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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  January - February 2005

From Anonymous @ USA [Published on February 28th, 2005]

 Q.   Have you read Desmond Birchs book on antichrist and coming muslim invasion, he uses Catholic saints and mystics throughout the centuries, very accurate, very telling.

Only one problem, it doesnt jive with your dribble. Read it and learn something about your faith.

Antichrist is many year away, fool.


A.  How Blessed are we!  We have just come across this letter which we received just 15 days after the New York-Washington catastrophe of September 11, 2001

The letter and our response may be found at  We have been identified as fools!

From TJ  @ USA [Published on February 26th, 2005]

 Q.   Did you mean in your Feb 25 article that you will no longer have a web page?.


A.  As we stated in the February 25th article "...unless God dictates otherwise, we shall start shutting down the Domains as the 7th year of publication draws to an end."

From HC  @ USA [Published on February 22nd, 2005 - The Chair of Peter]

 Q.   May God Bless you, friends!

 My name is H. I am Colombian and live in the U.S. I am Catholic and live in accordance with the Commandments of the Law of God and frequent the Sacraments also. I have lived in the Us for 5 years and find that Catholics here are not very aware of the messages regarding the Second Coming of Christ.

I am trying to gather people who believe in these messages so that we study in depth and better learn the messages that Miguel de Portugal makes known to us through your website. The priests of my parish do not wish to discuss these matters; as a matter of fact, they seem annoyed when I inquire about this.  My conscience dictates to me that I have some responsibility towards my brothers and sisters in regards to the dissemination of this information. Please, I need some advise or guidance from your part since I am also studying the messages of  X and Y visionaries.

I will be praying for your cause that Divine Providence Guard and Bless you.


A.  Yes, dear brother, you and every man and woman of Faith "...have some responsibility towards my brothers and sisters in regards to the dissemination of this information." Unfortunately, most do not act upon such responsibility as you do.

First of all we warn you about becoming a Visionary Message Hunter. We have addressed this in our document regarding the Proliferation of Visionaries. This has become the Catholic equivalence of reading the daily Horoscope or go to the local Palm Reader since the Faithful are disoriented because of the lack of shepherds. Although we can accurately evaluate and expose many Visionaries, with rare exceptions we decline to do so and offer the blanket warning about all.

As you have probably noticed - we present, explain and expound of the Heavenly Messages which are still valid and, in many cases, yet to be manifested.
These are La Salette - in English and Spanish , Fátima,  in English - in Spanish, Rosa Mystica, Akita, Garabandal, Kibeho and Early Medjugorje.

If you have noticed, although M de P has a comprehensive view of what may be found in piece-meal in those messages, he continues to refer the Faithful to the original messages, with the warning of watching out for the "New and Improved" versions. These versions are nothing more than disinformation campaigns hosted by satan to destroy what Mary did for Her children - Two illustrations you may wish to review are the Conspiracy to Finally Discredit Fátima, in English - in Spanish, and How the very important Blue Army of Fátima was essentially demolished; also meditate on the statement by M de P regarding Medjugorje:" The concerned Bishop who approved to then condemned Medjugorje was right both times!"

What M de P does with the comprehensive view given to him by God is: (1) Work behind the scenes with world leaders to reduce the suffering while Divine Justice is Dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled - this is an example; (2) Show mankind that God has done all possible to warn it and that He will not contemplate complaints and excuses when the fury of Divine Justice is fully unleashed on Earth; (3) Present mankind with a Road Map, in English - in Spanish, of what will take place until the End of These Times so that the Faithful, the true children of God - those who have Eyes and Ears - can easily navigate until the End; etc.

What we suggest that you do with your group is, after much prayer and Scriptural readings, is to review the Messages which we have cited above. We assure you - they contain all that mankind needs to know regarding what to do when faced with the obviously failed Evangelization effort of the Roman Catholic Church. Why else would anyone think that Mary has kept coming to get us back on track?

