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Exorcising an "Alien" Abduction

In reference to the Private FYI&R Post of September 24th, 2012:

There are in the web investigators who compiled testimonies as part of their investigation of the UFO phenomenon, and their conclusion sustains that holy Name of Jesus stopped the abduction experiences. Highlights done by the researcher Mrs. R.M.:

1) Joe Jordan  The following information is from this page:
Joe Jordan is the President and co-founder of CE4 Research Group, an Alien Abduction investigation and research team based out of Cocoa, Florida. Joe has been a Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator since 1992. He has shared his research findings from his Alien Abduction investigations through many radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles, DVD's, and lectures. His research findings on Alien Abductions have been written about in twelve different authored books over the past decade.
CE4 Research Group has been the Investigative arm of, a clearing house website covering the Biblical view on the UFO phenomenon.  Seeing that there seemed to be a spiritual nature to the Alien Abduction experience, they posed the question, “Are Christians being abducted by Aliens”?
The research showed that some people professing to be Christians were indeed reporting that they had encountered this experience in their lives. The same experience that people of all faiths or no faith had been reporting over the many years of UFO research. Research polls through the years have shown that upwards of 5 million people may have experienced some form of this phenomenon.

This experience has a detrimental effect on people's lives. It is a terrifying experience to those that report it. Lives have been destroyed. Family relationships have been destroyed. To live with the idea that they cannot control what is happening to them is devastating. They cannot even ask for help from friends, family or the medical profession because of ridicule, which only intensifies their situation.

"During the investigations into the   case testimonies, CE4 Research Group found something really remarkable. They found that some of these Christian Alien Abduction experiences had been able to stop or even terminate the experience from their lives. The most fascinating finding was that this was even possible. And there was a commonality amongst the experiences in the way that they were able to do this. This is something that the worlds leading researchers in this field of investigation publicly say is not possible. But the findings of CE4 Research Group show otherwise. When questioned off the record, many of these leading world researchers admit they themselves have come across similar cases.
The Research Hypothesis: Christians are being abducted by Aliens.
The Data: Compiled through working with over 350 Alien Abduction Experiences.
The Findings: Some professing Christians are claiming to have experienced the Alien Abduction experience.
The Unexpected Outcome of the Research
Through the research into the case testimonies it was found that some of the experiences were able to stop or terminate the experience. There was a recognized commonality in the method that was used among the Christian experiences. The experience was shown to be able to be stopped or terminated by calling on the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST. Not as a magic word but by their allegiance to and personal relationship with Him. 
We also found that by sharing this with other experiences we could help them also stop their experiences.  
This is called repeatability.
The UFO community has been looking for that repeatable event that research demands to verify the data. We have documented this in our research. There is no other documented repeatable event recorded in any other UFO research. Not only has it been shown that the experience can be stopped or terminated in the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST, but we are able to help you stop the experience.


What causes someone to have an abduction experience?

This is a question that secular researchers do not have an answer for to this day.

But we at CE4 Research Group have found through our research that people can have this experience because of one of three reasons or a combination of these reasons:

1. You asked for it. Some people actually ask to have the experience to know what is like or about. Be careful what you ask for.
2. You unknowingly open a door to the realm of this experience. Some people unknowingly opened a door for the experience, by being involved in New Age or Occult activities. When you engage in the unknown things outside of GOD the Creator and His WORD you make yourself vulnerable to these entities. We have found this reason to be the most often found root cause.
3. You are part of an ongoing cycle or social conditioning. When asked about the experience's parents or early family life, we found that the opening had come from one or more of the parents. It IS important how you raise your children. When there is a GODLY covering over the family by the head of the household, the family is protected. But if there is No GODLY covering, the family is open to these types of unnatural experiences.

