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The film "Son of God"

An Exercise in the Falsification of the Gospels


In this document we propose to evaluate, in the light of Scripture, the film "The Son of God".

Summarizing -   we can only come to one conclusion: The overall objective of the film "The Son of God" is to present "another Jesus", a Jesus who did not die to atone for our sins but simply to "change the world" in a very earthly sense.

That is, to promote a message completely contrary (0) to the essence of Christianity.

As the reader delves into the background of the production and its creators, much more will become evident.


A recently released movie about Jesus, titled "The Son of God" (1) is a reinvention of the life of Jesus according to the ideas of producers - Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

They have reconstructed a story, from Birth to Ascension from elements and scenes from the New Testament, but have done so in a way that not one of the depicted scenes reflect how it is described in the Bible nor its meaning.

An example:

Why does the film depict the Roman soldiers tearing the tunic worn by Jesus when Scripture tells us very clearly that his tunic was not torn, but they cast lots for it? (John 19:24)

This tells us two things:

When the Biblical texts are contradicted in such an obvious and scandalous manner, it must be due to a definite intention on the part of the filmmakers - and not as a sustainable "artistic" justification.

Those who heartily endorse the film, either not care what the real truth is or do not have the sensitivity to realize that every detail about the life of Jesus  mentioned in the Holy texts did not happen "just because".

In each event of the life of Jesus there is a reason of theological significance. Not knowing the reason behind each biblical symbolism is no excuse to despise;  much less to deny it.

It is interesting to note that: The deliberate tearing of clothing was known through both the Old and New Testaments. When done to one's self, it was usually a physical expression of grief or righteous indignation. The custom was also done as a symbolic removal of authority i.e. the tearing of a king's royal robe.

Despite this inventiveness, so far from biblical fidelity, it is amazing the great support that is being given to the film by various religious leaders - even after a year of its release -  in particular, by two high ranking and very influential hierarchs from the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church. Even though the technical quality of the film does not reach the level to which we are accustomed with Hollywood productions, it is amazing the great promotional effort being spent.

We must ask ourselves: Why this obviously full official support and promotion of a twisted version of the Gospels?


We started the paper saying...

The overall objective of the film "The Son of God" is to present "another Jesus", a Jesus who did not die to atone for our sins but simply to "change the world" in a very earthly sense.

Why do we say this? Consider the facts that led us to this conclusion:

They seek justice ... only in this world

From the very beginning of the movie we can see the efforts to emphasize the cruelty of the Roman army, even inventing the shocking scene in which Pilate kills an innocent child. This violence seems to be very appropriate for the apparent agenda of the promoters of the movie. If the justification of the mission of Jesus is - as they think - to only establish social justice and not the plan of redemption for our sins, then they would be interested in portraying an oppressing world empire in the worst light possible.

They want to change the world ... with the methods of this world

In the scene where Jesus meets first with Peter, dialogue is totally reinvented (same as in other scenes). In the film, after Jesus says "I will make you fisher of men", Peter asked, "What shall we do?" And the answer they have invented and put into the mouth of Jesus is "Change the World".

Of course, hearing "change the world" after the viewer has seen terrible cruelty of the Roman Empire, one will think of a very worldly message: The introduction of a new social order, and not the Kingdom of Heaven as taught by the Scriptures. (2)

They deny the opportunity for eternal life

  Throughout the film one does not hear about the true and deeper reason why Jesus came into the world: To die for our sins and give us the opportunity to accept Him as Savior and, in this way, gain Eternal Life.
  Such a serious omission culminates in the scene in which, in the re-invented the "Last Supper", we see "Jesus" saying that the bread is His Body and the wine His Blood, without stating the most important concept: that they are being offered for the forgiveness of sins. (3)

They look for other teachers above Jesus

In a dialogue while speaking about John the Baptist,  the manufactured "Jesus" states (again, words which are not found in the Bible): "John was the greatest teacher I have ever met".

