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The purpose of this brief document is, above all, to Glorify God, and then, to share with you what He has shared with us. Without Divine Assistance, we could not properly express this information.


We have known for quite some time, and explained to the extent we could (1), the relationship between Time and Eternity. The gap that existed for years in miguel de Portugal's (m de P's) mind was the connection between one and another. It was clear that they were connected by some changing continuum which stopped changing once it reached Eternity, but that was it.

Then God allowed m de P to understand it further so that now it was obvious that such continuum was composed of an essentially infinite number of dimensions. In each one, the complete playing out of that individual's life, if he/she had made the next decision to be made, could be seen. Of course, since each life action touches a number of individuals around the one making the "next decision to be made", those individuals’ lives would also be affected, and so on. Thus, there would be a number of infinite dimensions, expressing the complete-playing-out of the effect of each individual major decision to be made.

Trying to explain the above boggles our imagination even if it is very clear in m de P's mind.

Given the fact that God had allowed m de P to share the information with others, the question was: How to explain the unexplainable?


Through the established contacts with a local film producing group, miguel spoke to their "computer magician" - the one who can combine a real physical setting with whatever is necessary in fiction to produce what is in the imagination of the film director. miguel hoped that the "computer magician" could digitally express Time and Eternity in a way understandable to all, showing the Continuum between them.

It was very hard to explain the concept to the "computer magician" but, with words and hand signals, he was able to understand the gist of it. He came up a tree-like image (2), with illuminated branches, which could convey this idea to most individuals (or, at least, those whom God willed to understand it). Nonetheless, miguel was still struggling to "express" it.

Then.... God came to the rescue!

After almost three years of not walking into a cinema, m de P saw a movie advertised which caught his attention immediately. The title of the movie for the Spanish market is "Destino Oculto" which translates to "Hidden Destiny" - that was the attention getter. If he had seen the title in English, God would have had to use another technique to call the movie to m de P's attention, for its original English title is: "The Adjustment Bureau" (3)

In the movie, viewed on March 8, 2011, the role players, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, fight fate. As a matter of fact, this fight is what the movie is all about. Still, neither the original title in English nor its generic description "fight fate" give a clue to what the movie portrayed: the best accessible, visible explanation of the workings of the above mentioned Continuum which connects Time with Eternity.

Without a doubt the writer had not a clue as to the tool that he was placing in our hands so that we can explain a practically "unexplainable" concept. He must have seen it as a spiritual-science fiction plot.

We strongly encourage all who are able to view the movie to do so. We just need to make a few adjustments, so that when you view it the Time - Continuum - Eternity concept may be clearly understood.

But first we must identify the key deviations from reality to avoid confusions:

1. The physical men (the workers of the Adjustment Bureau) enhanced with conditional supernatural powers represent, of course, the angels of God. However, the true angels have greater supernatural power, although with similar limitations of intervention. The different levels of the portrayed workers bring to mind the choirs of angels; however, that would only be true to the two angelic choirs which are more involved with humans - Angels and Archangels

2. Very, very seldom those who intervene to help us to keep on the right path are obvious to humans although, as one develops the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear their guiding activity becomes more obvious. Nevertheless, their presence, in most cases, remains unseen (or, in some cases, unrecognized).

3. Of course, angels from Heaven don't drop the ball or assist humans to "beat fate". However, they do have to outsmart the fallen angels who are trying to inflict the human in question the most possible suffering in their journey.

4. You will hear an Archangel-level individual from the Adjustment Bureau explaining to the "hero" (Matt Damon) that throughout history, the Director of the Adjustment Bureau (that is, God), gives humans more or less free will. That is not correct. The level of free will is unchanged. What changes is Divine Illumination, which allows us to make a better or worse decision, using our free will. As we have graphically shown elsewhere, as we drift away from God we immerse ourselves more into darkness; within that environment, and under such influences, the acts of our free will result in painful choices.

5. The soul is not reformatted if the human in question defies "the Director" as the movie portrays. However, more serious things could happen if the "bad choice" of the soul has important effects in his world. Actually, reformatting, in most cases, would not be that bad in comparison with what really happens to the defiant soul. [We hope that the reader does not need to call Daniel to read that handwriting on the wall.]

Viewing the movie with those corrections in mind, the reader will have the best possible explanation of what the Time - Continuum - Eternity concept is about within the limitations imposed by our human intellect


The end of the movie is superb once it is seen with the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. We will not explain it here since it may take away from the effect of viewing it - as it unfolds before your eyes in the movie. However, if you are not going to see the movie or think that it will not affect your viewing of the movie, Click Here and read about it.


(1) Mysteries....
About the Tree of Life
(3) Movie Review by Slate

Published on March 13th, 2011

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