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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  April 2005

From Various  @ Worldwide [Published on April 30, 2005]

Q. The following  is a "composite question" from several recent e-contacts with The M+G+R Foundation regarding Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's election at the final conclave..

You said that he was the last legitimate pope of our time. How would that tie in with Benedict XVI? There is no doubt that Satan has infiltrated the hearts and minds of a great many people in the Church, including those given the great responsibility of governing it. But this man like you have said after your trip to the Vatican was selected  'by the active will of God', so this would surely indicate that he is a legitimate successor to John Paul II.

In accordance to what you wrote, is Joseph Ratzinger an impostor?

Could our new Pope be a False Prophet, elected to the throne by the Illuminati?

Studying what you wrote about the active and passive Will of God, it would seem to me that the Active Will of God wills for what is perfect.  God would not will for a pope who is not the true successor of Peter, or who is the “antichrist”- WOULD HE?  Jesus did not will for Judas to betray Him.

I would feel better if on some points that did not turn out to be exactly as you claimed they would be, according to you private revelation, you would acknowledge you were mistaken.  Somehow I don't think that will happen because I see many times that you explain it by saying that you already knew it and God used it to show something, etc.


A. We understand that many issues are hard to understand/comprehend. We strongly suggest that the moment anyone encounters such difficulty, even after seeking the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, it would be best to "drop it" and focus your attention on prayer and acts of reparation.

The fact that in the last election the Active Will of God was fulfilled, does not make either Cardinal Ratzinger a bad or undesirable man nor it takes away the reality that Karol Wojtyla was originally elected as the last Pope.

About this we will only clarify as follows: As we have have stated elsewhere openly or hinted through the usage of veiled terminology - Karol Wojtyla was elected as Pope John Paul II, however, that does not mean that when he died he was still the Pope.

Man cannot supersede God's Will by performing this or that prescribed ritual. God always has the Last Word and when men abuse His Goodness He will do whatever is necessary to protect His children and confound the enemy. As we have pointed out before - towards the end of the Papal sequence, there was going to be one last true successor of Peter and one more historical Pope.

Jesus Christ - as God and as man - through His Active Will appointed Judas Iscariot as an Apostle, even though He knew that Judas was going to betray Him.

As an act of charity, we will comment upon the outright accusation that if miguel de Portugal were to make a mistake (which he does - after all, not even Peter was infallible all the time
[Galatians 2: 11-21]) he would not admit it.

One glaring example of the banality of such accusation may be found in an official letter, which was sent worldwide to scientific centers via regular air mail, acknowledging having made a prediction without the appropriate permission from God - a prediction which, of course was wrong because there was a change of plans.

God in His Merciful Goodness salvaged m de P's credibility before such a large scientific forum through an astronomical event that is described in the letter. That did not make the error less - it just made us better appreciate the Loyalty, Support and Mercy of God toward those who leave a life, as few have ever experienced, to follow Him - no questions asked.

Lastly - we want everyone to keep very clear in mind a section from m de P's brief biography:

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?
You do not have to. What is written is only for those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicate with His children in the last 6,000 years.
Unless God Wills otherwise - we consider this case closed lest we fall in an old and well used trap used by satan and which, through the Grace of God, we have learned to recognize soon.

If any questions and/or doubts remain, please visit our Research Department

From  Mary  @ Heaven [Published on April 27, 2005]

Q. Children of Mine, haven't you had enough? We have!


A. She has said it all - there is absolutely nothing we can add to that.

From  TJSMIT  @ USA [Published on April 25, 2005]

Q. I sometimes come to your site to read your articles on Marian Apparitions. I have a couple questions:
  -What is your stance on the work of Fr. Nicholas Gruner and his Fatima Crusader Apostolate?

  -Also, regarding the apparitions at Garabandal, Spain, what is your response to a site like the one hosted by Rick Salbato? [This question was also asked by CH @ Australia]

Submitted by Two Individuals - An Ocean Apart

A. Regarding Rev. Nicholas Gruner - We are quite (very) familiar with him and his ministry and this is our comment:

 Rev. Gruner's self appointed mission has been to, literally, hound His Holiness John Paul II to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as it was requested through the Fátima events. According to Rev. Nicholas Gruner, such action would prevent the nuclear holocaust that will take place.