The   evidence of our findings is in the testimonies of the experiences. We have over 100 posted with permission, written and audio testimonies from the experiences themselves. More are coming in as the work continues by the research group. How many does it take to see that this is a real event? Read and listen to the evidence yourself. Weigh what you read with what you have been told by others. You will now have all of the pieces in your hand. Bring them all to the table. We are sure that you will see why this is called the “Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle”. The evidence you read and hear will surely raise many questions about the Alien Abduction and UFO experience. Questions you must continue to ask. Answers that you must demand from the researchers that refuse to allow all the pieces of the puzzle to be shared, whether they like what the research shows or not.
The page contains a link to testimonies (written and oral testimonies). 

Example of written testimonies where they expressly used the name of Jesus (those I reviewed, because the page contains almost a hundred testimonies):

 Anonymous 2
 Richard II
 Mary II
The page also contains a link named "The Name of Jesus" with biblical references.
The other web page they have is: Alien Resistance. The following is from this page. It contains much information that I could not review. In summary they express:
Alien Resistance

Offering Biblical Perspectives on the UFO and Alien Phenomenon since 1999...

Is the UFO/Abduction Phenomenon real?
Is there other life in the universe?
Is the alien abduction experience real? 
Are people really taken somewhere during an abduction event?
Is Hollywood telling us the truth about extraterrestrial?
Are aliens and UFOs in the Bible?
Why is this important to the church?
Does the Bible have the answer to the extraterrestrial question?

You will find the answers to these questions and more as you explore this website.
FACT: Based on polls, over 60% of the population believes that there is likely alien life in outer space. Around 48% of the population believes that aliens from outer space may be visiting the Earth in UFOs, and 12% claim to have seen a UFO.
FACT: A 1991 Roper poll estimated that 4 million people in the US may have had an "alien abduction" experience (2% of the population). This does not even take into account the number of abductees worldwide, which based on the Roper poll, could be estimated to be 129 million people. This is a number of pandemic proportions.

Christian research in this field has shown that these are spiritually dangerous false beliefs, which can open a spiritual door to the occult, resulting in having dark paranormal experiences. These experiences destroy people's lives and relationships with family and friends, and changes their world view.

It is very important for Christians to learn about this topic and get more involved in this field of ministry. The need is very great, as the belief that alien life is visiting humanity is steadily growing in popularity.

FACT: Alien abduction experiences can be terminated in the name of Jesus Christ.
FACT: Documented messages of "aliens" to those contacted and those abducted reveal an undeniably un-Biblical spiritual agenda.
FACT: Modern documented reports of alien's activities and abilities parallel the abilities of (fallen) angels as seen in the Bible.
CONCLUSION: Deceptive spiritual entities are posing as modern day "aliens", bringing tormenting experiences into the lives of individuals, and offering a false gospel message, in opposition to the true message of Jesus Christ.
We invite you to educate yourself via the links on this website, resist the deception, and share this information with others.
2) Gary Bates
Gary has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1990. With a background in management and marketing, in 2002, he was invited to join the ministry full-time in Brisbane and eventually became its Head of Ministry. Much in demand for his popular lay talks on creation, Gary and his family relocated to America to serve as CEO of CMI-US. He was also elected to the position of CEO of CMI-Worldwide, CMI's international Federation of ministries.
Once a convinced evolutionist, the Creation message had a dramatic impact on Gary's life. He is now a young-Earth creationist with a heart to communicate this life-changing information to the average ‘person in the street’.

Concerned about the tremendous interest in UFOs and associated extraterrestrial beliefs, Gary undertook specialist research in an attempt to solve this seemingly baffling phenomenon. This led to his top 50 bestseller Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (the only Creationist book ever to achieve this feat). This landmark book provides biblical answers to the many puzzling questions regarding UFOs, and whether there is there intelligent, sentient alien life on other planets
Pertinent parts of an article about his book: Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection

 Aliens in your bedroom
A startling new book on UFOs and their ‘evolution connection’ looks set to open many eyes …
by Mike Matthews (bolding and red color mine)
"‘I have written this book out of a genuine desire to understand the truth about this phenomenon’, Gary writes in the introduction to his book, ‘I have a great respect and compassion for the people who have been caught up in alien phenomena, sometimes with very distressing consequences.’

