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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  March - 2006   

From  Various @ Europe - America     [Published on March 31th ]

Q. [Translation] Is it true what I have read about the connection between Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Tamiflu Vaccine? 

This question was posed to miguel de Portugal twice in a space of 24 hours by: (1) An important banker in Europe; and by (2) A top government health official.

A.  M de P had no information whatsoever on the subject matter except having been illuminated to see the parallel between the 2000 year "computer bug", which was a carefully crafted hoax that filled the coffers or big business, and the Avian Flu scare. After all, how can the much mentioned Tamiflu vaccine work if the virus (the human-to-human transmitted virus) does not exist yet?

Therefore, he has looked into the information and this is what he found:

A commentary by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The fundamental issue is who owns the intellectual property rights over  Tamiflu. The media reports suggest that the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche will make billions.

While the drug is produced by Roche, it was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc. which owns the intellectual property rights. Gilead, which has maintained a low profile,  has outsourced the production to Roche.  

Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Chairman of Gilead Sciences, Inc. in 1997, a position which he held in the years prior to becoming Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration.  Rumsfeld had been on the Board of Directors from the establishment of Gilead in 1987.

As confirmed in a company press statement in 1997, Donald H. Rumsfeld assumed the position of Chairman, of GILEAD: :
"Gilead is fortunate to have had Don Rumsfeld as a stalwart board member since the company's earliest days, and we are very pleased that he has accepted the Chairmanship," Dr. Riordan said. "He has played an important role in helping to build and steer the company. His broad experience in leadership positions in both industry and government will serve us well as Gilead continues to build its commercial presence."

According to company statement: Gilead Science Inc. "has been active in the development of  inhibitors for the potential treatment and prevention of viral influenza and protease inhibitors for the potential treatment of HIV"

For the whole article Click Here

As an update, we quote from the Gilead Sciences Announces First Quarter 2001 Financial Results:

In January, Gilead announced the appointment of James M. Denny to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Denny has been a member of the Gilead Board since January 1996 and served as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Mr. Denny replaced Donald H. Rumsfeld, who resigned from the Board to serve the Bush Administration as Secretary of Defense. Last week, Gilead announced the appointment of Cordell W. Hull to the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Audit Committee. He is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Infrastructure World, Inc., a business-to-business portal for the global infrastructure community. Mr. Hull also serves as a Director of Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd., Bechtel Group, Inc., Bechtel Enterprises and the Fremont Group.

A similar situation as that of Vice President Cheney and the main Iraq Contractor, Halliburton. The question is, of course, how much stock they own and how it is hidden from the prying eyes of the press and the public.

As the saying goes: "We rest our case" since it is coherent with everything else.

From  LL @ USA     [Published on March 27th ]

Q. I would like, if possible, if you could explain more about how to 'decrease in self' so that we can become better instruments for Him, I seem to keep thinking about  the phrase St. John the Baptist said, 'I must decrease, so that He may increase'.

I feel as if the Lord is 'saying' that to me in the many Divine Encouragement posts I have read and aren't really sure what He means by that. Is it that we must try and not be selfish in our wants and needs?  Any further explanations you can give on this would be appreciated.


A.  That statement by John the Baptizer - John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease - is greatly misunderstood because it has two meanings.

In its first meaning: John is telling those who are then and there that his importance, at that time and place, must decrease while the importance / impact of Jesus must increase. He confirmed that message when he said through
Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you in the water unto penance, but he that shall come after me, is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire.

In its second meaning: John is teaching future generations that, to serve Him well, our self, or ego, must decrease so that God, this time in the Person of the Holy Ghost, can freely work through us. Just as we cannot
simultaneously serve God and Mammon, God cannot work through an individual whose self or ego still primarily controls his thoughts and actions.

We must strive that our every action is devoid of any trace of selfish interest even to the point of  avoiding the syndrome of: "After taking the horse to water, stay around to enjoy seeing it drink and benefiting from it". We must take a soul to God and remain available to Him (not to the individual) should He Will to send back to us that same individual if need be. We must seek the pleasure of seeing how well the individual is doing after drinking from the Living Waters. Satisfying that desire is, and should always be, God's prerogative.

Example: At a certain time miguel de Portugal, in the normal course of events, led back to God a neighbor who obviously must have been quite lost. In a very short time, the individual dropped out of sight and from strong circumstantial evidence it was concluded that he must have died (He left his personal belongings at the rooming house he resided at. The owner never heard of him again).