As we have shown with actual documents - Attachment I and Attachment II - the timing for such consecration lapsed well before World War II erupted and Sr. Lucía was informed about that as we have also shown. However, this does not mean that Rev. Gruner is not well intended. We understand his plight and feel sorry and pray for him.

Regarding Mr. Rick Salbato's Unity Publishing. Once again - we know that Mr. Salbato is well intentioned and has amply proven so. We have also witnessed how he has been abused, slandered and close to have been physically hurt. However, this does not make his publications correct. We have already published a clarification regarding the dissemination of erroneous information about Garabandal.

As of our last information Mr. Salbato is Opus Dei friendly. Any one friendly of Opus Dei, Legionnaires of Christ, and other sects within the Roman Catholic Church, by nature are anti-Garabandal. Why? Because each of those sects claim "to be the one" who will save the Church and the World.

As  the information through Garabandal and  Roman Catholic Church approved Akita tells the faithful: "The party is over!"

God gave the Administration of His Church ample opportunities since 1830 to correct the failed Evangelization they claim to have conducted. The Church Administrators made a business of the Marian Apparitions and the world continued to descend into a hell-like state.

Now God will directly intervene. Whether some of the Faithful and self appointed prophets and Divine mouthpieces chose to deny it or not is completely outside our area of responsibility since they have already been warned of how painful it will be for them to Hear.

From No Name  @ Australia [Published on April 22, 2005]

Q. I know I might have read about the "Active Will" and "Passive Will" of God  somewhere previously as one of your explanations but I just cannot remember and I am hoping you will clarify this point for all of us old people out there with bad memories.
Could you possibly enlarge on that phrase to help with the confusion surrounding choices recently made.
Thank you for being there for the masses and helping us try to understand what is happening.

No Name

A. Thank you for your question which, if you notice, has been given top priority.

We have addressed the meaning of "Active Will" and "Passive Will" of God in the April 11th posting of our News Commentary.  More details may also be found at Open Letter to Joaquín Navarro Valls - Spokesman, The Vatican and Divination and Healing.... and What About God?

For future reference we suggest the use of our Domain Search Engine which may be found in our Board of Updates. Mad memory:  Nothing to be embarrassed about... we use the Search Engine ourselves as we just did to answer your very valid question.

From RMcA  @ USA [Published on April 17, 2005]

Q. I'm no earthly use at the prayers, for, try as I might, I can't keep my head together to concentrate. It is not that I don't care - I most certainly  do  care, and greatly. It grieves me that God's Name is not hallowed throughout the earth, but I still don't manage to keep my mind for long on the prayer I'm saying. The truth is that I can only struggle round five decades, plus the Divine Mercy chaplet


A. Dearest one - God thinks of everything! The difficulty that you have in concentrating is more common than you may think and the reasons are varied.

This is why The Scriptural Rosary is so useful - intellectually and spiritually - it helps keep our thought focused on each mystery through Biblical verses.

The same applies with The Stations of the Cross and this is why we have provided a meditative version in our Domain. Another powerful prayer is The Chaplet of Tears - it is also designed to keep our minds and hearts focused in God.

We pray that the above suggestions help you and many others whose prayers are sorely needed in Heaven.

From Many  @ Everywhere [Published on April 15, 2005]

Q. Who do you think will be the next Pope?


A. We have not had any revelation on that since it will matter very little and it will not be settled in "Time" until practically the last minute. We are in within the 42 month period specified in the Holy Scriptures.  [Revelations 13:5]  God has given satan a free hand in all affairs in the world subject, of course, to His Will.

Since when Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope he became the last recognized Successor of Peter, the next one only matters to the extent of how much or how little suffering will be experienced by the world while Divine Justice is dispensed while prophecy is fulfilled - just as we have explained elsewhere.  Or stated  in another way: Our actions will determine how much or how little damage God will allow satan to inflict upon the world.

Therefore, in "Time" the next man elected by the Cardinal's Conclave is completely up in the air and will be until - at the last moment - God makes the determination explained above base on our cooperation with Him.

