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Regarding the Ukrainian Crisis

Its Potential Worldwide Impact

[Published on March 7, 2014]

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It is our purpose to bring the current world crisis, as the result of the recent sociopolitical events in Ukraine, into better focus and explain how it perfectly fits with the plans of the World Masters and the End of These Times.


A brief bird's eye view of  Ukrainian history - covering the second half of the 20th century - according to Wikipedia. (1)

On 19 February 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union issued a decree transferring the Crimean Oblast from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.  The General Secretary of the Communist Party in Soviet Union was at the time the Ukrainian Nikita Khrushchev.

Following a referendum on 20 January 1991, the Crimean Oblast was upgraded to that of an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic on 12 February 1991 by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Crimea became part of the newly independent Ukraine, which led to tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

On 26 February 1992, the Crimean parliament renamed the ASSR the Republic of Crimea and proclaimed self-government on 5 May 1992  and passed the first Crimean constitution the same day. On 6 May 1992 the same parliament inserted a new sentence into this constitution that declared that Crimea was part of Ukraine.

On 19 May, Crimea agreed to remain part of Ukraine and annulled its proclamation of self-government but Crimean Communists forced the Ukrainian government to expand on the already extensive autonomous status of Crimea. In the same period, Russian president Boris Yeltsin and Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk agreed to divide the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet between Russia and the newly formed Ukrainian Navy.

With that as a background.....


A long time cooperator of The M+G+R Foundation, Mr. ZM, a Ukrainian and professional in the digital world, has prepared for us an in depth, albeit brief, report of what has recently transpired in Ukraine and why the situation has reached the point of an almost impasse between the West and Russia.

After the report which we are publishing with his consent, miguel de Portugal will make the appropriate comments in the COMMENTS and CONCLUSIONS sections of this document.


Some important items on situation in Ukraine-Russia which potentially may not be clear based on Western media presentation.

1. Majority of Russians sincerely believe that nazi-fascist government took over of Ukraine. Please read previous sentence a few times until you realize horrific reality. Ukrainians and Russians are really brothers and are very close culturally.

There are some differences, especially based on Ukraine vs Russia stance but on personal level usually relationships were pretty good and friendly. Now, after a few months of very intense propaganda, majority of Russia, from ordinary people and up to companies top management believes that fascist are controlling Ukraine and want all Russians dead. Actually this is a main pre-text for current Russian invasion - "to protect Russians from radical ultra nationalists".

2. Putin is not a mad-man and did not loose connection to reality. It's just his reality is different, very different. West, especially EU makes exactly the same mistake with Putin as they did with ex-president of Ukraine - Yanukovich. They made false assumption.

Yanukovich was not an authoritarian leader. He was (is) a die-hard criminal with many psychological disorders (just watch video from Rostov-Na-Donu in Russia when he breaks a pen during press conference before apologizing) who was running a country with a population of 45 million people - "a jet fighter flight to Berlin" - but in a nice suit and could shake hands and smile. That is the reality. Even in Ukraine for many he was "unpredictable", but simply because they made a false assumptions of who he really was.

Same is with Putin. He is smart, determined and has a vision of "his" future. The most coherent explanation I've found is that he and his closer circle follows Huntington theory/ideology of "Clash of civilizations", where Russia has its borders based on culture and conflicts will happen not based on resource needs but based on "different world views".

This explains a lot, like why Russia wanted to take not entire Ukraine but rather just south-east regions where people predominately speak Russian. Also it is important to keep in mind that he is an alpha male. If West will take a "forceful" path - he is ready to play that game too, up to arming and directing nuclear

3. The reason why there is no shooting between Russia and Ukraine is not "success" of Western diplomacy (actually it did helped, but not much) but because of courage of Ukrainian army (I hope you already saw
video where unarmed Ukrainian officers are marching towards Russian invaders, Russians starts shooting in the air and Ukrainians don't flee but start singing national anthem and continuing their marching).

Putin expected 2 scenarios: During Russian assault on military bases Ukrainian army start shooting and there are Russian soldiers dead which "justifies" full blown invasion - Georgia/Abhazia scenario from 2008. Or, they just surrender under fear of death. Instead Ukrainians showed scenario number three - nobody surrenders, nobody fights. We call it "swearing as a weapon". But to do this you need to be really brave, because it is a real world, and not a movie, you die only once.