One or two months later, after Mass at the Basilica of Fátima, where m de P had taken the individual several times to Holy Mass, the missing neighbor was standing just inside the main doors of the Basilica. He approached m de P to thank him for all he had done for him. Then, the individual quickly left. Just minutes later m de P snapped to the reality that this was the fellow that had been given for dead. Upon speaking to the rooming house owner after this unusual event, m de P found out that neither the missing individual nor anyone else had come back to pick up his belongings. Conclusion: God allowed the individual to return and thank m de P for having led him back to God, just as He was getting ready to end his life. This brought much needed consolation and encouragement to m de P.

We must all strive to be "errand boys/girls" for God and then we can really have (the correct terminology is; "we can access and utilize")  the power every human covets but seldom attains - even when the individual may be one of the most powerful political leaders in the world. That is what Jesus meant when He said:  Matthew 5:
4 Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.

The meek is the ego-less, the self-less, the one who allows God to fully work through him/her. God is the true "possessor" of the land and when we become one with God, we posses the land too and His power is manifested though our actions.

The "catch" is that we should do so only for love of, or as the logical result of our love for, God and not to attain the associated benefits. As we have pointed elsewhere, such self-satisfying logic carries a very high price.

From  K @ USA     [Published on March 27th ]

Q. Everything that I have read on your pages and that is expanded in  Lee Penn's work is truly disturbing to me.... because people much smarter and more prepared than I am are able to foretell these outcomes, yet the same admit that almost everyone will be deceived.

By seeing/reading the MGR's sequence of events more "fleshed out/translated" in Mr. Penn's book chapter 25, I became very unnerved.   If that is the reaction that I had (psychologically) by just reading the words, I shudder at what sort of reaction I might have when the real events take place.  Will I be able to recognize/act upon these as the events God foretells through His Word and you.... or will I become hysterical, desperate, fall prey to mass anxiety, fail to act, etc.?   You questioning me about this made me concentrate upon this all day, and I am ashamed of myself because of my uncertainty.
The deception to come must be fantastic and terrible, and frankly, I felt/feel terribly frightened that I don't have the scriptural learning, historical/scientific knowledge, or especially, the closeness to God to overcome such.
I am grateful for all the information that MGR has to share, and I consider it a great grace for every reader.  I'm sorry.... As I said, these feelings I have don't make me a very good follower of Jesus.  But I thank you for asking me, because I am glad to have time to have thought about all of this today.  The only thing I can think of for now is to take ownership of my complaints, pray more and to try more to sanctify myself, since that honors God.
I have to remember the children of Fátima, and how Our Lord and Our Mother make the decisions about to whom will be revealed the great, great mysteries.  Also, I recognize the work of God in your having questioned me on this matter.
Thank you caring and carrying out this mission.


A.  In False Dawn's Chapter 25,  what Mr. Penn learned from history he combined with what we learned from God to yield a truly fleshed out Sequence of Events. Yes, the deception is (and will be even more) "fantastic and terrible". Even more than the level which caused the Church Administration to raise to the altars a man as Jose María Escrivá - which in itself is almost unbelievable.

But, not to worry! Our function is essentially twofold: (1) Announcing the physical manifestations of events which are already occurring because "Forewarned is forearmed." Knowing what to expect immediately eliminates the automatic response of panic and despair upon the manifestation of said events; and (2) Provide those who have Eyes to See with the prioritized instructions to spiritually "vaccine" themselves so that deception would be impossible

Details of Item (1) are found in the Sequence of Events and other documents plus in the pages they cascade to via Links and for Item (2) are found in What To Do?, What To Do - Part 2? and
in the pages they cascade to via Links.

As we have already explained in  Don't Despair - all with God is One Step At A Time. Once we are on the "right road" and "heading in the right direction" we must, with trust and confidence, continually seek Him so that He "sets the speed" of our return home. It is different for each individual since it is a function of many physical, psychological and spiritual factors and only God knows how to "process that data" and turn it into the "right speed", which, of course, may vary from day to day based on how we respond, physically, psychologically and spiritually as we get "closer to home".

The closer we get to God ("home"), the more imperfections we see in ourselves, and that is good! The closer we get to the Light, the more it illuminates our soul and we can then better see how imperfect we still are which, in turn, allows us to joyfully and with a song in our hearts continue to purify ourselves.

Wouldn't you be upbeat if you had all you need to get a job done - The Light to see what needs to be worked on and the Holy Spirit of God to guide you through the work steps? Frankly, we could not think a more joyous situation.

This is why those who consider themselves "already there", "holy and pure" and "above the rest", just like many of the members of sects like Opus Dei, Legionnaires of Christ, etc., will have the surprise of their lives when faced with the real Truth and Light - Jesus Christ. But that is their problem - they have been amply warned and, because of that, we will sleep well again tonight.