In reference the attitude of your local pastors - If you were a willing cooperator with the Administration of an organization who betrayed Heaven and caused untold suffering, in English - in Spanish, - would you not do likewise....?

...and those who in a wishful thinking denial state want to believe that Miguel de Portugal is just a pessimist and he will share the same future as the prophet Jonah... think again, then, look up what was to the eventual future of Ninveh. The "first pass through Niniveh" was completed already... now,  time has ran out for Niniveh.

From GMcE  @ Ireland [Published on February 17th, 2005]

"Mirjana said: Before the visible sign is given to humanity, there will be three warnings to the world. The warnings will be in the
form of events on earth. Mirjana will be a witness to them. Three days before one of the admonitions, Mirjana will notify a priest of
her choice. The witness of Mirjana will be a confirmation of the apparitions and a stimulus for the conversion of the world. "
Was the Tsunami one of these events, and if so what number in the sequence.
Does consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary indicate that your name is in the "Book of Life" for all time.
Thanking You

G Mc E

A.  As we recall from earlier revelations to m de P - of those three warnings, one is the Warning spoken of in Garabandal. We know nothing about the substance of the other two, however....

m de P learns much by observing, in retrospect, what God has done/said through him in the past and maybe, together, we may answer your question as a human conclusion and not necessarily a prophecy.

There have been two major events which m de P called the world's attention to as obvious warnings from Heaven. The first one was the September 11 events which we have seen, and announced, as the precursor for Step No. 1. The second has been the recent Tsunamis in South East Asia, about which we made the following post:

Posted On: December 26, 2004

The number of  Christmas Day 2004-2005 Earthquakes continue to increase and God Wills that I remind one and all that the area most affected by the greatest earthquake on earth of the last 40 years (8.9 Richter)  took place in the focal point of Sex Tourism in which the young ones are prostituted for the deviant pleasure of the "tourists".

What the world is now witnessing is another chapter of Divine Mercy in Action

We repeat: The power  to diminish the need for God to exercise His last ditch effort to bring souls back to Him and Eternal Life still is in our hands.

Therefore -  those two may be two of the warnings. The one Mirjana has to notify a priest of her choice  three days before it takes place may be the one announced in Garabandal.

Regarding "Does consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary indicate that your name is in the "Book of Life" for all time?"  Review our document about the coexistence Time and Eternity and then, if it is God's Will, your question will be answered through the information that you will find there.

From ER  @ USA [Published on February 12th, 2005]

 Q. i am not that experienced on the computer. but i know that everything you state is the truth. it is constantly affirmed. ipray befor the tabernacle as much as possible.

the last two days ihave been very sad. to tears. i actually felt commpelled to prostrate myself before the tabernacle and beg GODS mercy on the world.

i pray constanyly for the conversion of sinners. through the rosary OUR LADY has taught me tolove my brothers and sisters and many other i saw the popes picture in the paper and to me he did not look like the same man.

i need some confirmation because most people do not believe me like you iam compelled to tell almost everyone about GODS love and mercy truly evweryone is in denial  i can usually tell when aperson is truly open to the WORD. and to be able to discern a true lover of the truth.

i am a fool for JESUS CHRIST hios mother taght me to love the trinity so much i sometimes feel i could explode do you understand

 e r

A.  Dear sister in Christ - It is quite obvious that you know all that needs to be known at this time. What you know, thus are acting upon, will greatly assist in reducing the suffering in this world while the Old Testament Prophecies are finally are fulfilled.

Your computer abilities? We have never read the necessity of computer expertise in any of the major Marian Messages - what She needs is exactly what you are doing.

We desperately need more fools for Jesus Christ and less egocentric "Christians" who live in denial.

May God continue to Bless you!

From BT  @ USA [Published on February 6th, 2005]

 Q.   Obviously this site has been set up by someone who takes the teaching of the Church very seriously (as we all should), yet keeps that separated from the administration or temporal part of the Church.