From R  @ USA [Published on April 12, 2005]


(a) I heard last evening that in the new testament, per Jesus, that only God knows the day and time of when our times will change due to his plan and divine will.  Isn't it dangerous and almost sacrilegious to begin to ponder about such matters?

(b) Also, if I may, who are you, Miguel?

(c) It is obvious that you have an awful lot of money for such a site and an awful lot of education...

(d) I am curious about where you receive your authority.

Please excuse my questions if I have offended you, however, as you stress wisdom and knowledge of what will occur within the church, I would like to know your basis for such information you provide.

Thank you for reading this and I hope I receive a response.


A. We have labeled your questions with (a), (b), (c), etc. so that we may be able to focus our answers properly for the benefit of the many readers who visit our Public Forum.

First of all, you have not offended us. Your questions, which indicate your lack of familiarity with our Domain, are valid and genuine and we thank you for the opportunity to clarify some issues for newcomers to The M+G+R Foundation.

(a) You may find the quotation you loosely refer to in the the New Testament Matthew 24: 35-37:

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.  But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

First - Jesus is speaking about "the state of affairs" - that is "who knew what" - at the time He was speaking to His disciples in the Mt. of Olives and not necessarily in the future.

Secondly, He states:

 " the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

Obviously, Noe had a schedule to follow in building the Ark and a schedule necesitates dates.

Thirdly, in the Lesson of the Fig Tree [Matthew 24: 32-35], just before the above quoted verses, Jesus states:

 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:   So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.   Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.   Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

By "this generation" He meant the generation which "...
shall see all these things...." The "things" He describes are clearly listed in Matthew 24: 15-28

He further warns us to be ready through the Parable of the Ten Virgins through Matthew 25:1-13 lest some are not ready and be lost.

Then we ask you: If Jesus is so concerned about us being ready and warns us so, would then, God the Father, when the time comes, would not even give a clue to His children, through His chosen ones, so that they wake up from their lethargic sleep of indolence and  become ready?

What is sacrilegious is to try to block Divine Action and add confusion by misquoting the Holy Word of God.

(b) The brief biographical sketch of miguel de Portugal will give you all the information that God deemed appropriate that he reveals about himself at this time. This is about God and not miguel de Portugal.

(c) From God! Where else? Whether this is believed or not does not affect him at all - it will certainly affect those who do or do not - but not miguel de Portugal.

You did not ask what is the function of The M+G+R Foundation. In case you wish to know - and we recommend that you do, you are welcome to read about it.

From AM  @ Australia [Published on April 8, 2005]

Q. Hello, fellow brother in Christ.

 Notwithstanding Church protocols in these matters, do you believe Pope John Paul 11 is a saint?
 God bless you and your labours,


A. We will answer that question in full via a new document in preparation; however, we will comment upon a much more serious post mortem situation - the Final Judgment of H.H. John Paul II

In spite of the fact that the world is in far worse condition (in all aspects) now than when he assumed his Pontificate, he tried with every ounce of energy he had to bring all of mankind together. As miguel de Portugal has stated elsewhere, in the Final Judgment God does not look at the net result of our efforts; God passes judgment on how hard we tried to fulfill what we perceived as His Will as well as how sincere we were in our intentions.

In both areas, H.H. John Paul II seems to have excelled. Nonetheless, the Final Evaluation - in Time and Eternity - is, of course, in the Hands of God.

From D @ USA [Published on April 4, 2005]

Q. It would seem that the 1864 calendar is NOT exactly the same as the 2005 calendar if the link provided by your web site is accurate.  Only after feb. 29, 1864, are the calendars the same.  You should be more cautious.


A. We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to Glorify God and be as date specific as He Wills.

Indeed, the calendar of the year 1864 is not - in its entirety - exactly as the calendar of the year 2005; as you aptly pointed out, it is exactly only after February 29th.

This would have bee a  "mistake" in our part, except, when at the service of God and not man, God allows His servants to make "mistakes" for a purpose. In this case it is obvious that He Wills that we reveal more information regarding the issue at hand.