The day man thinks that "He is there" - that man is dead. That is exactly what Jesus meant when He said in Matthew 13:
12 For he that hath, to him shall be given, and he shall abound: but he that hath not, from him shall be taken away that also which he hath.

Jesus was not talking about money!

The more Light we have, the more imperfect we see ourselves and the more we strive to purify ourselves. The more we strive to purify ourselves the more God will help us and " him shall be given,...". Conversely, "...he that hath not..." - that is, those who think (through arrogance and spiritual blindness) that they are ahead of the pack, so to speak; that they "have it made" - "...from him shall be taken away that also which he hath."

Poor, poor people.... Let us pray for them since amongst them are some that have Eyes to See, yet, scales still are covering their eyes.

From  DP @ USA     [Published on March 24th - Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation]

Q. Please include "Mom" and the rest of my family in your 5 hour prayer.

Please beef up your indulgence section to include that a simple family rosary,  rosary before the Blessed Sacrament or prayer after communion before a crucifix are sufficient to gain a plenary indulgence.  Look down upon me good and gentle Jesus...

I just read about Sister Lucy and cried twice.  I felt so close to her this past year.  I will be the first to claim a miracle if Mom converts.  Let's see I'll include Red China, North Korea, Mexico and the good old USA as well.

One thing about your site Miguel- you've gotta have hope. Wouldn't it be great if you turned out to be like Jonas?



A.  You may be assured that, as it is requested with Faith and confidence, the inclusion becomes a given fact. We are most happy to point out the Indulgences associated with the Holy Rosary.

Mom may convert soon but before Red China, North Korea, etc. converts much blood must flow "under the bridge". That was the choice taken by The Vatican Administration and, at that time, they held the much talked about Keys. Now, all they hold is the key chain.

You do not think that Miguel has hope? Allow us to explain you: The only source of hope for the world Miguel has is the certain knowledge (not belief, but knowledge) that God will intervene, just as we have announced in His Name, to "set things straight", otherwise, you may rest assured, we would destroy each other completely.  Haven't you read in Matthew 24:
22 And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. ?

Jonas? Nineveh? We already went through the equivalent of Jonas-Ninive first cycle, when God delayed the implementation of the New World Order, as we pointed out elsewhere. Do you know what eventually happened to Nineveh the second time around?

Nineveh fell in 612 BC, and was razed to the ground. The people in the city who could not escape to the last Assyrian strongholds in the west, was either massacred or deported. Many unburied skeletons were found by the archaeologists at the site. The Assyrian empire then came to an end, the Medes and Babylonians dividing its provinces between them.

Let us pray....

 From  JA @ USA     [Published on March 19th - Feast of St. Joseph]

Q.  The letter: You'd better reexamine this whole issue.  Robertson is close to being correct in his evaluation of "Radical Muslims."


JA is referring to a mailing we sent to our Select List. We are reproducing the e-mail below so that the response makes sense to the Public Forum Readers.

The mailing

Quote from News Report (1)

Television evangelist Pat Robertson said Monday on his live  news-and-talk program "The 700 Club" that Islam is not a religion of  peace, and that radical Muslims are "satanic."

He remarked that the outpouring of rage elicited by cartoons "just shows the kind of people we're dealing with. These people are crazed fanatics, and I want to say it now: I believe it's motivated by demonic power. It is satanic and it's time we recognize what we're dealing with."

Our (no longer) off-the-record Comment:

With statements like that, does Mr. Robertson show that his religion - which is certainly not Christianity - is any better than what he claims Islam is?

But as usual - the real problem is not Robertson nor his twisted "faith", the real problem is the number of individuals who believe such doctrines. What are our options? Only one: Pray for their conversion since the "wagon they are riding"  leads to only one place: hell. Do not take our word for it - it is Jesus' if we are to believe any translation of the New Testament.
(1)  Original News Report

End of the mailing

A.  First of all, a Call to Order. The above correspondence was sent as an off-the-record commentary to our Select List. Our Select List,  we hoped, should be composed of individuals who are very familiar with our positions and publications in most every aspect of These Times. Individuals for whom we do not have to "cross every t" nor "dot every i", so that we can fire-off these relevant communications without consuming the time that we do not have.

Obviously we have made a mistake in such assessment of the Select List Members. We shall now, on-the-record, clarify what we said off-the-record.

We have nothing to reexamine regarding this issue. Mr. Robertson said that Islam is not a Religion of Peace. Were we to go along with Robertson's logic, we would have to conclude then that neither is Christianity, most specifically Catholicism - which of course is not true either!

