G+R Foundation comments: If the Israeli government ever wakes up to the reality that both the FBI (2) and the CIA (3) are well infiltrated by Opus Dei-like elements, then they will begin to understand a number of behind the scenes events which "just don't make sense" to them. They rest in the comfort that the US is their staunch ally, and that is true. What they do not know is that the shadows within the FBI and CIA have other agendas, and "love thy Jew neighbor" is not one of them. (4)

In the past God would have made sure that the Israeli government was made aware of this, but not any longer. As we have said in the past: God has pulled away and will let all the chips fall where they may.
(1) News Report
(2) The Opus-FBI Connection
(3) The Opus-CIA Connection
(4) satan's Final Act

Posted on September 6th, 2011

The best kept secret...  is the news about the seriousness of the Israeli - Turkish confrontation:
[our highlights]

 …Turkey also announced its rejection of the Palmer Commission report's finding according to which Israel's blockade of the coastal enclave was legal, with Davutoglu saying that Turkey could not "accept the blockade on Gaza."

   "We cannot say that the blockade aligns with international law,” he said, adding that the stance taken by the Palmer Commission Report was the author's "personal opinion, one which does not correspond with Turkey's position.”

  …"The eastern Mediterranean will no longer be a place where Israeli naval forces can freely exercise their bullying practices against civilian vessels," a Turkish official was quoted as saying.

As part of the plan, the Turkish navy will increase its patrols in the eastern Mediterranean and pursue "a more aggressive strategy."

According to the report, Turkish naval vessels will accompany civilian ships carrying aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments: We stumbled upon these news stories in a Spanish daily, and could not find it on the Internet in English except in a Turkish newspaper and a Gaza strip on-line publication.

While the "programmed" newscasters of the world keep babbling about Libya, Syria and the floods in the Gulf Coast of the US, the above constitutes the most important political news on the globe right now.

Trust us - Turkey is "no pushover". They have taken on bigger fish than Israel like.... the Allied countries, who won World War I and occupied the Ottoman Empire (today's Turkey). The Turks kicked out the victors of World War I (who planned to make the former Ottoman Empire another Western colony) and created a new country: Turkey.

Second, Turkey is a key member of NATO. As most of you may know, NATO paraphrased "motto" is: You "touch" anyone of us and we will all respond just as each one of us had been "touched".

Needles to say, the US is the "Lord of NATO" and the "Godfather of Israel" - and Turkey is not bluffing.

(1) News Report

Posted on September 5th, 2011

From (Mrs.) LM @ US - Part 2

Regarding the New Mass (see post of September 4th)
Will the people attending the New Mass still receive both forms of communion, or just one form?  It was unclear to me when I read the changes in the Priest's part of the mass.
I am asking you, and I know you are very busy, but I want an honest and spiritually informed answer.  I don't want an answer from those who are just following along, blindly.

Are some of the real benefits of the Mass being watered down, or taken away?

Should we still attend mass at our local churches?

Regarding both forms of communion, on page 41 of the published New Mass we read: "135. If any are present who are to receive Holy Communion under both kinds, the rite described in the proper place is to be followed." This would indicate that only in unspecified special occasions communion will be offered in both forms. As the rite reads now, the communicant is only to receive the (in reality) non consecrated host.

The key change that they should have made in the New Mass, and did not was:

In The Lord's Prayer

Toward the end of the Lord's Prayer, in English, it reads (and it has for a very long time): Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

To even think that God will lead us into temptation is beyond bad theology - it is blasphemy. There is only one tempter and that one is satan.

It is worthy of note that such blasphemous phrase does not appear in the Portuguese and Spanish versions of the Lord's Prayer.

Regarding the Nicene Creed - Old or New Versions

As we have discussed in the past, the Nicene Creed as it has also been prayed for centuries is misleading at best and incoherent at worst. It starts thus:
I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible. I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, born of the Father before all ages.
As you may see, it reads "I believe in one God, the Father almighty," - What that says is that there is only one God and that God is the Father Almighty.

To confirm the error, then it reads: "I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God". Here Jesus is presented as Lord but not God.

Although, later on, the initial error is patched up thus: "God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;"

The key to the error is the word "one" in  I believe in one God, the Father almighty.

The Apostles Creed reads:  I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary;

In the Apostles Creed God is spoken of as the Triune God should be: The Father Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. - The Most Holy Trinity.

