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The lack of adequate response to the Exhortations from Heaven

A Letter to Those Who Control the Roman Catholic Church

miguel de Portugal

August 29, 1995

NOTE Added on November 5, 2005 (Our Lady of All Graces): The message below was transcribed and sent to The Vatican Ten Years ago. A follow up message was issued after the September 11, 2001, events (and it may be found at the end of the original message).

Now, as the crisis in the Middle East, led by Iran, is poised to trigger the descend of the world into the abyss, we reissue it in preparation for the "We told/warned you so!" phase of The M+G+R Foundation.

•  Original Letter
•  Epilogue (part of the Original Letter)
•  Message Added on December 6, 2001

Original Letter Addressed To: Those Who Control the Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church

Transmitted on August 29, 1995, through:

His Eminence, Cardinal Bernardin Gantin
Congragazione per i Vescovi

Piazza Pio XII, 10
00193 Roma, ITALIA


His Eminence, Cardinal António Ribeiro
Patriarch of Lisboa

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, 45
1198 Lisboa Codex, PORTUGAL

Subject: The lack of adequate response to the Exhortations and Warnings from Heaven. Its possible consequences.

May the Peace of God be with you!

If our Lord Jesus Christ were writing this cover letter He could say:

"I was born 2,000 years ago in Time to deliver you from the slavery of sin. I allowed My humanity to be shamefully crucified and to die to pay for your sins and give you an opportunity to return to Paradise. To help you in your journey I founded My Church and named Peter, Cephas, to be the Head of My Church.

"What has happened?

"As My Church flourished many of those placed in charge took personal advantage of it, thus allowing your enemy to penetrate it and control its functioning in the physical domain. The result is before your eyes. My world, entrusted to you, has been converted into a veritable sewer of human misery as the result of disobedience to My Word.

"Early last century I allowed My Mother to start making Her presence known to attempt to steer My Church, and through it, My children, back to the right path. The path to holiness. The path to the good life.

"The spiritual value of Her warnings and conditional prophecies have been trampled and mocked. My Mother has been made into a means of producing money to quench the insatiable thirst of the personal greed of those who control My Church.

"In this century alone, this outrage has caused the death of over one hundred million of my children as the result of wars and revolutions. With millions more being torn out of the womb of their physical mothers.

"In tandem with the needed pruning of My Church, initiated in the decade of 1960, My Mother commenced the last series of apparitions with hopes that My Church would recognize the errors incurred in the past by ignoring Her warnings and Her requests.

"Once again, those who control My Church, ignoring the prompting of My Spirit, have ignored Her warnings and converted them into a source of revenue or an opportunity to offend Her.

"What has happened to My children who look at My Church for guidance and light? Scattered!

"Do you remember the fate of the fig tree which did not have fruit when I wanted it?
[Matthew 21:18-19]

"Are those who illicitly control and manipulate My Church exempt of My Justice?

"No. They are not.

"My unfathomable Mercy demands that those who control My Church be given one more and last opportunity. Just like the opportunity given to the vineyard workers who, for only working the last hour, received the same wages as those who started in the morning
[Matthew 10:1-16].

"The requests delivered by My Mother through Her many apparitions of the 20th Century must be implemented at once and with a zeal like that displayed by my servant Paul. If this is not done, My Church will be pruned down to its roots.

"As it occurs at the Time of the Judgment to each one of you, those who have impeded the fulfillment of the requests of My Mother, will decide on the severity of the pruning. The enclosed document prepared at My behest and inspiration by My servant miguel will provide the necessary information for a wise decision.

"It is indeed a bitter chalice that you must face. Yes, I Am slow to anger, but nearly 2,000 years have gone by and My Creation on Earth is at the point of spiritual and physical annihilation. My Love for you demands My Action."

Originally signed and sent by: miguel de Portugal  (1)
+by the Grace of God


At the conclusion of this document, which was very traumatic for this instrument to prepare, I want to voice some very personal thoughts.

I did not ask to occupy this position (1). I was called from a world of science and business to occupy it. I accept it humbly for it is the Will of God.

I derive no vicarious pleasure in voicing Heavenly warnings. It personally annoys me that I have to address these warnings to precisely those to whom Our Lord entrusted His Church.

I am personally tired of seeing the actions of those who have set themselves against the designs of God; they look like pre-school children plotting to escape parental control while, at the same time, they grievously offend Our Lord and Our Heavenly Mother.

If they could simultaneously see their plans and the plans of all the groups scheming and thinking that "They are the ones who will end up in control", they would become as embarrassed as Adam and Eve when they became aware of their nudity.

Nothing, but nothing occurs within nor outside the Created Universe that is not permitted by God. To me, this knowledge is no longer the result of an Act of Faith; it is a concrete reality. Keep clearly in mind: Even he who rebelled and would not serve, has to serve (2). God is above all. God simply IS! Review Psalm 2. I assure you, it is not pious poetry.

Please, please, obey God, I plead with one and all. That is the only sane alternative.

Enclosures (3)

Following MESSAGE Added on December 6, 2001:

My Mercy allowed the events of September 11, 2001 (4). Humanity was given one more opportunity, in a most severe manner, to reawaken their Faith and dependence on Me. Your response was severely wanting. It was painfully obvious in the "business as usual" atmosphere at the Halloween Parade, the Macy´s Thanksgiving Parade and the launching of the allegedly Holy Day Season with a procession of Santa Claus in New York. "HOLY" Days by whose standards?

The events of September 11th did not spur my hurting children to come back to Me, on the contrary, it became the motive force for the manifestation and establishment of satan's Reign on Earth - The New World Order
(5) and the One Universal Religion (6).

My children, you are at the edge of the abyss
(7). Soon the world will be awash with blood. I will not cause it; I cannot cause evil - I Will allow it, as My last effort before the promised Warning (8), to call the world to repentance and protect it from complete and irreversible annihilation.

You may read about the events of September 11th on My Beloved's Book of Revelations. You may also read there what is to come. The world has been amply warned

The only recourse you now have is prayer
(10). This will reduce somewhat the suffering which is now at your doors.

How tragic! How sad! If you had prayed as My Mother entreated you to through the series of Fátima related communications
(11), the world would not have reached this point in Time. Not even My Vicar responded as he was expected; when he did, it was too late (12).

Message relayed through
miguel de Portugal  (1)
+by the Grace of God

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Released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

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The M+G+R Foundation to assist the reader in documents already issued through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and which will complement this last Message before events tumble out of control.

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