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The Papacy - A Historical Perspective

1276-1277 A.D.

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Bl. Innocent V : 1276 A.D.

185. Born in Sutron (Savoy), Elected February 22,1276 - died June 22, 1276.

The total enclosure was observed during his conclave. He diffused Christianity till the far-off Mongolia, baptising three ambassadors sent by the Great Khan.

During this period, the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines and the opposed factions within these two groups were underway.

He was the first Pope who belonged to the Dominican order.

He died only 4 months after his election. He is buried in the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.

Hadrian V : 1276 A.D.

186. Born in Genoa. Elected July II,1276 - died August 8, 1276 after only 38 days of pontificate.

He was not consecrated. He restored order in religious orders.

He suspended the rules concerning the conclave issued by Gregory X.

The mausoleum dedicated to this Pope was the first one to bear the family's coat of arms.

This habit was then resumed when the sepulchre of Boniface VIII (Caetani) was built.

He is buried in Viterbo, in the Church of San Francesco. His pontificate lasted 1 month and 9 days.

John XXI : 1276-1277 A.D.

187. Born in Portugal. Elected September 20,1276 - died May 20, 1277.

Alphonsus II of Portugal promised him that all the churches of that kingdom and their profits would have been respected. He died during the collapse of his residential palace in Viterbo.

Pietro Giuliano, that is to say John XXI, in order to allow the people to follow his valuable rules, wrote the famous "Treasure of the Poor", an actual real first aid treaty.

He was buried in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Viterbo. His pontificate lasted about 8 months.

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