We have not used the Nicene Creed for many years and prayed the Apostles Creed instead - including as part of the Mass.

In reference to your questions: Are some of the real benefits of the Mass being watered down, or taken away? Should we still attend mass at our local churches?

We reproduce below a recent post that should fully answer those questions. As you read it keep in mind that then the Consecration Formula was correct although many priests did not follow it. Now, with the New Mass language, the Consecration Formula is no longer valid.

Posted on May 14th, 2011  [St. Matthias, Apostle]

From miguel de Portugal - A follow up to the response given to (Ms.) BMF @ Thailand on May 13th

We published the following on July, 2010, which  addresses BMF's concerns.

From time to time we receive letters from the distressed Faithful, who are at a loss regarding their difficulty in finding a properly offered Mass near their place of residence, and/or their concern about taking part in a Mass offered under dubious circumstances.

Such dubious circumstance include: Masses where (a) the consecration of bread and wine is done improperly or not done at all (1); (b) hosts offered at communion time, allegedly consecrated in previous Masses, are retrieved from the Tabernacle; and (c) prayers are offered for the man who has been identified as the AntiChrist (2) and who, as expected, speaks from both sides of his mouth about the sexual abuse scandal and other matters of grave import (3).

Considering that:

(a) God clearly moved me to migrate to the Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church under the Patriarchate of Antioch [Acts 11:26-27] on September  23, 1998;
(b) At the turn of the first millennia, there were five Patriarchates: Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem and Rome;
(c) In the year 1054, as the result of political reasons thinly veiled under theological differences, the Patriarchate of Rome separated itself from the rest and became what is known today as the "Catholic Church".
(d) The only difference between the Patriarchate of Rome and the other Patriarchates is that the Bishop of Rome was considered the Successor of Peter (4); and
(e) The Petrine Succession ended with the death of John Paul II (5)

After much prayer seeking His Will regarding this matter, we understand that it would be advisable for the Faithful to either: migrate to any of the other Patriarchates (besides Rome) which may have a Church nearby, or follow (participate in) the live Orthodox Divine Liturgy on-line, with the communion being of a spiritual nature.

We have found an on-line selection of live Divine Liturgy services from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The schedule may be found in the listing of each Church broadcasting the Liturgy.

Remember, it must be live so that you may unite yourself - invoking the Communion of Saints - with the congregation and the clergy who are - at that very moment - offering the Mass.

Example of the invocation of the Communion of Saints just before the Divine Liturgy commences:

Eternal Father, invoking the Communion of Saints, I unite myself with my brethren, bodily present in the offering of the merits associated with this Divine Liturgy, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the intentions set forth by the officiating clergy as well as for my intention (verbally express your intention now).

At the time of Holy Communion, when the consecrated bread and wine are offered to those physically present at the Divine Liturgy, the Faithful, who are not physically present may offer the following Spiritual Communion Prayer:

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.  I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You.

Regarding the Sacrament of Reconciliation - continue to use the confessor that you feel comfortable with in the Roman Catholic Church of your choice. It is God who forgives you through the confessor; it is not the Church that forgives, despite what some may say.
(1) About the Consecration
(2) The AntiChrist
(3) The Abomination of Desolation
(4) The legitimate Petrine Ministry
(5) The Trajectory of John Paul II

The above was further expanded as follows through a response given on August 26th, 2010:

What Benedict XVI is/represents (1) cannot soil properly consecrated hosts and wine (2) and neither can it soil properly conducted Sacraments of Reconciliation, Baptism, Matrimony, etc. Therefore, as long as the host was properly consecrated the Faithful should not abstain from Adoration - on the contrary, the worse the world situation becomes, the more need for Adoration and Reparation exists.

If a Mass were to be properly offered, but in which there were no prayers for "the Pope", there would not be a problem either. The problem arises when - in communion with those assembled in Mass - prayers and praise are offered for Benedict XVI.

No one - not even satan and/or his precursor - can stand between an Elected one and Our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist, but praying for the precursor of the False Christ is not to be done in good conscience.

We trust that we have explained this very difficult to grasp point to the satisfaction of all.
(1) Who is Benedict XVI?
(2) The appropriate Transubstantiation procedure

In conclusion: If before the New Mass language is implemented, you participated in the Sacrament of the Holy Mass officiated by, for example, John Bosco, Albino Luciani (eventually H.H. John Paul I) or Karol Wojtyla (eventually H.H. John Paul II) or by any other priest with a like soul, so long you did not join in praying for and/or lauding Benedict XVI, there should not be any spiritual problems. Unfortunately, once the New Mass becomes official, that will no longer be the case.

