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Old and News Testament Readings

Which Are Never Read In A Roman Catholic Mass

Introduction and INDEX

Introduction  |  Old Testament  |  New Testament


If one of the Faithful participates in a Roman Catholic Mass every single day of the year, for three years, he/she will hear a considerable part of the Holy Scriptures (New and Old Testaments) during these liturgies. However, many parts of the Holy Scripture will never be read in Mass; thus, they will not be heard by the most of the Faithful unless they make a point of studying the Holy Scriptures.

In the four Gospels the omissions, in many cases, make sense, since the same story or parable appears in more than one Gospel. Although they do not necessarily appear in the same manner, the key concept is still transmitted to the Faithful. The real problem arises when major portions of the Old Testament are simply left out from what should have been part of the Evangelization Process.

Take the Books of the Major Prophets, for example. Most of their contents are not read in a Roman Catholic Mass. Thus, most of the Faithful are ignorant of the very important lessons that those Books provide unless they have made an effort to study them on their own.

Through the Grace of God and the diligent work of Mrs. R. M., from Puerto Rico, we are able to bring to you today a complete Index of all readings from the Holy Scriptures which have been left out of the Roman Catholic Masses.

The on-line Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible was used in the development of what we now call the "Inconvenient Bible".

Introduction  |  Old Testament  |  New Testament


Old Testament - Missing Readings from...

New Testament  |  Old Testament

Pentateuch  |  Historical  |  Poetic/Wisdom
Major Prophets  |  Minor Prophets

The Pentateuch

Genesis  |  Exodus  |  Leviticus
Numbers  |  Deuteronomy
Old Testament

Historical Books

Josue (Joshua)  |  Judges  |  Ruth
1 Samuel (1 Kings)  |  2 Samuel (2 Kings)
1 Kings (3 Kings)  |  2 Kings (4 Kings)
1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon)
2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon)
1 Esdras (Ezra)  |  2 Esdras (Nehemiah)
Tobias (Tobit)  |  Judith  |  Esther
1 Machabees  |  2 Machabees
Old Testament

The Poetic and Wisdom Writings

Job  |  Psalms  |  Proverbs  |  Ecclesiastes
Canticles (Solomon)  |  Wisdom
Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)
Old Testament

The Major Prophets

(Not meaning "more important" Prophets, but Prophets whose books are larger)

Isaias  |  Jeremias (Jeremiah)  |  Lamentations
Baruch  |  Ezechiel (Ezeckiel)  |  Daniel
Old Testament

The Minor Prophets

(Not meaning "less important" Prophets, but Prophets whose books are shorter)

Osee (Hosea)  |  Joel  |  Amos
Abdias (Obadiah)  |  Jonas (Jonah)
Micheas (Micah)  |  Nahum
Habacuc (Habakkuk)
Sophonias (Zephaniah)
Aggeus (Haggai)
Zacharias (Zachairah)
Malachias (Malachi)
Old Testament

Introduction  |  Old Testament  |  New Testament

New Testament - Missing Readings from...

New Testament  |  Old Testament

Gospels & Acts
Letters 1  |  Letters 2  |  Letters 3

The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles

Matthew  |  Mark  |  Luke  |  John
Acts of Apostles
New Testament

Letters - Group 1

Romans  |  1 Corinthians  |  2 Corinthians
Galatians  |  Ephesians  |  Philippians  |  Colossians
New Testament

Letters - Group 2

1 Thessalonians  |  2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy  |  2 Timothy
Titus  |  Philemon  |  Hebrews
New Testament

Letters - Group 3

James  |  1 Peter  |  2 Peter
1 John  |  2 John  |  3 John  |  Jude
New Testament

Apocalypse / Revelation

Apocalypse / Revelation
New Testament

Introduction  |  Old Testament  |  New Testament

Texts Digitally Processed by Mrs. R.M. at Puerto Rico

Published on May 13th, 2015 - Feast of the Blessed Sacrament and First Apparition at Fatima • Format improved (this index) in July 2022

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