I will have some questions later, but will spend some time poking around.  I am very intrigued by what I see, but find the navigation a bit cumbersome.

Incidentally, I am a practicing Catholic interested in following accurately what God wants for me.


  A.  Welcome aboard!

 Since you are "... a practicing Catholic interested in following accurately what God wants for me." , not only you are in the right place but also in the frame of mind God wanted His children to be - thus the importance of the Holy Spirit of God in His children's life.

Think of the "cumbersome navigation" of our Domain as if we were Speaking in Parables. God will see that whatever each visitor needs to come upon, he/she will.  We have installed portals to Google Search Engine in several key pages, Engines which will search exclusively in our Domain.

"Give a hand" to the Holy Spirit of God in finding what He Wills you do.

From AQ  @ Australia  [Published on January 31, 2005]

 Q.   Hello partners in Christ: I say that, putting ANY image, picture, icon of Catholic belief, alongside the Monstrance with the Eucharist on the Altar during a Exposition, is committing the sin of Idolatry.
Please comment,
Thank you

  A.  This situation, like others, may not be a sin (venial or mortal) in itself but will lead to sin, in this case, idolatry.  Logically, we should avoid situations that may lead to sin as much as possible - always recurring to God for strength in doing so - and always out of Love of God and not fear. Fear - without exception - is from satan and never of God.

Therefore there should be no representation of any creature on the altar - or near enough that would distract the faithful from the Eucharist reality - during the exposition of our Lord present in the Eucharist.

Through the Grace of God, miguel de Portugal knows the mechanism that "would lead to sin" in this case, but it is not for revelation at this time. Just know that it will indeed lead to the sin of idolatry and should be avoided. For more on how apparently innocuous actions lead to idolatry review our document which covers such matter.

From RD  @ USA  [Published on January 27, 2005]

 Q.   I am facing a particular type of marital problem, which I'm guessing,  some of your faithful readers may be experiencing as well.  For the last
nine years my wife has lost all interest in any display of physical affection and we have not had any marital relations.  When I raise my concerns about
our lack of intimacy, she refuses to discuss the matter and tells me to practice self gratification if I need a sexual release.

 I have read your document, "Divorce among Catholics may be possible" several times, but I have been unable to find an answer.  I have spoken to our parish priest about this issue several times, and he has encouraged me to divorce my wife because she is unable psychologically to carry out her duties as my wife.  I have to believe our marriage was valid because my wife, being a very intelligent person, must have understood the requirements of a loving union when we took our vows before God.  Also we finished the marriage preparation course sponsored by our diocese.

But starting on the second day of our union, she has treated me with little respect and less love, and she refuses to tell me the reasons for her behavior.  If I divorce my wife under these circumstances, will I need to get the Vatican approved annulment in order to remarry?  Also, if I indulge in self gratification under these circumstances, is it a mortal sin?

Or, since Jesus spoke so strongly against divorce, would I be wiser to stay in the marriage in hopes that things will eventually improve and offer  up my hardships to "redemptive suffering" as recommended by the Virgin Mary when she spoke to the children at Fatima?  I'll appreciate any help you can give me.



  A.  Without a doubt the situation seems to be complex but appearances are indeed deceiving. We shall take one point at a time to avoid confusing digressions.

1. Based on what we believe and have written - NOTES included - about matrimony, you must have an annulment if you wish terminate the relationship with your wife. Even though she seems to be seriously psychologically unbalanced - which has nothing to do with intelligence - you had all the necessary preparation prior to entering the Sacrament of Matrimony - "for better or worse".

2. Her mental condition,  from what you state: "But starting on the second day of our union, she has treated me with little respect and less love" , should be more than enough grounds to secure a legitimate annulment. We refer you to the Note in our document regarding the validity of the mental condition of one of the parties to a matrimony as a reason to secure an annulment.