We pray that we have answered those questions and others that may arise in the future regarding the language used in the New Mass.

Posted on September 4th, 2011 [Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted]

From (Mrs.) LM @ US - Part 1

Your recent post about the New Mass by KF in Ireland (1), prompted me look up the changes at the United States Conference of Bishops (2) site in the US.
Could you explain why in the Nicene Creed in the new Mass, there are these changes:
a) "one in Being with the Father" has been changed to "consubstantial with the Father." Wording that some people may not even be able to pronounce. What does this wording mean?
b) "by the power of the Holy Spirit he was born of the Virgin Mary" has been changed to "and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary." Does that still mean: born of the Virgin Mary?
c) "On the  third day he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures" has been changed to "and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures." The word "according" does not mean the same as fulfilled. "According to", is  what people say when they are gossiping.

Thank you for your time and May God continue to Bless you and keep you safe.


A. Thank you for the opportunity to briefly address the new English text for the Mass, a text which certainly brings to mind the New Order and the New Age.

Believe it or not, of the three items that you brought to our attention we see a problem with only one. There is indeed a major spiritual difference between "fulfillment of the Scriptures" and "accordance with the Scriptures".

"Consubstantial with the Father" better describes the spiritual reality of "one in Being with the Father". If you review again the revelation of the Secret Concept of the Holy Trinity (3) you will understand why.

The third item - the incarnation in the Virgin Mary - is so precise that while meditating upon it God revealed to miguel the mechanism of the Incarnation - the hypostatic union - if we could call it that a "mechanism", to a level which caused copious tears to flow. If and when He so Wills it, we would publish it as best we can in human terms.

Sadly, those tears have been replaced by a deep sadness, but no surprise, when we reviewed some of the Eucharistic Prayers. Up to now the Transubstantiation failed to occur (4) only if the priest did not follow the procedure; now, the non-Transubstantiation will become the rule.

Step No. 4 of the Sequence of Events (5) is no longer symbolic. What we read on Joel 1:9,13 will become manifest when said Mass becomes official. The priests you read about in Joel, who will lament, are those few who are still of God and will see through this horrific sham they call the New Mass.

We will address the Part 2 of your letter at a later time. In the meantime.... Let us continue to pray!
(1) See September 2nd Post
(2) Text of New Mass
(3) Secret Concept of the Holy Trinity
(4) About the proper Transubstantiation
(5) Sequence of Events

Have you heard that.... increased activity at 22 volcanoes in Indonesia has caused the alert to be raised? (1)
[our highlights]

The government has requested that local administrations remain on the alert for severe risks of volcanic eruptions, as the number of volcanoes showing abnormal activity continued to raise.

As of Friday, activity in 22 volcanoes was categorized as above normal, with six at alert level three and 16 at level two. Volcano status ranges from level one, which is normal, to four, which is the highest alert.

The Volcanology and Geophysical Disaster Mitigation Center  raised the status of Papandayan, one of the major tourist destinations in Garut, West Java, to alert level three on Friday.
(1) News Report

Posted on September 3rd, 2011 [First Saturday of the Month  and Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd]

From miguel de Portugal

In an effort to assist our readers in fully understanding our comments associated with the Divine Encouragement of September 2nd, we will give you a very concrete example that we lived through.

Almost 18 years ago, I decided to try to live according to His Will -100%. (At that time He had not yet revealed to me what we have written about discerning His Will. (1))

Therefore, I would get up and go through the motions of living (eating, hygiene, etc.) and, of course, fulfilling the Liturgical life that we have now led for two decades - and nothing else! It seems that I was waiting for a full set of marching orders for the day to be manifested somehow, before doing anything else.

A week went by. Peaceful and quite safe but, outside of whatever was accomplished through prayers, which I could not see immediately, nothing else happened. It felt as if I were in suspended animation.

Then, He explained to me the mechanism that needed to be followed to indeed "live according to His Will -100%".

