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A Communication to Marian Movement of Priests

PLEASE NOTE: miguel de Portugal does not endorse the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) (1) since 1995; on the contrary, he considers the MMP to be the contrived "Department of Marian Messages"  for the Opus Dei Agenda (2).

The purpose of publishing this communication is to illustrate the good relationship that miguel had with many MMP Directors worldwide until Gobbi attempted to destroy it. The excellent relationship - coupled with the condemnation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP headquarters (3) - speak volumes, for those who have Ears to Hear (4), about the real intentions of the organizers of Marian Movement of Priests [not necessarily the National Directors].

Communiqué No. 20

Exclusively To: Marian Movement of Priests Directors - Selected Distribution Centers Worldwide
From:                miguel de Portugal
Date:                July 2, 1995

Beloved of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

I pray that this communication finds you in peace and harmony with yourself and the world; a Grace that only God can grant and that will be most helpful to posses before the Warning.

I have delayed writing this brief document for two weeks. Today Our Lord made clear His displeasure with the delay. Mea culpa.

Last June 8th I received the English translation of Don Gobbi's writings for 1994, published by the U.S.A. National Headquarters.

After reading these writings, miguel de Portugal will state that:

"The coherence that the prior writings, published in the 'To The Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons,' had with:

(a) The Holy Scriptures;
(b) The Major Marian and Christic Apparitions; and
(c) The Knowledge of the many details of the End of These Times held by miguel de Portugal, and within themselves...,

does not exist in many writings found in the 1994 publication."

You are encouraged to review carefully all material that has been previously sent to you by miguel de Portugal. Most especially, the Scriptural references. Consult and meditate on them. The warnings published on February 1994 do not exclude the MMP nor miguel de Portugal himself, for they are Universal.

I am sure that the MMP would enjoy the special protection of Our Lady. However, if the Holy Roman Catholic Church, which is the Apple of the Eyes of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Mother, has been infiltrated by the enemies of God, it is reasonable to expect the same occurrence within the Marian Movement of Priests. In the eyes of God, The Marian Movement of Priests certainly is NOT above the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

At Their service, thus, at yours, I remain, as always, simply...

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God  [Acts 5:35-39]

P.S. I consider this case closed. We have much ahead to do and very little time left.


(1) The position of miguel de Portugal regarding the MMP
(2) About the Opus Dei and their real "Salvific Agenda
(3) The evaluation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP Headquarters.
(4) We must ask: Why if what he had done up to then was support them?  The answer lies within Communiqué no. 5.

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Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

Reissued for the following reasons on April 2008 with added links to documents that had not been published at the time the original communication was written.

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