3. In the meantime - while the "holy paperwork" is processed you should: (a) Pray for her healing; and (b) Offer this suffering for redemptive purposes. God well knows that you wish to remain with your original choice; furthermore, it is in His power, once you offer your suffering for her healing, to do so in a harmonious way. If He does not change the situation by the time the "holy paperwork" is completed, then, it is obvious that He Wills that you proceed and complete the annulment.

4. No. Practicing self gratification is not a mortal sin, per se, regardless of the times such story has been used to control humans. However, it, like any short-circuiting of the human psycho-spiritual-physical balance may lead to mortal sin. We have covered the dangers of this so called  "short circuiting" in our document about homosexuality.

Be at peace. Precisely because of your sincere desire to do what is right, God will assist you both in a most solicitous manner to resolve this situation.

If this was a "Test" for miguel de Portugal (a la "Should we pay taxes to Caesar?" [Luke 20:20-26]), well, we thank you for the opportunity.

From CH  @ NZ  [Published on January 22, 2005]

 Q.   In response to a private communication from us, CH responds thus...

In reference to what you tell me: ......"We think that your heart and soul are in a position to give a good level headed evaluation of what you experience......."

I will be happy to report factually what I see and experience (at a religious presentation in his area). As for the condition of my heart and soul...... I try each day to become a better person, whatever that may be. I care about others, but I am no saint. I have done some terrible things in my past and still do. I acknowledge that I have also done many good things for others. I am so saddened by the state of the world, but also I contribute in some ways to the state it is in.

Please don't put me on any pedestal regarding the condition of my heart and soul - I don't deserve it. I am as sinful as anyone, probably more than many. But I have hope. For all of us.

Kind Regards


  A.  No. We are not placing you on a pedestal.

Amazing as it may seem for us to say, considering our full endorsement of the Catholic Faith, the only two who belong on a pedestal are: Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother, the Ever Virgin Mary. No other human being should be placed on a pedestal that may invite profound veneration, as is due to Mary, and adoration, as it is due to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God.

This principle was clearly expressed through Barnabas and Paul in Lystra [Acts 14:8-18] ; a principle  which was conveniently overlooked by the Church Administrators since it was more financially profitable to have many statues of humans on pedestals with a collection box next to it.

We trust in the position of the heart and soul of an individual who openly acknowledges that
"I try each day to become a better person, whatever that may be. I care about others, but i am no saint. I have done some terrible things in my past and still do. I acknowledge that i have also done many good things for others. I am so saddened by the state of the world, but also i contribute in some ways to the state it is in." An individual who is also actively pursuing the signs from Heaven for These Times, including those through the Virgin Mary... without even being a Catholic.

How happy would Heaven be if most of those who take the "holier than thou" attitude would get their hearts and souls where yours are! As we have pointed out, Denial is a grave sin and we fail to see any of that in you while the "holier than thou" group make it their own particular idol.

We have said it many times - "It Is One Step at a Time". We only care that souls are on the right track and heading in the right direction and have the necessary spiritual guidance/consolation to keep on going to the Father. How fast they should go? That is entirely up to God and no one else! For... Who is like unto God?

From C @ U.S.A.  [Published on January 17, 2005]

Note from The M+G+R Foundation:  This is more than a question and it is very lengthy but we deem it important enough to share it, with our comments, far and wide.

Q.   Dear Miguel de Portugal -

The National Shrine of St. Ann, located in the East Village of Manhattan, New York City, is to be closed, demolished, and sold after the last mass
tomorrow. The building dates from the early 1850s, and was originally a protestant church, then a synagogue. In 1870 it became the second home of St. Ann's parish (founded 1854).

The High Altar is a Privileged Altar . In 1929, by Papal prescript St. Ann's was named as the National Shrine of the saint.

Due to the decline of the neighborhood, in 1983, then Cardinal Cooke gave St. Ann's to the Armenian Rite Catholics to use as their Cathedral - in
perpetuity. Slowly, St. Ann's began to recover, and gained a congregation of some 700. This included the Armenian Rite, two Novus Ordo Masses, and a Tridentine Indult mass. One of the NO masses was in Spanish for a small but vibrant Ecuadorian community.