Through the Liturgical exercises and prayers, I would get inspiration from Him about "this" and "that". Then would I set up tentative plans to carry out those inspired instructions and proceeded to implement them. Once "I was in motion" He intervened and adjusted my plans, one step at a time, to suit His will (and in some cases, He actually changed them completely, and the result was not what I thought it should have been).

I finally understood what really meant to "live according to His Will -100%".... and I have not stopped ever since.

(1) The Will of God - How do we know it? and The Will of God - How to Discern It and Understanding the Will of God

From (Mr.) WO @ NY, US

In reference to the post and your comments on the promotion of Archbishop Edwin O'Brien (0) by Maledict, let me offer some further commentary, expressing my personal observations.

O'Brien is no mere 'company man'; rather his track record reads as someone who is viewed as a 'man of confidence' . His career was fast-tracked by three successive Archbishops of NY, all of whom were quite 'friendly' to Opus Dei (Spellman, Cooke and O'Connor). (1)

The Military Archdiocese, in my opinion, has been used as a dumping ground for clerical pedophiles. The 'hide-a-priest' game has similarly been played with chaplaincies to hospitals, prisons and nursing homes, as well as the foreign missions. Once a priest is assigned to any of these ministries - and NOT officially resident in a parish - he is hidden. You would have an easier time finding a needle in a haystack, then to locate one of these priests.

Twice, O'Brien served terms as Rector of New York's St. Joseph Seminary, and he has also been Rector of the North America College in Rome (the 'bishop factory'). It could be said that in both cases, he "Opus Dei-ified' them (more than they already were). (2a, 2 b)

His terms as Rector of the NYC seminary produced a crop of (publicly) known clerical sex abusers. (3) As the Rector of a seminary is responsible for the acceptance of candidates for seminary training, their continued spiritual direction, and final approval of their ordination both to minor orders and to the priesthood itself, this raises some very serious questions.

The historic and 'spiritual' link between the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and the Crusades is obvious. Considering the 'footprints' of OD in O'Brien's career and his known views, his appointment would seem key to Benedict's plans for the Holy Land.


We thank you for continuing to share with our readers what you have learned by living in practically the "Front Row" of American Catholicism.

This information, by no means, gives us any joy or pleasure. We would prefer not have to address these matters ever again. However, the past and ongoing brainwashing by the Roman Catholic Church leadership was and is of such magnitude that we must keep reminding the faithful about the "holiness" of it all before they fall for the Church Administration's lies and deceit one more time.... which could very well be "the last time".

(0)  Private FYI&R Posts - September 1st
(1)   Source
(2a) Source
(2b) Clues to the Opus Dei links will be found in the identity of certain Faculty and Alumni.
(3)   Known clerical sex abusers (Click on 'Archdiocese of New York. From this list of known clerical sex abusers in the Archdiocese of NY, the following were trained under O'Brien in St. Joseph's Seminary: Albino, Bokulich, Calabrese, Kuhl, Mills.

Have you already heard that.... Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief, has been described as "mentally ill" by Michel Rocard, France's highly respected former prime minister? (1)

The 81-year-old elder statesman of the Socialist party delivered his damning verdict in a live TV interview on Monday night.

Mr. Rocard - French prime minister from 1988 to 1991 - said it was "clearly medical problems" that drove Mr. Strauss-Kahn to become embroiled in repeated sex scandals.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: Right on schedule! As Mr. Strauss-Kahn picks up the pieces of his life and career and starts his Phoenix-like come back - possibly to the French Presidency - a most high-profile member of his party comes out and defines him as "Mentally Ill".

As we have warned in the past - hell will freeze over before the world-wide string pulling powers allow "that Jew" (Mr. Strauss-Kahn) to assume the Presidency of France.
(1)   News Report

Without going into the pertinent details......
God dropped into miguel de Portugal's lap physical-world factual confirmation regarding the "Jewish component" of what he announced as prophecy some time back.

Quoting from said document (1):

The backlash will be a religious-totalitarian regime of the right which may be topped off by a falsification of the Second Coming of Christ. In this regime all Jews, Muslims and true Christians (Catholics and non Catholics)  - those who will not submit to the False Christ - will be brutally persecuted by those who adore the "Catholic" False Christ (2).

Voila! satan has set up the ultimate brutal circus: The "Catholic (false, of course) Christ", who has just "returned" will spearhead the extermination of Jews, Muslims and true Christians.

Brethren - that is satan's final Global Final Solution: The extermination of all who will not "dance to his music" and who will remain loyal to the true God they worship in different - but very real and faithful - ways.

