Sixth Focused Prayer Group Novena

The novena prayer that we recommend and which should be started at noon on the very first day - December 8th - and continued on the remaining eight days at a time when the group member finds most conducive to linking up to Heaven, is the following:
Maria, Rosa Mystica, fragrant rose of mysticism, wonderful flower of divine knowledge; of purity and of blinding beauty; of brilliant and shining glory; of power and overwhelming love.

We kneel before You to pray, to look, and to listen.

To pray that we may become like You.

To look at You and to inhale Your heavenly perfume until we have, above all, taken something of Your immaculate, pure, and perfect being into our inner selves.

To listen more attentively to every single word of Yours which You have spoken not only in the past but even more so in the present, more frequently and more insistently.

We do not always want  to listen and heed what You say.... what Your picture and tears are already saying to us and asking us to do.

We now want to listen to Your quiet motherly voice when it speaks to us so tenderly and consolingly with motherly understanding and concern.

We now want to open our hearts to You so that we remain loyal to Your Son's Will.

We now want to never say again "we have no time" to fulfill Your requests.

Mary, fragrant Rose of Mysticism, please help us to look inside ourselves and to examine ourselves well; help us to know ourselves better, especially in those areas of thought and deed which displease You; help us then to become more like You.

We promise that we shall try to imitate You.

Please help us to work on ourselves so that Your love will always shine through wherever we may be.

3 Hail Mary...

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.


Maria Rosa Mystica - Immaculate Conception - Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Mother of Grace - Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ... You came down to Earth to call upon us children to love one  another, to unite, and live in peace.

You request from us charity, prayer, and penance. We thank God from the bottom of our hearts that He has given You to us as Our Mother and Mediatrix in all our needs.

Mary, full of grace, we beseech You, and grant our Focused Prayer Group the Grace to be able to fulfill the Will of God in our lives as He intended for us from all Eternity and to serve Him as He truly deserves.

You promised us that your would be very close to us with Your motherly love and assistance and I believe this truth.

Rosa Mystica, my Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother, be so kind as to grant our request.


Hail Holy Queen...

Final Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, You have sent us Your Mother as a wonderful example of holiness and mysticism. I  ask You to grant us Your help to imitate Your Most Holy Mother more and more and to become steadfast intercessors for the conversion of our sinful brothers and sisters, most specially those priests and religious who fail You.

We ask this in Your Most Holy Name.