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Unpaid Debts to Moon

Saturday, September 04, 2004

The First Family

George and Barbara Bush with Mrs. Moon, and Moon liaison Bo Hi Pak

During 1995 and 1996, two years after leaving the White House, [Bush] made at least nine paid appearances in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Tokyo, Washington, and elsewhere on behalf of Moon. The Korean businessman and evangelist, who dismissed Jesus as a failure and styled himself "the Lord of the Second Advent" was said to be paying the former president $100,000 per speech. . . . The forty-first president, who told Argentine president Carlos Menem that he had joined Moon in Buenos Aires for the money, had actually known the Korean reasonably well for decades. Their relationship went back to the overlap between Bush’s one-year tenure as CIA director (1976) and the arrival in Washington of Moon, whose Unification Church was widely reported to be a front group for the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency.

-- Former Nixon strategist Kevin Phillips, in American Dynasty

George Bush, I am sorry. I had a recommendation for George Bush. Father was the one to have George Bush elected four years ago. But there were certain mandates. Certain reciprocal responsibilities which he did not listen to. What happened? He's finished. In the Republican establishment, the only hope is for them to unite with Father. I have great hope for America. However, if America is not going to heed Father's wishes, then Father has an alternative. The former Soviet Union. All those former communist countries. They will be my object. I will work through them. Ultimately one way or another Father's wishes will be accomplished. Father came to the white world to save it.

--Moon, speaking in 1993

George W. Bush's Comment to Sun Myung Moon

Scott Simonds February 7, 2001

This resonates with a post about a comment Bush made to Father. He told him he had to change his image to achieve wider acceptance. That's like the emperor telling Christ he ought to be more Roman.

...during the Conference on World Peace[,] I said to Mr. Bush, "All you have to do is just acknowledge this by signing it. I will gather together all 160 nations and let you be the leader of these countries. Then you will be able to accomplish perfect peace among all the nations." I said that to Mr. Bush. "You don't have to do anything. I will provide all the plans and I will even do that for you." Furthermore, I suggested that he choose Korea as the "Eternal Country of Peace." [...]

I said this to Bush and I told him that he would become a historic figure. He would have a role in history which no one would ever be able to deny. But Bush didn't listen and he rejected my idea, which was God's will. Where is he now? He is out of office.

-- Moon, speaking in 1992

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Boiler rooms

Columnist Charles Martin.

From today's Arkansas Daily Citizen, a compelling tale:

I knew there was something weird about them, but I was young and adventurous, and I went along for the ride. Their offices featured U.S. maps with large black arrows targeting New York and California, and I heard their leaders say once they controlled those two states they could run this whole country. [...]

I saw many young people fall for their wiles, sign on the dotted line and adjourn to the boiler room. A boiler room is a telemarketing room with lots of desks, chairs and telephones. Here, the kids, who signed on the dotted line were urged to call their friends and relatives. Some called their parents to ask for their inheritances, while others collected debts from friends or attempted to get loans. Of course, all funds received went straight into the church's coffers. [...]

One thing is certain: They are attempting to influence our government in every way they can.

That's true. And the Unification Church's Michael Jenkins even claimed in January to be briefing the U.S. State Department on Mideast policy. More on that soon.

...from a 1987 Moon speech:

Our time of victory has come. No longer do we have to deal with "street people," vagrants and spiritually strange people. Now we are going to be working with ministers, lawyers, leaders of government, professors and university presidents. All of you will be standing behind me. Those Christian ministers and such will be standing behind you. You are the ones in the Abel position to those people; therefore, you are the ones who take the initiative. You provide the leadership.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Soros vs. Moon

Speaker Dennis Hastert, on Soros:

I also believe that 527 political organizations set a dangerous precedent for political discourse because we don't know where the money comes from. For all we know, funding for some of the 527s might come from foreign sources or worse.

Back by popular demand, it's the handy Soros vs. Moon chart: Which sugar daddy is right for you?

1995 claim: Moon's missile sub sale aborted?

A recap: First, the incredibly trustworthy Jane's Defence magazine wrote this year (as reported in Reuters) that North Korea's 1994 acquisition of 12 Soviet subs has helped it design new missile launch technology. This grab bag of Foxtrot (torpedo) and Golf (missile) subs seems to have been purchased from the Russian Pacific Fleet by one of Reverend Moon's trading companies in Japan.

But in a newly-surfaced 1995 interview, the president of the mysterious Moonist middleman company, Mr. Shibata, tells American Metal Market that the order was canceled [Update: Maybe he doesn't. It's kind of a bad piece of writing] after only two of the subs were shipped. And they were the torpedo kind, not the missile-launchers. Yet for the next ten years, various nonproliferation experts continued to describe these subs as a step towards the Kingdom of Kim's missile dreams. What?

I don't want to pull a Laurie Mylroie and mindlessly flog a missile theory, so I'm throwing this jarring article out as part of the evolving blog scrapbook.

But I don't want to pull a Carlton Sherwood, either. If Shibata is telling the truth canceled the sale, it still doesn't answer the question of why his merry quartet of health food managers was inking (aborted) deals to hand dangerous missile gear to the Kims. Or why Moon (according to the people at the Defense Intelligence Agency who brought you Ahmed Chalabi) sent the dangerous dictator 450 million yen.

Shibata, who registered with the Japanese government to sell ginseng and tea, isn't the most trustworthy source. But you'd think it would be pretty hard to lie about the fate of 10 enormous submarines.