If we were to go along with Robertson's logic that radical Muslims are "satanic"... well, we have had some of that occupying the Chair of Peter - but it certainly should not reflect on the Catholic Faith.

What about the Inquisition which is being denied just as the Holocaust is being denied? If that was not "satanic", what is? Satanic, and, of course, stupid... burn Joan of Arc first as a witch and then make her a Saint. Please!

We have clearly stated the relationship between terrorism and satan and complete rejection to anarchism - how can we then deny what we have stated so clearly? We are not the Vatican who changes positions and interpretations depending on the level of donations needed!

Of course there were many terrorists who took advantage of the just demonstrations and turned them into a bloody hell, but to lump all rightfully offended Muslims with terrorists is irresponsible and idiotic - at least Mr. Robertson is being coherent with himself on that!

However, we respect free will; therefore, if Mr. Robertson wishes to label Islam as a religion of war ("not of peace" means "of war") and radical  Muslims as "satanic" then, using the Robertson Measuring System, he should also apply those qualifiers to Christianity, in general, and Catholicism, in particular. We are only applying a rule given to us by Jesus Christ (1), Someone Mr. Robertson obviously knows nothing about! (2)

We thank you for the opportunity to make our position crystal clear while, at the same time, publicly call for Mr. Robertson reexamination of his alleged Christianity.

(1) John 7: 24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge just judgment.
(2) "You know, I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war." Pat Robertson, August 22, 2006

From  JM @ USA     [Published on March 19th - Feast of St. Joseph]

Q. Well, another weekend has come and gone-another weekend without attending Mass. Caught once again on the horns (there's symbology for you) of the same dilemma- if you miss Mass the Church says you have committed a mortal sin-must declare it in Reconciliation-if you can get
to the "generous" thirty minutes to one hour a week set aside in the middle of Saturday afternoon in most parishes for the "no Reconciliation-no Holy Eucharist"--and everything comes down to Saturday afternoon and another weekend slips away.


A.  As we have stated before, satan is having a Field Day and The Vatican is running the Concession Stand. However, before we place all the blame on the Vatican, we must analyze the situation. (a) Why is Mass being missed?; and (b) Why only thirty minutes available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

If Mass is missed for no (real) fault of our own is one thing; if Mass is missed due to lack of enough motivation, that is another thing. However, regardless of those "infallible claims", we are not dealing with a mortal sin. If that were a mortal sin, given the track record of the Church Administration, hell would have been on a sold out condition already by the 12th Century.

Why would a parish have more than thirty minutes a week assigned for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, when not even in Rome at most special times the apparently "immaculate" Faithful do not take advantage of this valuable Sacrament? That would be a waste of human resources.

Spain is very punctual about having priests at the confessional daily. The poor men, if they did not take the Breviary with them, they would fall asleep at the confessional.  (Judging by the quasi universal usage of foul language in Spain, one would expect the confessional to be "on a sold out condition" on a daily basis.)

Before we make the Church Administration the "whipping boy" for everything, it is very important to see if we are not the ones who need the whipping first.

From  AQ @ USA     [Published on March 19th - Feast of St. Joseph]

Q.  Hail,
I have come out from the maze of information re our Faith; yet I cannot find any material to suit my future needs,  not that I expected to, now I have to take you up on your request, to "Come back to you"
My biggest problem is finding the year of the Judgment, I am aware that God doesn't advertise this, and wont, but all I need is an approximate Year, to decide the Daily Readings, I am being told 2008, but I am not going to argue with Him if I am wrong.
As from the Judgment Day things will get quickly worse for us , and  we must be prepared for the worst, so I humbly ask for your help as mentioned in my email of 12th Jan 2006 (1)
Yours in Christ


(1) Please inform me where and how I may obtain copies of the Roman Missal, Daily and Sunday Readings and other relevant writings to be used by visiting Priests

A.  We do not understand exactly what you mean. Is it that you want to make sure that you have all the readings up to an including the Day of Judgment?

Assuming that such is your question, we suggest the following: Take it one step at a time. Make sure that you have all you need for this year. If you make it through the end of 2006, then, do the same for the year 2007, and so on.

What we suggest for everyone is not so much to seek from God the "When?" but His assistance so that everything that each one of us must have accomplished, at every step of the journey, is accomplished "How" and "When" He has determined form all Eternity.

Why worry if the general Day of Judgment is, say, on the year 2007 yet, tomorrow, as you take out the garbage you get killed by a car? (this has happened to a relative)  The Day of YOUR Judgment just got there!

