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miguel, a servant of God


June 3, 1993


Mr. James Earl Carter, Jr.
Former President
United States of America

The Carter Center
1 Copenhill
Atlanta, GA 30307

Dear Mr. Carter:

Peace and Love in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Beloved Mother, the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary.

Mr. Carter, I am called to approach you about a matter of great seriousness. As I understand it, you are the vehicle chosen by Heaven to communicate some critical information to Mr. Clinton (1) as well as to his equivalents in Great Britain, France and Italy.

The information in here shared with you, and, through you, with them, will not, I repeat, will not stop what is about to take place. However, if acted upon, it will greatly reduce the loss of lives and human suffering in the world. Material losses will be enormous, regardless. (2)

Because you are a God fearing man, strive to abide by His laws and because of your understanding of the Scriptures you will readily understand the information that I am conveying in this document. You may also come to the realization that your government was "The one more, and the final, chance" given to our beloved country, by God, to turn back to Him and His Laws.

We (collectively) spat on that opportunity and roared on to where we are now: About to pay for our transgressions in one lump sum.

Who I am and what my credentials may be, is totally unimportant. If I am truly following the Will of God, what I will share with you and request of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, does not require the backing of worldly credentials.

The Information

Mr. Clinton and the other world leaders need to understand that:

1. The Gorbachev / Yeltsin political waltz is a farce. (3) The Soviet Union, as well as the hard core communist party, still exists and working feverishly temporarily submerged in obscurity.

2. We and other western nations are, unknowingly, subsidizing, with greed as the underlying and well denied motive, the final take over of the entire world by communism [understand Sovietism].

3. Very, very soon (2) a great portion of the United States of America, will be reduced to rubble as the result of a totally unexpected nuclear attack. A nation built upon the blood of its children, laid to waste as the result of the unbridled greed of a few.

4. As the whole world reels in horror, "local" revolutions will break out in most nations of the world. The machinery has been slowly, but steadily, assembled in each individual nation, under the direction of one "Master Plan". Each will be triggered by conditions indigenous to each particular country.

That is, in one, it will be racial issues, in others, social class struggles, ethnic issues, religious issues, economic, etc. However, the ultimate and common enemy of these, apparent spontaneous (*) revolutions is only one: God and His people.

(*) The Rodney King related nationwide violence in the U.S. in 1992 is a typical example of well orchestrated "spontaneous" uprising.

5. Italy will be nearly obliterated. Rome devastated and the Vatican, reduced to rubble.

6. Paris will be no more and England will suffer immensely.

[The events in ex-Yugoslavia give you an almost complete preview of what is to come, in greater scale, to the rest of the world.]

As I stated earlier, Mr. Carter, these events cannot be stopped for they are Biblical. However, if some level of awareness exists by the key leaders, the loss of life and the human suffering will be greatly reduced as well as the effectiveness of the initial inroads made by the communists. (4)

One may say: No, this could not happen in the U.S. even with our security at its current (low) level during this (apparent) time of peace. Wrong !

Please Consider These...

1. We cannot stop the flow of illegal immigrants trough the Texas / Mexican border.

If we cannot stop uneducated and fearful people from entering in our country, can we stop a systematic infiltration program from an enemy nation that has designs to destroy us ? No !

2. A teenager breaks into our national security system with his home computer.

If we cannot prevent this serious breach of security by a teenager with high I.Q., can we prevent an enemy nation that has designs to conquer the world from doing it ? No !

3. The U.S. with all its might cannot stop the inflow of drugs that are killing our children and, through them, our nation.

Can we then stop an enemy power from undermining the security of our nation and government, from within, and bring in whatever they desire to employ against us ? No !

4. Mr. Carter, you were once the Chief Military Leader of our Nation...

a. How could our security system prevent some harmless looking cargo ships to dock in, say, New York, Miami, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, for example, each with one or two short range nuclear tipped missiles ? (5)

b. Are you sure that there are no enemy missiles in Cuba ? (6) In Central America ? Already in our own nation ?

We must not forget that the "kamikaze mentality" is more prevalent now than during WW II.

Please, Sir, Further Consider This...

1. Some will say that Russia would not have "released" all their satellite nations unless their change over was real.

To release "a few" to gain "all" later on is a reasonable strategy.

2. Others will point out how well Russia is working out its political differences. With amazing prudence and harmony.

That should be the very clue ! A nation that was a serfdom under the Romanovs for 380 years and then lived under an absolute brutal dictatorship for nearly 70 years cannot have the political maturity and finesse in its government to engage in such a graceful and highly sophisticated political battle between the President and the Parliament.

Not unless it is a staged act, Mr. Carter !

3. And why would they stage such a (almost) flawless act ?

Because the stakes are the highest ever and they are "going for broke." It is now or never. This is their final chance.

Now, on poor Mr. Clinton...

Mr. Clinton was elected against all odds. (7) He was not the man that the plans called for to be in the White House at this time. (8) However, he was and he is, therefore, he is being systematically undermined, from within and without, to render him completely ineffective. Then, he can be easily manipulated (which is already beginning to show). (9)

I am totally opposed to some of Mr. Clinton's policies (i.e. his position on abortion and the "open" homosexual in the armed forces, are two examples) but I admire that he was honest about those and other highly "politically negative" issues in his campaign.

