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Child Sexual Abuse or Abortion

Which Is The Most Destructive to the Soul?

NOTE Added on May 7, 2002 and confirmed on September 23, 2012:

As the sexual abuse scandal rages within and without the Roman Catholic Church, the urgency of the information contained in this particular document increases. The Psychosomatic Consequences Caused by the Sexual Abuse of Children are staggering as clearly illustrated by a Report by Drs. Dominguez, Nelke and Perry. Every responsible Catholic must inform him/her self about what the alleged Princes of the Church allowed to take place under their very noses. In many cases with their tacit approval.

These alleged Shepherds claim "ignorance" on the subject matter. If that is the case, then, that is sufficient proof that they do not count with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, for there is no greater abomination than the wanton rape of children and betrayal of the innocent trust placed on individuals who claim to represent God.

You are now invited to learn about the Consequences of such actions and then pray and demand that those in the Vatican, who place, what has tragically become a purely human institution, the Church, and their careers before the interests of God, act in accordance to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What Would Jesus Do? Exactly the same thing He did when He Cleansed the Temple [Luke 19:45-46] since His House again has become a den of thieves.


This document must be read and assimilated with the consolation afforded to us by the unfathomable Mercy of God:

"I desire Mercy, not sacrifice. I did not come to call the righteous but sinners." [Matthew 9:13]

Child sexual abuse and its corollaries, such as child pornography and prostitution, have reached plague levels during the last decade of the Twentieth Century. The same is the case with the prevention of and the handling of unwanted pregnancies.

The voices clamoring to Heaven are seeking the action of God to bring abortion to an end; but, what about child sexual abuse? Is it such an uncomfortable subject to deal with that society unconsciously looks the other way to avoid confronting the issue? An issue that perhaps is the key contributor to The Culture of Death, of which Euthanasia is its centerpiece.


The multitude of sexually rooted or sexually triggered social dysfunction has reached an immeasurable level. 'Immeasurable' because so many individuals mercifully have no recollection of the sexual trauma which triggered their particular deviation or are psychologically unable to face it. However, it may be indirectly measured by the magnitude of the social aberrations which we are experiencing now, at all levels, and on a worldwide scale.

Sigmund Freud, steeped in his own aberrations, pontificated that the repression of sexual drives was at the root of most psychological disorders. A whole culture was built upon such a corrupt foundation. Corrupt because those repressed sexual drives were mostly the result of childhood sexual abuse and traumas.

We now see, as the Twentieth Century came to a thundering close, that his teachings prescribed the wrong remedies, i.e., sexual freedom and living out destructive fantasies. The remedies aided the multiplication and proliferation of what was the root of the problem: dysfunctional sexual behavior.

How does Society integrate God into this post-Freudian aberrant picture? Many hold up the "Fight Abortion" banner, transforms it into a political and business tool and then runs chanting and praying to a God Who seems uninterested in such tragedy.

However, God may not be showing a lack of interest. Perhaps He is just focusing on the souls of His children being gravely wounded by rampart child sexual abuse, which while quietly being justified in all its manifestations and at all levels, may deform souls in a manner no other sin can.


What did God, in the person of Jesus Christ, say about the little ones?

"Things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person through whom they occur. It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin." [Luke 17:1-2]

Little ones mean children as well as innocent adults. In the case of children the seriousness of the sin is compounded because they are humans under development. The factors affecting such development will color their entire lives.

Many similar admonishments may be found in the Holy Scriptures about inducing others to sin; especially, the innocent ones.

Jesus Christ further warned us thus:

"And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both the soul and body in Gehenna." [Matthew 10:28]


Abortion, which is without question a most serious transgression against a loving God, only kills the body of a little one but not his soul.

However, inducing a little one to sin through any manifestation of child sexual abuse, may result in the death of his body and his soul. More so than with any other moral sin.

The theological back up of the above pronouncements is simple and straightforward.

Would God, Who Is Goodness and Love, create so many humans with crippling sexual dysfunction? Humans condemned to a lifetime of suffering, abuse and humiliation instead of Joy? Of course not!

God does not create famines, wars and plagues either. It is man, abusing his free will, who creates such social scourges.

We must ponder about how humans with sexual disorders are created and by whom? Could it be by us, hiding behind the label of "Society" and under the safe cover of piety?

Humanity must heed the signs from Heaven. The time to make amends with God is now. We must appeal to the unfathomable Mercy of God. When the time of Justice arrives for each one of us, it will be too late. We must remember: To many, the "time of Justice" becomes a concrete reality every day, everywhere, as they exhale their last breath.


If you have been or are being sexually abused, bring it out into the open. By doing so you will help stop this destructive behavior - destructive to you AND the abuser. Do not be ashamed; it was not your fault. If a clergyman or an individual in the service of organized religion is the offender, PLEASE, contact the nearest District Attorney's Office for the assistance and support that you need.

Originally issued only for Worldwide Ecclesiastical Distribution on November, 1996. Texas, U.S.A.

A hard copy of this document was mailed worldwide using the US Postal Service.

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