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Communications Published on November  2009

From TC @ US - Published on November 30th, 2009

Peace Miguel,

I thought you might want to check this out - New EU Pres: A One Time Pro-Lifer, Devout Christian Now Touting "Global Management of Our Planet" (1)

I continue to keep all in prayer and offer up daily reparation as best I can (2).

In Christ

(1) The Van Rompuy "flip-flop"
(2) Praised be God!

From WS @ US - Published on November 24th, 2009

The Sunday November 8, 2009 Outlook Section of the Washington Post had an article entitled "When E. T. Phones the Pope" on the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences holding of a conference on Astrobiology, the science of investigating life on other worlds.  Perhaps this is preliminary to a statement that life does exist "out there".

This article deals with the possibility of sentient beings not just primordial ooze.  The author wants to confront the "second genesis" argument.  If other beings developed separately from human beings would there have been multiple incarnations of Jesus?  Would Earth and its human inhabitants be relegated to being one among many? 

I see this is as an attempt to declare Jesus' "once for all sacrifice" null and void and to open our arms as Moctezuma and the Aztecs opened theirs to Cortez and the conquistadors (apparently thinking he was the feathered serpent Quetzlcoatl).  Remember the old Twilight Zone episode of the aliens who came "to serve man."  They will prepare and serve man on a silver plate and then devour him.

Supposedly, Moctezuma's welcome words to Cortez were:

"You have graciously come on earth, you have graciously approached your water, your high place of Mexico, you have come down to your mat, your throne, which I have briefly kept for you, I who used to keep it for you,"


"You have graciously arrived, you have known pain, you have known weariness, now come on earth, take your rest, enter into your palace, rest your limbs; may our lords come on earth." (1)

Incidentally, the Mormons (LDS) believe Quetzalcoatl was Jesus appearing after his resurrection. The Light shines in the Darkness but the Darkness grasped it not! 

(1) Florentine Codex per Wikipedia

From miguel de Portugal @ EU - US - Published on November 19th, 2009

An article has been published by Global Research (1) titled and headlined: Global Warfare USA: The World is the Pentagon's Oyster - US military operations in all major regions of the World.

Although we do not agree with the author's stance such as "Stop NATO", he has summarized quite well the military penetration of the US in great part of the world, as well as illustrating the "no change" that came with the Yes we can!  (change) echoing still from the Obama's Presidential campaign.

The reason that we bring this to the reader's attention is to further illustrate what we have been saying for almost two decades:

(a) The might of the US is a serious impediment to the program of two of the Three Saviors of the World (2) to implement their version of the New World Order - thus, for them to succeed the might of the US has to be deactivated. The financial might has been deactivated (3).... the remaining is the military.
(b) Neither the People's Republic of China nor the Russian Federation is blind to what has been illustrated in the article; therefore,  it is to their advantage that the "US might deactivation" program described in part (a) takes place. Their purpose is different but "they will deal with that later"; after the deactivation takes place.... which bring us to...
(c) The strategic logic of Step No. 1 (4)

We pray that our NSA and HS "Guardian Angels" read this too so that they focus on the real threat to the US and quit wasting time with a handful of  men "hailed" as  the "Mastermind and henchmen" of the 9-11 attacks. One qualified look at these men will reveal that if they masterminded such an event - which even by any military standard require a very high degree of sophistication in various areas - then I can walk to the Moon barefooted!
(1)  Article
(2)  The competing "Saviors" of the World
(3)  President Obama warns of a 'double dip' recession
(4)  Step No. 1

From RB @ Spain - Published on November 14th, 2009 [Mary, Mother of Divine Providence]

The publication of the document "The Concept of "Democracy - The Ultimate Opiate For the Masses" [1] has brought to my memory some pages which I found some days before.

They say that, in the European Union (EU), there are over 80,000 pieces of law (Directives, Regulations, Standards...) that voters can not change.

Quoting from [2] [underlined by me]:

European voters are set aside in relation to maybe more than 80,000 rules of laws and harmonisations. We cannot change the content by putting our vote in the ballot box.

Why not insist on the principle of democracy which would say: All laws must be approved by a majority in a national or European Parliament. This does not mean that all 85,832 pieces of hard and soft law must actually be approved by members of parliaments.Those elected by the voters may delegate the more technical decisions to specialised organs.

We would still have democracy if those powers that had been delegated to the common level were able to be brought back by a simple majority in Parliament if necessary. The fact that this is no longer possible means that there is no democracy for the change of these 80,000 hard and soft laws.