In 1999, the parish raised $500,000 to completely restore the church - heating, AC, roof, flooring. A complete paint job - the first in some 50 years was done largely through the labor of the Ecuadorians - who donated their labor, in love for God. This was all done without any help from the Archdiocese of New York - the parish was self sustaining.

In 2004, "Cardinal" Egan threw the Armenians out abruptly, and set out to close St. Ann's , and look to sell the property. AS you can see, there was a very active congregation, and money was not an issue. Egan just wanted to realize some $15 million from the sale of the church!

St. Ann's is in a very populous neighborhood - filled with the young and unchurched. Egan plans to close three other churches in the immediate area, as well as some 30 others in Manhattan. There are some 1.7 million people living on Manhattan Island. Most are godless. The need for open churches, and the presence of Christ in the Tabernacle is obvious to any who understand the missionary nature of the church.

The mission of the church is the salvation of souls. All resources should be used, and no cost spared - so precious to God is just one soul.

But Egan does not see things that way. He, like other faithless priests and prelates have forsaken Christ. They view the church as a business...... as a
cash cow. They look at a church like St. Ann's and do not see a Temple of the living God wherein the Sacrifice of the Mass is offered....... nor a building
filled with art treasures....... nor as a tool for the salvation of souls.

Nay, Egan sees it only as valuable real estate........ to be sold for......... what? Certainly not for the glory of God. No - any thought like that is certainly
part of the agenda.

You can read the story at www. Pictures of St. Ann's are on this page:

I have written for this site  and am an advisor to the site, and the effort to combat Egan.

God be with you!


  A.  This "Cardinal" Egan is the same Egan we have spoken about. He is of the same feather than "Cardinal" Law, recently rewarded by H.H. John Paul II with the most honorable and important Basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary - St. Mary Major.

We warn those who need to be warned:  Anyone who continues to support the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church in any and all areas that may be detrimental to the pristine Catholic Faith,  will have far, far more to worry than those who voted for Mr. Kerry in the last U.S. election.

Make no mistake - Rome HAS lost the Faith!

What God needs now more than ever is that His children, like "C", get out and do something to protect the little Faith left, the abandoned unchurched children of God (for whom Jesus care, Remember!?) and denounce the Spiritual Bastards, like Egan, Law, et al who are destroying all in their paths while staining the Holy Name of God with every breath they take. For those who, for one reason or another are not able to physically contribute in said manner, this is what you should do.

From RMcA @ U.S.A.  [Published on January 9, 2005] - Baptism of The Lord

 Q.   I've been puzzled for a good while about this 3rd Secret suppression by the Vatican.

While I don't for a second doubt what you say, it bothers me to have to accept that a special  plan/arrangement of God's COULD be thwarted by any agency, human, satanic or anything else. Yet it sounds as if God went to the "trouble" of sending His own Mother  from Heaven to earth specially  to announce a plan which was, in fact,  hampered and thwarted by shenanigans at the Vatican - inspired by Satan or not.

Surely God COULD NOT have been prevented from doing what He planned to do, regardless of who/what opposed it? I'm sure there's an explanation, but I just  can't seem to think of it.

Anyhow, I always look forward to your newsletter (although I'm really only struggling with prayers), and take this opportunity of thanking you very much.


  A.  We thank you for this opportunity that you have given us to "rattle the cage" of the faithful for their benefit (not ours!), one more time...

Indeed the suppression of the third part of the Secret of Fátima may be puzzling and the lying about it, which is something else, may appear to be even more puzzling.

First - about its suppression. We have explained at length why H.H. John XXIII chose to suppress it (not make it public). To that we shall add now that, had we been in his shoes, we would have done exactly the same thing. Why? Because IT WAS TOO LATE!

Second - about its falsification. That is a most grievous sin and those who participated in it - actively and passively will have to account to God about it.