We strongly recommend a review of said document (1).
(1)  Document
(2) About The False Christ

Posted on September 2nd, 2011
[First Friday of the Month]

From (Mr.) KF @ Ireland

Blessings to you in Christ, Miguel!

You may be interested in a report in the Irish Times ("Martin defends controversial new Roman missal") of Tuesday, 30 August 2011. (1)

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was in some controversy a few years back for promoting Opus Dei (OD) clergy to wealthy (rather than poor) parishes. He attended an OD meeting with Benedict XVI in Sydney, Australia, when he visited that city. He is seen by some as a sort of liberal messiah of Irish Catholicism. He is currently trying hard to implement the new mass. He IS of course, AN OPUS DEI MAN.

This is a cunning ploy since, despite the protests of the Association of Catholic priests regarding this new mass, Archbishop Martin is (surprise! surprise!) the enforcer for his majesty in Rome, the 'Man who always dresses to look like a lamb to hide the fact that he really is a wolf', the deceiver - Benedict XVI. This is what the Archbishop said:

"Prayers we know by heart will need to be relearned. Sentences will on occasion, be longer and the style of language will seem more formal. But over time, as we pray the texts, they will become more familiar to us and it is hoped that their richness and depth will bear fruit"

The new mass is to be implemented here starting on September 11th, 2011 (!!!), and is to be fully implemented by November 27th.

Boy those OD men have worked overtime on this! This new mass is essentially a sugar coated cyanide pill designed to remove the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I attended a Mass recently and the priest, perhaps unwittingly said that "we are offering the holy sacrifice of the mass FOR the holy father Benedict XVI" (2).

It is bad enough that the mass should be offered for the intentions of the false one, but this is taking it to a new level. It is of course a means for God to separate the Faithful, the Wheat, from the Unfaithful, the Chaff: only those truly guided by the Holy Spirit will see this fraud.

The foolish bridesmaids are out of oil and out of time - And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: [2 Thess. 2:10]

No doubt, beyond the veil, thus, after the apocalyptic fulfillment of the entirely inevitable and completely unavoidable Chastisement, we will encounter each other sometime.

Few have remained faithful alas in these times: I know of 'prophets' who are choosing to go along now with the luciferian deception in Rome despite knowing FULL WELL what Jesus meant through Matthew 24:15 ('the awful horror'): so they will be judged by Matt. 7:22 (' your name we spoke GOD'S message..'), and most likely will share the same fate as that false apostle, Judas Iscariot.



Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for sharing your views from the vantage point of Irish Catholicism. As we have said before  in other words: Ireland became the Second Birth Place of Christianity. If it had not been for the fine Irish people, the world would have lost over 90 % of Christian documentation as the events of the Dark Ages swept through Europe.

We are sure that, at the appropriate time, and through the Grace of God, we shall meet.
(1) News Report
(2) The AntiChrist

We have been informed that....

Ratzinger denies the Real Presence...

"Eucharistic devotion such as is noted in the silent visit by the devout in church must not be thought of as a conversation with God. This would assume that God was present there locally and in a confined way. To justify such an assertion shows a lack of understanding of the Christological mysteries of the very concept of God. This is repugnant to the serious thinking of the man who knows about the omnipresence of God. To go to church on the ground that one can visit God who is present there is a senseless act which modern man rightfully rejects."
Source: Die Sacramentale Begrundung Christliche Existenz by Joseph Ratzinger

and that....

Ratzinger does not condemn laxness in Catholics...

"I have nothing against people who, though they never enter a church during the year, go to Christmas Mass, or go on the occasion of some other celebration, because this is also a way of coming close to the light. Therefore, there must be different forms of involvement and participation."
Source: Zenit News interview, Oct. 1, 2001

If any of our readers have access to the original source - not a post from a Catholic group in the internet - about the above quotes, we would like to hear from you. Confirmation of the above may help those who are still blind and deaf - and must be awakened - believe what miguel de Portugal, in the Name of God, announced years ago. (1)

(1) The AntiChrist

The Religious Days of Note for September 2011 are....

2nd  First Friday of the Month

3rd  First Saturday of the Month  and [Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd]

4th Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted (Sunday after August 28th - Feast of St. Augustine)

8th  The Birthday of Our Lady

11th  Our Lady of Coromoto (patroness of Venezuela)

12th  [The Holy Name of Mary]

14th  The Triumph of the Cross (A date of even greater eschatological importance in the future.)