Maybe the American Metal Market journalist screwed up. The intitial report was that 40 submarines were purchased, with subsequent reports in the Japanese press that there were only 11 or 12. And maybe it's the subs after #12 that the "no further purchases" referred to. Update: On a third read-through, it really does look like the journalist didn't understand what was going on. The crucial paragraph is really ambiguous.

American Metal Market

Wednesday, May 31, 1995

Russia has old ships, S. Korea wants scrap, but the sailing's rough.

by Tsukasa Furukawa

....Ariyoshi Shibata, president of Toen Trading Co., a Tokyo-based trading company that bought two decommissioned Foxtrot-class Russian submarines in March last year for breaking in the North Korean port of Rajin, said he has made no further purchases of Russian submarines or other warships since then.

Soon after Toen made the purchase, North Korea became political dynamite when questions about that nation's nuclear weapons capability made headlines worldwide.

The company originally planned to purchase 11 Russian subs, but Shibata said no further purchases were made and declined further comment. It is understood that he stopped the purchases on advice from Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

At the time of the purchase, Shibata said "Russia was offering more than 40 subs in Vladivostok for sale" in addition to the original 11, and that there were more than 20 old subs in Sakhalin for sale.

(This has been edited twice)

Monday, August 30, 2004

A second Moon affiliate accuses Kerry of treason

Jarmin, above, booked Reverend Moon's Senate coronation in March.

Here's an emerging trend to watch, possibly indicating the role of Moon fronts in the campaign to brand John Kerry a traitor. Back in 1988, Moon's paper, the Washington Times, was providing space for charges too ludicrous to be uttered by George H.W. Bush: for example, that Dukakis was insane. So it will be interesting to see whether the Moon organization is similarly handing out favors for old friends the Bush family this time around, in 2004, or whether Moon's affections have been alienated.

We've seen how the author of Reverend Moon's authorized biography, Inquisition, is putting the finishing touches on "Stolen Honor," a TV special accusing Kerry of betrayal. Today there's a new development.

A man named Gary Jarmin writes into the Times today, musing ("One wonders" is how he puts it) whether Kerry's actions weren't "perhaps even traitorous." What this man on the street doesn't disclose is that he's the guy who booked the Times publisher, Reverend Moon, into the Dirksen Senate Office Building on March 23 to be coronated the King of America. He's also the liaison for Moon's Washington Times Foundation.

Meanwhile, my Republican readers will be pleased to find that Democratic Congressman Danny K. Davis, despite being caught in the act bowing to Moon with a gold crown, is still endorsing Moon's world tour. A program found at the IIFWP site lists him on the board of the shadowy organization dedicated to a "world culture of heart" [sic].

Thanks to Rob Boston at the Wall of Separation.

Bonus: This is an interesting item about Gary Jarmin accidentally handing out a Parent's Day award to a child-abusing cult leader. Wonder what happened there.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Mr. Sherwood, the Reverend has some revisions for you

Journalist Carlton Sherwood (pictured) is releasing a new TV special, "Stolen Honor," attacking John Kerry for his antiwar testimony. In 1991, Sherwood allowed a Unification Church aide to review and change a book he was publishing on Moon, to best "silence critics," according to a letter obtained by Frontline.

From tonight's WorldNetDaily, the latest exciting chapter in the unusual career of hard-hitting journalist Carlton Sherwood:

A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and highly decorated Vietnam veteran is behind a new television documentary that features devastating testimony by former POWs of the demoralizing impact of John Kerry's war-crimes accusations more than 30 years ago [...]

He also is known for his inside investigation of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. Sherwood said he entered the probe hoping to uncover dirt about the leader but ended up concluding Moon and his followers "were and continued to be the victims of the worst kind of religious prejudice and racial bigotry this country has witnessed in over a century."

Wow, I guess that would make it the worst since 1891. Anyway, a Frontline investigation in 1992 asked just how "inside" Sherwood's investigation went:

Narrator: In June,1991, Inquisition, a new, purportedly independent investigation of Moon's 1982 tax fraud prosecution, was released by a Washington publisher, Regnery-Gateway. Its author, Carlton Sherwood, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who once worked for the Washington Times.

Inquisition has a curious history. It was printed once before, by an obscure publishing house called Andromeda. The phone number listed for Andromeda in a leading publishing directory is the home phone of former Reagan National Security Council official Roger Fontaine — an ex-reporter at the Washington Times. When we called, Fontaine's wife Judy answered and said she knew nothing about Andromeda. Then she told us that the company was bankrupt and that Inquisition was published by Regnery-Gateway. [...]

The week after talking to Regnery, FRONTLINE obtained a copy of a letter addressed to Sun Myung Moon. The letter was written by James Gavin, a Moon aide. Gavin tells Moon he reviewed the "overall tone and factual contents" of Inquisition before publication and suggested revisions. Gavin adds that the author "Mr. Sherwood has assured me that all this will be done when the manuscript is sent to the publisher." Gavin concludes by telling Moon, "When all of our suggestions have been incorporated, the book will be complete and in my opinion will make a significant impact.... In addition to silencing our critics now, the book should be invaluable in persuading others of our legitimacy for many years to come."

Then again, perhaps the Moon aide was simply exaggerating the importance of his rewrites (editors like to feel useful). And perhaps he didn't read the actual galley. But as far as Sherwood's failure to find any reason to be critical of the Unification Church goes, maybe investigative journalism was harder before the Internet, when you actually had to get up, leave your desk and attend all-expense-paid banquets.

Sherwood did win a Pulitzer for exposing corruption in the Vatican.


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