Regarding the rest of your puzzlement about how could God allow this or that. Well, the first example is found at the beginning of Genesis. God allowed the fall of man.

To help to understand this we refer you to one of our documents entitled  "Mysteries of God That Allow Us to Better Understand Heavenly Messages - What is "Time and Eternity and The Existing Confusion About the Apocalypse".

Next we refer you to our document regarding the Man's Free Will and all that it entails.

Last, but not least... You state "...although I'm really only struggling with prayers..." Praised be Jesus! We wish that all would be doing so and focusing on the goodness of God and cooperating on reducing the pain that is to come.

The reason we keep issuing the calls and alerts is the same one for which Mary kept visiting Her children... Trying to arouse them from their sleep of indolence so that, through their prayers and sacrifices, they would cooperate with Heaven in the final and very painful phase of the End of These Times.

You will be amazed - We publish a document about a major calamity taking place and there is a rush to read it. We publish a document on prayer and reparation as ways to reduce the suffering.... Yaaaawwwnnnnnn!

We published a document about the very serious AND real contract we are entering with God when we pray Our Father... hardly anyone read it although everyone is going to be judged in the manner shown in said document. Pathetic!

Sadly enough the late German Chancellor
Konrad Adenauer(1876-1967) expressed it  like it just appears to be: "The good Lord sets definite limits on man's wisdom but sets no limits on his stupidity."

Kyrie Eleison!

From LC @ U.S.A.  [Published on January 5, 2005]

 Q.   If God will not place upon His children a heavier burden than he/she can carry, why was it then that the cross given to His Son, Jesus Christ, was so heavy that He could not carry it and Simon of Cyrene had to help Him?


  A.  At the instigation of the religious fanatics of the Temple ("The Vatican" of those days) - that is, man, NOT God -  a heavier cross than He could physically bear was placed upon His Holy shoulder. God intervened and the Romans (*) responded by enlisting Simon of Cyrene to assist Jesus [Mt 27:32, Mk 15:21, Lk 23:26] in carrying His cross.

Thus, when man places upon any of God's children a heavier cross than he/she could bear, God will indeed come to the assistance of His children.

You may then rightfully ask: "Who are His children?"

His children are "His family". That is, in the Person of Jesus, His family, "His mother and His brothers",  as Jesus Himself  pointed out to us in [Mt 12:50] were
: "... whoever does the Will of my Heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother."

Who does (or tries in utmost sincerity) to do the Will of His Heavenly Father? Those who try in earnest to follow Him.

It is that simple. Theologians have made it very complicated because it enhances their egos and fill their coffers with the blackest of money.

(*) The same "evil" Romans who proclaimed Jesus "...the King of the Jews" by placing, on orders from Pilate, a sign above His Holy Head
stating so in three languages  [Jn19:19]. Even at the insistence of the fanatical murderers of the Temple, Pilate would not remove the sign.  Things have not changed, have them....?

From LP @ U.S.A.  [Published on January 1, 2005]

 Q.   In reference to news stories about evil in South Asia before the Quake: terrorism in Sri Lanka, child prostitution/human trafficking/sex tourism, and high rates of abortion. And yet ...  so many innocents, people who had nothing to do with these things, died, or survive in misery.  These disasters seem so indiscriminate in their allocation of suffering.


A.  You state: "These disasters seem so indiscriminate in their allocation of suffering." In reality, they are neither indiscriminate in allocating the suffering nor are they vengeful acts of a despotic God.  They are simply God's way of minimizing the damage that we - the "civilized" Christian people - have allowed, caused and/or failed to prevent.

Without getting "knee deep" in theological double-talk so common in The Vatican and of "birds of the same feather" we shall get to the point.

