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Attacks Miguel de Portugal

Translation of the Highlights of the Letter to Miguel de Portugal From MMP Headquarters

Original Letter Dated March 26, 1995

Referring to Miguel de Portugal, Rev. F. Rana states:

1. A psychiatric case. All "messages" are the product of a sick mind.

A sick mind which endorses the early MMP alleged Messages.

2. Is a dishonest person because:

(a) Dares to write to the Directors of the MMP worldwide.

Are we to presume that no one can contact the MMP Directors? Why is the D. Gobbi so concerned that "his" Directors hear something different than what he is telling them? Aren't they mature enough to handle the information and discern its validity?

(b) Write anonymously without a return address to where to send a legal citation for writing to the Directors.

Miguel de Portugal had been corresponding with the Directors since the beginning of the mailings in June 1993. With Fr. Roux specifically under his civil name since 1990. They knew the address. We have an ample file on hand of exchanged correspondence to confirm this.

Miguel de Portugal's confessor, Pe. António Cristoväo Cardoso was the MMP Director for Portugal. He was in continuos contact with Miguel de Portugal. The letter from the Rector of the Sanctuary of Fátima dated Febraury 20, 1995, questioning the standing of Marian Movement of Priests was personally handed to Miguel de Portugal in Fátima by P. Cardoso Cristoväo.

It seems that everyone could reach Miguel de Portugal except the MMP Headquarters.

3. Is a stupid person who wastes his salary sending his messages. D. Stefano Gobbi has told all the Directors of the MMP to throw all of Miguel de Portugal's correspondence to the trash.

After Rev. Rana's letter we asked the Directors if they wished to continue receiving Communiques and a large number of them answered in the Positive. Communiques continued until No. 26; that is, nine more after Rev. Rana's threatening letter.

Final Commentary

Why would the MMP Headquarters be so determined to block Miguel de Portugal? Could it be because he is not part of their program and would interfere with it?

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Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

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