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Delivered by miguel de Portugal in the God's Holy Name

 10 A.M. at St. Peter's Square, The Vatican, on December 31, 2000

Explanatory Notes

Although he did not know the purpose of the trip until after his arrival,  miguel de Portugal was moved to go to Rome at the last minute in December 2000 to make the following pronouncement. As it would be expected, the space was miraculously available at such a late date and all arrangements fell into place perfectly, although they were not so at the time of booking the journey.

The text was given and written down once miguel arrived in Rome.

This terrible Pronouncement, delivered while standing in St. Peter's Square and facing St. Peter's Basilica at the unmistakable Command of God, was addressed to the deeds of the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church - those who were responsible, by act or omission, for  leading the Church established by Jesus Christ into the service of Mammon instead of God.

 This pronouncement was not, in any way, directed to the Catholic Faith, which we uphold and defend. Nor it it was directed to the members of the Hierarchy and clergy who, over the centuries, have cooperated with God so that the pristine Catholic Faith reached mankind today, when the Faith is most needed in preparation for the End of These Times.


Accursed work of men - created in defiance of God - The Vatican!

May no more bad fruit ever come from you again and may no one ever eat again of the decomposed fruit which you have produced over the last two thousand (1) years !

Make way for the True Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

May it shine forth and liberate poor humanity from your abominable yoke.

May no stone remain on top of another stone! (2)

In His Most Holy Name we do speak!

Que assim seja!
["Amen" in Portuguese]

(1) This line was not part of the text originally given to miguel by God; it was given as the written text was being pronounced upon The Vatican.
(2) Although the "Imperial Church" was not established until more than 1600 years ago, the perversion of the Evangelization effort  neutralized the Evangelization progress made in the first 400 years of Christianity.

Published in full on July 9th, 2013

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