If there one thing each one of us must seek in earnest is union with God, here and now! How is that accomplished? "Ask and ye shall receive" and be as persistent in it as sensitive to His Will. It is He Who set the conditions for the union, not us.

From  K @ USA    
[Published on March 14th - Feast of Purim (Defeat of the plot to destroy the Jews in Persia)]

Q.  Here is something I came across a while ago and found interesting:  [Ed. Note: A spiritual "preparation" formula published by those who are neither qualified nor empowered to do so. Reference to said formula has been edited out of the letter for the benefit of the Faithful.]
It reminded me of the time you listed a special formula of the St. Michael prayer for the Katrina victims and survivors.  I would appreciate hearing what you think?
Thinking of this, I feel like we should have our "spiritual" readiness kits prepared, as well as our food, water and first aid.  I would like to have my Bible, Rosary, holy water and Miraculous Medal ready to go, along with any special printouts of prayers that I like to say but don't have memorized.
Furthermore, in thinking about a disaster, I remember reading from the Divine Mercy diary that the chaplet should be prayed for the dying.  Since there may not be priests for Last Rites, this might be good to remember.
A question:  I remember having heard that baptism could be performed by lay persons in emergency.  Is this true?
Thank you, as always,


A.  One of the items found amongst the spiritual preparation instructions you referred us to was the following blessing: “I bless you with the blessing of the Blessed Mother and  May the power of the Holy Spirit come upon you.”

This is a modified (by who?) version of the Special Blessing allegedly given by Mary in Medjugorje - first mentioned as far back as the apparition on August 5, 1985. Being that the concept of such Special Blessing was heavily publicized through Caritas of Birmingham makes its source suspicious - however - any well intended Blessing can work wonders since it is God Who bestow the Graces Mary dispenses.

The other suggestions presented in the location you referred us to are mostly nonsense IF the individual has not been nourishing his/her Faith for some time. We cannot see someone with the typical "Faith surface coating" (faith with no real roots) reaching out for a Rosary the moment a catastrophe strikes. Panic describes better the behavior that we will mostly witness; a behavior for which we are trying to "vaccine" the surface-Faithful against before the time when it will really appear that the world is about to end.

The "spiritual readiness kit" that you are preparing is certainly an excellent idea - conceptually as well as for its contents. We would certainly endorse it.

Regarding your question about baptism performed by lay persons in an emergency: The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that:

1256 The ordinary ministers of Baptism are the bishop and priest and, in the Latin Church, also the deacon. In case of necessity, anyone, even a non-baptized person, with the required intention, can baptize, by using the Trinitarian baptismal formula. The intention required is to will to do what the Church does when she baptizes. The Church finds the reason for this possibility in the universal saving will of God and the necessity of Baptism for salvation.

1284 In case of necessity, any person can baptize provided that he have the intention of doing that which the Church does and provided that he pours water on the candidate's head while saying: "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

May God continue to nourish your desire to draw closer to Him, which, in turn, will indeed help many as exemplified by your letter and our response.

From  Various  @ USA    
[Published on March 13th]

Q.  [Following we have posted three letters since the one answer should cover the key questions raised by the writers.]

Letter No. 1

Can you help me? I am corresponding with a young, intellectual man who converted to the Catholic church last Easter. He is reading the book, "Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism"  It's a series of meditations written by an anonymous Catholic author and based off the ideas represented by each of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck: The Magician, The High Priestess, etc., etc..  I have told him I think he is endangering his soul reading this book, but there is an afterward apparently from Cardinal von Balthasar and so he thinks the book is o.k. to read. Do you have any info on this book to help me make my case? Thanks

Name Withheld

Letter No. 2

I recently found a catholic church closer to my home than the one that I currently attend.  In its list of masses I see that they mention one that is described as charismatic.  Please forgive my ignorance, but I had no idea what that meant as far as the Catholic church is concerned.

I did some research, and it left me feeling very skeptical.  Shall I avoid this mass, or shall I avoid this church altogether? As a precaution I have decided to wait for an answer from you before attending.  Thank you for your time.


Letter No. 3

Which brings me to a question I have long pondered: what happens to prayers that are either said with no particular intention in mind, or those that are said for an intention that for one reason or another is already moot? (Like praying for a soul whom you may believe to be in Purgatory, but has in actuality already been admitted to Heaven.)


A.  Just imagine if Our Lord Jesus Christ is responding to you and saying.... 

Wait before Me, gently breathing in My Spirit.

That Spirit which, if given free entrance, and not barred out by self, will enable you to do the same works as I did, which being interpreted is, will enable Me to do the same works, and even greater than I did when on earth - through you.

Spiritualism is wrong. No man should ever be a medium for any spirit, other than Mine.