Naturally, that fits well with the philosophy "New Age", in which Jesus is presented as an "ascended master" who would have received their wisdom, not from Heaven, if not through other human teachers in the form of a "secret knowledge". Quite the opposite of what the New Testament teaches us.

Even in the Scripture Jesus himself is very explicit in His warning against this practice: "But be not you called Rabbi. For one is your master; and all you are brethren." (Matthew 23:8)

 They deny the divinity of Jesus

Naturally, a "savior" as portrayed in this film, which is to "change the world" through a new social order, whose wisdom comes from "another teacher" whose death has no power to redeem us from our sins, obviously cannot be divine. This was achieved through the manipulation of the scriptures.

The real Jesus said: "...believe in God, believe also in me" (4) and not "Trust in God. Trust me too." as He said in another manufactured dialogue during the Last Supper. If they actually believe in the divinity of Jesus, they would not need to dramatically separate the "trust in God" and "trust in Jesus" since would be the same thing.
At this point, can it be said that the film conveys the essence of Christianity? What good is that the creators and promoters of the film present themselves as "Christians"?

The Promoters of the project - Who are they?

All indications are that the film project, including its promotion, is built mainly on the partnership of:

(1) The producers of the film, which is the married couple: Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

(2) The secretive religious and seemingly pious organization known worldwide as the "Opus Dei" (The Work of God). (6)

As is usual in similar cases, each part of the alliance may be driven by different motivations, with or without the knowledge of the other partner's objective.

The objective is, remember, present a de-deified Jesus who will come to establish a new social order very much of this world.

One motivation of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey - What are their true ideas?

Undoubtedly, the Burnett-Downey team has been the most visible members of the partnership behind the film. Not only are they listed in the credits as producers, but they occupy the undeniable "star role" as guardians and promoters of the project in the extra material that accompanies the film on DVD .

In particular, the influence of Roma Downey on the project (and possibly on her husband) is also evident in that she is the actress chosen to play the role of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, we would not be surprised that she could have been behind the idea of promoting Mary Magdalene as one more apostle in the film.

A brief on-line research reveals the very clear association of  the ideas of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey with those of "New Age" philosophy. Some quotes introduce us to Roma Downey as follows:
"Downey graduated from the University of Santa Monica, a private graduate school founded by New Age spiritual and self-help guru John-Roger, and will graduate with a master's degree in spiritual psychology in June [2010]." (7)

 And we found that the "master's degree in spiritual psychology" of the University of Santa Monica includes among its "benefits":

"Awakening into the awareness of yourself and others as Divine Beings having a human experience." (8)

"In the book, Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology,  by H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., Mary R. Hulnick, Neale Donald Walsch. The New Age Roma Downey provides this glowing endorsement (available online) near the beginning of the book as follows: ..... " (9)

That is, Roma Downey gives its warm support for a book that is co-author Neale Donald Walsch, an apostle of "New Age" who asserts human divinity. (10)

Naturally, when Mark and Roma try to project their New Age ideas through the Bible, they will not fit; therefore, they need to change the Bible and the figure and mission of Jesus to make all fit as the plan calls for. They just present to the world their New Age version of "salvation". For this they do not mind allying themselves with...

The Opus Dei

How can they profit from the movie's version of Salvation?
We noted that in the promotional extras accompanying the DVD, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, José H. Gomez, prominently appears endorsing the film (11).  In addition, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington also appears offering his warm support and endorsement (12). Both are members of Opus Dei and publicly admit their allegiance to Escriva (not in the DVD).

So what could their plan be? Let's see ...