(a) Man - wanting to be God-like fell from Divine Grace and into a life of misery. Ask Adam about it.
(b) God in His Mercy chose to restore us to His Grace. He sent His Son. The Vatican of His time crucified Him quickly lest He ruin the "Gravy Train" that they had going for their personal benefit, just like the Vatican of today would do. Fortunately Our Lord Jesus Christ left for us the Road Map to Justice, Peace and Harmony - His Yoke.
(c) The Religion He established chose to commercialize such Road Map for their sectarian benefit and to the detriment of precisely  those for whom God sent His Son.
(d) The world plunges into misery after misery while the Roman Catholic Church becomes richer and more powerful in temporal terms disregarding its original charge.
(e) God see what is coming upon mankind and frequently dispatches Mary, the Mother of His Son, starting early in the 19th Century - not to "sell Girl Scout cookies" - but to make up for the atrocious deficiencies in the Evangelization of the Roman Church.
(f) The Vatican Marketers find another "gold vein" in Mary's Apparitions and, blatantly disregarding Her warnings and instructions to get back on track, exploit them for the last cent they are worth.
(g) The world continues to descend into the pits of sin and depravation - with many of the clergy and hierarchy at its head.

What options has man left for God to protect His children?

(a) Apply pain so that those who have ears to Hear; and those who have eyes to See - and respond accordingly by:

(i) Amending their lives and desist from leading others to sin; and
(ii) Through their prayers and acts of reparation minimize the suffering that He Will certainly allow for the salvation of souls.

(b) Protect the souls of those who have been left unprotected by the lack of spiritual and material charity of  "civilized Christians" by:

(i)   Taking back those souls He can do immediately;
(ii)  Allowing others to survive in misery because, while in misery, they are less apt to fall back into the wrong paths; and
(iii) Giving an opportunity to the "civilized Christians" to exercise their spiritual and material charity by coming to the assistance of those in pain, and, by doing so, reduce the pain and suffering in store for them.

The answer has been in our hands for centuries. As a last ditch effort we have spelled it out in several crystal clear documents which people keep reading but, obviously, not able to understand.

Therefore - God Will continue to exercise this option until His Redemption plan is completed - with man's cooperation or not!

Is this so difficult to understand or is it that the god man manufactured does not quite fit into the mold of the Real, Living and Loving God?

One final note: The above applies to members of all Faiths and Religions - not only Christians and not only Catholics. God is the Father of all and Mary is the Mother of all and one day soon She will be acknowledged by all as such - a moment which we await for in joyful rapture.

From AB @ U.S.A.  [Published on December 30, 2004]

We refer the reader to the original letter from AB and our response published on December 18 (See under the letter of December 27). The following is AB's response to our posting. We wish to continue this thread just this far to illustrate with one single example how Arrogance fed by Ignorance nourishes the Sin of Denial.

 Q.   In reply to all this cataclysmic information you have gathered I offer two items one from the Old Testament and one from the new:

(1). Remember when Jonah had finally warned Nineveh that after forty days they would be destroyed? And remember that the people immediately repented from the king down to even all the animals? At that point Jonah went upon to a hill overlooking the city and awaited God's destruction of the city. He murmured against God for not destroying them as He said because Jonah would look like a fool if God relented.  God then got angry with Jonah for expecting a display of God's wrath after the people repented; God then withered the shade tree that he had provided to Jonah for his comfort, thus dealing with Jonah's morbid curiosity of the predicted impending destruction and not allowing God to change His mind.
(2). Who has the mind and heart to revel in these cataclysmic predictions?  "Unless you shall be like little children, you shall not enter the
Kingdom of Heaven."
Amen Brothers and Sisters.


A.  In Jonah's time God relented and did not destroy Nineveh because from the King on down, the citizens of Nineveh repented from their evil deeds and offered prayers and fasting to the Almighty in retribution for their sins.

Unfortunately, this good behavior by Ninevites was not long lasting and finally God completely destroyed Nineveh - never to be rebuilt again. The Prophet Nahum is quite graphic (1) as to the final fate of Nineveh.