[ Info expanded in [3] ]

And, quoting from [4] [underlined by me, bold at source]:

The former German president, Roman Herzog, who also served as president of the German Constitutional Court and President of the first Constitutional Convention establishing the Charter of fundamental rights for the EU wrote in Die Welt on 21/01/2007 that 84 % of all German laws now originate from Brussels.

“It raises the question of whether one unreservedly can call the Federal Republic of Germany a parliamentary democracy at all”, he wrote and added:

“EU policies suffer to an alarming degree from a lack of democracy and a de facto suspension of the separation of powers", he wrote.

Herzog is right. In the European Union the vast majority of laws are still being prepared and decided by un-elected civil servants behind closed doors. Democracy has become a derogation in all 27 member states.



From m de P @ EU-US - Published on November 7th, 2009 [First Saturday Devotion]

Two days ago 
we sent out a mailing to our List regarding some disturbing news, published by an organization we were not familiar with (1), about the H1N1 Flu in Ukraine.

Shortly after the mailing we updated our Swine Flu Alert page with a report from Sky News (UK mainstream news service)  which was coherent with a mainstream news report from AP that we highlighted in the Swine Flu Alert page the day before.

The Sky News report, although not as vociferous as the one posted by the organization unknown to us, had enough of a common thread to force our hand to reveal something that "dawned" on me on November 4th - and which has not left the forefront of my "mental screen". It follows....

If those who are behind whatever is the  ultimate purpose for attaining mass vaccination on a worldwide scale were given a choice - they rather have the general world populace banging their doors demanding to be vaccinated than to force upon them, by law, a vaccination program.

The question is - given the worldwide exposure to the flu scam - how to achieve such "I demand to be vaccinated" mentality? Believe it or not, it is quite simple. Allow us to explain....

The one thing that is true amongst all the lies about the "pandemic" is that the H1N1 flu spreads easily. It is not deadly, but it does spread fast.

Given that one shred of truth, a truth that even anti vaccine activists have to agree to, all they have to do is to say:

"Even the mildest flu virus can mutate rapidly into a deadly virus if transmitted amongst humans fast enough. Therefore, to prevent the mutation of the H1N1 virus into a truly deadly one, it is best to rapidly curtail its transmission. This can be summarily achieved by vaccinating as many of the world population as possible."

Clever, isn't it?

Now, there is always those who "need to see to believe". Then, the best way  to convince them  is to prove it in a country or world region. Of course - maybe a "helping hand" is needed to make the point, and since "they" already have enough mutated virus in stock (for research purposes, of course!) all they need to do is release them in a controlled manner. Just enough to get the point across.

Is that what we are seeing in Ukraine? (2)

m de P
(1) About said organization
(2) For an update from Ukraine review the Private Forum post of November 6th

From (Mr.) LP @ US - Published on November 3rd, 2009

A survivor group sent me the following letter, which Fr. Thomas Doyle (a canon lawyer and priest who is an advocate for abuse victims) wrote to the Vatican representative to the UN:


October 21, 2009

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi,

Permanent Observer to the United Nations

20 East 72nd St.,

New York, NY 10021

Dear Archbishop Tomasi,


            I recently read the statement attributed to you and addressed to the United Nations.  This of course, was the Holy See’s response to the statement of the International Humanist and Ethical Union of September 8, 2009.

            I am aware that statements of this nature, when presented by officials of the Holy See, are usually prepared by staff members.  In this instance it would benefit the Holy See and you as well to dismiss the staff member who prepared this report in your name.  I say this because the report contains blatantly inaccurate information and reflects a level of research that is amateurish at best.  There is a great deal of up-to-date data on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy available yet your writer chose secondary sources based on out of date information which of course seriously damages the credibility of the statement.

            Every paragraph contains erroneous information.  For example, shifting the focus from pedophilia to ephebophilia is meaningless.  The root of the problem is not the nature of the sexual dysfunction of the perpetrator but the well-documented reality that the Catholic hierarchy has responded in a consistently irresponsible, non-pastoral and dishonest manner.  The most reliable research data presents two facets of the problem: sexually dysfunctional clerics who have sexually abused minors consisting of at least 6% of the clergy population in the U.S.,[1] and, more important, the documented evidence that at least 66.6% of the bishops in the U.S. have, at one time or another, covered up at least one and in most cases,[2] several instances of known sexual abuse by clerics which is criminal behavior in both Canon Law and civil law.