15th  Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

21st   St. Matthew - Evangelist

23rd  Conception of John the Baptist (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)

24th  Our Lady of Ransom

27th  [Mary, Protector of Orphans]

28th  Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year 5772) 

29th  Archangels Michael, Gabriel & Raphael

Posted on September 1st, 2011  [72nd Anniversary of the Official Beginning of WW II]

Have you heard that....  the British have awakened (after the recent destructive riots in their territory) to the fact that maybe, just maybe, there should be some restrictions to the capabilities of social media to organize and launch chaos at will? (1)

British officials and representatives of Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry met Thursday to discuss voluntary ways to limit or restrict the use of social media to combat crime and periods of civil unrest, while trying to dodge charges of hypocrisy and censorship that trailed Prime Minister David Cameron's call to restrict use of the networks after this month's riots.

The government's home minister, Theresa May, according to one account of the meeting, said that the aim was not to "discuss restricting Internet services," but to instead "crack down on the networks being used for criminal behavior."

The M+G+R Foundation comments: There is nothing like pain (2) to wake up the Zombies leading this world.... of Zombies.

(1) News Report
(2) The waking up power of pain


Did you know what was.... the price set on the first Apple computer?

The price was a very symbolic $666.66 US. (1)

The Apple I, also known as the Apple-1, was the personal computer released by Apple in 1976. They were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. The Apple I was Apple's first product. It was demonstrated in April 1976 at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California.

The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 at a price of US$666.66, because Wozniak liked repeating digits and because they originally sold it to a local shop for $500 and added a one-third markup.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  One must wonder if, when these two computer geniuses picked the price, they did so in ignorance of the usual meaning of 666, or (in part) to flout religion and convention?
It seems symbolic that Apple, now one of the world's most valuable companies, started with a 666 in its history. But, then again, the "apple" had already come to symbolize the forbidden fruit that satan convinced Eve to eat so that she "would become like God".

Do we need to call the Prophet Daniel to interpret this proverbial handwriting on the wall?
(1) Apple's History

Meanwhile, at the Vatican.... it is business as usual.

Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien has [been] promoted by Pope Benedict. (1)

Earlier this year, when notorious predator Fr. Laurence Brett was found dead in the Caribbean, O'Brien failed to initiate an investigation into whether diocesan officials helped to hide Brett from secular authorities. As the head of the military archdiocese, in a highly controversial move, O'Brien fired long time whistleblower and victims' advocate Fr. Tom Doyle just months before his retirement.

O'Brien has been urged to explain why predators were allowed into the armed forces, why their crimes were kept secret and why whistleblowers who reported abuse were punished.  He has not done so.

In essence, O'Brien has repeatedly failed to reach out to abuse survivors or to take real steps that would protect children. This sends a message to other church officials that those who shield and protect predators will be rewarded. Until those who protect wrong doers are punished, nothing will change.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  Eternal Rome. It will be "Business as Usual" until Rome is no more. Something that is not far at all in the future.

(1)   News Report I  and  News Report II

Now you can blame the weather.... when you blow your lid and smack your neighbor, boss, wife/husband, child, or just feel like invading another country.

Climate is Major Violence Trigger (1)

Researchers say that, by using the forecasts of El Nino effectively, officials might be able to predict possible outbreaks of violence and be more prepared to handle them.

A new study in the journal Nature finds that war is associated with global climate.  Researchers from Princeton University and the Earth Institute at Columbia University focused on the natural climate cycle known as El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO. This periodic warming of Pacific Ocean waters occurs every three to five years - alternating with cooling periods known as La Nina.

The authors tallied some 234 conflicts across 175 countries in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Pacific and the Americas where more than 25 people were killed in a given year. Half the conflicts caused more than 1,000 battle-related deaths.

Lead author and Princeton University researcher Solomon Hsiang says the work is the first to document a correlation between climate and civil unrest on a global scale in modern times.  "When we went back and looked through the data since 1950 approximately one-in-five civil conflicts were influenced by El Nino."

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  The only thing that we can take seriously nowadays is the suffering of the poor and abandoned. As for the rest, whether they are politicians, scientists or "men of the cloth," they have become a gaggle of malicious clowns.
(1)  Report

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