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November 2022

Is not sacrilegious to ponder about the day and time of God's plans?

Real-time video impersonation of people through Artificial Intelligence

Mixed Catholic-Protestant marriage

Pray for Souls in Purgatory

The progress of our soul in Purgatory and in Heaven

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September 2022

The distinction between True Christianity and Badly Applied Christianity

What means "benedict" in "Benedict XVI" and what do we mean by "Maledict"

The importance of women in the Church - And the error of the female priesthood

The incoherence of displaying weapons at a Worship Service

Opus Dei and women

Francis confirming the "charism" of Opus Dei

The modern Tower of Babel: a "new and improved" society

Gamaliel counsel and the confirmation of the Divine reality of Jesus

Francis' mandate to move the assets of the Curia to the "Vatican bank" - What could be the real motive?

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May 2022

Dispelling the theory of the alleged brothers of Jesus in a few lines

Sr. Marie de Mandat-Gracey and the Home of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus

Conversion of sinners does not mean they have to become Roman Catholics

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April 2022

The world proclaims before God that eugenics is worthy and laudable

BKK data: The number of adverse effects is at least 12 times higher than official figures show

Gamaliel counsel - Why not now?

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March 2022

The Pfizer pseudo-Vaccine has 1,291 Side Effects

The entire New Testament summarized in two sentences

On the Act of Consecration to Mary staged by Francis in March 25th

Why the news about Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba since 2012 are still being ignored?

Legal Immunity: Do manufacturers of Covid "vaccines" trust in the safety their own "vaccines"?

The Russia-Ukraine war is making many people think about... the options of a nuclear war

Study: People under 60 are more likely to die from the inoculation than from Covid

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February 2022

New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar for the year 2022

Ex-Pope Benedict accused of failing to act in Munich Church abuse report

Massive truck convoy crossing Canada to protest Vaccine Mandates

The postulation, by some, for Archbishop Viganò as the "rightful new Pope"

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January 2022

Finance Leaders Exercise: Simulating Global Financial Collapse

Predictions: Internment Camps and Economic Enslavement

The astrologers surrendered their "magic" at the feet of the Child Jesus

On Magic, Astrology and the Demise of the Faith

What harm can Santa Claus do to the Christian Faith?

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