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The Gore-Bush-Nader Presidential Election Triangle

Was is it really a Triangle or is there another side to it?

The M+G+R Foundation does not involve itself in partisan politics since that would be serving another master besides God. However, we do point out glaring incoherence, inconsistencies and strange coincidences in the political arena.

One glaring example of another strange coincidence is the Nader Effect in the 2000 U.S. Presidential elections.

Mr. Nader, the Green Party candidate, according to expert opinions, siphoned off votes from Vice President Gore, giving a slim margin to Governor Bush.

It is no secret, except to those in denial, that behind all the Green activities in the world is the omnipresent, and yet to be fulfilled, agenda of Mr. Gorbachev.

A brief review of the documents listed in The Gorbachev Index will dispel any doubts about our concern about the Nader Factor and what was really behind his candidacy.

Please, do not take our word for it. After all, who are we by world standards? Just inform yourself with the already published facts.

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