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The Papacy - A Historical Perspective

1303-1334 A.D.

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BL. Benedict XI : 1303-1304 A.D.

194. Born in Treviso. Elected October 27, 1303 - died July 7, 1304.

He settled the serious dispute with the Kingdom of France. He was prosecuted by a group of conspirators and died from poisoning after having eaten figs, of which he was very fond.

Since Benedict X was an anti-pope, he should have been called Benedict but he refused this name because it had been attributed to an usurper.

He was buried in the Church of San Domenico in Perugia. On April 24th 1736 he was beatified by Clement XII. His pontificate lasted about 8 months.

Clement V :1305-1314 A.D.

195. Born in Willaudraut (France). Elected November 14, 1305 - died April 20, 1314.

He was consecrated in Lyon and under the influence of Philip the Fair settled the residence of the Holy See in Avignon; this sit- uation lasted 70 years. He called the 15th Ecumenical Council. He founded the University of Oxford, the University of Perugia and introduced the chairs of Hebraic, Syrian and Arab in the University of Bologna. He was elected by the conclave of Perugia, which lasted almost 11 months since the cardinals could not come to an agreement.

He established his residence in Avignon.

At the request of the king, he abolished the rich and powerful order of the Templars.

He is buried in France, in Uzes. His pontificate lasted 8 years and 10 months.

John XXII : 1316-1334 A.D.

196. Born in Cahors (France). Elected September 5, 1316 - died December 4, 1334.

He was elected in Lyon after a vacancy of two years. He introduced the Holy Trinity Holiday, the Tribunal of the Rota (the round table of judges) and ordered the building of the Pontifical Palace in Avignon.

He reserved the office of the pontifical sacristan and confessor of the Pontifical Palaces to an Augustinian bishop. He intensified the missions to Ceylon, Nubia and among the Tartars.

He introduced the Corpus Domini procession. He canonized Thomas of Aquinas and approved the Olivetan order.

He was buried in the cathedral of Avignon. His pontificate lasted about 18 years and 4 months.

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