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About the spiritual harm associated to Covid-19 "vaccination"

Originally published on March 27th, 2021


We have received a letter containing the following reflection/doubt:

I am very perplexed about the vaccine for Covid19 and if I should take it. So many of my family and friends have gotten both shots. They cannot be all be forever lost to a Heavenly Home.

Mrs. IW

The implicit reference of Mrs. IW is to our warning that "The equivalent of the Mark of the Beast may be the tests and 'life saving' vaccine" (1)

This document is a response to address that very valid and important question.


Our response follows, regarding what you say, that "So many of my family and friends have gotten both shots. They cannot be all be forever lost to a Heavenly Home."

That is a very good point and we thank you for bringing it to the forefront.

Of course, taking the "vaccine" (2) does not make a person to become an "anti-Christian werewolf". And we have to refrain from judging anyone, "vaccinated" or not. But attesting that a person gets "vaccinated" without him/her becoming "a werewolf" does not mean that accepting the shot is spiritually harmless.

It can be more subtle than that. We do not know the details of how the "vaccines" or related tests will be or are becoming "the mark" (1). But in the least severe scenario, it works in this way:

Think about the "apple" of temptation as a cake. You do not have to take the virtual "apple" in one piece, since the cake can be presented in little pieces. However small it can be, the most important piece of the cake is the first one. Why? Because, once you have turn a thought into a physical action, the process of auto-justification starts (3).

"Auto-justification" means that, as part of our human nature, we tend to justify actions we have already done, weakening our ability to judge objectively.

Now, with the "vaccines"... They (the planners) do not seem to want to end it all with one "vaccine" and then no more. Currently, a possible plan seems to be a "vaccine" every season (or for every new "strain"), pretending to justify it on the grounds that "there are different strains". (4)

The first "vaccine" may not carry the worst load (5) but, once you have accepted the first "vaccine", won't you be more inclined to accept others (or passports implanted in the skin, or whatever)? You (or any person) would be stepping on a process, not on a single action.

In each step they can imprint a little more compromise against your moral or thinking principles. It would work like an inclined plane that takes you comfortably to the final "touch" that you wouldn't have accepted in the first place.

So, what kind of spiritual harm can do just a shot in the first place? At least this: Compromising your sense of truth - that feeling that "something is not right" and which gently moves you to continually ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.

It is the better to keep alive and healthy that "sense of truth", because the ultimate deception - the manifestation of the deceiver (6) - is guaranteed to be more convincing, appealing and "convenient" - in many orders of magnitude - than the current campaign for "vaccinations".


(1) The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast May Be the Tests and "Life Saving" Vaccine

(2) We write the words "vaccine", "vaccination" and "vaccinated" between quotes because the FDA refers to the injections as "candidate vaccines" and "unapproved products" (only allowed for emergency use) in their official documentation. That authoritative support alone is enough to qualify those biological agents as experimental, not even proven to be real vaccines (still "candidates").

(3) Auto-justification is a form of denial

(4) Or, instead of a second "vaccine", the second step could be to carry on a very physical proof that you have been "vaccinated".

(5) Or may be it does. We are not discounting the worst except hypothetically. Here, we are referring to the "load" as "what allows the act of the injection or the injected substance to operate as a mark". Apart from that, it is a proven fact that the injections are causing physical damage in more people than authorities are reporting.

(6) The proper identification of the False Christ is imperative for the faithful not to fall into an irreversible error

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Originally published on March 27th, 2021 in For Your Information and Reference • Published as a stand-alone document on August 18th, 2021

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