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There was an event called The Response scheduled for August 2011 in Houston, Texas. The event has one key purpose: To Press the Gates of Heaven to see justice and righteousness in America.

Very soon, in spite of the success of the event, many pages associated with said movement disappeared from cyberspace. Silence ensued when that is the only vehicle to soften the blows from which our world will endure.

We gathered a list of The Responders from Google's cache of on July 23, 2011 at 19:51 GMT since the page had been pulled out by The Response. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on July 20, 2011 20:21:17 GMT.

The remainder information that you will now see in the 'DETAILS' section was obtained on November 22, 2018, from The Web Archive [] since The Response USA home page [] is no longer on-line. The Web Archive last capture of the page was on March 27, 2018, and the first one on May 29, 2011.


America's issues are not primarily financial, political or moral. Neither does America's hope lie in one leader or institution. Our hope is found in the One who desires for us to turn to Him with all our hearts. This is our response — to call on Jesus on behalf of America, that He might hear our cry and that we would see a revolution of righteousness in this country.

The Response is holding state-wide solemn assemblies to gather people from all ages, denominations and backgrounds in prayer and fasting on behalf of our nation. Join us in your state (either in person, or via our live online broadcast) as the church in America responds to the call to prayer.

In August 2011, The Response gathered 40,000 people in Houston, TX as well as 100,000 unique sites that joined via simulcast to respond to the trumpet call to prayer. Though Governor Rick Perry initiated The Response in Houston, these upcoming state-wide gatherings will not be affiliated with any particular presidential candidates. The Response is committed to prayer above politics, to seeing the church moved to stand for righteousness and to pray for God's mercy for America.

State to state, city to city, we will not rest until we see a righteous revolution awaken the church.

The above introduction was obtained from  The Web Archive since it is no longer on line

Endorsers of The Response

Alfonso Aguilar
Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles
Washington, DC

Ché; Ahn
Ché Ahn Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church
Pasadena, CA

Jacob Aranza
Jacob Aranza Senior Pastor, Our Savior's Church
Lafayette, LA

David Barton
David Barton President & Founder, WallBuilders
Aledo, TX

Dr. John Benefiel
Dr. John Benefiel Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network
Oklahoma City, OK

Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr.
Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr. Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center
Brooklyn, NY

Pastors Fred & Wilma Berry
Pastors Fred & Wilma Berry Azusa Street Mission
Los Angeles, CA

Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle Director, International House of Prayer - Kansas City
Kansas City, MO

Pastor Stephen E. Broden
Pastor Stephen E. Broden, Senior Pastor, Fair Park Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX

Dr. Terry Crist
Dr. Terry Crist Senior Pastor, City of Grace
Scottsdale / Mesa, AZ

James O. Davis
James O. Davis Cofounder, Billion Soul Network President
Orlando, FL

Dr. Joe Ellison, Jr.
Dr. Joe Ellison, Jr. Senior Pastor, Essex Village Ministries
Richmond, VA

Tony Evans
Tony Evans Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX

Jim Garlow
Jim Garlow Senior Pastor, Skyline Church
La Mesa, CA

Rev. Carolyn Stovall Gilbert
Rev. Carolyn Stovall Gilbert President and Founder, Missionaries With The Vision
San Antonio, TX

Pastor Lynn & Tana Godsey
Pastor Lynn & Tana Godsey, Texas Director of Esperanza For America

Mark Gonzalas
Mark Gonzales Founder, United States Hispanic Prayer Network, United States Hispanic Action Network
Dallas, TX

Bishop Rene Henry Gracida
Bishop Rene Henry Gracida Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

Pastor John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Dr. Jack W. Hayford Founder and President, The King's University
Van Nuys, CA

Wallace Henley
Wallace Henley Assistant Pastor, Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX

Pastor Jim Hennesy
Pastor Jim Hennesy Trinity Church
Cedar Hill, TX

Jose & Magda Hermida
Jose & Magda Hermida Founders, Magda Hermida Ministries, Mujeres Con Poder
Houston, TX

Fr. Bob Hogan
Fr. Bob Hogan, National Service Committee for Catholic Charismatic Renewal
San Antonio, TX