            The statement claims that most allegations of sex abuse by clergy are from non-Catholic denominations.  The source is a 2002 survey mentioned in the Christian Science Monitor.  At this point this information is inaccurate in light of events between 2002 and 2009.  There are no reliable statistics to support this claim. In fact, the Southern Baptist Convention specifically rejected calls to create a data base.[3]  The secular media has covered claims of child sexual abuse by clergy in several denominations including the Southern Baptists, Episcopalians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Assemblies of God, Church of God in Christ, Orthodox Jews, Mormons and Methodists.  I would refer your writer to articles that appeared in secular news media in the summer of 2007 which were based on statistics released by three major insurance companies.  Your writer repeats the conclusion that “most American churches being hit with child abuse allegations are Protestant.”  This conclusion is meaningless.  Of course most Churches are Protestant.  There is only one Roman Catholic denomination in the U.S. and hundreds of Protestant denominations.  Combined numbers may come close to known cases in the Catholic Church but no single denomination has revealed as many as the Catholic Church has encountered.[4]  There are indeed problems in other denominations but there are no contemporary scientific survey results that support the claim that they are either collectively or individually more than the credible reports involving Catholic clergy.  But again, we return to the relevance of this information.  The problem is the contemporary history of negligent response by Catholic bishops.  Attempts at blame-shifting in no way lessen the scope and gravity of the Catholic Church’s problem.

            The fact that there is sexual abuse of minors in other professions is important but irrelevant to the issue.  The Catholic Church has a role in society that is radically different from that of the Boy Scouts, the public schools or any other private or public institution.  The Church holds itself out as the source of authentic moral teaching. It asks that all of its bishops and priests be accorded complete trust and respect.  It has betrayed this trust countless times through sexual abuse of the most vulnerable of its members and when called to account, has responded in a defensive and dishonest manner which has only brought further discredit to the clergy and to the entire Church.  I’m sure you can see that the comparison of the Church to secular institutions is a meaningless distraction.  Calling attention to sexual abuse of minors in other organizations or other religious denominations does not alter the reality of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy nor does it mitigate the responsibility of the hierarchy.

            As to the Church cleaning its own house, I am quite certain you would want to know that the efforts of the U.S. bishops are looked upon with skepticism by many.  They focus only on that part of the problem that distracts from their own role in this tragedy.  The “Essential Norms,” the “Dallas Charter,” the various review boards and the many statements of regret have all been forced upon the bishops by an angry public, by the honest reporting of the media and by the threat of additional law suits.  The victims have approached the civil courts for many years only because they have consistently received no pastoral support and no justice from the Church’s leadership.  Had there been no media coverage and no civil court involvement it is almost certain that in spite of knowing of widespread sexual abuse, the bishops would have continued to cover it up.

            More important, the bishops’ organizational responses and their profuse public statements of apology, regret and promise of future change are rendered not only meaningless but insulting in light of the fact that many continue to place known sexually abusing clerics back into ministry.  Others refuse to inform the public of the identity of credibly accused clerics and many others continue to punish the victims through abusive court proceedings.  These proceedings by the way are financed by money donated by the faithful which would be better spent on help for the clergy’s victims.

            Getting rid of every priest and deacon who ever abused a minor in any way is the general response of the Catholic bishops of the U.S. and Holy See.  Nothing has been done to bishops who sexually abused minors[5] or to bishops who have enabled and covered for priests who were known pedophiles or ephebophiles.[6]  Most important and most damning for the official Church has been the almost total lack of an adequate and compassionate pastoral response, especially from bishops.  It is true that many have met with victims but that is such an obvious public relations ploy that it does not deserve mention.  None of the hierarchy seems to comprehend the severe spiritual damage that has been done to countless victims and to those around them.  It is as if the bishops were concerned only about themselves. 

            The statement issued in your name contains information that is inaccurate.  The more important problem for the Holy See and for the official Church however, is the tone of the statement.  It reflects an adolescent level of emotional response.  As such, it defeats its own purpose.  Rather than lend any credibility to the response of the Holy See and the hierarchy to the vast problem of clergy sexual abuse, it further erodes what little credibility might have been left.

            Fire your writers.  They make you look uninformed and callous.


                                                                        Sincerely in Christ,

                                                                        Thomas Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C.

Vienna VA  22182

[1] A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States, National Review Board, USCCB, February 27, 2004; The Nature and Scope of the Problem of the Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests and Deacons in the United States, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, February 27, 2004.  Part 3, 3.2.