But now... Mr. Clinton appears to be going back on his promises, hesitating, etc. Why ?

His popularity is dropping rapidly. The press claims that the people were lied to. Why ?

A man that was open and honest on such highly controversial election issues would not start betraying his promises of his own accord. You know Washington, D.C. better than I will ever do, so I do not have to tell you that something besides partisan politics is at play here. (10)

The Crowning [and prearranged] Blow

You well know, Mr. Carter, that those who control the furthest reaching news broadcasting networks have the control of our nation and of the world, and will be most effective in times of emergency, when confusion reigns. (11)

Then, who controls CNN, the most powerful and influential national and international television news network ? Who is its "front man" ? What is his background ? Is this just another random coincidence ?

Even Saddam Hussein watched International CNN to see what was transpiring on the Gulf War!


Sir, I am enclosing, for your review, some documentation, the most important of which are totally based on the Scriptures and are self supporting. It will illustrate better what I am trying to convey to you.

I am not to do anything else about this matter besides assiduous prayer. I am placing it on your hands for that was the guidance I received upon praying about what to do with all this information. Now, the way you handle this request is between you and God. (12)

Be assured, however, that what I have relayed to you has been revealed to me and it will happen very, very soon. (13)

My monastic-style life requires anonymity for this work is not mine, it is His for I am truly nothing of my own. Thus, I beg your pardon for submitting this work anonymously and pray that you will understand.

May God Bless you and your very dear family. Please forgive me for having, in my Godless past, mocked your solid Christian principles. I offer to you as retribution for said offense the overwhelming sorrow I feel as I see the world sinking deeper and deeper in sin, perversion and complete Denial of God and having the clear vision of what is going to cost us very soon in unimaginable suffering!

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal


(1) The following letter, the first of a series which reached over one hundred in number throughout the Administration of William Jefferson Clinton, is being made public now for the first time.

God came to call sinners and not the righteous; and a sinner, who has the humility of acknowledging his sins and who responds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God, has the ear of God.

The (self) righteous? Well, the example of their fate was left for us about 1930 years ago when the Temple of Jerusalem and its self-righteous leadership were obliterated from the face of the earth, without negating the Divine Promises to Abraham, our Father in Faith, and the lineage of the People of Israel - the ancestors of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the elder brothers of all who call ourselves Christian. The Jews Did Not Crucify Jesus - The Self-Righteous Temple Masters Did!

Perhaps now the mysterious and impenetrable shield of William Jefferson Clinton, that shield that confirmed for him the title of "The Come Back Kid", will begin to be understood. God chose to use him to delay as much as possible the most severe part of the tribulations. He complied. That is the true legacy of his Administration.

(2) Several times the nuclear holocaust has been averted by the Mercy of God. For example, August 15, 1993, was one time it was averted. There have been several others; one as recently as in 1998. [D. Gobbi of the MMP, please take note of the year.]

(3) Getting to know Gorbachev intimately.

(4) "Soviets" is a better term but would not be understood at the time. The faithful had been convinced by the propaganda machinery that Russia had been converted.

(5) Prophecies of a "Cole" in reverse.

(6) Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Real?

(7) The plans called for President Bush to be reelected for the 1992-96 term. God had other plans and William Jefferson Clinton was elected. The election of George W. Bush in 2000 is no more than a continuation from where Former President Bush had left the plans at.

(8) Former President George Bush is the self-declared promoter of the New World Order (NWO)

(9) This was the case until he was gradually given, by the Grace of God, the understanding of the "Script" of the plans of his enemies. From then on it became a routine "chess match" with his enemies; a match which lasted until January 20, 2001.

(10) The objective was then, and throughout President Clinton's Administration, to neutralize him first, and then, destroy him morally and politically. However, God had other plans.

(11) On the Manufacturing of Chaotic Situations

(12) Obviously God had other plans for miguel de Portugal who, at the time, was ignorant of the position he had to fill at the End of These Times; a reality which he fought and denied until God won with the appropriate signs, wonders and repeated confirmations on a global scale.

(13) The timing was pending on the response. The response to this, and many other communications, was pleasing to God. The arm of Divine Justice was temporarily held back by the arm of Divine Mercy.


1. "The USSR Continues To Exist" Exclusive Interview With M. Gorbachev, December 30, 1992

2. "Bill, don't try to do it by yourself !" Column by M. Gorbachev, January 28, 1993

3. "Nuclear Holocaust... Are We At Its Doorstep ?" A Biblical Revelation - Initial Issue - November 11, 1992

4. "A Representative Sample Of The War In Ex-Yugoslavia"

5. "The General Sequence Of Events Leading To The Establishment Of The Kingdom Of God On Earth" - A Biblical Revelation Initial Issue December 24, 1992

6. Prophetic Messages In Our Time

"Highlights Of The Fatima Messages" (1917-1929) Its Relevance Today

"Highlights Of Medjugorje Messages and Events" (1981-Date) Its Urgent Relevance

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Released to the general public for the first time on February 2001

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