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt President and CEO, Aglow International

Dr. Khanh Huynh
Dr. Khanh Huynh Senior Pastor, Vietnamese Baptist Church
Houston, TX

Dr. Charles L. Jackson
Dr. Charles L. Jackson Pastor, Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Houston, TX

Dr. Cindy Jacobs
Dr. Cindy Jacobs Generals International
Red Oak, TX

Timothy Johnson, Ph.D
Timothy Johnson, Ph.D Founder and National Chairman, Fredrick Douglass Foundation
Durham, NC

Hal Jones
Hal Jones President and CEO, Global Hope Network International
Geneva, Switzerland

Joe and Becky Keenan
Joe & Becky Keenan Senior Pastors, Gulf Meadows Church
Houston, TX

Bishop Roy Lee Kossie, Jr.
Bishop Roy Lee Kossie, Jr., Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church

Houston, TX

David Kubal
David Kubal President/CEO, Intercessors for America
Purcellville, VA

Dr. Richard Land
Dr. Richard Land President, Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Nashville, TN / Washington, DC

Tomas J. Lares
Tomas J. Lares Hispanic Advisor, National Day of Prayer Task Force
Orlando, FL

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis and Ginger Lindsay
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis and Ginger Lindsay President/CEO & Chief Operating Officer, Christ For The Nations
Dallas, TX

Pastor Louis J. Locke
Pastor Louis J. Locke Pastor, Fountainhead Foursquare Church
Carson City, NV

Max Lucado
Max Lucado Minister of Preaching, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

Pastor Gregg Matte
Pastor Gregg Matte Houston's First Baptist Church
Houston, TX

Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.
Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr. Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church
Arlington, TX

Gary Nelson
Gary Nelson President, Galcom International USA
Tampa Bay, FL

Rev. Clark Ortiz
Rev. Clark Ortiz President, iPoint Television, LLC

Ramiro Peña
Ramiro Peña Senior Pastor, Christ The King Baptist Church
Waco, TX

Dr. Gilbert D. Perez
Dr. Gilbert D. Perez Senior Pastor, Temple of Praise Church
San Antonio, TX

Mike Richards
Mike Richards Former Texas State Senator
Sugar Land, TX

Steve Riggle
Steve Riggle Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church President
Houston, TX

John Robb
John Robb Chairman, The World Prayer Assembly
Albuquerque, NM

JR Rodriguez
JR Rodriguez, Lead Pastor of Upper Room Assembly
Houston, TX

Vic Schober
Vic Schober North Texas District, Assemblies of God
Austin, TX

Kelly Shackelford, Esq.
Kelly Shackelford, Esq. President and Chief Counsel, Liberty Institute
Plano, TX

Kerry Shook
Kerry Shook Senior Pastor, Woodlands Church
The Woodlands, TX

Eddie & Alice Smith
Eddie & Alice Smith Eddie and Alice Smith Ministries
Houston, TX

Doug Stringer
Doug Stringer Founder and President, Turning Point Ministries International
Houston, TX

Dr. James Swallow
Dr. James Swallow Southern Cheyenne/Sioux Founder

Dr. Paul Tan
Dr. Paul Tan Senior Pastor, City Blessing Church
Claremont, CA

Rabbi Marty Waldman
Rabbi Marty Waldman Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue
Dallas, TX

GF Watkins
GF Watkins Senior Pastor, Powerhouse Church
Houston, TX

Dave Welch
Dave Welch Executive Director, Texas Pastor Council
Houston, TX

Nathan and Cherilyn Williams
Nathan & Cherilyn Williams President and Co Founder, Jesus is Mine Ministry, Inc.
Houston, TX

Apostle Willie F. Wooten
Apostle Willie F. Wooten Gideon Christian Fellowship International
New Orleans, LA

Dr. Ed Young
Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX


We addressed this movement in our News Commentary post of December 28, 2011 - News Report No. 2.

Why was this most needed and effective movement not promoted and maintained on an on-going basis?

Because it is the last thing satan wants!

Recomposed and Published on November 22nd, 2018

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