The things that he discovered surprised even Gary. He shows how belief in evolution has opened the door to ‘alien’ visitations. Surprising, I know. But the evidence is hard to escape. Reports of sightings and abductions sometimes defy natural explanation, and they have surprising similarities, despite separation by oceans, and ignorance of other witnesses’ reports. Those who report sightings and abductions are changed people. ‘Real or otherwise, “abductees”? and their perception of the world are forever altered. Many develop a strange interest in the occult and supernatural.’

The first ‘classic’ abduction case involved American couple Barney and Betty Hill. They could not account for a missing period of two hours when driving home in their car one evening in 1961 after sighting a UFO. Later, under hypnosis, the Hills individually recounted the same terrifying experiences with strange beings who performed grotesque ‘medical-like’ examinations on them. Barney died in 1969 and his wife in October, 2004.
Gary already knew that the modern UFO movement had a quasi-religious side and even served as a substitute religion that consciously displaced Christianity and biblical authority. But only after he was deep in research did he uncover reports from well-established researchers that linked stories of abductions and ancient demonology.
‘There is an enormous spiritual battle going on,’ he tells audiences, ‘and it is more widespread than most people realize. The whole phenomenon, and our complacency about it, has become deeply worrying to me. After all, how would you witness to someone who told you that a little gray alien visited them in the middle of the night? If you tell them they are being deceived, then watch out! … It is very difficult to reach these people.’"

Even self-proclaimed Christians have been swept into a UFO worldview. ‘On one occasion,’ Gary says, ‘I was giving a talk, and at the end a young married woman spent over twenty minutes quoting sections of the Bible better than most Christians I know, but each time it had a UFO interpretation. As she explained it, aliens were our creators and had been visiting us for millennia, overseeing our evolution and the Christian religion. She spoke openly about visitations and stated that she had met Jesus. (This is very common among abductees.) Every time I identified an inconsistency in her interpretation, she brushed it off. Her state was the closest thing that I could imagine to being brainwashed.’"
The most disturbing chapter in Gary's book details stories of ‘alien abductions - close encounters of the fourth kind’. Popular reports fail to relay the ugly truth experienced by the majority of these victims, yet the nature of such events reveals the true deception behind them. (I certainly had never heard these shocking details before.)"

"Though it covers some heavy truths, I found Alien Intrusion a really interesting book to read. Like a good mystery, it digs deeply into many famous (and not-so-famous) sightings and stories of abductions around the world, as well as government efforts to investigate UFOs (or cover them up). I always wanted to know the real story behind Project Blue Book, Area 51 and the ‘Men in Black’, crop circles and the ‘holy grail’ of UFOlogy - the Roswell Incident and the associated Alien Autopsy ‘documentary’ - all addressed in this book.
Yet I found it even more thrilling to examine how, in yet another arena, the Bible proves its ability to solve the great mysteries of our day and be ‘a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart’ (Hebrews 4:12). Gary shows how the Sword of Scripture cuts to the heart of the matter and gives the only satisfying answer to real-world problems. Our personal problems - even if they seem other-worldly - boil down to the same practical problem of our submission to God and His Word.
UFO snippets (given by the article)

*  There are about 150 reported sightings worldwide every day.
*  90–95% of all UFO sightings have been readily explained as natural or man-made phenomena, such as the planet Venus or mistaken satellites.
*  UFOs have been seen on commercial and military radar screens - even by a US President (Jimmy Carter in 1969).
*  They are said to change shape and merge into one another.
*  They appear to defy the laws of physics by traveling thousands of miles per hour, and change directions without slowing down.
*  Some polls suggest that up to 20 million Americans have seen a UFO and four million claim to actually have been abducted by aliens.
*  Science fiction is the most popular entertainment genre of today, accounting for about 70% plus of all movie box office receipts at any one time.
*  UFO ‘experiences’ are often generational; that is, spanning several generations of family members.
*  The UFO cults are some of the fastest growing religious movements in the world (the Raelians, for example).