All you should know, all it is well for you to know of My Spirit-Kingdom, I will tell you when and how I see best. The limit is set by your own spiritual development. Follow My injunctions in all things.

miguel de Portugal Comments:

Now the faithful can understand why he/she does not seem to be able to "do the same works as I did". A  key requirement is to get rid of self; the other one is having true Faith.  Regarding trying to communicate with spirits other than the Spirit of God, the reader may review our document amply dealing with that. Two other of our documents should shed more light on the matters at hand: One dealing with parapsychology and another one dealing with Time and Eternity.

Why should we not try to "Play God" by manipulating spiritual laws? We have explained the dangers in doing this in yet another document.

We do not need special "Church Movements" to communicate with God - they tend to become sect-like groups which end up leaving out God. What we need to know is how to pray and how to direct the prayer.

Above all - in everything we do - spiritual and physical - we must (we say  "must" NOT "should") defer to the Will of God (not what we think His Will should be!) on everything. In this manner - everything that we attempt will yield the most perfect results possible.

In addition, just because a member of the Hierarchy endorses a writing or movement does not necessarily mean that the writing and/or movement is from God. After all Cardinal Law was forced to resign, and Cardinal Egan did not do much better. The new Guardian of the Faith, Archbishop-turning-into-Cardinal Levada may be the "crow bar" the world legal system needed to crack open the Roman Curia and, if all of that were not enough, the revered John Paul II made Jose María Escrivá a saint!

If the above references are prayerfully and carefully reviewed - all your questions, and many still not asked, will be answered.

We Thank You! for the opportunity to help many by responding to your questions.

From  CH @ USA     [Published on March 10th]

Q.  I certainly didn't mean to sound anything but sincere. I have never heard of Fr. Altier. My comment was directed strictly to his remarks about infiltrators in the Church which is a fact.

How far do we as Catholics go in supporting the evil that has infected our beautiful Church. Do we blindly go along with it in the name of obedience? Or do we speak out and expose it? I get tired of my Church being ridiculed. Someone said we need an anti-defamation league for our Church like the Jews have. I agree. When we are confirmed we are supposed to become soldiers of Christ. How can Catholics fight against what they don't know about? Ignorance is not always bliss.

God said His people perish for lack of knowledge. We are forced to accept compromises because we have nowhere else to go. There's not one good, credible reason why we can't have a Traditional Mass offered in each parish. Is it laziness on the part of the Priests and people? We can't even have the consecration bells or the prayer to Saint Michael in Church.

We have to tolerate women handing out Communion in inappropriate attire. One woman passed out Communion in red knee-length shorts and a white
tank top. Inexcusable!  The Church should never have let feminism rear its ugly head. We are supposed to be conformed to Christ. The Church shouldn't conform to the world. If people don't like the rules then they should leave. Jesus didn't stop people from leaving when He talked about eating His body and drinking His blood.

Hard sayings indeed!

Thank you and God bless you.


A. [This letter refers to the two postings below, to be read in sequence - March 6th and March 7th]

May God Bless you, dear sister! Your complaints are those of Heaven - without a doubt!  You state: "How can Catholics fight against what they don't know about? Ignorance is not always bliss."

Although we do not like words like "fight", "warriors", "army" etc., your statement is true. Catholics cannot defend their Faith (1) from the enemies of God because they do not know about it - the Church Administrator's plan over the centuries is backfiring now. The keeping of the Faithful "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" IS NOT what Jesus intended (2). Now, taking it from here we shall address the points you raise - excellent points which demand attention.

In general, the problem lies in "who is responsible for what" in a parish. The priest is not responsible to chastise the Hierarchy from the pulpit, however, the priest is responsible to strictly adhere to the norms set forth by the appropriate Vatican Congregations (3) while at the same time maintaining the high dignity demanded during any liturgical event - with Mass at the top of the list.

Vatican II has been blamed for everything, yet it had a very concrete purpose. Unfortunately, its purpose (4) was "lost in the shuffle" and many parishes were transformed into Faith-demolishing (5) centers - but the choice was on the local priest's hands, first, and second, on the congregation's hands.

We shall explain (all first hand examples in the same major US city under the same Bishop of a very large Diocese):

1. A parish under a certain Religious Order. Vatican II Liturgy was used, while communion was taken kneeling at the railing. Those who wanted to take it standing could, but mostly, it was taken on the tongue while kneeling. Never saw a moment of discord there because of this.

Communion offered by the officiating priest, the assistant priest (who was not officiating at that Mass but came for offering the communion) and a brother from the same Order who was also associated with the parish. No Eucharist ministers were needed even though the Church would be full.