Therefore, we have complied with His request - delivered through your less than charitable criticism -  and made the appropriate clarifying statement in the NOTE added in our document about the Secret of La Salette.  In a nutshell, the calendar is identical from the time that matters.

As the readers may see, too much caution, as too much prudence, may be deadly.

From FP @ USA [Published on April 2, 2005]

Q. Since most of us do not read Portuguese please inform us of  the actual deceptions in the first part of the Fátima messages.

Thank you for bringing us the truth.


A. The main thrust of the document in question was to illustrate, once again, the way the faithful is shamelessly lied to by those they have placed their trust in.

That is: The Ecclesiastical authorities claim and publish both handwritten texts as original from Sister Lucía when that is an out right lie as we have shown by publishing scans of the alleged original texts.

The next step - which will be part of a separate document, as God Wills it - will be to translate the passages which have been changed and explain how the may fit with their overall plan.

Concern about H.H. John Paul II @ Worldwide [Published on April 1, 2005]

... anguished prayers from Catholics around the world reluctant to accept his historic pontificate was at an end.

A. Until Christians learn to defer to the Will of the Father, as Jesus taught us, to wit:

 Luke 22:42    ... Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

they will be acting as Peter did when he tried to prevent Jesus from going to Jerusalem, to wit:

Matthew 16:22-23    Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.  But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

When all those well intentioned well wishers cross the veil, they will find out how much suffering they caused H.H. John Paul II by refusing to subject their requests to the Will of God. This is another painful example of a failed Evangelization where men, leaders and followers alike, have taken the place of God - just like the Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors, et al - by not humbly deferring to His Will which it is always perfect.

If the reader has a difficult time understanding the above, we refer to them to our document where we discuss the relationship of Time and Eternity and how they are related.

From DMS @ USA [Published on March 30, 2005]

  Relayed Question/Concern.   A reader has taken a combative - but always "humble" - position in reference to our statement published in the News Commentary Post of March 27th. Specifically our statement:

We are not impressed with the theatrical religious outpouring by so many Christians in the U.S. How come they are not doing the same for the 8 million humans who die every year because they are to poor to live? These brethren of Terri Schiavo are also children of God and while most of these theatrics performers - without a doubt - could feed millions with the excess of goods and resources, spiritual (*) and material, that they have available to them, they chose to look the other way.

A. Allow us to explain ourselves by relating a true story.

In Houston, Texas, during the late eighties, the pro-life movement was very active - mostly on the streets demonstrating and making public displays of piety and prayer. A behavior foreign to the teachings of our Lord and Master - Jesus Christ. A behavior He actually denounced. [Matthew 6:5-8]

From this group - a couple (he was a soft spoken and level headed Engineer for a major Engineering firm) truly illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God decided to do it the right way (Yes - we have said, and with God given authority
[Luke 20:1-8] - the Right Way).

They instituted an evening of Prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the Annunciation Church in downtown Houston with the objective being the conversion of the abortion promoters and, thus, the end of abortion. Just as Jesus commanded.
[Matthew 5:43-48]

We "signed up" for that and hardly missed a week. It was truly wonderful. The street marching and displayers of public piety were invited... and they did not show up. In addition, in their inflammatory "pro life" bulletins they never publicized said hour of Adoration to End Abortion.... such was their "Catholicism" and "true concern" to end abortion.

Our little group of less than ten (!) dwindled to the organizers, m de Portugal and two more. Eventually it was canceled "due to lack of interest" - literally. However, the public displays of false piety and hypocritical religiosity to end abortion continued unabashed.

We have seen this behavior over and over again and continue to denounce, one and all, the theatrical display of religiosity as worthless except for driving people away from God and achieving nothing else. Fanatics are fanatics - it does not matter what disguise is used or under what banner they group themselves. Jesus  had one adjective for them which He used frequently: Hypocrites! [Matthew 23:13-36] [Luke 11:37-52]

Of course, there are some fine individuals who, due to lack of proper Evangelization, and desirous to do something to end abortion will take to the streets with very good intentions. Our statements are not addressed to them. We are addressing those who, dripping in false humility, claim that they know better and act contrary to the Teachings they claim to uphold.

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