In this presentation (an hour + long), Gary Bates gave quotes of his book. In summary he states that an UFO is an "unidentified flying object". The majority of ufo sighting are explained by human activities. But there is a little percent that is unexplained: people actually experienced something. He concluded that those are "paranormal phenomena"/"spiritual phenomena", which the Bible could answer. He stated that the alien communicate the people that our bible is wrong, that they are our saviours, new ages ideas, that they created us, that they are going to move us to a new age (a kind of paradise), etc. At 48:32 min is said: "abduction experiences stop if the Name of Jesus is invoke".

This other presentation contains statistics. An alarming 2% (1 out of every 50 persons) believe that they were abducted (around minute 9:00). It cover what non christian researchers says about the aliens phenomenon, in summary: that Ufo's phenomenon is not explained by extraterrestrial visits, there is a strong psychic aspect to it that is not explained or accepted by ufologists. It presents that extensive research puts into evidence: 1) aliens brings primarily religious messages; 2) abductions can be terminated; 3) powers of aliens and angels are the same. At 16:40 it is said that abductions terminates when using the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

The presentation covers some of the messages the aliens gave to people; it mentions the interest of this aliens to change our spirituality (the abductions includes a conference/meeting/lecture or schooling sessions and a theophany -the witness meets a divine being or has a religious experience (min 20:36). In summarizing the abductions experiences it is said, at 21:41 mins, that UFO contactees have been chosen, no UFO contact is accidental; the experience includes spiritual manifestations which are designed to influence the "world-view" of contactees, contactees are programmed for a variety of future activities, the contactees are moved into the sense of cosmic citizenship with other beings in the universe, the experience is the forerunner of a social transformation in human consciousness, leading to changes in economics, educational, military, political and religious institutions: the new age of true science and spirituality. Aliens teach people about past lives and incarnation (22:57 mins).

They tried to re-write the scriptures with things like: God used aliens to write with lasers the ten commandments in the tablets; the lasers were used to divide the Nile; they changed the DNA of Adam and Eve, that the son of God was crucified in every single planet, (same souls but of different mothers), the New Jerusalem is a ship that will come, Jesus will get out of it and gather his people and ascend again to it, Jesus is an advance alien, His mother was artificially inseminated, Jesus is half breeding, etc. The aliens also communicate about a sorts of apocalyptic events giving future assignments to the abductees as "defeating the survivors", others will be taken to participate in the new evolution, how they (the aliens) will help people survive in the apocalyptic period or that the people have inside themselves the tools to survive. The presentation also covers what the bible does says about life in other planets: 1 Timothy 3, 16-17;  2 Corinthian 2, 5; Romans 1, 21; Joseas 4,6; Psalm 3, 5-6; Romans 12,2; 1 Corinthians 15, 3-6; Genesis 1, 14-18; Isaiah 45,18; Genesis 2,1; 1 Kings 22, 19-21; Neh 9,6; Luke 2, 8-15; Rev 12,7-9; Rev 12,13; Ephesians 6,12; (1:10:18 mins) It mentions about a well documented case of abduction (Book: The Andreasson Afair by Raymond Fowler, page 37-38): She exclaimed: "Oh Jesus be with me". The entity was surprised or stunned and ask her "fallow us. Please, get in back of me again".
This presentation mentions many books  and authors (christians and secular) that covered the topic.
This information must be what our Lady tried to tell us in La Salette. If it were bad experiences for the witnesses, it would be really worst in the coming time. If statistic are real, the amount of people brainwashed or conditioned to the alien acceptance is unthinkable. A great deception awaits!

While it is time, I may pray: God have mercy on us!

Mrs. R.M.

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