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The Illuminati

Fact or Fiction?

Originally published in 2004


The purpose of this document is to assist the readers - who are allowed by God - to understand "the motor" of certain socio-political situations that are coming to a head soon, so that they in turn, as guided by the Holy Spirit of God, can bring the light to others at a time and place chosen by God.


Historically speaking, a secret society, Order of the Bearers of Perfection (also know as The Illuminati), was founded on May 1st, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Illuminati, with only five initial members, was founded upon reason; a "reason" of an extremely radical persuasion. Its members were convinced that the Catholic Church and all governments should be deposed through revolutionary movements.

They believed that only in such a way a new society, free of the servitude and superstitions of the then current times (read: governments propped and held up by the Roman Catholic Church), could be established. In a nutshell: They wanted the establishment of a Universal Democratic Republic.

Although some historians have confused the Illuminati with Masons - they were not one and the same. They were two distinct and separated movements.

For a number of reasons - especially because of their extreme radicalism - The Illuminati movement was debilitated and, for all practical and apparent purposes, its death blow came on October 1786.

Considering the fact that the Order of the Illuminati ceased to exist towards the end of the 18th Century and that it had a very short life - barely 9 years - and very few members, it is surprising that it could provoke so much fear amongst the authorities of the time. It is also surprising that - such a "blip in the radar screen of History" has been blamed, in hushed tones, for many of the political upheavals in the world since then.

Of course, it would not be surprising if we view such an organization as having been inspired, without the awareness of its members, by satan himself with the intent of bringing the world to the condition it finds itself in now. Is it a coincidence that satan, before his fall from Heaven was named Lucifer ("Full of Light") and that the "The Illuminati" translates to "The Ones Full of Light"?


Because it is absolutely necessary to get across the points needed for those who God has chosen "to see beyond", miguel de Portugal must publicly reveal some experiences that he has only confided to very few individuals on a one-to-one basis - thus for the Glory of God, he will do so now.

PLEASE NOTE: We are relating an experience which occurred in 1992. Although the general direction toward the ultimate goal is unchanged, as we have written elsewhere, details are adjusted along the way in response to how the masses act and react to each step that is implemented.

At the beginning of his journey, after his Fiat to God, the writings of Sister Faustina, and Sts. Gertrude and Teresa de Jesús (in that order), and the development of the World News, (2) confirmed to him that he was not crazy inventing theology and/or conspiracies. That what he knew theologically and politically was indeed infused to him by God.

In the political conspiracy scene - What miguel de Portugal knew through revelation and was writing about for a very limited audience was so incredible that God obviously deemed it necessary to confirm the information to him with external and detailed facts and figures. This He did by means of a book which, once again, miguel providentially came across during a (literally!) Heavenly directed car ride during a trip to Florida in 1992. [It was also during this Florida trip that God explained to him the concept of Divine Tough Love (3)].

 The book is "The Illuminati" by Larry Burkett (4). Even though miguel had never before heard of these people - when God points His Finger at something, miguel just says: "Yes, Sir!" and proceeds to look into whatever God was pointing at. So he did!

Years later miguel found out that there were many other books written about Illuminati and thousands of Internet Documents on the same subject; nonetheless, he did not review any of these. There was no need since he was receiving the information - now confirmed - "on direct" from God.

About the Book

The novel, presented as fiction, is promoted by means of the following back cover publicity:

"Will the malevolent powers use the world's financial systems to bring the planet to its knees?

The year is 2001, and the world is on the brink of economic collapse as the Illuminati, a deadly secret organization, succeeds in placing one of their people in the office of the presidency of the United States, gaining control of world events.

With their plan set in motion, they move closer to complete success - controlling the world's finances - and the Data-Net system is born. Not only Data-Net give the Illuminati power to single out a group of people and cut off their money, fuel, and food supplies, but it enables them to track a person's every move through the attempted use of their Data-Net card - placing the public at the mercy of this secret society.

