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The Three Days of Darkness

Their Positioning within the Events Leading to the End of These Times

Originally Published in 1994

Purpose of this Communication

On July 27, 1994 we issued this information in English and Spanish to the Directors of all the Marian Movement of Priests (1) Centers worldwide. We were then guided to publish it for the faithful at large in the year 2000 and, on October 2011, we are clarified matters further.

The purpose of this communication, as that of many of our writings, is not to cause alarm but to place all events in its proper perspective so that they may be coherent and comprehensible to all.


As we relentlessly draw nearer to the climax of the purifying events that will prepare us for the End of These Times, much erroneous information is becoming universally and inadvertently widespread.

This, of course, should be expected. The master deceiver and liar, satan (2), by his very nature, will try to sabotage every Heavenly effort to minimize the suffering (3) ahead for the Elect.

The key to the truth, as it has always been, is found in the Holy Scriptures (4) , Fount of All Wisdom. Thus, all that will be presented to you is referenced to The Holy Scriptures. You are encouraged to carefully review these coherent references for the clear understanding of the only truth.

What are the Three Days of Darkness?

These terrible days have been prophesied for many centuries. The prophecies have a common thread. For illustration, we will use the two most frequently quoted ones. They are from highly gifted prophetic souls of the 19th Century: Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and Marie Julie Jahenny of La Fraudais.

There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. [Bl. Anna Maria Taigi]

...the earth will be changed into an immense cemetery; the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the face of the earth. The famine that will follow will be great. [Marie Julie Jahenny La Fraudais]

What may physically cause the Three Days of Darkness?

Think of this: What will the general scenario be when a nuclear holocaust manifests itself? What would the general scenario be when a comet/meteorite impacts the Earth?

Considering that their destructive effects will be in proportion to the size of the comet/meteorite and where it impacts the Earth, as well as the extent of the nuclear holocaust, the following general worldwide consequences will apply. [Please Note: size and extent are still in mankind's hands (5) and is influenced by our response to the pleas from Heaven.]

Nuclear Holocaust: The radiation effects and the hundreds of millions of pounds of chemicals from petrochemical and chemical complexes released to the atmosphere will render much of the breathing air poisonous.

Comet/Asteroid: Will cause fires and enormous clouds of dust. Between the smoke from the fires and the dust, the light from the Sun, Moon and stars will be essentially blocked.

Gamma Ray Burst: The most possible and natural cause, a Gamma Ray Burst (6) , was revealed to miguel de Portugal on October 2011.

After such events, with hundreds of millions of corpses strewn throughout the world, famine and pestilence will be the next logical plagues.

Therefore, you may now clearly understand how the events which the Holy Scriptures foretold and Bl. Anna Maria Taigi, Marie Julie Jahenny La Fraudais, and many others legitimate visionaries have independently echoed will be made manifest. No mystery, no Abracadabra magic, no miracle - just the result of mankind's abysmal stupidity and arrogance.

The Miracles are what God will perform: [a] To protect His Elect (7) - those who strive with all their hearts, in spite of their miseries, to do the Will of the Father; and [b] To renew His, not ours!, but His Creation.

The Error

The error gaining widespread acceptance is that the Three Days of Darkness will come at the very end of These Times, immediately before the Glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Reality

From the quoted prophesies and the Holy Scriptures it is readily obvious that there will be a continuation of life on this planet for some time: (a) after those terrible days; but (b) before the return of Our Lord to gather the elect. This is the common thread mentioned. It appears in all legitimate prophecies regarding such days.

For the extensive Biblical References illustrating the way the Three Days of Darkness are incorporated within all other events, you may visit the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times. Please, carefully meditate these references in the order and grouping given to you.

The Urgency of These Times

In the Name of God, we advise you of the relative immediacy of the Three Days of Darkness. Paraphrasing Our Lady communicating through different apparitions since the early sixties: Hurry to be converted. Do not wait for the great sign. For the unbeliever, it will be too late to be converted.

(1) The Marian Movement of Priests - In Conclusion
(2) satan's Plan I and Plan II and Plan III
(3) Why is suffering necessary?
(4) Biblical Literalism - Part I and Part II
(5) It is in our hands!
(6) Gamma Ray Burst
(7) Who are His people?

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Originally published exclusively for an ecclesiastical audience worldwide on July 27, 1994 - Nazaré, Portugal • Reissued with the appropriate Footnotes on August 18, 2007 • Simplified, Clarified and Expanded on January 12, 2012

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