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The Religious Face of the New World Order

From the Vatican to the White House and the United Religions Initiative

by Lee Penn

Mr. Lee Penn, in the discharge of his writing profession, has prepared an extensive article with the above title for America's Survival, Inc. (ASI). Mr. Penn document Benedict XVI’s support for global government, and describes the continued growth of the United Religions Initiative (and its allies) during the last five years. 

ASI has published the document in cyberspace (1), preceded by a fifteen-plus page introduction by ASI's President Mr. Cliff Kincaid. 

Mr. Kincaid certainly has the right to compose and present any kind of introduction he wishes, since he owns the rights to the article (a right we scupulously respect). However, we do not necessarily agree with all that Mr. Kincaid has written. Furthermore, the introduction is long, so that by the time one gets to Mr. Penn's article, the reader may have lost interest in what Mr. Penn has to say. 

We first outlined the religious face of the New World Order in a document that we released to the ecclesiastical authorities worldwide in the Spring of 1993 (2). Now, Mr. Penn's article gives many specific details confirming these phenomena, based on what has transpired during the ensuing seventeen years (1993-2010). 

We strongly recommend Mr. Penn's article on the religious face of the New World Order, which starts on page 24 of the on-line .pdf version of the ASI document. For the convenience of the time-pressed reader, Mr. Penn has prepared an “Executive Summary” of his findings; this is on pp. 21-23 of the .pdf file.

(1) The Religious Face of the New World Order – From the Vatican to the White House and the United Religions Initiative

(2) The Spiritual Ambush of a Universal Religion - How It Will Be Utilized For The Manifestation Of The False Christ

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