Sadly enough, even though Mary has been warning mankind through an obviously deaf and dumb Church Administration since early 19th Century, there has been no repentance. On the contrary - even the Church has chosen to defy God while turning a profit with His Mother's Apparitions.

God has given mankind some very serious "hands-on" warnings to see if it would respond. World War I is spite of the warnings of La Salette, et al.
World War II and the rise of communism, thanks to the Roman Catholic Church "prudence" cost ca. 150 million deaths and untold suffering, in spite of the clear instructions through Fátima. The Massacre in Rwanda in spite of the warnings through Kibeho. The brutal Spanish Civil War which yielded to the world the Escriva heresy and what is to come from that. The worldwide sexual scandal "sponsored" by the Roman Catholic Church which has just done about everything to destroy the little Faith left on Earth.  The September 11 tragedy in New York and Washington, DC, which only yielded a very temporary and brief soul-searching period. And...

....As if that were not enough, God has allowed the very area of the world which has become the center of Sexual Tourism for the depraved to be brutally struck by earthquakes and tsunamis which, when all is said and done, will cost over one hundred thousand lives.

Centuries later we repeat:

Mt 16:3-4 O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?  A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.


Mt 23:33-37  Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?   Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.  O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

You ask:
"Who has the mind and heart to revel in these cataclysmic predictions?"

We respond: "Only those who have ears to Hear and eyes to See!"

 How dare you! question God's motives for sending whomever He chooses to warn His children before is too late?

Stop your fruitless research on Marian Apparitions and drop to your knees and pray to Almighty God to send His Holy Spirit to lead you out of the Mortal Sin of Denial so that you may stop confusing the poor and already disoriented Faithful who are desperately trying to find their way back to God - the True and Living God and not the mockery which has been set up by man!

We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to address this issue in the clearest possible way.

(1) The Book of the Prophet Nahum - King James' Version

From PB @ U.S.A.  [Published on December 27, 2004]

 Q.   I thought you might be interested in this: Bush supports cross-hating movement - President's father also praises work of Rev. Moon-linked clergy group.


A.  Being that the headline and article you kindly forwarded to us was published by,  and being that from that same organization mass mailings with viruses, pretending to be from us, have been made  - we do not trust them.

Nonetheless - we went to the original source of information - an article entitled "Tear Down the Cross". The comprehensive and well referenced and illustrated article "speaks volumes".

We have published an article by Lee Penn regarding Mr. Moon and his messianic impostures entitled "The One World Religion :  The Details - Learn to Recognize Them"  and another, from the same author and published in the The Christian Challenge entitled  "Lawmakers Ambushed For "Coronation" Of Unification Church Leader and  Wife".

We advise one and all to carefully review all three documents lest the theo-politcal deception gets the best of you.

From AB @ U.S.A.  [Published on December 18, 2004]

 Q.  Dear Sir: I read on your website that Our Lady is or has warned us about an impending nuclear holocaust; however, I am familiar with most of
her messages for the world starting at Fátima and up to the present time at Medjugorje.

At Fátima she warned of another war if men did not repent; that was in 1917 and the W.W.II did indeed occur. In Medjugoje her messages begin June 25th, 1981 and continue at least monthly. I collect, study and disseminate these messages. In all these messages since Fátima, I am not aware of her warning of a nuclear holocaust.

Please advise. Thank you.


A.  There are other Marian warnings besides the ones you have mentioned. In Japan - Akita. In Spain - Garabandal. In Italy - Rosa Mystica. To mention three key-for-These-Times warnings.

However - to save you from trying to discern from all those warnings as well as the ones from Fátima - yet to be fulfilled - please understand:

The Sequence that we have presented was given to miguel de Portugal by God and the nuclear holocaust will take place. That will be the "Miracle of the Sun" equivalent for whatever miguel de Portugal has been claiming in the Name of God for 13 years. When it happens - the deaf will finally hear what he has been trying to get across in the Name of God.

We thank you for the opportunity to make this issue crystal clear.

  Public Forum - November/December 2004 - Edition Files

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