Such behavior cased great confusion for Russians and broke many plans. Anecdotal situation happened when Russians wanted to take over Ukrainian military ship. After threatening they heard - "Russians don't surrender!". The reason was that the captain of Ukrainian ship was a Russian, living in Crimea with Ukrainian citizenship and with oath to the people of Ukraine.

4. Western media to some degree is influenced by Russian propaganda. Even very basic facts checking shows that all information from Russian officials related to situation in Ukraine is a pure lie. There is even a site ( which dissects each such "information" from official sources and compares to actual information. But in reality some EU and US media covered events with Russian "background" as facts. I hope this is a lack of professionalism and not something else...

5. Reality is hard, Denial is easy. Yes, we are in 21st century and here is a country with 143 million people (Russia), with lots of nuclear and conventional arms with a Hitler style person as a leader and a massive following by his people.


Let us all remember, and be fully aware, that there is only one major conspiracy - that of satan manipulating world events so that he may be - albeit briefly - claimed as the Savior of the World, thus attempting to take the place of God in the eyes of man.

That conspiracy, as we pointed out twenty-one years ago, (2) can be summarized as follows:

The Steps are simple. We will keep them general so as to accommodate the corrections of course that the "saviors of the world" (3) may deem necessary as the plan is implemented. 

Step 1: The whole world, country by country is brought into great turmoil. Propitiated by political, financial, ethnic or religious confrontations or whatever is the best means in each country to achieve the desired purpose: Generalized chaos.

In Summary: "Bring the world up to its boiling point".  (A reality which is right now confirmed in most parts of the world.) 

Step 2: A nuclear conflagration will be started through one of the many dangerously unstable nations throughout the world. The nation to be used as the "trigger" will be changed many times before the non stoppable chain reaction commences.

Step 3: This will lead to complete global chaos - wars, revolutions, financial collapses, religious upheavals and persecutions with the intentof the eventual manifestation of the False Christ.
Although the fulfillment of this plan has been shunted by God, those who are being manipulated by satan to make it happen continue their efforts because: (a) they really do not know what they are doing; and (b) they are not aware that it failed already.

Let us keep in mind that the Soviet dream of world domination is as active as it was when in 1927 they planted a seed in Cuba to, from there, stretch out their tentacles north, south, east and west. The Russia we see today, is the reincarnation of that same dream.

With that said consider the following. The most dangerous of the Threesome of Western Saviors is the Opus Dei. Why the most dangerous? Because to them, the means always justify the end, and since they believe that they are indeed doing the Work of God, they consider that whatever they do is justified. That is - they believe and act above the law - Civil and Real Divine Law, so "anything goes".

We would not be surprised that their plans and agenda eventually reached Mr. Putin's ears via the Russian Orthodox Church - with whom he is very close - since they have been aware about it for many years.

The fact that Russia has heavily promoted that the Ukraine government was taken over by pro-European Union fascists, as Mr. ZM points out, and fascists in Europe are considered Opus Dei equivalent, it may be that, whether true or not, Mr. Putin really believes it. If that were the case, he will not let the Crimea slip away regardless of the cost.

Now, even if we assume that the Opus Dei angle is not the case and Ukraine prefers, without anyone prodding them,  to be part of the Western Block,  this scenario would also interfere with the reincarnated Soviet dream of world domination. Remember what we have written (4) about the seemingly "eternal" reign of the Castro's in Cuba and the emplacement of nuclear tactical missiles in Cuba as announced by Putin back in 2012 (5)


Those are mere details which make interesting watching the Apocalypse from a front row seat. The bottom line is - as we wrote in a very recent document (6) :

The Ukrainian crisis may be the trigger to the nuclear holocaust - with its unspeakable horrors - that was originally scheduled  to take place before the climax of the Chastisement. This crisis is not a gimmick as the Cuban Missile Crisis  was. The Ukrainian crisis is real, and Putin, whether conscious or unconscious, was preparing for it since 2012. (5)

....and Mr. ZM highlights in his point no. 5:

Reality is hard, Denial is easy. Yes, we are in 21st century and here is a country with 143 million people (Russia), with lots of nuclear and conventional arms with a Hitler style person as a leader and a massive following by his people.

Let us continue to pray....

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