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miguel de Portugal -  Rest in the Peace of God!

miguel de Portugal crossed the veil on August 9th, 2020, to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

His mortal body passed away in Portugal, was buried in Spain, and was laid to rest in a humble Christian ceremony.

His family and friends pray and ask for prayers for the repose of his soul.

The members of The M+G+R Foundation family, collaborators and friends, pray and ask for prayers for the repose of his soul.

Brief notes on his life (1)

In an attached brief document (2), which he himself wrote and published in the domain of The M+G+R Foundation some years ago, you can find a very brief outline of the background of his life until God asked him in 1991 to "leave everything and follow Him". Below, those of us who have known him closely, take up and complete that outline up to the moment when his soul crossed the veil back to the Heavenly Home.

Miguel Ángel, whose given by God religious name is miguel de Portugal, was born in the first half of the 20th century. In 1985 he underwent a true conversion when he became truly aware of God, because until then he had only been a Christian in name only, as he himself said. He considered that date as the date of his spiritual birth. Six years later, in 1991, God asked him to "leave everything and follow Him" and Miguel responded with a "Yes" to this call.

In the midst of a new life of prayer and total dedication to God, he wrote, for many years and, as God directed him, letters and communications addressed to people with high responsibility in the Church and in the world. God warned them, through the pen of miguel de Portugal, of what is (or was) to come and reminded them of their responsibility before God. To the very few who heeded such communications, God moved them to act in such a way that the suffering of the world in the End of These Times has been greatly abbreviated and alleviated. As for the others (the majority), Divine Justice demanded that they were warned even if they would not listen.

The ministry of The M+G+R Foundation, which began with only miguel de Portugal and the angels of God accompanying him in this mission, began its presence on the Internet in 1998. Through the Internet domains of The M+G+R Foundation, the warnings to the world, advice and revelations that God gave and continued to give to miguel de Portugal were made available to the whole world, by the Grace of God.

However, in his own words, "The writings which appear in The M+G+R Foundation publications, important as they are, are secondary in universal importance to Miguel’s main responsibility: Recourse to God in order to secure the Divine solution of matters which are beyond the means of any human." Through their prayers and sacrifices, no matter that this was not known to the world, God has brought great benefits and relief to many worldwide, even if unbeknownst to the benefited souls themselves, for it is primarily through the spiritual plane - and not the material plane as false evangelists believe - that God solves the world's problems.

In the last years of his life before leaving, over and above the many physical pains and serious health problems he had to suffer, what hurt him more and more was to see a world that did not react despite God's warnings, to see that much of the suffering of humanity could have been avoided if only the warnings of Heaven had been heeded, including especially those of our loving Heavenly Mother. And, finally, the most painful thing, to see that by 2020 the fulfillment of the prophecies that God had announced through miguel de Portugal related to the preparation of the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ was already beginning to take a very concrete and undeniable form, without the world having done enough to prevent it despite having been warned.

Those of us who had been working closely with him to help him in his service to God saw firsthand his unwavering trust in God and his total surrender to God's Will through a tireless spirit of work and sacrifice.

We hope that, in his encounter with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He has already said to him or is saying to him:

Well done! good and faithful servant; in little and in much you have been faithful, enter into the joy of your Lord. (3)

This farewell would be void if we do not give Glory to God above all and everything, recognizing that it was God who prepared miguel de Portugal, even before he was born, for the function for which he had called him, and sustained him and guided him without fail until he crossed the veil. Quoting some words that miguel de Portugal himself wrote some years ago:

God has made His Hand very noticeable through my health, limited abilities and personal security issues. By normal human standards not only I could not have accomplished what I have through His Grace, but I would have been dead many, many years ago. [mdep in 2011]

miguel de Portugal does not claim any merit for whatever good he has done in the Name of God, for without God that would have been impossible. Even his unqualified “Yes” to God would not have been possible without the Grace of God. [mdep in 2016]

Give him, Lord, eternal rest.
May eternal Light shine upon your servant.


(1) Those who wish to have a more extensive knowledge of how God prepared him and called him to serve Him, and how God acted through him as he tried his best to be faithful to God's Guidance, can read his Biblically Focused Autobiography which he wrote at God's direction to " illustrate and confirm that much of what we read in the Holy Scriptures - Old and New Testament - are not literary embellishments by the original authors and/or translators and scribes".

(2) Who is miguel de Portugal? - A very brief summary of his background

(3) Paraphrasing Matthew 25:23

En Español:  Despedida y memorial del recordado miguel de Portugal

Published on June 24th, 2021 - Solemnity of St. John the Baptist

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