In the "extras" of the DVD of the film, it explains how they intend / intended to promote the film to the Spanish speaking public. The truth is that their technique is somewhat strange although typical of their modus operandi. This is what is said:

 "If you want to see the Spanish version, ....  Talk with your priest, with your pastor, with your coworkers... You just have to assemble at least 100 people." or call a phone they provide. (13)

Naturally, this unusual way of promoting the film calls for the gathering of groups of people giving the Opus Dei members an opportunity to recruit new members while promoting a different Gospel and a different Jesus. Let us not forget that the Opus Dei "Bible" is the pamphlet authored by Escriva which he called "The Way".... when any Christian worth its salt knows that Jesus is "The Way" - the ONLY one!
The unsuspecting public ignore the allegiance of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey with New Age ideas, but the Opus Dei elite like Gomez and Wuerl are not stupid (in things of this world), yet they team up with them. Obviously the Opus Dei does not mind the biblical rewriting in the film since it fits perfectly well with their long term plans (6).

As for the lack of quality befitting a Hollywood" film...

The technical quality of the film does not reach the level to which we are accustomed for Hollywood productions. How do you explain this for a film that bears the stamp of the prestigious "20th Century Fox"?

It seems that instead of the film being gestated at the upper echelons of Hollywood, it must have been a project conceived from outside Hollywood inner circles. After it had been produced it must have found a "godfather" in Hollywood for its final promotion/distribution.

Who could this contact be? We note that "20th Century Fox", the powerful Hollywood establishment, which has been responsible for the "Son of God", also had its name and fame behind "There Be Dragons" - the film about the life of the founder of Opus Dei (14).

It seems that this apparent coincidence gives the answer.

Other traces of Opus Dei in the film

We end this section by pointing out two other "footprints" of Opus Dei in the film. In this case, traces are visible in the plot / film development:

(1) In this film we have seen the exaggerated perversity of "the Jews" all of whom are made responsible for the death of Jesus in the collective mind, in spite of the fact that the Masters of the Temple were the true murderers.

Now, remember that the Opus Dei friendly Spanish Blue Division (15) fought elbow to elbow with Nazi Germany.

(2) In the film, after the Resurrection, an enthusiastic Peter improvises a "Mass" -  without even the minimum elements for it to be valid) wherein he says: "I am the Way ..." A subtle message/reminder of the emblematic work of the founder of Opus Dei: "The Way" and the heavily promoted elsewhere false claim that there is no Salvation (16) outside Peter's Church, (17)

If you want to connect the New Age Movement with the Opus Dei Agenda and a claimant to be the Successor of Peter - Click Here.


The intent of those behind this adulteration of the Biblical texts cane be further confirmed by the cover of the film DVD being sold in Europe. The film is available (within the same DVD) in its original English version as well as dubbed in Polish, Hindu and Hungarian.

It is also available (within the same DVD) with the following subtitles: Portuguese, English for those hearing impaired, Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hindu, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian, Swedish and Hungarian.

In other words - they wish to reach as many unsuspecting viewers as possible.

It is interesting to note that there are no subtitles in Italian, French, German, Spanish or Russian.

In closing - Remember, these are the same people who are behind the heavily promoted series titled The Bible where we can witness the same level of adulteration of the truth, among other perversions.

(0)  Just as the Opus Dei failed theology
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(11)  The Archbishop of Los Angeles, Archbishop José H. Gomez, a member of Opus Dei:
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(12)  Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, is a member of Opus Dei [link accessed January 2015]: "Archbishop Donald Wuerl celebrated the Mass for the feast day of Saint Josemaria in Washington, D.C. In his homily he declared that Saint Josemaría reminds us to rejoice in the challenge of transforming the world."
(13)  In the website of the movie they go on with bizarre promotion methods. Instead of just saying "buy the DVD online or in the nearest shop," intend purchasing methods such as "Purchase ticket vouchers (50 minimum)", "Host a a Son of God movie event", "Become a Son of God Embassador", "Help us find Son of God Ambassadors who buy out theaters to host a Son of God Movie Event on opening weekend for their friends, family, church and schools."....
(14)  The movie "There Be Dragons" bears the stamp of "20th Century Fox"
(15) The Blue Division
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Originally issued on January 26th, 2015 - Memorial of Sts. Timothy and Titus

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