One of the Masses on Sunday was offered in Latin - although using the Novus Ordo format. The Music was provided by Gregorian chanters.

2. A parish under another major Religious Order associated with various educational institutions. Vatican II Liturgy was used. Altar area redesigned to mimic a magnificent pagan temple and the participation of lay ministers was a social event. Will never forget a Saturday when one of the six to eight! Eucharist Ministers was a local socialite, obviously on the way to a cocktail party. The plunging neckline of her silver lamé dress almost showed her abdomen! It took a supernatural effort to focus on the Holy moment and not on the "ministers" plunging neckline.  The jewels that she was wearing on fingers, wrists, neck and ears clearly showed why she was allowed to present herself in the Holy Altar dressed in such manner.

Yes money talks, but with God, it can be made to talk in a different manner...

3. A regular Diocesan parish associated with a large school. New priest comes in and out goes the last vestiges of the dignity of a Temple of God. Parents of students and many parish members file formal complaints against the priest. Complains fall on the deaf ears of the Chancery - it appears that said priest came form a very influential family. Things went from bad to worse.

The parishioners are inflamed and so is the parish council which delivers a message to the Chancery: Either that priest is removed or all contributions will stop.

As we said, "money talks" but it is a "two way conversation": The priest was removed immediately! and the parish and school were restored to a proper and dignified Novus Ordo Temple of God.

4. A regular Diocesan parish associated with a school. The priest's faith was non existent BUT God rules and he conducted the parish as prescribed by the appropriate Ecclesiastical authorities. Lay Ministers were utilized but he would not allow women wearing slacks nor men in sports shirts and no coat to Minister... and everyone toed the line and no one complained.

5. A regular Diocesan parish associated with a school. The Temple itself was a Historical Monument restored to its 19th Century magnificence - not a trace of Vatican II redecoration although most Masses were Novus Ordo. When the priest was allowed to offer the Tridentine Mass, he did once a week on Sunday... to a very, very sparse congregation. This was the same Church in which we had to cancel the weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with the intent of ending abortion due to lack of interest (although the very mediatic demonstrations at the doors of the local abortion clinics were always well attended!)

The Sunday afternoon Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at this parish continued because the Bishop had ruled, thanks be to God!, that every single parish in his diocese had to have e few hours of Adoration at least once a week. Otherwise it would have ended too.... it was usually Jesus and about half a dozen of us!

Incidentally, the parish mentioned in item No. 1 above used to have a 9 to 5 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament once a week. Then it was cut down to half due to lack of attendance. Many times miguel de Portugal would stay  hours on end offering acts of reparation because there was no one else there and he would not leave the Exposed Sacrament facing an empty Church!

Yes, we need an anti defamation group: Each one of us, living (not talking!) the Faith with love and without fanaticism (6) nor sectarianism (7). That will do it quite nicely. God does not need supermen, God needs supernatural men (8) who allow Him to use them in His service and for His Glory.

Incidentally, that city and churches mentioned above were "crawling" with Opus Dei members; unfortunately, they seem to have been too busy furthering their agenda and not God's agenda (9).

So you tell us, dear sister: Who are we going to blame?

Each one of us, in our capacity, should do all in our power (without invading other's territory of responsibility as Altier does) to correct the misery around us - religious and social. Only those who do that, as well as those who are desiring to learn what to do, can complain. The rest should remain quiet until they decide to do something to remedy the situation. Talk is cheap, and God "does not buy it" and we don't want to hear it!

Thank you for the opportunity. We pray that you, and all who read the above, put to use, for the Glory of God, the information that we have shared.

(1) Our position regarding the Catholic Faith
(2) What went wrong?
(3) Regarding the Changes in the Church
(4) The real Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - The Motor of Vatican II
(5) The Demise of the Faith
(6) Fanaticism IS NOT of God
(7) How sects within the Catholic Church function
(8) St. John Bosco's Trajectory
(9) It is just a matter of priorities

From  CH @ USA     [Published on March 7th]

Q.  Why would you disagree with what Rev. Altier says in his homily? [See posting dated March 6th below]

What he said is the truth. Just as our government thinks they can hide the truth from us about different issues, our Church does the same thing. We as Catholics have a right to know why our Church is in shambles. We give our hard-earned money in the collection basket.

 I wrote letters to the editor of our local newspaper several times during the height of the  scandals trying to defend my Church and I got blasted in return. It's getting harder to defend. These problems need to be dealt with, not covered up.