Have John Elder and Randy Cross read the "sign of the times" soon enough to expose the Illuminati and thwart their diabolical plan? Or will this organization and its leaders be hailed as the world's political saviors? "

About the Author (1939 - 2003)

After completing high school in Winter Garden, Florida, Larry Burkett entered the U.S. Air Force where he served in the Strategic Air Command. Upon completion of his military duties, he and his wife Judy returned to central Florida, where he worked in the space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida. He spent the next several years at the space center in charge of an experimental test facility that served the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo manned space programs.
After serving in the space program he became vice president of an electronics manufacturing firm. Larry had degrees in marketing and finance and was the founder and president of a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching principles of managing money.

Mr. Burkett hosted a daily radio program heard on over 1,000 stations and has written more than 15 books, including best sellers, Your Finances in Changing Times, Business by the Book, Debt-Free Living, and The Coming Economic Earthquake. "The Illuminati" was the first book of fiction Mr. Burkett wrote.

Larry and his wife, Judy, resided in Gainsville, Georgia. They have four grown children and six grandchildren.

Larry Burkett passed on to his Heavenly Reward on July 4th, 2003

The Author's Acknowledgment Page - A Direct Quote

"Obviously this is a book unlike any I have ever written before. Prior to The Illuminati I had written nonfiction only. It is my sincere desire, as a fiction reader myself, that good, non-offensive fiction be made available to the public. I trust this is the first of many novels that I will write.

I would like to say thanks to my editor at Thomas Nelson, Janet Thoma, for all the help and encouragement she provided. Also, thanks to... while I was working on this book and two non fiction books.

My biggest concern in writing a novel is that someone may read too much into it. Obviously, I tried to use as unrealistic scenario as possible in this story. But is purely fictional, including the characters, events, and timing. It should not be assumed that it is prophetic in any regard...

Most of all, I trust that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

In Christ,
Larry Burkett"


Once miguel de Portugal read Mr. Burkett's book he was sure that what miguel knew about the political scene was not the product of his imagination - it had to be straight from God. Mr. Burkett must have known because he had been within the system during his professional career and must have "put 2 and 2 together". Although his overall conclusions were incorrect, the direction, and many of the details, were indeed correct.

Mr. Burkett "fell short" in the overall conclusions simply because he did not have the necessary eschatological information and/or Heavenly input to fully understand what perhaps he had witnessed. What miguel had written by that time and shared privately with a very limited audience could be found in his book. It was with such Heaven-sent confirmation that miguel then published what he knew in the form of a document entitled The Establishment of a New World Order - Which Will "Demand"... One Universal Government (5).


In case the reader is having difficulty interpreting what we are trying to convey, we shall offer the readers a few clues:

(1) This was Mr. Burkett's first "fiction" novel - after more than 15 non-fiction books on professional topics.
(2) The year 2001 seems to be a very interesting "fictional date", considering that there are 10 years (6) between 1991 and 2001 (7) and that in January 20, 2001, President Bush was sworn in for his first term of office - a term of office which seems to have been scripted (8) ahead of the elections.
(3) State of the world today.
(4) The reading of Mr. Burkett's original book may be of interest to some.

We suggest to one and all - most specially to those who are missing the point - to pray much so that the "Volume of the Megaphone" (9) that God will have to use with them is kept at a low level.


(1) CLIO Revista, Año 4, No. 37; Noviembre 2004

(2) Prior to God's invitation to miguel de Portugal to "leave everything and follow Him", God instructed miguel not to read, listen or view the news - any news, including Weather Reports - during two full years, even though he was to continue to function in his professional fields.

(3) The Concept of Divine Tough Love

(4) Burkett, Larry - The Illuminati a "Janet Thoma book" Published in Nashville, Tennessee by Thomas Nelson, Inc - ISBN 0-8407-7685-3 (pbk.) - Copyright 1991

(5) The attempt to establish a New World Order, and its end

(6) Clinton delayed the New World Order - A gift from God - Ten years less of intense suffering

(7) Former President George H. Bush - The Godfather of the New International Order

(8) Phase III - Road Map For National Security: An Imperative For Change (PDF)

(9) Suffering : Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption - Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear Him

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