[2] Brooks Egerton, “Two Thirds of Bishops Let Accused Priests Work,”  Dallas Morning News, July 12, 2002.  This article represents an investigative study of each U.S. diocese.

[3] Eric Gorski, “Southern Baptists Reject Sex Abuse Database,”  Washington  Post, June 10, 2008.

[4] Bob Allen, “Insurance companies shed light on extent of sex abuse in Protestant Churches,”, July 6, 2007; Associated Press, “A look at abuse data in Protestant Churches,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 14, 2007;  William Moyer, “Child abuse by Protestant clergy difficult to document,” Binghampton Press,  August 27, 2007; Rose French, “3 Insurers shed light on Protestant church sex abuse,” Houston Chronicle, June 14, 2007.

[5] Confirmed:  Bishops Thomas Dupre, Patrick Zeimann, Joseph Ferrario, James McCarthy, Juan Arzube, Anthony O’Connell, Daniel Ryan, Keith Symons, Lawrence Soens.

[6] Dan McCormack, Chicago (Card. George); Fr. David LeBlanc,  Grand Rapids, (Bishop Hurley); Fr. Eric Swearingen (Fresno), Bishop Steinbock; Fr. Michael Fugee, Newark (Arch. Myers); Fr. Michael Freymouth, St. Louis (Arch. Burke).  All are confirmed by documents.  This is only a partial list.


Doyle was responding to Abp. Tomasi's defense of the RCC against its critics, as reported in the UK secular press:
Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican | World news | The Guardian
and in the Catholic press:
CNS STORY: Vatican envoy to UN defends church's response to sex abuse
Use as you wish.

(Mr.) LP

From (Mr.) WS @ US - Published on October 29th, 2009

About Fundamental-ism....

The threat from the Right is nothing new according to The writer of the book, " The Family; the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power".  Mr. Sharlett has researched the topic from the beginnings of our country to the present day and has convinced me that the earlier reaction against "The Red Menace" is a pale imitation of what's in store for all who do not obey! (1) (2)

The theology of capitalism and the hitching of the Lord Jesus' people to the the wagon of free-market enterprise makes for a potent contrast with  the image of Jesus the servant who was obedient unto death in His atonement for our sins.  Onward Christian soldiers means nothing but continual warfare against forces that would destroy One Nation under God, (read Mammon), and disregard all others who do not submit.

Whether it is The National Prayer Breakfasts, putting "In God We Trust" on paper money or proselytizing the elite such as Congressmen, Senators, Corporate Magnates or Evangelicals or lobbying and working in the trenches to promote the American Way of Life at the expense of all who don't agree, we have much to be concerned about from little known string-pullers who have co-opted our democracy and have made it their Field of Dreams and a very profitable one for them, the "Chosen."

I used to say that Ronald Reagan took us back to a time that never was. We are now living in a time when their version of history of America has become the preferred reality.  Revival-ism, whether Colonial, post-Civil War or the Roaring Twenties or the post-WWII anti-Communist type, seems to want to take us back to a "once upon on time..."  America was never a "city on the hill", if anything it was always the opposite (lest we forget slavery, indian massacres, labor disputes, financial panics, etc.) .  The elite wished to remain the elite and so gladly financed the revivals to promote obedience to the status quo and turning aside those who saw the exploitation for what it was.

According to Wikipedia: "The first formulation of American fundamentalist beliefs can be traced to the Niagara Bible Conference and, in 1910, to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church which distilled these into what became known as the "five fundamentals."  These are:

1. The inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit and the inerrancy of  Scripture as a result of this.
2. The virgin birth of Christ.
3. The belief that Christ's death was the atonement for sin.
4. The bodily resurrection of Christ.
5. The historical reality of Christ's miracles.

It seems that these Fundamentals of Christianity have been shoved aside making too real the motto "In God We trust; others pay cash."  It's all become a millstone around our necks rendering "We the People" as fodder for all the elite's infernal schemes.  God forgive "We the People" for allowing it! (3)

Note from The M+G+R Foundation:
Thank you! for a well thought out presentation of the "State of the Union" and "State of US Christianity" from a different perspective.

Lee Penn has done an excellent job in giving faces and names to such threat in Chapter 25 of False Dawn.
miguel de Portugal - without any research but with Divine guidance - explained such journey in words and Biblical Quotes ca. 18 years ago.
It is "We the people" who should Bless God and beg for Mercy.

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