A.  1st - Thank you for pointing out something that was not made crystal clear in our text. We have changed the paragraph to read:
If Rev. Altier feels so strongly about this, he should quit his post and pursue his "Voice in the Desert Calling", but not from the pulpit. John the Baptist was not associated nor living off the Temple Masters of Jerusalem. We speak from very personal experience - which gives us the authority to do so.

2nd - The tone and content of you communication indicates that you are not familiar with our position nor our work - even though we provided more than enough links to our documents to clarify that. We believe that the best policy before constructive criticism is offered is to be thoroughly informed about the situation/position/facts. We have chosen to take your criticism as constructive since the paragraph in question was not crystal clear for all levels.

3rd - We praise your effort of writing letters to the newspaper editors and we wish more people would do so instead of "sitting on their hands" or the equivalent. Do not be discouraged if  they "blast" you; however, it would be better if you would defend the Faith and not the Church which has an indefensible track record because when one blindly defends the indefensible, one ends a loser and the Faith gets smeared.

Many Blessings!

From  Name Withheld @ USA     [Published on March 6th]

Q.  Note:  We have received two communications regarding Rev. Robert Altier and his reassignment by Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, apparently for controversial homilies. We felt that we were expected to comment on said event, therefore, we will.

[It appears that Rev. Altier's homilies contain items which reflect his thinking.i.e.,
"I got sick and tired of all the lies. I just laid it out. There are three groups that have infiltrated the Church, the Masons, the Communists, and the homosexuals, who came in 1924," he alleges. "85 percent of all the abuse cases are homosexual. There is rank homosexuality. Homosexuals chose the best and brightest and best looking and put them into the priesthood."

In his homilies he has also openly blamed and chastised Bishops for the past problems and the inadequate steps taken to correct an apparently endemic problem., etc.]

Name Withheld

A.  We are not unfamiliar with Bishops reassigning or "deactivating" uncomfortable priests. A dear friend of miguel de Portugal and former Chaplain of the Sanctuary of Fátima, Portugal, was let go from the Sanctuary priestly staff as soon as his initial contract expired. A "right on target" older priest in a small border town (Texas-Mexico) parish - also a dear friend of m de P - was forced to retire, even though he was sorely needed in that parish. A young priest in Houston, Texas, who was packing the Masses as never before was mysteriously reassigned to "unknown places"; another one in Portugal recently suffered the same fate.

There is where the similarities with Rev. Altier end. The above alluded to priests were removed/reassigend because the Preached the Gospel just as Jesus taught it and should be preached. However, they refrained from the type of talk/preaching Rev. Altier seems to have been engaged in. If miguel de Portugal had been his superior, he would have removed Altier sooner!

Surprised? If you understand what we have published and preached for years, you should not be. We shall give you a few clues in case that what we have said does not make sense.

A very high profiled Bishop in Portugal frequently and publicly stated that he did not believe in the Fátima events (yet preached from there at times). The rest of his spirituality was of that same type - very material. Years ago, m de P wrote to him suggesting that he resigned from heading that Diocese. He was informed that his words and actions were giving scandal and causing confusion amongst the Faithful and that the Diocese would be better off without a Bishop than with him at its helm. Thanks be to God that in less than a year he resigned (and not for age limit reasons either).

We have great respect for him now. We do not agree with his views but he was an upright enough man to act for the benefit of the Faithful while at the same time did not betray his convictions.

At the height of the popularity of Medjugorje in the U.S. the Bishop of a large Texas Diocese would allow (and encourage) special Marian Masses, homilies that touched on the apparitions such as in Fátima, Lourdes, etc. but not of the ones in Medjugorje. People were outraged - m de P backed him. The Medjugorje apparitions were still under investigation and by utilizing the messages in the homilies would give the wrong impression to the Faithful.

We could continue with many similar examples to illustrate our point, but the above should be enough.

If Rev. Altier feels so strongly about this, he should quit his post and pursue his "Voice in the Desert Calling", but not from the pulpit. John the Baptist was not associated nor living off the Temple Masters of Jerusalem. We speak from very personal experience - which gives us the authority to do so.

Lest a new reader be confused about our position regarding the recent sexual scandals in the Church or the continuing destruction of the Faith from within, we suggest that they review the following documents that we have published:  CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE vs ABORTION - Which Is The Greatest TransgressionSexual Abuse of Children -     Its Psychosomatic ConsequencesRisky Sex May Stem From Early Abuse,  and Social and Moral Issues Corner

If the new reader thinks that we are "Hierarchy Lovers", then review  LETTERS TO THE HIERARCHY OF THE ROMAN AND ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCHES.  What we love is coherence and what we dislike is duplicity and fanaticism.

Note: The two references we were given regarding Rev. Altier were: and


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